Title: We Were Once Perfect (8/8)

Warnings: Potential spoilers for entire series and future episodes (yay head-canon ideas and guesswork!) Oh, and character death, both true and assumed.

Note: Alright, I'm about to explode with emotion, but I'm going to try and hold it together until the end author notes, but, just in case you don't read them, I just want to thank everyone immensely, from the bottom of my heart, for reading this and, in many cases, reviewing it. When I started this, I never guessed it would be so well received or even eight chapters of over 50000 words. And today is both Tim Drake's birthday and the day I go see the Dark Knight Rises so let's make this super special in celebration.

This story is based off the wonderful Ally Marton's prompt: Wally supposedly dies in a mission, but somehow he comes back to the team years later, as Wally, not some Cadmus clone or traitor. How does the team (both old and new) react? The things she definitely wanted were the team actually thinking Wally had been dead for years and them happily going mental getting him back. I took that basic prompt and further elaborated to make it a story of Wally (and technically us with this time skip) coming to terms with everything that changed.

Response to anon reviews. ZS: I'm thrilled you thought it was worth the wait, and I hope you enjoy this conclusion.

Of course, keeping in theme with the mostly humorous story I've told, the first part of this became angsty. Because that is how I roll. Slaps self. And I'm sorry this came out so much longer than I expected-I got sick for a few weeks and real life and yeah.

For the final time in this main story, I hope this delivers to you the same enjoyment it gave me writing it.

Title taken from the Automatic Loveletter song, Hush. I kept listening to Lana Del Rey's Dark Paradise while writing this, randomly, which is where the chapter title comes from.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of this, at all, DC and respective creators do. (Although I like to think my Batgirl is a little extra special and canon.)

Summary: 2016 spoilers. After two years, Wally faces a long road back home. Fortunately, the Team is there to get him up to speed. Or, where Wally corrupts new members, Nightwing snarks, the new generation kidnaps, and Batgirl's the biggest BAMF of all.

(August 2, 2016, 7:00 AM)

"I still refuse to recognize this as a real time," Wally argues, not for the first or last time, gesturing angrily to the newly arrived clock on the wall, the clock someone, most likely Barbara, realized the medical rooms actually needed.

"That's wonderful. Next time I'm down for the count in the hospital bed, you can enact revenge. Considering our track records, you're only going to have to wait another three years," Dick replies unapologetically, using a tray to slide a bowl to him, one filled with what Wally knows to his very core is a healthy alternative to his favorite teeth rotting cereal brand.

Becoming an older brother has warped Richard, and it's up to Wally, as his best friend, to fix him. Beginning with petulantly shoving the tray right back to the source.

Said source looks unimpressed, lifts the bowl, and slams the tray down onto Wally's stomach. The bowl follows onto the tray, and Wally knows further fighting will lead to him being fed against his will. Most likely with pictures to be shown to his family. Actually, that's a guarantee because Dick is a dick before 9:00 AM on a good day, much less one like this, where Wally is as difficult and moody as he'll allow himself to be.

"You're no longer my special snowflake."

"Is that supposed to encourage me to stop or actively make me continue? Because your pet name use for me in public make girls glare at me for cheating on you."

"I thought me borrowing Jaime's dog and getting Beast Boy in puppy form to act as our kids was the most brilliant thing I've done. Ever."

"While I've been having nightmares for the past seven years of you possibly having children, I will use them against you in total warfare. Most likely with their mother's blessing," and Dick is being too snarky and a fake sort of bright for so early in the morning.

"That will just invite me to do the same."

"I plan on never letting you meet any potential children I have. Never ever. Well, that's not true. My kid will most likely marry yours so you can meet them at the wedding. And then never again. Because my blessing for the union will be me getting to be the de facto grandfather over you."

Wally knows they're bordering on passive aggressive despite how seemingly innocent the entire conversation is, but in the back of his head, he is already imagining just how frightening a kid with both his and Dick's genetic make-up would be. World domination is in sight.

