PS. If you are a regular reader of my stories and are going to leave flame like reviews on something you don't particularly like, please at least sign in or don't leave a review at all. I can't, and won't, please everybody with my stuff and if I want to write cheating Antonio, forgiving Lovino, I will.

Firstly, I was prompted to write that. You know this. You said you knew this. So why would you still chew me out about it?

Secondly, SpaMano is my OTP and I will never ever write or read GerMano for reasons I've discussed with several people before. Just because Antonio was 'cheating' on Lovino in that story, doesn't mean that they couldn't push passed it. I'm sorry things happened to you like that, but if Lovino loved Antonio enough, I'm sure he can see passed that and forgive. Yes, things probably were a bit fast and what not, but it was only a oneshot and I had been procrastinating enough on it as is. If you want GerMano, please go read it.

He'll never forget, nor will he probably ever trust Antonio again, but he still loved him enough to forgive him in the end.

Besides, Antonio never did anything more than kiss Feli and never when they were alone. Always when Ludwig was around or in the same building/apt.

Thank you for reading the story, but please, if you don't like, don't read and most certainly don't review something nasty, mean or hurtful.

Constructive criticism is welcomed more than you guys will ever know. I want to make readers happy with my stories, but telling me that it annoyed you is not constructive. I've deleted your review and I'm sorry for that, but I felt it wasn't truly necessary to say things like that in a review.

I'm sorry for this rant to those of you not involved, but this was bothering me.

~Lady Pyrien

PPS. I'm thinking of writing a followup chapter to this for both Feli and Ludwig and how life turned out for Lovino and Antonio