The Affair

Vampires in the Parkette

I find myself entering a small parkette near our apartment building, the air is chilly as it gusts around me, ruffling my clothing and hair every time it blows past. It doesn't bother me much though, and is in fact much better than my stuffy apartment.

Now that I am completely alone with my thoughts, I decide to think about my failed marriage in more depth and what I should do. I honestly have no clue how to go about any of this, and I definitely don't know how to confront my wife about her cheating. I don't have concrete evidence but ever since Roxas brought it up, everything she does seems suspicious. Her work hours fluctuate crazily, and it's odd that I never realized they shouldn't...or maybe I just never paid close attention.

There are other things too, small things that I'd never noticed. Like how she always keeps her cellphone to herself, never once leaving it lying around when before she'd always lose the thing and I was the one that helped her find it. I try to tell myself it's the seed of doubt that Roxas planted, rooting itself into my brain and poisoning me against her, but I can't forget the way she felt when we fucked. She should have been tighter than that, I hadn't touched her for months.

My mother would never forgive me if I got divorced, because she's the one who taught me all about the greatness of promising your life to another. Before my father died, they had a perfect matrimony and I had wanted that so badly for myself. It makes me feel like I've failed, like maybe I am a sorry excuse for a husband.

The rage that builds every time I see my wife though, makes me feel a little better. I had loved her, honestly and truly, I really did. It was her displeasure in everything I do that made me grow cold towards her. It was her scowl and seemingly permanent anger. I'm exactly the same as I've always been but she's just turned into a monster. I don't see how this is going to work, but a part of me wants to try. Mostly because I'd never want to disappoint my mother.

It's as I'm walking, trying to find a bench to sit and wait for the time to pass until Larxene leaves for work, that I see him. Roxas running around with his dog off its leash, shouting happily and smiling widely to the mutt. My heart suddenly jump starts and I freeze in place.

It must be because the entire park is deserted except for the two of us, that he spots me standing in the middle of the path way. If there had been more people, maybe I wouldn't have stood out as much. Actually, he probably could spot me in a crowd of a hundred people. I've always stuck out like a sore thumb thanks to my father's deep red hair genes.

It's too late to turn and walk right back out of the park, because he stops running, his dog bouncing at his feet, circling him and wondering why his master stopped their game. I can feel the blonde's eyes burning into my flesh and I lift my arm weakly, to send him a pathetic wave.

Axel Vanderbelt has never avoided anyone.

Though, now seems like a great time to start.

When he starts making his way towards me, my legs remember how to move and I start walking again, moving away from him at a quick pace but he somehow manages to catch up. The dog stops in front of me, cutting me off and I glare at it while its tongue flaps happily out of its mouth, almost like its smiling at me. The thing is a bloody accomplice.

"Axel," Roxas says as a way of greeting and I nod my head in acknowledgment before trying to shimmy past them. The stupid dog gets excited and barks at me, running around my legs and slowing me down quite a bit. "In a rush?" The blonde questions as if he knows I have no where else to be and I can't find my words. In all my 30 years, I have never been so flustered around a human being. Words never failed me and I always had something to say and yet, now that I need them most, they've all vanished.

"Not really," I find myself saying, even if I hadn't wanted to admit it. I wanted him to think I had to leave or maybe I didn't. Maybe I wanted him to stay and talk with me. He smiles brightly, bending over to put his dog back on its leash and begins walking along side of me. " there something you need?" My throat clenches around the words and I swallow, trying to ease the muscles.

"Oh, ouch..." He says lightly, and I examine him from the corner of my eye, only to find him staring directly at me. His eyes are stuck to my face and I try not to be the first to look away, but he seems like he's never going to stop. Quickly I look straight, the trees clearing a few feet ahead and I try to remember when else I have walked along this path.

I almost stop abruptly when I remember this is the same parkette Larxene crosses through to get to work but for some reason, I keep walking, Roxas following easily, stepping closer whenever I move away. "I just wanted to talk, seeing as you left my room in such a hurry and haven't been around since." He laughs a little, almost like what happened was a complete joke and I search my brain for a reply but find none. "I didn't spook you, did I? That wasn't my intention, I swear." I hear the husk in his voice as his sentence trails off and it makes my body quiver. I can hear him in my head, moaning, I can feel his nails pressing into my skin, the curves of his body bending against mine. I don't know what it is about him that makes me react this way. Never before has this happened.