He lets himself linger on the dream child for another moment before shaking his head and sitting up straighter in bed, looking at Dick, who is not smiling at all, just rather blandly staring back at his best friend.


"Can this not be a thing? Can we handle a mature conversation and get through this in one sitting? Because I keep nearly dying, and you keep lying to my face."

"Do you remember just how badly you pushed for answers you weren't ready for the last time we were in this same situation? Or how you ran off for a day, taking two decades of my life with you? Wally, don't make our issues to be just my fault, because they're not. As for the Kaldur thing, maybe you don't remember or didn't notice the amount of time you've spent dead to the world while people picked through your brain. I did. And I was not about to risk the lives of my closest friends in case you fell into the wrong hands. Which, hey, you did," Dick's voice is terse for the entire exchange, and his repeated movements, rolling his shoulders and shaking his head to avoid eye contact, only showcase just how stressed out he is, falling back on old behaviors Bruce had spent so much time trying to train him out of.

If Wally hadn't been the cause of the look on Dick's face, he'd have been halfway out the door on a quest for vengeance.

"I didn't ask to be kidnapped," Wally starts, but Dick's point about the mind reading more or less took all the wind out of his sails. Bastard.

"I know," and while still slightly strained, Dick is at least looking at him, and it gives hope to Wally that they'll actually be able to get through this without bloodshed.

"We could just let it it go. Move past things in a timely fashion. Like we used to." And they did used to, before his death, before he ruined them for roughly two years. To top it off, once they got through everything, grieved together, he got kidnapped, again, only to wake up to the biggest lie of all, Kaldur in perfect health.

Ugh, they're so screwed up.


"It's okay, Dick. I'm fine."

"No, but you will be."

And Wally goes and ruins the moment by snorting and sing-songing, "Corny!" It also brings him back to a few months ago, when he had been given a similar promise after waking from the dead. It had come true then, for the most part, and it would this time, corniness be damned.

That, if nothing else, breaks the tension, makes them revert back to Dick and Wally, the Team's worst nightmare inducing duo.

Dick lets out a long sigh that gives way to a grin tugging at the corner of his lips, "Alright, you stop getting kidnapped for about five years, and I'll answer all of your questions. Then we calm down, argue a little more, and let this go. Deal?"

"All of them?"

"Five vetoes."

"Four and I get to overrule one."


"Deal," Wally mimics a second later, lunging for Dick's hand to squeeze it gently before sinking back into the pillows, vindictively pushing the forgotten cereal bowl as far away as possible.

Dick lets him.

(August 2, 2016, 1:00 PM)

Wally is surprised to find himself left alone in the kitchen, although he doesn't mind, easily placing the three pizza boxes on a table, rushing back to the fridge to get a bottle of soda and snagging a cushion for his back. (He's not sure who the mothering voice in his head belongs to, although his best guess is a mix of Uncle Barry and Dick.)

"You're not dead. Batgirl owes me ten bucks," Robin says, sliding into a seat across from Wally. He's proud of himself for not flinching at the unexpected voice. Beast Boy tumbles into his own chair seconds later, more focused on the pizza on the table than actually checking on Wally.

"Only ten? I'm offended on a deeply personal level." Beast Boy and another voice behind him laugh at the utterly unaffected, bland look on Robin's face.

"Wonder Girl or Blue Beetle?" Wally asks Beast Boy, not bothering to turn around to see who exactly decided to drag a chair to join the group.

"Both!" Cassie's perky voice rings out, right next to his ear (and he can not critique anyone on a lack of indoor voice, but still) while Blue settles in quieter to his left, a nice buffer if Beast Boy decides to lunge for the same slice of pizza Wally's going for and forces Wally to murder him.

Blue, because he is a decent human being despite having a voice in the back of his head that defaulted to bloodthirsty, most likely chose his seat on purpose for that very reason.

