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Chapter Three


I started here so young and helped you get along
Just did it for the love, and people healed through us
Don't live your life in vain, don't take it out on me
You're cracked, so just remember, I'm not your enemy
I don't deserve to fall this way, by a man who felt betrayed


Castiel sighed, when he felt the familiar presence behind him. For some reason the abomination had taken a liking to him, and now it seemed as if every time they were given orders, the infuriating creature had to dissect them piece by piece. He was constantly questioning, and that bothered Castiel, because it made him doubt everything they were doing.

Spike had been right in the past, after all. He had been right when he said that they shouldn't wait to pull Dean out of Hell. However, Zachariah had told him that it was God's will to allow the first seal to be broken.

Spike, however, didn't believe him, and the fact that Joshua had been the one to give Castiel the final order, made Spike convinced that Zachariah and Michael were up to no good. Well, that and the fact that God left Heaven right after that.

"So," Spike said, leaning against a stone wall, and studying the uptight angel. "We're supposed to sit this one out, right? Let the bloody pulsers take care of it. Yeah, big surprise that."

Castiel lowered his head, without turning around. "What would you have me do William? If this is God's will, I must obey."

"It's Spike. And how do you know this is God's will?" Spike countered. "He left, or have you forgotten?"

"My brothers would not lie about something like this. It would be blasphemous if they did. They would be no different than Lucifer." Castiel said, turning around slowly, and meeting the striking blue eyes of the demon with a bound human soul.

It aggravated Castiel to see such a horrid sight in Heaven. He could see past Spike's human visage, and straight into the demon himself. It was a twisted, vile, unnatural, looking creature, but at the same time, it was also beautiful.

The soul of the man Spike had once been illuminated the creature's figure, making it glow with light. The light itself was pure white, which made it clear that the man he had once been was pure of heart before he was turned.

This notion confounded Castiel. Demons in this realm were nothing more than corrupted human souls, and the monsters all had souls of their own. So, how could something like this be possible? Why didn't they separate in death?

He knew of other worlds. Heard whispers, of how his Father had helped Gaia banish the Demon Gods of her world, by granting her life into the form of humans. He had even heard tales of what kind of creatures existed there. But to have one in his domain was never something he thought he would see.

"And what if God isn't making the orders anymore? What if it's Michael's turn to rule?" Spike asked, hoping to get through to the winged-bastard. It had gone on like this for months now, and Spike was losing his patience. He had been sent here for a reason after all, and the sooner the angel's figured that out the better.

"Then I will follow my brother's rule." Castiel shot back, not liking where this was going. "I will not rebel against Heaven."

Spike sighed in frustration, running a hand through his hair. What was he supposed to do? God decreed that he come here. And now, he felt useless. No one would listen to him, especially not the Archangels, and the only one he felt comfortable talking to was Captain Trench Coat here. "Why was I brought here Cass? Why did God choose me, specifically?"

Castiel looked at the vampire blankly for a long while, wondering if this was a test. "Because God was impressed with your ability to retain your humanity, and you are held in close regard to the Slayer."

Spike snorted, rolling his eyes. 'Of course, Buffy. It always had to do with Buffy.' He loved her. He did, but he didn't come here to help her. He came here because he was asked. "Yeah, and if that was the only reason, you'd be talking to the sodding Poof right about now." He sighed at Castiel's blank look. "Me, being here, has very little to do with Buffy…"

"Yes it does." Castiel interrupted, walking up and invading Spike's personal space. "While Buffy was in Fólkvangr, you prayed to God every night. You begged for forgiveness for not being able to save her. You also prayed to him when you almost tried to…"

"What's your bleeding point?" Spike snarled, pushing the angel back, and cutting him off before he could voice the next part. Not only did angels have absolutely no concept of privacy, especially when it came to one of your less than scrupulous moments, but personal space was a completely foreign concept.

"That you are the first soulless creature from Gaia's dimension to pray to a Lord, who had otherwise forsaken him, and you did it for love. You did it for Buffy, and if you think that didn't get my Father's attention, you would bewrong."

Spike quickly looked away from the angel's penetrating gaze. He hated when Castiel did that. Spike didn't like being read. The bloody angel didn't need to know everything about him. "I'm just saying, Cass…God didn't ask me here to help Buffy. I'm a sodding spook. Even if I could get down there…I have no body. What possible way could I help?"