I jump, startled when Roxas slips his hand into my jeans back pocket, his body pressing close to my side and I feel him lean up, his words brush softly against my neck, his warm, minty breath reminding me of the taste of his mouth. "Are you going to ignore me, Axel?" He squeezes my ass cheek through my jeans and I stumble away, his hand falling to his side as a smile cuts across his face. Those beautiful eyes almost glow in the autumn sunlight, watching me with a predatory gleam. "I've done nothing to deserve this...I don't think," He grins wider and I look down at the ground to find his dog watching me as well.

"Axel, Roxas?" The voice makes us both jump and the blonde's eyes change, the smile disappearing as he turns and regards his sister with an annoyed gaze. My own eyes are still widened, and my heart is pounding in my chest, making my ribs ache. I see my wife quickly approaching and immediately, I wonder if she saw anything. Fear wracks through me until I remember she's probably been cheating on me for months.

My face slowly morphs to its usual neutral expression, just in time for her to make her way to our side. There are tiny blood spots on her face from all her puking earlier, and her make-up only makes them look like tiny freckles. "What are you both doing here?" Her eyes jump from face to face, and I look away from her, staring straight ahead.

Roxas on the other hand, holds her gaze before looking at me. As expected, he doesn't answer and this makes me uneasy. Larxene grabs my arm, squeezing it at the elbow joint and a sharp pain brings my attention back to her. "Ah, fuck" I hiss, pulling my arm away and glaring at her. She glares back, still waiting for a response. "I was walking in the park, and found Roxas with his fucking dog. We all do live in the same city," I try and hold the anger in place, but it's quickly spreading through me, consuming sense and reason. I don't know why she makes me so angry so quick, but she does. After all her bitching through-out our entire marriage, it's so hard not to lift my hand and smack her one.

"I guess this is a private path, only she can use," Roxas mumbles and his sister turns to stare at him, the anger twisting up her features and I worry for a second that she'll punch him, until Roxas looks at her in the same bored, unfazed way. Watching them, I realize she'd never hit him because she knows he'd hit her right back. The boy holds her stare until my wife looks towards me.

"Well one of us has to work," She growls before adjusting her purse strap and leaving us behind. Roxas slows his pace, and I do the same, letting her get farther ahead. When she reaches the clearing, the blonde turns to me and smirks.

I don't have time to move away, before he wraps his arms around my waist and tugs me against him, pressing himself flush to my body. I hear the dog leash drop, and the little canine gallops away, going to sniff some grass. "I thought she'd never leave," My mind is taken off the dog when Roxas grips my hair and pulls my face down to his, and it all happens so quickly, I barely manage to blink before he's kissing me hungrily, prying my lips apart with his moist tongue, pressing it against my own.

My body shudders, my hands flying up to grab his middle, intent on pushing him away but instead, my arms wind around him, my hands exploring the smooth planes of his back. Their easy journey is halted by his belt, but only for a few seconds until they are pressed firmly against his ass. The kiss gets deeper, his hands holding my face even closer to his and I can barely breathe but I don't pull away even then.

"Touch me Axel, it feels so good when you touch me," He whispers against my mouth, before biting down on my lip and moving his hot kisses along my jaw, towards my neck. My mind is swirling, no thoughts managing to stay long enough for me to process them and instead, all I can do is what I'm told.

I feel his body over his clothing, though there's nothing I want more than to touch his skin again. So I do, my hands worm their way underneath the sweater and find his warm body, his skin prickles with the icy touch and he gasps lightly, before pressing closer to me, pushing me back a few steps until my back is crushed against a tree trunk. Even so, I don't stop. Just touching him makes me hard, though his lips pressing against my pulse are working their own magic.