"So, you're alive," Cassie starts, tugging at his arm and lightly shaking it.

"Really? Thought I ended up in the bad place. I'd tell you more about it, but you kids are a little young." He adds that last bit rather pointedly, giving a side look at a grinning Beast Boy. Cassie huffs in mock offense, while Robin just raises an eyebrow. Oh yeah, Gotham boy does not appreciate the lip.

Whatever reply Beast Boy has is tragically lost as Blue shoves a crust into his mouth.

"We need to have a toast," Cassie decides, "Because we are the cool kids-"

"And Wally," Beast Boy adds.

"And Beast Boy," Blue Beetle follows up, proving once again to be the good one in the motley crew.

"-and totally amazed everyone with out skills during the last fight," she continues, blithely.

Robin takes a liberal swig of his bottle of water, and Wally briefly nurtures the troubling idea of a drunken Robin doing the same. Even he knows just how badly that would end for everyone. Everyone. Especially him and Dick because they would get blamed for something like that, even if innocent, which they never were.

Wally knows this will never happen though, because Tim is as brilliant as he is tenacious and cautious and with so much potential that it's almost heartbreaking, the way he strives constantly to fight for Gotham and everyone else. Wally remembers wanting to resent Tim for taking over his best friend's mantle, but that's wrong, because he's striving constantly to make it his own, determined to do so in a way that is almost adorable, even if Tim would have to regretfully enact Batgirl's threat of impaling Wally with a batarang if Wally ever said that to his face.

Then, there's Cassie, ignoring his searching look to playfully pout at Blue, who raises his own drink and earns a smile. She's warm and welcoming but oh so fierce when she needs to be, will become hero worshiped by millions of little girls before they know it, charmed by that ability to show heart and spunk and personality when no one else does.

Garfield already has his drink waving in the air, uncaring that most of it is threatening to spill out, more focused on elbowing Tim in the side and most likely reiterating a joke lame for Wally's taste. Garfield, who collects souvenirs and loves his older sister and misses his mother openly when he needs support, which is rare, because he sees green skin as a gift that should be celebrated and makes sure everyone else joins a similar thought process.

Finally, Wally takes a look at Jaime, shockingly the bastion of sanity when Robin decides it is no longer his job. The one who should worry him the most, the one who talks to himself and fears hurting others just as much as he does not saving them. Jaime, who Wally discovered on his own just how unfailing loyal he is, even without the story of Ty and his frantic, continuous search. The one who keeps both Beast Boy and Wonder Girl grounded, and Robin confident.

They are the cool kids.

Wally raises his drink, "Cheers."

(August 3, 2016, 7:00 PM)

It is Babs, fittingly, who brings him back home, helping him out of the hospital room for a final time and to the entrance of the Cave, where he'll beam out to Central City and crash for a week on his bed in the Allen-West house before speeding off to visit his parents.

"Are you sure you don't need to linger in here another moment? I know it must be difficult to see the room through the waves of tears that are no doubt filling your eyes."

Wally, dry-eyed and not exhausted, makes a big deal of pretending to be shaky on his feet, leaning all of his weight against her. (Take that.)

Barbara drops him. She's evil like that.

"You cannot be surprised," she tells him, sprawled out on the floor.

And he isn't, shouldn't be, but as the injured party, some sympathy would be nice.

"Yeah, that's not going to happen."

Bats can read his mind, and he does not like it. Wally gets up quickly enough, and does indeed spend another second to say a hallelujah about leaving the room, before reaching for the bag he had filled with clothes and a few other objects, but it is gone. When Wally goes through the doorway, he sees Babs has been joined by Kaldur, taking the bag out of her hands and waiting for him at the end of the hallway.

He's glad they were able to clear the air between them, outside of the massive apology and justification explanation that he and Dick had to give the rest of the Team last night. It's just another piece of his life that still slots into place, finally, even after two years and two captures later.

