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The sea is silent today. Not even the depressing wails of the capaille usisce can be heard. I look out at the rolling waves. It still amazes me that Corr came back. That his loyalty to me won over his love for the water. He had chosen me, and the pain that comes with a broken leg. And for that I am honored.

I sigh heavily and rub Corr's neck. My fingers find the bulging veins running through his neck and feel the power rushing through them. We are near the cave that my father showed me, the one with the cave paintings. I presume that Corr will have to stay here awhile, at least until his leg sets. For now, his leg is wrapped in seaweed. Even though I know he won't leave me, I plan to stay with him. The days will get colder as December approaches. The sea will become unforgivable and rough. But it's nothing I can't handle. I know the sea better than anyone else on Thisby.

My mind roams to Mutt Malvern. The thoughts are conflicted. One part of me rejoices in the permanent absence of my rival and enemy. Yet one side, the more reasonable one, knows that Mutt's sacrifice will be a major blow to my ex-boss. With the loss of both me and his son, Malvern will be pushed to find new trainers to work his stables. That reminds me that Puck Connolly had asked for a job there.

With that one thought, Mutt's face is replaced by hers. I picture her perfectly in my mind. Her sea blown sunset hair. The freckles dotting her cheeks. Those deep eyes that remind me so much of the sea. I find myself wishing for her here, wishing to go back to the moment when we were in the stables. Then, she had held Corr without fear. I shake my head, clearing those thoughts away. My eyes return to Corr, who has lain down on the soft sand on the floor of the cave. I have never felt anything more than admiration from the inhabitants of this island. Maybe that is why Puck has so unnerved me. Has so intrigued me.

Corr whistles and I force Puck from my mind. I fix the wrap around his leg, wince when he shrieks with pain. But he doesn't try to attack me. Nor do I have to restrain him from running away. Over the years, a bridge of trust has built itself between us. He knows it, and so do I. Lying next to him is so comforting, so familiar, that I let my weary eyes fall close.

My eyes open again to a bright light. The morning sun, already in the sky, has finally been able to penetrate the darkness of the cave. I wince, trying to adjust to the light, and feel Corr shift beside me. True to his loyalty, he hasn't moved during the night. I sigh and make my way out of the cave. The light that lies outside of it blinds me and I blink for a moment. No one is on the beach today. Not so soon after the Races. After the bloodbath they call a race.

I sigh with relief. Hopefully, I will never have to race in those races again. Corr is the only capall that I trust to ride and he is no longer fit for the Scorpio Races. A wave of anger flares up in me as I think of Mutt again and how he targeted Puck at the Races. I hadn't had a second thought when I saw him swerve for Puck. I forgot the Race. I had focused on keeping Mutt away from Puck. And the price had been heavy.

I look up wistfully at the distant cliff that Puck and I had sat on countless times. All those times when we had sat-talking, training, watching our competitors. Seeing the race before it was run. Those cliffs are special. They remind me that there is someone else who understands this island. Who can understand me. I am not surprised when I make out a figure sitting on the cliff's edge.

I turn around and go to Corr. He is still lying down. I press down on his neck with my left hand, drawing circles around his eye with my right. He watches me and I sense that he knows where I'm going. I stand and back away, only turning around once I get to the cave's entrance. As I had expected, Corr doesn't move.

My eyes return to the cliff and I find my feet moving on their own. They find crevices in the weather-beaten rock on the cliffs. Eventually, I am able to haul myself up. Puck is closer now. Her back is to me but I know that she can sense I'm here. I resume my walk toward her. As I approach, my eyes are drawn to a flash of red on her arm. It's the red ribbon I gave to her. The day of the Races.

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