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The Case was finished, the mystery solved. I had gone back to school for a couple of days and heard nothing from SPR. I guess that they haven't needed me. I just hope that they haven't started any Cases without me. Everything was going normal. It was just a normal Saturday. I was eating ice-cream from the bucket , and watching American Ninja Warriors. It was almost the last episode of the season. All of the contestants were ready to face Mt. Midoriama.

One guy was almost finishing the ridiculously hard obstacle course when someone knocks on the door to my small apartment that the school pays for. I get up grumbling that someone dared to disturb my binge with ice-cream and American Ninja Warrior. I leave my ice-cream at the table and I continue to opening my door, not bothering to look through the peep hole to see who it was first.

I yank open the door and the most unexpected person is standing on the other side.

"Yasu!" I say surprised. " Come on in. What brings you here?"

"Nothing much…I just got a little bored over where I live so I decided to bother someone. Nice place you live in."

"It's not that nice…plus it's pretty messy, which reminds me I have to clean." I grab my tub of ice-cream and proceed to eating it. "Want some ice-cream?"

"Errr, no thanks."

"You suuuure? Its Butterfinger, and its reeeeaaally good." I smile waving a spoon full of my delicious ice-cream in front of his face.

He eyes it hungrily. Haha gotcha.

"Well…when you put it that way…"

"Good. I'll go grab you a bowl. Have a seat."


"I just have one question," I say from the tiny kitchen. "How do you know where I live? I mean, I don't think that I've ever told anyone where I live so…"

"Oh, yeah…did I ever tell you that I have transferred to your school?"

"YOU WHAT!? That's great! When did you transfer out?" I grin widely.

"Just a couple of days ago…I decided that that would be the best, because my school had too many hauntings, and that would look bad for résumés if the job I would take would do a background check."

"Oh, well it's a smart move then."

"Yeah…about that…I don't have a place to stay, and I found a couple of your friends when I was getting the tour of the school and I asked them where you lived. And now here I am. So…do you have a place for me? I understand if you don't want me to stay, since I'm a boy and you're a girl…"

"No, no! Its fine really! You can stay. It'll be like having a sleepover! Except that you're a guy, so I can't do your makeup or do your hair, but it'll be just like one." I smile loving the thought of having a sleepover. I haven't had a sleepover in a couple of months, since my job at SPR took up most of my time. Which also reminds me that I haven't really hung out with Keiko and Michiru, my friends, either…I have to put that on my agenda.

"Thank you, Mai, thank you so much! I really needed a place to crash right now, because the hotel that I'm staying at is eating out all of my money. I promise to pay you rent and I'll only stay until I find an apartment or another place to stay at." he vows.

"You don't have to pay me rent. And my school can help you financially. They're really understanding about money. And if you're orphaned, the school can pay for most of the apartment costs, help you get food, and lets you get out of school whenever you have to work." I say cheerfully say.

"Oh God I love your school. Too bad I'm not orphaned…my mom decided to stay at the other place because she has to work and her job won't give her a transfer."

"What does she work in?"

"She's a repair mechanic for a computer company. Computers break daily and she's the one that fixes them."

"Wow. That's an amazing job. It sounds really hard to do."

"Yeah it looks hard. She comes home exhausted every day, so I usually cook for both of us. Hey why don't I cook while I stay here? That way you don't have to do everything." Yasu smiles cheaply, changing the subject very quickly. That's a bit suspicious.

"Okay. That sounds like a fair deal. I usually burn, overcook, undercook, or mess up my food someway." I had never been one to be a big fan of cooking. My meals usually came out ruined in some way, poisoned or not.

Yasu laughs at that, "Hahaha! And I thought that women were the master cooks!"

"Not so true for me." I laugh, rubbing the back of my neck a bit.

"Hmmm…it seems right about dinner time, can I take an inventory on your refrigerator? I need to know what I have to work with before I start cooking."

"Sure, go ahead, though I doubt you'll find anything of use to you in there. I usually get take-out or go to a fast food place for food since my cooking is so bad."

Yasu gets up off of the couch and walks to my tiny kitchen. He opens the fridge door and slams it back closed almost immediately after opening it.

"Looks like we have to take a trip to the grocery store!"

An hour and a half later we got back from the store, 1192 Yen lighter, ten bags, and loads of fresh food, ready to be prepared into something delicious.

"Chopping knife." Yasu asks like a surgeon getting ready for an important surgery as he starts preparing the food.

I hand him the chopping knife.


I hand him the carrot. He chops it up into well sliced pieces and drops it into a pot filled with water.

Just then the phone starts ringing.

"Hold on, I have to get this." I say to him, as I run into a frantic search for my phone.

I finally find it under some couch cushions, and I answer it.

"Hello?" I ask. "What? Right now? Where is it? Can't I just go tomorrow? Why not. Please? I have to get my bags ready first and their not ready. No I can't do it now, I have a guest. Who? Yasu, he's staying over at my apartment until he can find his own. No I don't find it dishonoring. No. No. Please can I just go tomorrow? Please, please, please, please, pleeeeeease? Yes? Thank you thank you thank you soooo very much! What?! No Yasu would never do that! Are you mad? No? I think you are. Okay, okay then, your not mad. Sheesh. Okay then. Bye."

I turn off the phone and turn to Yasu excitedly. "We just got hired onto a new Case!"

"Really? That's great! Do you know where?"

"Yeah, apparently its in a forest and in the middle of the forest it a mansion."

"Very vague details…"

"I guess so…"


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