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The Brothers Namikaze

Chapter 1: Rebirth

Naruto woke up.

At first, there was only blinding pain everywhere. His head, his chest, his joints, his limbs, everything was burning so much that he couldn't even move. As a coppery taste filled his mouth, he realized that he had coughed up blood.

Slowly as the pain began to subside, he began to notice his surroundings. Rock walls stretched all around him, piercing upwards into an impenetrable inky blackness. He seemed to be lying on some alcove in a massive cave. A bright light shone off in one direction, presumably leading to the exit.

Naruto slowly took some deep breaths to calm himself as he tried to remember exactly what had led to-

He had been fighting Pein. After Hinata had thrown herself in front of an attack on him and was killed moments after she had confessed her love for him, he had gone completely berserk. Then, just as he was about to completely unleash the kyuubi, he had appeared.

Namikaze Minato, Konoha's Yellow Flash, the Yondaime Hokage, his father. Minato had told Naruto about his dream of uniting the Shinobi Villages, and ending the cycle of hatred, and Naruto had agreed to carry forth his father's dream, and Minato had moved to reseal the Kyuubi, but then-

A blank.

What had happened next? To his growing horror, Naruto realized that he couldn't remember. He had no idea how he had ended up in this position, stuck in this cave.

Ah, well. No point in panicking. I need to figure out exactly what's going on and where, exactly, I am right now.

With a sigh, Naruto moved to get off the alcove. And then he looked at his legs.

His very short, stubby legs. His very short, stubby legs that most certainly did not belong on a sixteen year old.

Oh shit.

Naruto dropped down and winced slightly at the lance of pain that suddenly shot through his feet as he hit the floor, but shoved it to the back of his head in favor of making a mad dash for the cave's entrance.

As the sunlight hit his eyes, Naruto winced once again as he absently noticed that it was currently around noontime, filing that little piece of information away for later as he frantically looked around until he noticed a stream a short distance away. Naruto bolted as fast as his little stubby legs could push him and stopped next to it.

Slowly, almost fearfully, Naruto peered into the spring and saw his reflection.

Two facts stood out immediately:

One, his entire body had shrunk. His face, once lean and strong, was now once again covered with baby fat. His arms, once heavily muscled, reflecting the long hours of training he had put in during his three year trip with Jiraiya, were now small, weak and stubby. He was only about half of his original height. All in all, Naruto looked like he was eight years old all over again.

Which he was.

In addition to this, he realized that, instead of his original black and orange jumpsuit, he was wearing what looked to be a simple white jacket with a green stripe down each arm.

But the second point was what truly shocked him. His eyes trailed up to look at his face once more, and he ran his hand down his cheeks.

His completely smooth, unmarked cheeks.

The six whisker marks that had been present on his face for his entire life were gone.

Naruto's whisker marks had always been important to him. They were a mark of his individuality, a mark of who he was. They marked him as unique, his own person. The marks were something that people recognized him by. In a village filled with people who tried their utmost to ignore him and pretend that he did not exist, any attention, even negative, was something that Naruto enjoyed. That was the reason why, when the Sandaime had offered to remove the marks when he six, so that he would no longer have to suffer from the villagers' glares, he had refused.

He was Uzumaki Naruto, and he was proud of it! Believe it!

And as he looked closer, Naruto realized that there were other, smaller differences on his face. His face was slightly more angular, his eyes were no longer slightly slitted, his hair was slightly longer.

All in all, if before, Naruto had looked extremely similar to his father, now he could pass for the man's twin.

Oh double shit.

He didn't know how long he spent kneeling next to the stream, tracing over his cheeks over and over, but nothing changed.

When he did, Naruto immediately began contemplating what had happened.

Is this a genjutsu?

No, if it was a genjutsu, the bastard fox would have immediately broken him out of it…

Wait a second, the fox, that's it!

Naruto sat back in the Lotus position and began meditating in order to enter his mindscape. Very soon, he felt a tug and followed it in to the depths of his mind.

