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Lady Tremaine started walking up the stairs to the attic, where Cinderella was locked up. She opened the door and found her all curled up and sobbing. "Cinderella, stop crying," she asked.

-This was my slipper, not Anastasia's!

-It's too late now. The prince will make her his princess and I also made sure that Drizella will get to be a lady of the royal court, attending to be a noblewoman.

-Why did you do that! Are you so unfair?

-I know you may think that I am a 'cruel heartless wicked stepmother' with no consideration for anyone's interests but mine.

-Why do you hate me so much? Why did you marry my father? Why did he marry you!

Cinderella went on crying louder and Lady Tremaine sighed. "Believe it or not, Cinderella, your father and I did love each other."

-I don't believe you! At least I'll admit he had feelings for you, since he told me so. But you never did like him, or me!

-That is so wrong Cinderella. Well, let me answer to you, since you brought the subject. You're right, I wasn't extremely passionate of love for your father, and neither was I for my first husband. But he was a kind man who understood my fears and financial issues, and I thought he would be good for my girls. We shared a relationship of compassion between two widowed single parents who only hoped for a better life. And then we got married.

-Fine. But I still don't get why you hated me so much! You made my life a living hell, and I'm not even talking about this past week, the ball or the slipper! What have I done to you but try to be good, to be loved?

To that last word Cinderella pronounced, Tremaine took a deep breath and came closer to Cinderella, sitting on a chair next to her. Cinderella turned to face her and their gazes met again. There was silence, during which the older woman was deciphering through her stepdaughter's questioning look a lot of pain and confusion. She opened her mouth and started "oh Cinderella… my poor Cinderella, may you forgive me… I know I made mistakes and choices that are going to be hard to understand. But if you only knew. If only you knew why I did all I did! I feel dreadful, ashamed that I was so weak and yet so hard on you, and for all these years… I'm aware that I owe you an explanation, especially now, but I'm simply wondering, if you're ready to hear it." Cinderella had stopped crying, but looked even more confused than before.

"What? What should I hear, I don't understand."

-When Edward and I got together, we were getting along fine weren't we? You and I?

-Yes, indeed, we were… but that's what I don't-She interrupts her

-But my daughters were jealous and mean to you, it's no secret. Right?


-Was I not being fair to you at that time? Maybe I wasn't punishing them with as much as firmness as I should, but you were so beautiful, and so perfect. They were suffering from it.

-Yes, I suppose you were fair to me. But Anastasia and Drizella's pain wasn't directly my fault! How could I be responsible when I was just a child and couldn't do much about it?

-I know. I'm not blaming you. I'm just trying to explain to you where my concern was at the time. And you were a nice and honest child, despite my daughters' bad behaviour and wickedness. So how could I hate you? How could anyone hate you?

-That's for you to tell me.

-I'm getting there.

She smiled modestly and went on with her story."When your father died, you were about twelve years old. You had gained even more charm and elegance, and you were more mature. And my daughters were in their 'teenage crisis period', and they were growing more horrible every day. With your father's death, I was at loss, heart-broken, but I had to be strong, I had to be there for my girls.

-What about me?

-I know, I know. I tried to do what I thought was best. I was a depressed woman, I wasn't thinking right. And then, few years later, it got worse. Do you remember, Cinderella? Do you remember when, precisely?

-um, when I was… about sixteen? You started treating me like a dog, like a slave…

-That's right! You were sixteen, and a beautiful, charming young woman.

Lady Tremaine slowly brought her hand down to Cinderella's cheek—who was still sitting on the floor—caressing her cheek gently, with admiration and a sad expression on her face, and playing with the blond curls with her fingers as she continued. "You were so special, so pretty. An angel. I couldn't possibly see you as my daughter, in fact you were so unusual that it was scary. You were different, I didn't know how to take you. I can hardly tell."

Cinderella was listening very attentively, watching her stepmother's every move. And surprisingly, she had already forgotten about the slipper and the prince and all what she was sobbing for, minutes ago. Eleanor Tremaine, this elegant purple-grey-headed woman who used to appear as an eager and heartless witch, in this attic, her voice, her touch, seemed to be Cinderella's whole world right now. She went on. "Then I started having those weird, insane, outrageous feelings." She paused. "What feelings," Cinderella asked. Lady Tremaine allowed herself to continue. "You can't imagine. Feelings that a mother cannot feel for her child, especially not her daughter. I would always watch you while you were playing outside. Then when I would see a boy coming towards you, I'd ask you to stop playing and warn him that he'd better go play with my other daughters and never approach you again or I would tell his parents he did nasty things to you. I'm sorry I never let any boy, or man, approach you Cinderella."

