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At Camp Jupiter, Reyna was pacing back and forth in her room.

She was worried sick. Jason had disappeared just a few weeks ago, and had no idea where he was.

But, then Reyna had a an idea.

The Ambassador of Pluto, Nico di Angelo, travels around the country a lot. Maybe, just maybe, he would know where Jason is.

Reyna walked over to the door, but was engulfed in a bright light before she could even touch the doorknob.

Little did she know, the same thing was happening to several other people around camp.

Reyna landed on her face in the middle of a grassy field.

"Ow," she said, getting up on her feet. "Where am I?"

Suddenly, the field got covered in white smoke.

Reyna got into a defensive position, but relaxed as Gwen, Dakota, Hazel, Frank, and Octavian stepped out of the smoke, coughing.

"R-Reyna?" Gwen coughed. "I-is that y-you?"

"Yeah," Reyna answered, waving the smoke away with her hand. "It's me."

The smoke finally dispersed, everyone stopped coughing.

"Did you bring us here, Praetor?" Frank asked.

Reyna raised an eyebrow.

"First, call me Reyna," she said, and Frank nodded. "And second, no I didn't."

Before anyone else could say anything, there was a bright light.

Everyone averted their eyes, and the light died down.

"Lady Juno." Reyna gasped, then kneeled, everyone else following her lead.

"Rise, demigods." Juno said, and they did so.

"Did you bring us here, Lady Juno?" Hazel asked.

"Yes, I did." Juno replied.

"May I ask why, Lady Juno?" Reyna said.

"I have brought you here to read 4 books about a hero." Juno answered. "Outside of this area, time is frozen so no one will notice that you are gone. Later, the books that you read will be in the mortal world. Here are the books." she snapped her fingers, and 4 books appeared on the ground, one smaller than the others. "And here comes our other guest."

And with that, she disappeared.

"What does she mean by 'another guest'?" Dakota said, drinking from his canteen full of kool-aid.

Before anyone else could answer, the sky darkened a bit, and there was a wind blow.

Everyone instinctively reached for their weapons, only to find that they were gone.

"Where are our weapons!" Reyna exclaimed, searching for her sword.

"Maybe Lady Juno didn't want us to fight with each other." Hazel suggested.

Suddenly, a patch of darkness passed over the clearing and a boy tumbled out of it like he'd been tossed, landing in the grass at their feet.

"Ow!" he muttered.

He stood up and brushed off his aviator's jacket. He was about thirteen years old, with dark hair, jeans, and a black t-shirt, and a silver skull ring on his right hand. A sword hung at his side.

"Nico?" Hazel said, eyes wide.

The boy got up, dusted himself off, then looked around.

"Hazel?" he said, rubbing his head injury from the fall. "Where am I?"

Everyone looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

"I got this." Dakota slurred, taking another swig of kool-aid.

He walked up to Nico, swung an arm around his neck, and said, "We, are on Earth."

Gwen face-palmed as Nico raised an eyebrow and said, "I figured as much. I mean, where are we exactly?"

"We're not sure ourselves." Gwen said. "We only know that Juno sent us here."

"He-I mean Juno sent us here?" Nico said, almost saying 'Hera' instead of 'Juno'.

Reyna looked suspiciously at Nico, who continued as if nothing had happened.

"Why?" he asked.

"We're going to read 4 books about some hero." Frank answered, as Hazel, who also noticed Nico's slip-up, sent him a confused look.

"Who?" Nico asked, trying to ignoring the looks Reyna and Hazel were giving him. "And Dakota? Please move your arm."

"Sure." Dakota slurred, then moved away.

Gwen sighed, then took Dakota's canteen away.

"Hey!" Dakota whined. "Give that ba-ack!"

Gwen just rolled her eyes, and emptied the canteen in a bush.

"Does that happen often?" Nico asked, looking at Gwen and Dakota.

"If you were here and training like a real Roman, maybe you know." Octavian sneered, looking at Nico like he was a piece of trash.

Nico just stared back at him, coldly.

Octavian sneered and was about to remind Nico that he was his superior, and he should respect him, when Reyna said, "To answer your question from earlier, Nico. His name is," she picked a book from the pile. "Percy Jackson."

For a second, Nico paled and looked almost scared, then he regained his posture and said, "And I'm here, why?"

Everyone shrugged, and Reyna sat down, with everyone following her lead.

Nico sighed, seeing as he had no choice, and sat down next to Hazel and Octavian.

Guess I'll just have to ask Nico about Jason later. Reyna thought, inwardly sighing.

"Who's going to read first?" Hazel asked, holding up the 1st book.

"I will." Reyna said, then took the book from Hazel. "This book is called, The Titan's Curse."

Nico paled again, making his skin paler than usual.

Oh, no. he thought. They're going to find out that I'm a Greek! And I'm going to hear how my sister died. Great, just great. Thanks a lot Hera, thanks a lot.

"My Rescue Operation Goes Very Wrong" Reyna read.

Nico inwardly groaned.

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