As usual, he came into the massive sewer that his mindscape seemed to form itself as, and walked to the cage at the center.

And for the umpteenth time that day, Uzumaki Naruto was shocked speechless. Because the cage which once had contained the Kyuubi no Youko, a beast that could destroy mountains and create tsunamis by simply waving its tails, a beast that was quite probably the most destructive creature the world had ever known, a beast that absolutely loathed his home, Konohagakure no Sato, had disappeared.

Oh triple shit.

After another large stretch of time where he was staring at something at an absolute loss for words, Naruto numbly exited his mindscape and collapsed backwards.

What the hell is going on?

A few hours later, as he was watching the sunset on the horizon, Naruto's stomach started rumbling and he concluded that he could try to figure out what happened to him later. Eating came first. Preferably Ramen.


Once he had regained enough control over his limbs after the insane amount of shock he had been through, he had had the sense to check through his pockets and found that he had enough cash on him to buy a few meals. With this in mind, Naruto sat down and began to extend his senses, looking for the nearest concentration of chakra signatures so that he could find the nearest town. The task would probably have been much easier if he used senjutsu, but Naruto had decided that attempting to utilize an ability that had a very real possibility of petrifying him into a toad statue, in a young body which had never formally gone through senjutsu training was an exceedingly bad idea.

After searching for a while, Naruto noticed a large collection of small chakra signatures around ten miles to the northeast of where he was. With a sigh, Naruto picked himself up and began the long run to the town.

When Naruto arrived at the gate to Tanzaku-Gai, the sun had completely set, and it was around midnight.

Naruto immediately knew that there was something wrong.

Naruto had come to Tanzaku-Gai around three years ago when he and Jiraiya had retrieved Tsunade. During his brief stay there, Naruto had been dragged all over the place by Jiraiya when he was 'asking' around the whorehouses in the area about Tsunade's whereabouts. As such, even though he had not stayed in the city for a long time, Naruto had a fairly good idea of how it was laid out.

At the beginning, it wasn't that any one thing stood out to him, it was just that something felt… off about the city. Ignoring the feeling, Naruto continued in, but as he kept looking, more and more, he felt that something was wrong. There was a group of buildings on one side of the road that he had never seen before, and an empty spot where he remembered there being an establishment of some sort, then there was a place where he was sure there had been a ramen stand before, except that it now served yakitori…

Naruto slowly began to move faster and faster and then broke out into a run, and then a sprint as he pushed and shoved his way through the late-night alcoholics, thugs and whores in the street, drawing more than one angry yell from the people he had shoved his way past. And as he continued forward, he noticed more and more things that didn't match up with his memories. A stand here, a building there. Taken alone, there would not be any cause for concern, since the changes were minor enough that it was plausible they individually had occurred in the time Naruto was away. But taken together…

There's no possible way that the city changed this much in just three years!

And as Naruto continued pushing through the crowd, he came upon Tanzaku Castle and knew that something really messed up was going on.

Orochimaru had destroyed the castle in the massive three-way battle that had erupted between the Densetsu no Sannin (Legendary Three Ninja) during Naruto's last stay in the city.

There was no possible way that the entire castle had been completely repaired in a mere three years. The structure was just too massive for anyone to have been able repair the whole thing in such a short period of time.

The crowd had thinned nearby, enough so that Naruto noticed a newspaper lying on the ground nearby.

Trembling, time seemed to slow as he sluggishly moved to pick it up, and then, with a sinking feeling, he slowly looked down at the date printed on the paper.

Oh quadruple shit.

Uzumaki Naruto had been transported 26 years into the past.


For Senju Tsunade, the day had been achingly, almost disappointingly normal.

That morning, she had finally arrived in Tanzaku-gai, where she had promptly taken out a large loan in order to indulge in her favorite pastime. Namely, gambling.