-Because you wanted to… protect me?

-Yes, partly. But most of all, I guess I was a little jealous.

To that confession, Cinderella let a soft cry escape her mouth, for she was shocked. A tear went down her cheek. Seeing her reaction, Lady Tremaine took Cinderella's hand in hers. "Dear, it isn't so bad. I'm sorry you had to hear this, you think I'm sick. I thought that too! That's why I acted like I hated you, I tried to convince myself that if I treated you badly and severely enough I would believe that I didn't love you. But I'm a fully grown woman, and I know what this is now. I thought about it. It isn't insane, or outrageous, or sick, it is love. You're not my daughter, I'm not your mother. We just live under the same roof. Yes you are a woman, and a young woman, very young. You are nineteen, I'm fifty-four. But It's not a crime in itself to have those feelings." She sighed and let the girl swallow it all.

After few seconds of putting herself together, still holding Lady Tremaine's hand, Cinderella opened her mouth. "So um, so that's why you acted this way? When I thought you hated me and wished my misfortune and death, you were only trying to repress those feelings?" Her eyes tearing, the older woman smiled. "Yes, and I assure you they were good feelings. I'm convinced about it now. Love, it is stronger than everything else… I just couldn't help it my dear. Have you ever been in love Cinderella?"

-Well… was Anastasia in love with the prince? Didn't you ask her that?

-Anastasia had one dream, being with the prince. That's what she wanted, and being a princess, and a queen one day. But you, you Cinderella, you think I don't know you?

-What do you mean?

-I know you aren't in love with the prince. You just wanted to get out of this misery, and I can't blame you for that…

Cinderella blushed, which intrigued Tremaine. "Isn't that right?"

-It is. You are right.

Cinderella unconsciously squeezed her stepmother's hand tighter. Feeling it, Tremaine, her gaze in Cindrella's, asked again "so, have you ever been in love Cinderella?"

Cinderella took off her hand from her stepmother's and stood up, crying. She wiped her tears.

She went to sit on a mattress. "What is it, Ella, tell me. Is this too much to handle? Just answer me. I'm curious."

-Stepmother. This is beyond insane. It is actually ridiculous.

-It is.

-I mean, yes!

-"Yes" what dear?

Tremaine, as bright as she was, had already figured out what her stepdaughter was trying to say and was smirking, but she wanted to hear it from her lips. So she did. "Yes, I have been in love. In fact I still am, and I happen to be very lucky because I've just learnt that the person I'm in love with feels the same about me," Cinderella said, smiling to her stepmother, who smiled herself, and got up to sit next to her on the bed. With grace and kind love, Lady Tremaine wiped a tear on Cinderella's cheek and put a blond lock around her ear, before teasing her a bit. "Is that so… that is a very lucky person, whoever it might be." And Cinderella silenced her with a sweet kiss on the lips. "Yes, Lady Eleanor Tremaine, I am in love with you." Cinderella then lied on her back on the mattress, with Tremaine on top of her, with the right hand holding Cinderella's head and the left under her back. "Now tell me, young lady, what it is that you love about an old lady like me," asked Tremaine, still with a smirk on her face, bending over Ella, so that her head is just above hers. Cinderella wrapped her arms around her. "Well, I've always loved your class, your elegance and silhouette, your feminity. Your perfectly shaped body."

-Really. What else?

-When you play the piano. I would always spy on your music lessons. Also the way you move your hips while walking, with so much grace. And your hair, God your hair in the shape of a heart, carefully arranged. And your eyes, green in a powerful gaze. Your power and domination are also very very attractive.

-hm hm. I see. The authority figure I am attracts you. And what else.

-Your voice, deep and graceful, and so attractive. Your smile, and your lips, darkly red.

