The Partridge family had just gotten back to their lovely home after a two month tour. The children, oldest Keith, Laurie, Danny, Chris, and Tracy plopped in their room absolutely exhausted and their mother, Shirley, sat on the couch and sighed.

That's when the phone rang.

" Hello?" she picked up.

" Shirley, how are you and the kids?" she could hear manager, Reuben, exclaimed on the phone.

" Tired but good," she responded with a big yawn," what's going on?"

" Listen….I have another tour for you guys planned in six weeks," he said. Shirley sat up and her eyes widened.

" Really?" she asked in utter shock. Normally, they had traveled so much and the kids usually stayed in school for about two weeks and then a gigs would come up and then it lead to a tour.

" Yeah, tell the kids to brush up on their education, relax, and you only have two gigs coming up. One a week from today and the other a couple days before you leave for the tour," Reuben explained.

This was a far cry from the normal routine, but Shirley wasn't going to complain. She wanted her children to have a life outside of touring and playing music. She wanted them to have an education and to have back-ups, knowing the rough and competitive side of a music career.

" Well…thank you! Thank you very much!" Shirley beamed.

" No problem Shirley! Just relax with the kids and we'll see you in a few weeks."

" Great goodbye!"

Shirley hung up and called the kids for a meeting.

" Not another gig," whined Danny," I need a vacation."

" Well, we only have two gigs coming up and then a tour in six weeks," Shirley explained. The kid's eyes went wide.

" SIX WEEKS?" they screamed in unison.

" But Mom," Lauire began," we only stay in school for two! How are we going to survive six weeks?"

" I hate school!" Chris proclaimed.

" Me too!" Tracy agreed.

" The kids already think we're a little strange for not being 'round too much," Danny said.

Keith, the oldest was silent. He got up and went into his room as he heard his mother plead," Keith!"

Keith slammed the door and plopped on his bed. All he wanted to do was make music, not go to school. He got decent grades and had friends, but he just wanted to be a musician.

He heard a knock.

" What?" he groaned. The door opened and Shirley poked her head in. She closed the door behind and her and looked at her son.

" Keith, it's six weeks," she said sitting next to him on the bed," they'll go by so fast that you won't realize it. Ok?"

Keith nodded and hugged his mother. Shirley stroked her son's hair.

Keith knew he had to get through these next few weeks as best he could and then he could continue to do what he loved.

The following day, Monday, Keith walked into English class. His friends, John, Fred, and Eric cheered.

" Hey hey Partridge!" John exclaimed.

" Hey guys," Keith said with a sigh.

" How was tourin' man? You missed the big football game. We won state championship!" Fred exclaimed. He and Keith high-fived and they guy laughed.

" How long you gonna be in school man?" Eric asked.

" Six weeks," Keith groaned. The guys smiled.

" Don't worry," John said putting his hand on Keith's shoulder,'' we'll have tons of fun if you know what I mean!"

The guys chuckle when Eric said," Hey Fred look! It's that new girl you've had you're eye on!"

Fred smacked Eric upside the head. " You tell my girl Amanda and I'll kill you," he snapped. Keith looked confused.

"New girl?" he asked. John tilted his head to left. Keith turned and then took a double take.

She was average height with a nice body, long rich dark hair that curled at the end of her chest, fair skin, and hazel eyes. Her lips were a perfect pink and she wore a blue long sleeve, v-neck cut dress with a brown belt around her waist, and brown boots. She began writing down some notes.

Keith swallowed hard and Eric "oo"ed.

" Looks like Partridge may be stealing your eye candy, Fred," Eric sneered.

" She ain't my eye candy," Fred said frustrated," I told you, I'm with Amanda."

" Hey you guys know her name?" Keith asked.

" Begins with a D or somethin'," John said. Keith saw the empty seat next to the girl and got up with his book.

" Keith? What are you-."

" Oh shut it Eric!"

" Make me John!"

Keith heard his friends' voices lower and he stared at the girl.

" Excuse me?" he asked. The girl looked up and he stared into her eyes. The hazel eyes were looking straight into his brown eye, awaiting an answer.

" Is….this seat…taken?" he stuttered. The girl half-smiled and shook her head.

" No, I don't think," she said. Keith nodded and sat down.

" You uh…new here?" he asked. She nodded.

" I moved here three weeks ago," she said. She held out her hand.

" Danielle Sumerland," she introdruced. Keith shook it and she chuckled.

" Are you new?" she asked. Keith shook his head.

" No….I uh….I've been out of school," he said.

" For what, if you don't mind me askin'?"

He wasn't sure how to answer. Normally girls dug guys in a band, but was this girl didn't seem to be the type of girl to dig guys like Keith. He swallowed hard and began to ponder why she was making him so nervous.

She seemed really nice and not judgmental, but he wasn't completely sure. He was so good with talking to girls, what was with Danielle that made him so nervous?"

" Are you….ok?" Danielle asked concerned. Keith nodded and said," Yeah I've just been feeling weird this morning, I mean, maybe I ate something but I'm not too sure and I haven't been to school in awhile and it's just weird and all but-."

He realized he was going on and on and he saw a huge smile creep on Danielle's face. She handed him a pack of gum.

" This might help you settle some nerves," she said. Keith nodded and took a piece of gum and began to relax a bit.

" Thanks! It actually works!" Keith exclaimed. Danielle chuckled and class began.

The teacher, Mrs. Woods, saw Keith and said," Mr. Partidge, so nice to see you from the tour with your family! How was it?"

Danielle looked at Keith and smiled.

" You tour with your family band?" she mouthed. Keith nodded and said," Good, Mrs. Wood, very good."

He turned to Danielle and shrugged. She giggled and turned her attention to the board and began taking notes. She passed one to Keith.

I'd like to hear more about this band. Meet me after lunch?

Keith smiled to himself and leaned back in his chair, a sigh of relief washing over him.

Maybe it was better for him to be in school.

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