That day, she had chosen a small, relatively small, newly-built casino in the city to crash, primarily since "newly-built casino" in her book was a synonym for "casino that didn't have her on a watch-list for unpaid debts".

After entering the building, Tsunade had decided that she was in the mood for some individual gambling that day. As such, she had decided on the slot machines.

And, as per usual, as the day continued on, the pile of chips in her cup slowly whittled away.

And then, just when she was about to stop playing for the day, deciding that enough was enough, something completely unexpected occurred.

She won.

No, winning didn't quite cover what had happened.

She had hit the jackpot.

Nine hundred million Ryo.

The equivalent pay that one would get for around nine hundred S-Rank missions, and more than enough to pay off every single debt the blonde-haired woman had incurred over the past five years of her aimless wandering around the Elemental Continents, twicefold.

For a moment, the granddaughter of the Shodai Hokage blinked.

And then, she felt a growing sense of dread settle over her.

This was bad. This was very, very bad indeed.

It was a simple principle. As long as Tsunade kept losing, she knew that everything was safe. Her life would continue as usual, and no major problems would occur. The status quo would be maintained as usual.

However, when she won... that was always when the trouble started.

And of course, that trouble was always proportional to how much money she won.

And now, she had just won enough money to buy her an estate twice the size of the Senju Clan Compound.

Conclusion: She needed to get the hell out of there as fast as she humanly could.

And so, quickly gathering up her chips and her jackpot money, she made a beeline for the cashier, vainly hoping that she could outrun whatever misfortune had found her this time.


Naruto had wandered down the street in a daze, muttering out half apologies and sorries to people who he accidentally ran into, too out of it to really care or pay attention to his surroundings.

As such, when he was thrown onto the ground by push, he at first could do nothing but stare straight forward for a few seconds. When he finally regained enough sense to look up to see exactly who had so rudely pushed him down, Naruto saw an obviously drunk man standing in front of him.

"Why yoush little bwat... hic... Watch where yoush going!"

In most normal cases, Naruto would have just murmured out an apology and continued on his way.

However, right now, the young blonde had just found that he was stuck in an eight-year-old body, had lost track of the most powerful beings in the world, a being that, he knew, would not hesitate to destroy his home if given even the slightest chance, and then to top it all off, he had found that he had been blasted a very long time into the past.

In other words, Naruto was not in a good mood, and so, he had a lot of stress to work out. Stress which this drunk, uncoordinated man in front of him had just offered so graciously to relieve.

And so, Naruto punched him in the gut. Hard.

For a moment, he was satisfied at the almost comically shocked expression that appeared on the intoxicated man's face.

And then, said man was hurled back, crashing through the wall of the nearby building, where he crashed down in front of another man who was also obviously very drunk.

No doubt shocked by the sudden destruction of the wall of the bar had just been in the man who the drunk had landed in front of, turned around and promptly punched another man standing behind him in the face.

Naruto was somewhat less satisfied than he had been a few moments earlier when a massive brawl promptly broke out on the street around him.


Tsunade had remained on her guard, even after she had successfully managed to cash in her chips. Of course, when the man at the cashier's desk had seen the sum she had won, he had tried to wheedle and delay her departure, but a quick glare from the woman had caused him to back down, and her money was meekly handed to her a few moments later.

At this point, she felt slightly hopeful that she just might have managed to outrun her misfortune. But then, she had heard something.

At first, it sounded like vague noises of men shouting at each other, but as she slowly approached the exit to the gambling den where she had been staying for the night, she slowly made out the noises of fists impacting flesh, and bottles shattering.

And then, the vague sense of dread she had felt just a moment before returned tenfold.

Slowly, she opened the front door.

And saw a massive melee that had somehow erupted on the street in the two minutes it had take for her to get from the cashier to the front door of the gambling den.

She sighed.

Today really wasn't her day.


Having decided to just give up, Tsunade was slowly wading through the crowd around her when she saw him.