Wally even saw Bruce, briefly, dodging a board meeting to assure Wally just how quickly the League and Team were taking down whatever had captured him, even without the extra police support speeding the process up.

Wally gets to them before they can blink, throwing an arm over each of their shoulders, going so far as to forcibly put Kaldur's on him as he laughed quietly. Babs squeezes his hand and doesn't shake his arm off until he's at the entrance of the Cave, where Superboy, Dick, and his four baby cool kids wait, with Miss M, Roy, and Artemis nearby as well.

What catches his eye the most though is the front of the zeta beam, where Aunt Iris, Uncle Barry, and Dawn wait.

He doesn't actually need to leave to go home anymore.






(March 2, 2022, 11:00 PM)

"Is Mr. Freeze loose again?" Flash asks from his perch on the rooftop, nowhere near close to the edge, unlike Red Robin, scanning the streets below before turning to face the other man, family eyebrow raised in the characteristic, 'Oh, look, a speedster is asking a question, how adorable. What the hell are they saying?' way. Flash has been shamelessly causing that look for over a decade and has no qualms with admitting it.

"It's cold." And to further prove his point, he briefly shivers, although he's been colder, and colder longer, and Red Robin knows it.

"Kevlar," Tim replies, gently tugging at his costume, the mocking phrase said as sweetly as he can while in the cowl, which isn't very nice at all, but Wally can read between the lines and mock gasps all the same.

"Oh, little, former Baby-Bird, how can you be so cruel after being so lovingly raised? Where did Babs and I go wrong?"

"Between the trips to Vegas," is all he gets in response before Tim slips back into Red Robin and scans the streets yet again.

Those trips to Vegas were epic, and he will not allow them to be soured or insulted like this.

Except for the fact he likes to pretend his better halves (one-thirds? Or does Dick count as his better half in crime fighting while Artemis is his better half as a wife and never mind, Wally doesn't care enough to think more about this) don't know about aforementioned trips, so there's very little he can do before Tim threatens to rat them out, wrath of Barbara be damned.

He misses when he was Tim's favorite; those were good years.

"Months, and honestly, you were never number one. Your adorable pseudo sister, uncle, and aunt beat you on the worst days."

Wally doesn't bother calling him out on his lie, only chirps (and he purposefully does it in that chipper tone), "Impulse will be heartbroken to hear that."

Tim, in return, gives him a filthy look and stops playing the chatting game.

There's a certain joy Wally finds in being shameless and mocking his family. An open joy, one he clearly spelled out in his wedding vows as Dick sighed beside him and shared a look with a smirking Artemis that spoke volumes for how insane the two of them were.

Still, Tim makes him work for the aforementioned filthy looks in a way Dick never did.

"Where is the rest of the clan anyway?"

"Batman's with the League. Where you should be," Red Robin replies, which causes Flash to snort at him. He and Batman weren't allowed to go on missions together if it could be avoided. Mainly because certain members were never sure whether it was actually Bruce or Dick, occasionally filling in for the big guy.

Crashing one jet, one time does not mean he and Dick have a pattern of destructive behavior. They don't! Honestly. Alright. They do, they really do, but the League isn't allowed to hold out of costume activities against them.

Besides, he and Cassie are far more likely to cause property damage.

"A certain woman may or may not be hacking cameras nearby as we speak." Wally makes a note to wave to Babs before he goes away.

"Nightwing and the present-future tragedy were patrolling in the business sector earlier." And it's Tim, not Red Robin, scowling upon mentioning the new Robin, although, fittingly, Wally pats him on the shoulder in commiseration. While Tim ended up being best friends, partners, and possibly psychic with his former nightmare, Wally stills knows the horrors of an unwanted relative taking your former mantle and does not hold Tim's lack of support for Wally's plight against him.

Anymore. (What? Bart was not endearing in any way when he first popped over.)

"Note we did it without you. Inadequacy need not apply," Robin's voice carries across the rooftop, and while Tim does not seem startled to hear Damian's voice, Wally is and turns around to see both Nightwing and Robin on the rooftop.