Castiel shook his head, not really knowing where the vampire was going with this. He had a good point though. He really couldn't help Buffy, even if he wanted to. So if that wasn't the reason, then why had God asked for the vampire, specifically?

"My point is," Spike sighed. "He doesn't want me here to help Buffy. He wants me here to help you…all of you."

"And why would we need help from a vampire with a soul?" Castiel said, even as the doubt he was feeling more and more came to the forefront of his mind.

Spike rolled his eyes at Cass's tone. They all thought that way. Like they were all so high and bleedin' mighty, and the human race was so bloody beneath them. It was infuriating. Spike had been treated better by the Scoobies when he first got his chip, than he had by these winged lack brains. "Maybe, because I understand the human race a hell of a lot better than you fairies do."

"I see," Castiel said, ignoring the barb. "And what exactly do you understand about humans that our Father hasn't already taught us."

Spike eyes narrowed. "How about the fact that I used to be a human," He said, pointing at himself. "Trust me when I say, we usually like to know when we're gonna get visited by the ghosts of Christmas bloody past." He paused running a hand over his hair. "People are about to start dying here Cass, and the Powers might be a pain in my arse, but they at least know enough to give their warriors a warning. You and your merry lot won't even do that."

Castiel felt his doubt grow at the vampire's words. What if Spike was right? What if this was a test and they were all making the wrong decisions. Just as these thoughts passed through his mind, Castiel noticed Spike suddenly become transparent, and a confused look came over the vampire's features. "What the bleeding hell?"

Realization dawned on Spike, and his face filled with horror as he looked at the angel. "Oh, you've got to be fu…" But before he could finish his sentence, his form blinked twice, and disappeared completely.

Pontiac, Illinois:

After Dean and Buffy left the park, she had taken him back to the motel room, only to find that Sam had already checked out. He had left them both a note and his car keys, saying that if they wanted to talk, he would be at Bobby's. Buffy sighed, hoping this was an olive branch of sorts as she handed Dean the keys as instructed.

Dean's eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas when he saw the familiar set of keys, and he quickly snatched them out of her hand, and ran at full speed out to the parking lot. She chuckled at his antics and followed him out just in time to hear him say. "Hey, sweetheart, did you miss me?"

Dean stroked the hood lovingly, and Buffy raised an eyebrow at him. "Wow, I thought I loved my car… do you two need a room?"

Dean looked up at her, and smirked. "Don't listen to her baby. She's just jealous hers isn't as pretty."

Buffy rolled her eyes, before heading towards her own car. "So I follow you?" Buffy asked, as she tossed her bag in the trunk, and walked around getting into the car.

Dean nodded, mirroring her move and sliding in the front seat of the impala. He closed his eyes, enjoying the familiar feel of her. He took a deep breath and smiled. She still smelt the same too, but when he opened his eyes and looked around they honed in on some girlie looking device hooked up to his stereo.

"What the hell! Sam!" He growled, tearing the offending thing out, and throwing it in the back seat.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota:

After the nine hour drive to Bobby's, both Buffy and Dean were pretty tired. Neither of them felt like having a showdown with Sam, and Dean really didn't know how he wanted to approach the situation. Honestly, he kind of wanted to just forgive and forget. So what if his brother was working with a demon? It wasn't as if Dean himself was an innocent. Hell, he had been Alastair's protégé.

He sighed to himself, knowing that he was only making excuses. The truth was he knew how dangerous it was for Sam to use his power. What it could mean for his brother if he lost himself to his darkness. Dean knew firsthand what that was like, and he didn't think Sam would be able to recover from something like that. 'This whole thing was just so completely fucked up!'

Buffy pulled up alongside Dean and shut off her engine. She stepped out of her car, stretching her stiff muscles, as she waited for Dean to emerge. She was completely exhausted, and secretly dreading the confrontation they were about to have. She didn't want to drive a wedge between the brothers. That wasn't her goal at all, and she honestly hoped that Sam would hear them out.

Her eyes strayed to the silhouette of Dean's still form sitting in his car. He sat stiff and unmoving; his attention drawn to the front door of the darkened house. Anger filled her at the thought of what he must have gone through, what he must still be going through. He shouldn't have had to endure any of this. What in the hell was wrong with this world's Powers anyway, especially if it really was the infamously proclaimed God.