He was a young boy with spiky blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes. He looked to be around eight-years old, and was wearing a dirty jacket with yellow stripes on the sleeve.

Of course, that wasn't what really caught her attention about him. No, that was accomplished by the sheer absurdity of what the eight-year old was doing. Namely, holding off three large men with nothing more than the broken leg of a chair that he had probably grabbed off the ground.

And for a moment, absolutely shocked, the Sannin watched the boy dance, jump and nimbly dodge his way around the older men's blows, striking at every opening they left.

An eight-year old child was fighting on par with three adults simultaneously!

In fact, she was absolutely certain that he would have won the fight, if a bottle hadn't unexpectedly flown from across the alley and hit him square in the back, throwing him slightly off balance for a moment. By itself the bottle would not have caused too much damage, but the loss of balance provided the fatal opening that one of the three adults managed to exploit to grab hold of the boy.

Then, the three of them pushed him to the ground and started pounding him.

Tsunade saw red.

Before she even realized what she was doing, she had picked up the man who had restrained the poor boy and bodily threw him across the alleyway, sending him crashing through the wall of a small bulding. Afterwards, she instantly clenched her fists and delivered two punches that could literally shatter steel to the the other two men's guts, sending them right after their unlucky friend.

Then she spun around, grabbed the boy by the waist, and instantly disappeared in a sealless shunshin.

A moment later, the two of them arrived on a small road a block away from the melee, and she delicately put the child down in front of her. A look both concerned and curious flashed across her face.

"Are you all right gaki?"


Naruto stared in disbelief at the woman whom he had most certainly not expected to meet anytime soon.

Tsunade-baachan? I come back 26 years into the past and she's the first person I meet? What are the odds?

"Oy Gaki. I asked you a question."

Naruto was snapped back out of his musings by the woman currently holding him up in front of her face as if he was a particularly interesting specimen she was using in an experiment.

"O-oh. I'm fine! Thanks baachan!"

The last word had slipped out on accident. Calling Tsunade "baachan" had been an instinct that had been so deeply ingrained in his psyche that he had unconsciously let it out after seeing the woman once more. Realizing his slip up, and the fact that he had just called a woman who could break steel walls with her bare hands "old", and that this time around, said woman had absolutely no motivation to avoid killing him for the perceived insult, he slowly, timidly turned to look at her face. Maybe he wouldn't be killed, he rationalized. Maybe that supernatural luck that he seemed to have whenever he gambled would act up just this once and get him out of the exceedingly bad situation his big mouth had just put him into.

Naruto saw the vein that had visibly popped out of Tsunade's head, and that small spark of hope was immediately extinguished.

He was so dead.

Then she spoke.

"What was it that you just called me gaki?" she asked calmly with an angelic smile on her face, which was contradicted only by the fact that she was currently radiating enough killing intent to cause the all the people in a 100-meter radius to soil themselves.

Mind racing for a suitable response to the question that would let him get out of this exceedingly bad situation his big mouth had gotten him into, Naruto spoke, "I-I just called you… Obachan! That's right! I called you Obachan! After all, there is no possible way that I could think of an utter picture of health, youth and beauty such as yourself as an Obaachan. I mean, there's just no way!"

Tsunade looked skeptical, and for a moment, the killing intent intensified. However, a second later, she relented and gave the poor boy a sweet smile. "That's exactly what I thought."

For a moment, Naruto just stared at her, vaguely realizing just how big of a landmine he had just avoided.

Then he collapsed to his knees.

The smile on Tsunade's face instantly vanished and was replaced by an expression of pure concern.

"You all right gaki?"

A loud rumbling sound emitted from the boy's stomach. Tsunade sighed exasperatedly and picked him up.

"Come on gaki, let's get you something to eat."


Densetsu no Sannin: A term that was coined by Hanzo the Salamander, and the title he bestowed upon Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru, the three students of the Sandaime Hokage. It literally means "The Legendary Three Ninja".

Obaachan: Grandma

Obachan: Aunty

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