Hey everyone! So I wanted to quickly thank all of you for reading such a sappy but kinda sweet love story. I honestly didn't think anyone would read this, but I'm so glad you guys enjoyed it and all of your feedback kept me going through this story and I cannot thank you all enough. I may do another Partridge fanfic but involving the WHOLE family ( with maybe a little Keith & Danielle ;) ) but I have three other stories to finish so when they're done then I'll start up! Thank you guy again and enjoy the final chapter!


When Danielle first opened her eyes the very first thing she saw was the snow falling outside from her window pane. It was definitely Christmas Day. She smiled thinking about Keith surprising her at the wedding. To be in his embrace and to have him right there was the greatest moment in Danielle's moment. She was however upset when he left, but they had two months left.

She got out of bed, grabbed her three presents for her Dad, Gwen, and Carl. She was still in her cream colored pajamas, but ti was Christmas and the inner child in her decided to stay in her pajamas.

She rushed down the stairs to see Gwen and Steve making coffee.

" Merry Christmas!" Danielle beamed.

" Merry Christmas Dani!" Steve exclaimed. He kissed the top of her head and Gwen said," Merry Christmas Danielle!"

" Gwen, we're family now! It's Dani!" Danielle beamed. Gwen chuckled and the two girls hugged. Carl, still half asleep and slightly hungover walked down the stairs.

" Merry Christmas," he grumbled. He looked at Danielle, Steve, and Gwen.

" I didn't get too drunk at the wedding, did I?" he asked turning red.

" My girlfriends told me that you were making obscene gestures at them," Gwen said raising an eyebrow. Carl's eyes went wide when Gwen and Steve laughed.

" You were fine Carl," Gwen assured," Infact, one of my girlfriends drove you back home." Carl nodded and Danielle exclaimed," Well, let's open gifts!"

The new family gathered in the living room where the tree had presents. Danielle gave Gwen a gift certificate for a spa day with Danielle, Steve a huge picture frame for the new family wedding photo, and Carl a bunch of shot cups.

" You've read my mind!" Carl exclaimed.

Danielle got a necklace with a rose on it, a bunch of clothes ( from Gwen of course ), and a beautiful ring with small diamonds on it.

" There's two more presents," Steve announced. " One for Danielle and one for all of us from Gwen and I."

Gwen, smiling, took Danielle's hand and said," First we're gonna cover your eyes with this ribbon." After covering Danielle's eyes, she asked," Did you get me a new car?"

" Over my dead body!" Carl yelled. Gwen lead Danielle somewhere and turned her around. When Gwen stepped away quietly and closed the door, Danielle's heart beat faster. The ribbon was removed and Danielle turned around and smiled.

Keith was standing there smiling.

" Merry Christmas," he greeted. Danielle hugged Keith and he hugged her back tightly.

" Look up," he whispered. She looked up and saw mistletoe. She looked at Keith and leaned in and they kissed for a long time.

" Your dad not only let us come to your wedding, but he invited us here for Christmas," Keith explained. Danielle felt tears stream down and Keith wiped them with his thumb.

" I didn't want you to be alone on Christmas," Keith added.

" All I wanted for Christmas was you," Danielle confessed sniffling. Keith smiled and kissed her.

" Eww!" they heard a group of people groan. She turned and saw Shirley and the other kids smiling. She ran to them and hugged them.

" Santa came here too!" Tracy exclaimed.

" He did? Did you open your presents?" Danielle asked. They all nodded but Steve came up and said,'' Shirley and I have one last present though."

Everyone looked at each other except for Shirley and Steve who smiled. Gwen and Reuben entered, each with a puppy in hand - a jack russell terrier puppy in Gwen's arms and another jack russel terrier in Reuben's arms. . Everyone gasped and Keith and Danielle smiled at each other.

" Ours is a girl," Gwen declared beaming.

" And ours is a boy," Reuben declared. The Partridge kids went crazy over their dog as they all sat down and played with their new puppy.

" He needs a good name," Laurie said. " Any suggestions?"

" Rockafeller?" Danny asked. Everyone made a face and Shirley rolled her eyes.

" How about Max?" Tracy suggested. Everyone nodded and Shirley said," Max Partridge sounds lovely."

" And ours?" Gwen asked. Danielle took the puppy and she and Keith looked at it adoringly.

" Raquel Welch?" Carl asked hopefully. Steve smacked the back of his son's head and Danielle suggested," How about Audrey? Like Audrey Hepburn?"

" I love that," Gwen said. Steve nodded and Reuben said," Carl, why don't you and I go fix ourselves a drink?"

" At nine am?" Carl asked. " You are my hero!"

Steve and Shirley rolled their eyes and looked at each other.


The rest of Christmas was spent happily and Keith and Danielle played with baby Audrey as Danielle sat on Keith's lap on the floor.

" This is by far my favorite Christmas," he said smiling.

" You mean this beats the one when your dad got drunk?" Danielle asked smirking. Keith chuckled and replied," Maybe."

They kissed and Danielle said," You were by far my favorite present I ever got."

" Just being with you is just as great as this Christmas is," Keith said. Danielle chuckled and said," That was by far the sweetest yet incredibly cheesy compliment you have ever said."

She and Keith laughed and smiled. He kissed her cheek and then her lips.

It was a very Merry Christmas.


Keith and his family came back on Valentine's Day and Shirley and the family decided to hold off tours until the summer. Keith spent the rest of his junior year with Danielle and she even went on the summer tour with him.

However, this all not the end or history.

Because another story is about to unfold.