If, what the bible said was true, and not that she knew much about the bible, she did have a basic understanding. She heard that God was humanity's creator. If this was true, then why would he do something like this to one of his children, especially one who was only a mere man. A man with no demon, no powers, just a mortal human being. He was their champion. He had to be, or else they wouldn't have pulled him out of Hell. But why they allowed him to go in the first place, she couldn't understand.

The Powers of her world had allowed Angel to go to a hell, but those circumstances had been very different. Angel was a demon. Furthermore he'd been the one who tried to open the door to begin with. Buffy wasn't positive, but she assumed that the Powers were somehow trying to teach Angel's demon a lesson, and without his soul, it wouldn't have worked.

She sighed, as she felt the beginnings of a headache. She walked around to the back of her trunk, and unlocked it. She figured thatBobby guy might need a little more proof that she was telling the truth, and luckily thanks to Giles, she had packed just what the doctor ordered.

Dean felt the little blonde's eyes on him, as he studied Bobby's front door. He gritted his teeth in aggravation. This was just irritating. He really didn't need to be pitied. He didn't deserve it. Not after all he had done.

The memories of Hell were coming back quickly now, and he found himself swallowing bile when an onslaught would occur. Being here after all this time…it was incredible and wonderful, or at least it should have been. Yet, Dean just found the whole experience…terrifying.

He didn't deserve to be back. Not after all those people, not after the enjoyment he got from what he did, from the power he felt at tearing them to shreds. He shouldn't have broken so easily. He shouldn't have…'And god, do I sound like a sniveling little girl. Come on Dean! Pull it together man!'

He growled in frustration, and slammed his fist against the stirring wheel. 'Okay, what would the old me be doing right about now… Chicks, that's it! Chicks! I'd be looking to get laid. Oh…and maybe some pie. Oh yeah, pie! That sounds awesome! Okay Dean first pie and then…Dean slid out of the impala, cracking his back as he stood. His eyes moved to the girl, who was now rooting around in her trunk, and a slow smile spread over his lips. 'And then maybe I won't have to look too hard for a chick.'

She was so tiny compared to her giant boat of a car that it was comical. His eyes wandered over her body, lingering appreciatively at the way her jeans hugged her cute little ass.

For the first time since coming back, Dean's libido made itself known. His smile grew at the relief, he felt knowing everything still worked. He quickly adjusted himself though, not wanting to announce to the world his raging predicament.

His eyes once more perused over her body as she leaned further into the trunk reaching for something. She was a sexy little thing that was for sure. Especially with the way her shirt was riding up, and teasing him with the smooth expanse of her back. He wanted to reach out and run his fingers along the skin, but he didn't dare.

He realized then, as the scene, he had walked in on earlier today replayed in his head, how strong she must be. She pinned Sammy to a wall today without even breaking a sweat. How that was possible he didn't know, but he had seen it, and though she said she was Hulk strong. If he hadn't seen what he did, he wouldn't have believed her.

Just the thought of his brother was the proverbial bucket of ice water he needed right then, and Dean adjusted himself once more, clearing his throat. "Need some help?"

Buffy grunted, finally getting the leverage, she needed to open the secret compartment in her trunk. She slid her fingers along the rough surface at the back of the trunk, until she felt the hidden button. She pressed it, and the large hidden compartment popped open. She reached inside grabbing the books Giles had insisted she take with her.

"Here," She said handing him the pile of books.

Dean grunted as she placed the heavy stack of books in his hands. He cringed at just the idea of all the heavy reading. That's something that definitely hadn't changed. He still hated research. "What the hell is all this?"

She shrugged, grabbing her duffle bag, and slamming the trunk closed. "It's books about the Slayer and where I come from. I figured Bobby would want to look at them. Sam said he's your go-to-guy when you can't figure something out."

Dean grunted in response and began heading up the front porch of Bobby's home. The door flew open suddenly, just as Dean reached the top step, and there was Sam wide-eyed and worried. Dean stopped short at the patented Sam bitch-face he was giving him, and he rolled his eyes. "Outta my way." He groused, as he pushed past Sam.

He really didn't want to have this conversation right now. He dropped the books on Bobby's desk, and raised his eyebrow when it looked like Bobby was going to complain. "These are books from Buffy's world. She thought you would want to take a look."

Bobby studied the worn leather bindings, and he couldn't help the excited gleam that came into his eyes. "And these are real?"