To that, Tremaine, who had gradually shortened the distance between their lips while listening to how attractive she was, leaned over her to kiss her thoroughly. Then Cinderella put her hand on her breast, and they both shivered. Eleanor started unbuttoning Cinderella's shirt, and she felt the girl's nervousness, so she paused and looked in her eyes, with a reassuring smile. Cinderella responded with a smile too, which allowed her stepmother to go ahead. She took her shirt and bra off and slowly cupped Cinderella's right breast, stroking her cheek with her right hand. Cinderella moaned of pleasure, and closed her eyes, with a tear of joy going down her cheek. "Tell me I'm not dreaming stepmother, tell me the nightmare is over, our past, gone." Cinderella found it sexy to still call her "stepmother" and somehow Lady Tremaine understood it, and it made her smile again, showing she liked it as well. "No you're not, Cinderella, you're not dreaming. I'm sorry for everything. But since you forgave me, we have plenty of time to enjoy ourselves now. And I will love and cherish you, more than any prince on this earth could ever love a sweet young lady like you." Lady Tremaine put the top of her own red dress down to her waste. Now they were both topless, in each other's arms, kissing and touching their breasts in moans. They were so passionate about it that they both shed tears of joy, tears that were melting as their bodies were. It was beautiful. Tremaine wanted to put up Cinderella's skirt, but she thought she shouldn't touch her there, at her most intimate sensitive part, not yet. It was too soon. Too soon to take the innocent forgiving young lady's virginity after she had taken away from her the right to become princess of the kingdom. She should give themselves some time to appreciate the tender moment and the beginning of their new relationship.

In the evening, Lady Tremaine took Cinderella's hand and led her to her chambers. Cinderella slept in her arms, her head on her chest. That night, Eleanor Tremaine didn't sleep. She decided she would rather fondle the blond, gently stroke her hair and admire her beauty, thinking about all what the girl said, how she was attracted to her stepmother despite her age, and partly because of her age. "how wonderful," she thought. She was grateful for the reciprocity and forgiveness. Tomorrow morning, she would make breakfast, and bring it to Cinderella in bed, because tomorrow will be the other way around. She will be serving her. In fact she'll try to serve her and please her for the rest of their lives. Cinderella's fairy Godmother would make sure of that. She would protect the couple and make sure nobody would harm the women's happiness.

The next night, they were both in bed, Cinderella's head resting on her stepmother's chest as she held the girl's back. Ella was only wearing her underwear because she said she had been used to when it felt too warm. They weren't speaking until Cinderella opened her mouth to ask something, hesitantly. "Stepmother?"

-Yes my dear?

-How um… how is it… to make love with someone?

-oh well…

Tremaine felt moved, and guilty in a sudden, thinking she shouldn't be taking advantage of her. But afterall, Cinderella had shown that her feelings were reciprocal. "Actually Cinderella, it is one of the most beautiful things in life. It's nothing to be ashamed of. You feel the other person's body melt to yours, and his or her love responding to yours. And that great sensation that everyone feels one time or another. You know, an orgasm, how good it is, between your legs? That sensitive spot from which you may have already felt pleasure, Ella? Oh Cinderella it is so great, especially if it comes while you're making love to the right person.

-But how can you know all that if you never loved the men you were with?

-One must have great imagination, dear. Haven't you ever dreamed or imagined it? Don't be embarrassed. Tell me.

-Yes, I did. But never well. I don't know how women make love. But doing it with a man isn't something I wanted to try, nor imagine, unless I was forced to.

-Cinderella, no girl should pressure herself. I told that to my daughters. A girl should have her first time when she's ready. But I'm going to ask you. Why. Do you want to try? Cinderella, dear, do you want to make love?

-Yes, I wish to, stepmother. Take me. Will you?

-Yes. My sweet girl, just relax and lay on your back.

She climbed on top of her, and looked in her eyes, while licking her own finger as she put Cinderella's underwear down her legs and off. Wrapped under the covers, their eyes meeting, Cinderella felt her stepmother's hand on her crotch and moaned. Eleanor was feeling her own pleasure arouse at the touch of Cinderella's wet and brand new virgin sex entrance. She kissed her and with her free hand, cupped her breast, making the young girl come into her climax. Cinderella started moaning louder. Lady Tremaine loved the sound of it, she loved Cinderella's soft girly pleading voice.

"Yes baby. Do you feel it Cinderella? Do you feel my body in yours?"

-Yes oh God yes I—love—youuu aw ah

Lady Tremaine smiled and thrust her fingers deeper into the young girl, which made Cinderella cry out of pleasure. While Cinderella was screaming as her orgasm took over, even Lady Tremaine cried out "I love—you too—Cinder—ellaaa," never taking her eyes off of the young lady's face, who had closed hers, enjoying every bit of her first time.