After years of being around Ichigo, Ichigo's friends; Tatsuki Arisawa, Chizuru Honsho, Mizuiro Kojima, and Keigo Asano all gained some sort of power or ability.

Tatsuki gained a power named Yo Sa Shinai Usu, or Four-Legged Phoenix. The power allows her to control fire at will and become immune to it, to the point of swallowing it doing no damage. This power can also let her grow wings of black fire that are capable of flight or to even turn into a four-legged Phoenix herself. The manifestation of her powers takes the form of a black phoenix and a Nightmare.(1)

Chizuru…Is one best left alone. Though, now Orihime and most of the girls at the school get regular reflex tests from dodging her 'Powers'. I will not say what happens to those who fail. Only that Orihime and Rukia have never failed.(2)

Mizuiro gained the power known as ESP. An extreme case of it. He can predict just about anything even just slightly major, but is weak against moves that take time and involve many small events he is unable to predict.(3)

Keigo is now a psychic. He can move anything that weighs less than five tons, the distance varying, and can speak mentally to anyone. This means he can cheat on anthing, as long as the said person he communicates with knows the answers and is willing to tell him. (4)

(1): for all those who perhaps don't know what a Nightmare is, it is a horse born in Hell that has black hair, a mane and tail made of fire, and pure white eyes.

(2) Yeah...Ichigo and the others make sure of that.

(3) This means that the only person that could defeat him easily that is often nearby is Uryu.

(4) The following have never done so and never will: Ichigo, Uryu, Orihime, Tatsuki, Rukia, Mizuiro, Chad-Sado-, Renji, and Chizuru.

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Side Story involving Rukia and Ichigo after the 'OH MY GOD WE MUST RESCUE RUKIA BEFORE SHE DIES!' arc. Just walking to the thirteenth divisions quarters.

"So..." Rukia trailed off. She turned. "Ichigo, when did your sword get wrapped up again?" He blinked.

"I...Don't know." She stopped walking and stared at him.

"So you mean that you have no idea how and when your sword gets all wrapped up again?" Ichigo reddened, and lowered his head.

"May-be..." Rukia shook her head, then started walking once more.

"Well, i suppose it's better than having to to it yourself every time you fight. i mean, every time i leave you alone for five seconds, you're fighting someone, be it Aizen or Urahara. And that would be SO LAME if you had to every time."

"i think it might be better to not tell her i do have to wrap it every time."

That above was created from my long-lived question of how his sword gets wrapped-up inbetween all his fights. another one is how the cloth doesn't get cut up when it gets wrapped around the sword. i don't own Bleach.