"They are." Buffy grunted as she pushed past Sam, throwing him a glare over her shoulder. "Gee Sam. It was so nice of you to wait for us. I was just telling Dean how considerate you are."

Sam glowered at her, but before he could say anything, Bobby spoke up. "It was my idea. Sam wanted to wait, but I know my boys. Dean needed time."

Buffy eyes went to Bobby and she shrugged. "I guess, I get that. Sorry Sam."

Sam's eyebrows went up in response, not used to the little blonde apologizing for anything. That's when he caught the guilty look in her eye. He wondered briefly if she felt guilty for more than just accusing him of leaving without his brother. He had gotten to know her pretty well these past few months. Or at least he thought he had. Now he wasn't so sure.

However, even after all her evasive comments about who she was, and where she was from. Even after all the lies and half-truths, there was still a huge part of Sam that knew he could trust her. She'd proven herself time and time again after all, and Sam knew without a shadow of a doubt that if she hadn't found him, he would be dead.

That first month, Sam was a mess. He was drunk and reckless, just looking for a way out. Especially when he found out there was no way to bring Dean back. That no one would deal with him, and there wasn't a way to get in. It was shortly after that revelation, during one of his drunken, and reckless fits, that Buffy found him. The first night she had saved his life.

Sam was stumbling home to his motel room so drunk he could barely walk, when suddenly he was jumped by four of Lilith's demons. They had pinned him to the wall, and though Sam tried to fight back, his arms felt like they were weighted at his side. No matter how much strength he used, he couldn't throw the evil bastards off.

They laughed at him, making all kinds of comments about what Dean was going through. How his brother had died for nothing, because they were just going to slit his throat anyway.

Sam knew he was going to die at that moment, was sure of it, and he had never been more consumed with regret in his life. It was then, that one by one; all the demons began to die. It happened so fast the demons didn't even have time to react before they were all nothing more than lifeless bodies on the floor. He only caught a glimpse of Buffy's face, before he passed out.

Sam's eyes went back to Buffy. She had saved his life that night, and several times after. He didn't like it that she lied to him, but she was right. He would never have believed her if she had told him the truth from the start. He just didn't know how to feel about all this, and he couldn't stop the anger or the betrayal he felt towards her.

Buffy sighed, and ran her fingers through her disheveled hair, making a face when her hand got tangled in the knots. She really needed a shower. "Umm…do you think maybe I could use your shower? I wouldn't normally ask, but I've been on the road for nine hours, and I'm pretty sure I smell like it too."

Dean smirked at her forward statement, and Sam just rolled his eyes, used to Buffy's frankness when it came to such things. Bobby looked on suspiciously for a long while, finally grunting in response. "Sam, show her where it is."

Buffy smiled in relief when Bobby told Sam to take her to the bathroom. Not only did she want to wash the road off of her, but she figured that giving the three men some alone time was probably for the best.

Sam didn't say much as he led her to the bathroom. Not that Buffy really expected him too. Though, even a harsh word right now might have been better than this silence. She sighed in frustration once they were in front of the bathroom door and quickly turned to face him.

"Look Sam, for whatever it's worth, I really am sorry."

Sam stopped dead in his tracks and with his back to her, replied. "Which part?"

"I'm sorry?" Buffy asked, not sure what Sam wanted from her.

Sam whirled around then, letting his hurt and betrayal show on his face. "I want to know which part you're sorry about…I mean are you sorry you've been lying to me for the past three and a half months," He snarled, throwing out his hands in frustration. "Or are you just sorry that you've known Dean was getting out of Hell this whole time, and you sat there silently, allowing me to go through what I went through."

Sam pointed at her angrily. "You knew Buffy! You fucking knew, and yet you did nothing to ease my pain. Nothing! Do you have any idea what I was going through, what losing him did to me? Do you?"

Buffy's eyes filled with tears at Sam's angry words, and she nodded stepping forward, flinching slightly when he stepped back. "Yes of course I know. God Sam…I'm so sorry. If I could have, I would have told you everything that first day. I swear it…but…but… if I had, they could have pulled me out…they probably would have. They really don't like it when I break their rules."

"I just…I thought you were my friend." Sam said, anger still tainting his voice, but with an undercurrent of hurt and sadness there.

"I am!" Buffy exclaimed, taken aback by his assumption.

"Yeah, well you sure have a funny way of showing it, because if it had been you, I would have taken my chances and told you!" And with that, he turned around and stormed off.