"Really? Do you guys have to do this now?" Dick whines, and it is a whine. Babs would be making fun of him if she was there, so Wally notes to both tell her and mock Dick for her, because he has loyalties and is smart enough to know who is more likely to leave Gotham to take over the rest of the world.

Wally pokes him in the shoulder while Tim and Damian bicker nearby, but he and Dick don't intervene until violence or Damian mocking Tim for not being a real Wayne comes up.

"You're lucky Bruce isn't here to maim you for coming in costume."

"He wouldn't maim me. Just break a few ribs. Besides, had to fetch a criminal, thought I spotted a bat-shaped gargoyle, and low and behold, I get a Tim special."

"You're position was so obvious even he could see you?" Damian picks that up, and Wally sends an apologetic look over his head that has Tim rolling his eyes.

"Hey!" Wally realizes he has the right to be insulted, but is ignored.

"Still going to see you at the party?" Wally asks Dick.

"Wouldn't miss it for anything," Dick replies, and then Nightwing is flying across the rooftop to stop a fight between Red Robin and Robin.

Because they're not the only ones who can make silent disappearances, Flash decides he can use the chaos to sneak away.

He trips over something, makes a ton of noise, and knows that the multiple security cameras that center on him mean that Barbara is laughting at him as well.

And yet again, Wally rues having family in Gotham.

(March 5, 2022, 3:15 PM)

Dawn, bless her loyal heart, decides princesses are not for her sixth birthday party, but superheroes are more than welcome.

That's why Wally finds himself navigating through a crowd of miniature Batmans, Flashes, Supermans, a Batgirl, and a trio of Wonder Girls (because honestly, six year old girls should be mimicking the one that wears pants), and a few odd assortments of others he doesn't recognize as easily.

In a corner of the room, underneath a banner hanging from the ceiling, Tim is entertaining the eldest child of all, Bart, who has more or less decided to spend the day sneaking cake and lamenting the lack of baby Impulses, an idea that Tim looks equal parts excited and horrified about. Don, Dawn's three year old brother, shows more maturity than his future son (in an alternate reality, because Dawn and Don weren't twins and Impulse has been proven more often wrong than anywhere close to right) and rests sedately in Bart's arms, staring at Tim with widening, worshiping eyes. Wally now knows where Bart gets it from.

Years ago, he and Dick mutually decided that their children would combine their DNA to be frightening monsters, but Tim and Bart might beat them to the punch with their own children.

It honestly makes Wally want to weep and beg Artemis to shoot any woman who could give Bart a child. Wifely duties.

Because she is amazing despite her taste in men, Artemis appears at his side and looks to where his gaze has rested before nudging him in the side. When he tells her his theory and demands help, she levels him a look before giving him a smirk, one that does not bode well for his sanity, "Why worry about their grandchildren? They could always adopt together. There, no DNA, no wives to shoot, still frightening combination that gives you terrors and will break your brain." She kisses his cheek and goes to talk to her younger, somewhat removed cousin-in-law. His brain might in fact be broken.

"Wally!" Dick shouts from another room, and when Wally eventually finds him, Dick is surrounded by enraptured children, including Dawn, who waves at him after she adjusts her Flash cowl.

"Now tell him what I taught you. Who is the best superhero of all?"

Wally knows they will not say Flash, not even little Dawn, who got her father's goofy charm but, more importantly, mother's sly humor.


Wally is not surprised by this at all.

"And who is the second best?"

"Batman!" The ones in costume are extremely vocal, most likely making up for a few quieter Supermans.

"And the third?"

"Robin!" Dick passes out candy to all the little traitors, giving Dawn her piece along with a kiss on the crown of her head as he fixes her slipping mask. They run out of the room, leaving Wally with Dick's mocking smile.

"Joke's on you. There was no scream of Batgirl. I'm telling."

"A price I'm willing to pay. Besides, I know Tim has something on you, and I can trick Impulse into telling me."