His cold hands find their way inside my jacket, and he returns every caress of mine with one of his own. I'm lost in the pleasure of it, until he bites down on my neck, the pain shoots through me, making my knees weak and I try to push him away before he can leave a mark, but he's practically glued to me. His hands clench around my arms and I squirm, throwing my head to the side, which probably doesn't help any. I feel him sucking my skin into his mouth, and even though I should stop him, I can't. It feels too good, and I can't remember when else I've felt so much enjoyment from something like this. A moan escapes me when I try to speak, and my voice quivers out a weak protest. "S-stop," I rasp out and he pulls away, his teeth teasing the skin a little before he presses a soft kiss to the burning spot.

"Okay," He says and moves away from me. I feel like collapsing but I fight against it and force my legs to keep me up. When his spell on me wears off, my hand flies up to my neck and I cover the bruise that is throbbing, its steady pulse impossible to ignore. Those blue eyes are filled with unhidden satisfaction, and he smirks when my face contorts in anger.

"What the fuck Roxas? You can't do that!" I shout at him, my voice finally sounding stronger but it still doesn't have the desired effect on him. He laughs the same way he did at his mother's party and I glare viciously at him. I don't know what else to say, and I decide I should leave but he doesn't let me. With one hand, he pushes me back against the tree and drops to his knees. I freeze in place, my legs locking and I watch him quickly undo my jeans button and tug my hard dick out of my pants. The cold air makes me suck in a quick breath, his cold fingers wrapping around the base before lowering his lips to the head. "W-wha..."

Everything blurs away then, as he swallows my entire length smoothly, his tongue curving around my shaft, as he takes me in farther. His throat muscles work around me and my eyes roll into the back of my head, my hands moving into his hair without me telling them too. He hums contently, apparently this was the reaction he wanted and he starts to suck on me, pulling away slowly, using his tongue to massage the pulsing organ in his mouth. It feels so good, I don't even care that we're in plain sight.

With one long, hard suck, I fall from his mouth and he licks his lips, looking up at me through his hazy, blue eyes and I stare down at him, watching as he picks up my cock and places one, tender sucking kiss against the sensitive head. It makes my body shudder, his tongue prodding my slit, following the little line, swirling around the tip until taking me back into his mouth, drinking the oozing precum.

The thought that someone might see us, choosing this exact moment to walk through the parkette makes adrenaline rush through my system. My heart hasn't stopped pounding in my chest since I first saw Roxas and it makes me worry about having a heart attack but I forget that thought soon enough. Roxas' tongue doesn't let me keep thinking. He rubs the hot, slick muscle along my glans, his small, pink lips squeezing around me, adding to the wet pressure of his stroking tongue.

I clench my hands into tight fistfuls of golden hair, my hips twitching away from the tree, forcing my dick deeper into his throat and he takes it easily, widening his mouth until I'm sure if I go any farther, he'll puke. He pulls away before that, and strokes me with his hand, keeping the same pace he had with his mouth. The precum mixed with his spit, makes my dick slick and it glides smoothly in and out of his palm. "Do you like fucking my mouth, Axel?" He whispers hotly against the tip of my weeping erection and I find myself nodding mindlessly. He chuckles lightly, before flicking his tongue against the head, cleaning away more precum before making his way down, with more of those hot, sucking kisses.

The sight of my dick disappearing into his hot mouth, makes me moan out through my clenched teeth and he enjoys the sound, moaning around me. The vibrations drive me insane and I feel my release inching closer and closer. He starts bobbing his head quicker than before, his tongue working around me, swirling and flicking and I can't hold back. I pull him towards me, his lips relaxing as he swallows me to the hilt and I release down his throat. I groan loud, my legs trembling, my whole body twitching with the most powerful orgasm I've ever experienced. He keeps sucking, until there is nothing left and pulls away with a smile, stuffing me back into my jeans roughly.

He stands and calls his dog over, the little animal walking towards us obediently and he picks up the leash, wiping at the corners of his lips, before turning to observe me as I stay trembling against the tree, panting for air. My eyes quickly dart around, looking for any passer-bys and there is no one but the smirking blonde and me. "I'll see you later." And just like that, he leaves, not once looking back at me.

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