Buffy stared sadly at his retreating back for a long moment. She sighed miserably, scowling at the heavens. "Thanks a lot guys!" She muttered, before turning around and heading to the shower. Sometimes her job really sucked ass!

After a long hot shower and a little time to get her thoughts in order, Buffy finally felt a little better. It sucked that her and Sam's friendship was probably pretty much destroyed, but at the same time, she knew she had done the right thing. It didn't matter how angry he was with her, because it was blatantly obvious to her now. This world needed her, and it needed her badly.

It just wasn't in her to allow any human race to fend for them without some kind of protection. It was aggravating enough to see the broken and lost look on all three of the men's faces, and she was finding herself disliking this world's Powers more and more. What the hell was wrong with them?

People are the reason, there is a balance, protecting humanity should be a number one priority, and three mortal men with normal human strength shouldn't be the ones who have to stand at the front of the line. There should be someone like her here, someone chosen to fight the good fight, and take the brunt of the badness.

She understood that Dean was their Champion, but he shouldn't have to be. He wasn't superhuman in anyway. He was simply a man, and that too Buffy, was in no way fair.

She sighed opening the bathroom door, only to stop short at the raised voices she heard coming from the library.

"You're what!" Dean snarled, getting in his brothers face.

"I know how it sounds, Dean, but you have to understand; I'm saving people… lots of people, and it really works!" Sam said, trying to plead his case with his brother.

Dean shook his head in disgust not even wanting to hear anymore. "Do you have any idea how far off the reservation you've gone? How far from human? I haven't even seen you do it, and it creeps me the hell out!"

"I'm just exorcising demons." Sam said quietly.

"With your mind!" Dean shouted, shaking his head in frustration and lowering his voice "Why not use the knife Sammy? That works just as well."

"But it kills the victim Dean! What I do, most of them survive!" Sam's voice reached volume, from his sheer frustration at the lack of understanding he was getting from Dean.

Dean stopped then and eyed his brother. "Is that what Ruby wants you to think? Kind of like the same way she tricked you into using your powers." He shook his head as a sad knowing look shown through his eyes, and he said quietly. "It's a slippery slope brother. Just wait and see…because it's gonna get darker and darker, and god knows where it ends."

"I'm not going to let it go too far." Sam whispered, on the brink of tears at his brother's words.

"It already has." A quiet feminine voice said from the doorway. Both men turned, startled by the quiet hesitance they heard in said voice.

It was in that moment, that Dean's world stopped spinning, and just about a thousand pornographic images flooded his mind. She stood there in a little white tank-top, and a pair of pink pajama bottoms. Her hair cascaded down her back, still damp from her shower and smelling like jasmine. If it wasn't for the seriousness of the situation, he might have even made a move on her right then.

Buffy's eyes stayed on Sam, even when she felt Dean's boring into her. "I know I'm not one of your most favorite people right now, and there's really nothing else I can say except that I'm sorry." She paused then taking a deep breath, "But, I am here to help whether you like it or not, and this whole thing has gone way too far."

Buffy shook her head trying to find the right words, even when she knew there were none. "I lied…Yes. I know, but I did it because I had to, because I didn't have a choice. I understand if you hate me for it and…and if you can't forgive me…I-I guess that's okay too. But, I'm not the only one guilty here."

When Sam opened his mouth, Buffy held up her hand forestalling any reply. Giles had taught her well. "I didn't know what you were up to until a few days ago…I had suspected something for about a month, but I hadn't wanted to believe it. I-I trusted you Sam. I really did."

She sighed sadly, shaking her head. "And then you started disappearing all the time…I would wake up in the middle of the night, and you wouldn't be there." She shrugged. "At first, I really didn't care. I figured hey; you're a guy, and though you really didn't seem like the type…I certainly didn't care if you were out getting your jollies off with some girl. That was none of my business. But, what was my business was keeping you safe, and when you came home with that black eye, I knew something was up. I decided to follow you the next evening, and lo and behold, who else do I find, but you and Ruby chumming it up like old pals, and sucking a demon out of some poor guy."

Buffy shook her head letting her hurt and betrayal show on her face. "I was supposed to be protecting you from her, and there you are acting all close and friendly…You're lucky I didn't kill her. If I hadn't seen you two kissing, I might have."