"That's not fair. We decided three years ago tricking him for information made this too easy, hard, or fu-messed up," and Wally is careful not to swear here because his aunt will slaughter him with extreme prejudice if the kiddos learn a new word from him.

"Fine. I'll just get Tim to tell me anyway. No patrol with Damian for a week," Dick counters with a smirk.

"You're a fiend and a horrible person, and I am so proud of myself for being your best friend."

Cassie, carting around a mini Batgirl and a little archer, snorts as she passes them by, gives a parting shot of "Famous last words."

"You're not my favorite!"

Cassie doesn't even bother turning around, just openly laughs at him before telling him what a horrendous liar he is.

"She really is though," and Wally does not spend that moment reflecting on his life choices, he does not.

Besides, she's Jaime's problem now.

Gar slinks by as a cat, cocking his head at Wally and Dick, who point in the direction Cassie left in and where he follows.

Uncle Barry's laugh resounds in his ears, as does Dawn's high pitched giggle. Through the doorway Wally can see her being carried on his shoulders, one arm lightly fisting blonde hair and the other holding a stuffed puppy, one Wally knows she did not have earlier nor received as an official gift. (Three weeks later, Wally will come for a visit to see them playing with a dopey puppy while Aunt Iris looks on, chagrined at how badly indulged her daughter had become.)

"God, you know we ruined her for life, right?"

Dick knows perfectly well how he meant that statement, but, as Wally has claimed for thirteen years, Dick truly is a horrible person because he immediately states, "Genetics can warp even the youngest mind." From a scientific viewpoint, Wally would love to debate that, but at his little sister's sixth birthday, all he does is aim a general kick in Dick's direction and lets his expression, 'you know that's not what I meant you ass' speak for itself.

"Remember when we almost bought her that toy store?" Dick mentions, finally complying to be on track with Wally's train of thought.

"Last week or the three hundred other times we thought that was the best use of Uncle Brucie's money?"

"Yeah." That answers nothing. Wally wishes Superboy was around to hit Dick for him because his punches hurt more, and Dick always made an obnoxious deal about it.

Dick laughs suddenly, "She's not going to be able to date. Ever. And Don's potential partner will have to face down her, mommy-Iris, and the combination of Bart and Tim."

"Please, Uncle Barry will be all 'Have fun. Just make sure you have her home by curfew and treat my little princess right, deal?' while we all interrogate the unfortunate soul."

"We'll make it a bonding day with Conner."

"Lian will be dating too; it would be a shame to deny Roy any potential experience. And god-daddy Kaldur too."

"Gar and Jaime are going to have kids one day, well Gar when he's responsible enough to be the parent, it can be a learning opportunity."

"If we label it as training, do you think we can write it off as the mandatory training hours the League makes us go through?"

"I thought you had Babs hack the system and automatically clear you?"

"I got lippy with her. She took it back, man!" And Wally does know he's whining, even without Dick's input.

"That's your own fault then. But I don't see why we can't phrase it in a persuasive way and set it up."

"Alright. Lying to Superman time!"

"Let's not tell Conner about that part."

Dick looks at Wally.

Wally looks at Dick.


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Third, Don is actually Impulse's comic father and Dawn's twin, but I never thought the show would go through with it, so I made Dawn an only child and then decided ALTERNATE REALITY would explain Impulse. Damian Wayne was/is Tim Drake's successor and younger brother (kind of) and you grow to love him even though he is a little bastard, but it's not entirely his fault. He takes the Robin mantle while Tim becomes Red Robin.

I may one day add another chapter to this, Dick centered that shows just how bad those two years were for him, along with a few other things not possibly covered by this story, and (if people actually like the birthday scene above) maybe even one final scene in 2022 so DO NOT UN-ALERT! If this ever happens, it will most likely be in late August, and you can all thank Kaiser Wilhelm for giving me the idea if it comes to fruition.

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