Finnley sat in her room after the first day of school, flipping through her psychology textbook. She wasn't really paying attention to what was on the pages, though; she had other things on her mind.

The text Finnley had gotten while out with Fletcher scared the shit out of her. She had been so careful. And who even had the power to text her under an untraceable number? Finnley had become very frustrated when she couldn't figure out who the person was with her computer skills.

Honestly, Finnley didn't think it meant anything. It was creepy, but it could have just been a coincidence. Weird things happened all the time. Maybe this A person just got the wrong number.

Plus, Finnley had seen all the news reports on the Pretty Little Liars and their story. They had been blackmailed with someone under the same name for months. They even had a made-for-TV movie about it and everything. Whoever was behind this had taken the name and idea from them.

That's so unoriginal, Finnley thought as she closed the textbook out of frustration. It looked like she wasn't going to read the textbook's introduction for tomorrow's lesson, after all.

Finnley laid down on her bed, going through her phone and bringing up the message. She had tried several times to use the code in the message to track down whoever sent it, but she had no luck. Just the thought of Finnley's failure made her angry. She threw the phone onto the bed, not even needing it to read the message. It was imprinted in her brain.

Remember that time that you did illegal things involving transferring money and your family's bank account? So do I. I think you'd rather keep this little act to yourself, bitch, because you're not going to be able to hide it for long.

Finnley blinked back tears. The thought of someone knowing did that to her. It was a scary thought: Finnley in a jail cell next to several other women, who were probably locked up for murder or robbery. Finnley didn't think she could ever live like that.

I shouldn't have transferred the money, Finnley thought. Forget my future. I won't have one if I go to jail!

Finnley heard a knock on her door and she called for whoever it is to come in. Nick peeked his head through the door, a look of worry on his face. "Hi," Finnley absently said, turning over so her voice was muffled by her bed.

Nick took a seat at the foot of the bed. "Finn, you haven't talked to me for a day."

Finnley knew it was true. She was really close with her twin, so there was no denying that he'd easily see that she was ignoring him. But she couldn't talk to him now.

The message from A had made her think of how Hailey knew everything. And Hailey knowing everything made Finnley think of the thing she did to Nick so long ago.

Finnley buried her head farther into her covers. I am not going to think about that.

She rolled onto her back. "Sorry. I've been a bit worried about school."

"You did get into my teacher's accounts, right?" he whispered, looking worried. But his face quickly changed into a smile. "Just kidding. I know you did it already – you're the best, after all."

Yeah, the best, she thought. I'm the best at illegal things, alright.

"What's got you worried?" he asked, lying down beside his sister.

Finnley's mind reeled for a quick response. "Psychology," she blurted, spotting her textbook at her desk. "The syllabus makes it seem really hard. I'm being paranoid."

Nick shrugged. "I took it last year – it was pretty easy. The teacher makes it look like she's going to assign a lot, but half of the material she plans to cover doesn't get covered, so she doesn't assign half of the stuff. You'll do fine."

Finnley tried to perk up so he would think she's feeling better. "Thanks," she said, putting on a tight and forced smile.

Nick stood up, backing towards the door. "No problem, Finn. If you need any psychological help, you know where I am!" He stepped outside of the room and pointed towards his room before closing the door.

Finnley laid her head down on her pillow, taking deep breaths. It looked like all the flaws of her nearly-perfect past were going to be popping up everywhere.