"Excuse me!" Dean roared, turning cold disbelieving eyes on his brother. "What in the hell did I just hear!"

It was at that moment that Bobby walked in from the kitchen. "Do you three chuckleheads think you could stop with the lovers quarrel for a few minutes? We got bigger problems right now."

"What is it Bobby?" Sam asked, avoiding Dean's glare.

"I was calling a friend a state over to help with the whole angel thing." Bobby said, in a rough voice filled with emotion. "We was talking on the phone, and something happened. I-I thought I heard her scream and then the line went dead." He paused swallowing the rising panic he felt that a fellow hunter might have just kicked it. "Olivia Lowry's good people, I'd hate to think of something bad happening to her."

"We'll follow you." Dean said nodding. He then turned furious eyes on his brother, "And you're riding with me. We are going to spend the next few hours catching up!"

Buffy took a large pull from her cigarette as she waited for Sam to pick up. They were dead, all of them. She took a drink from her coffee, thanking her Slayer stamina that she was even still standing. It had been almost three days since she had even seen a bed. God, she was exhausted. She could only imagine how well the guys were faring.

They found Olivia's body early yesterday morning. Her chest had been ripped open, an EMF meter not too far from her body, and there had been salt all over the house. It had been obvious that she had been the victim of an angry spirit.

Poor Bobby had taken it pretty hard, and when he had tried to call in a few more hunters to come help with the body. No one was answering their phone. He got really worried then, and gave everyone a different hunter to go and check on.

Buffy had just finished up checking on a hunter by the name of Jed Miller, and the news wasn't good. He had been torn to shreds. His body more damaged than Olivia's. The inside of the house was in shambles too. Salt rounds everywhere and broken glass littered the floor. It was only obvious the poor guy must have put up a hell of a fight.

"Yeah!" Sam answered, panting and out of breath.

"Sam! Are you all right?" Buffy asked when she heard the panicked sound in his voice. She tossed her cigarette butt to the ground, and quickly got into the Desoto.

"I was just attacked by a ghost, and now Dean can't get a hold of Bobby?" Sam said urgently. "How far away are you from his house?"

Buffy started her engine and quickly maneuvered the car onto the road, "About an hour, but if I speed, thirty minutes."

"Do it! You're closer than us!" Sam said, relief flooding his voice.

"I'm on my way." She said, taking off at full speed as a lone figure watched her departure from the shadows of the trees.

She must have broken about a hundred different laws driving to Bobby's, but she made it there in record time. Twenty-five minutes later, she came to a screeching stop outside of Bobby's home. She grabbed her shot gun from the trunk and ran at full speed up his porch, dialing Sam in the process.

"Okay. I'm here." She said stepping inside the front door and looking around, noting the discarded iron poker on the ground.

"Bobby?" She called, and then said into her phone. "It looks like he was fighting something off…his fireplace poker is on the floor… No, I…Wait!"

Buffy's eyes quickly traveled up to the ceiling, and she listened. When the quiet sound of movement drifted to her ears again, she whispered, "I think I just heard something upstairs."

It was at that moment that a familiar chill went up her spine. "I think there's something here."

She heard Sam yell at Dean to punch-it, as she slowly made her way up the stairs. Her breath became cold and foggy the closer she got to the top, and her phone filled with static. She couldn't make out the words that Sam was yelling at her. Something about revenge, but even that she couldn't be sure about.

As she reached the top step, her Slayer senses went haywire, and she pointed her weapon in the direction the feeling was coming from. There was a figure at the end of the hall shrouded in darkness, the silhouette all too familiar.

It couldn't be…she was just tired and hallucinating. She walked further down the hallway, keeping her weapon trained on the figure and fighting the cold chill she felt coming off of it.

"Who's there?" She called, drawing closer, and then the thing stepped into the light.

In that moment, everything froze. Time stopped completely, and Buffy's gun went clattering to the ground. She must have completely lost it, because standing in front of her was someone who couldn't possibly be there, someone she had to be imagining.

He had that same look! The one she always feared she'd see in his all too expressive gaze. They were cold, and filled with violence that was most definitely aimed at her. A chill went up her spine at the cold smirk that drew across his face, and she braced herself to hear a voice that she had longed to hear for so long.

"Hello cutie."

His voice was icy and unfeeling, and her heart broke a little bit in that moment. She didn't know what this was, but it took every bit of her strength to keep from falling to her knees.