5 Months Later…

"Good morning sweetheart" Finn whispered in his wife of 5 months ear.

"Mmm good morning" she responded quietly, "Are you ready for this?"

"I think we've waited long enough" Finn chuckled as he got out of bed.

"I guess that means I have to get up too…"Amanda said, waiting for Finn to turned around and see her pouting face.

"You're so cute when you do that" Finn winked and leaned over to surprise Amanda with a kiss.

"Well, that's worth getting out of bed for" Amanda giggled, jumping into Finn's arms as he spun her around.

"I promise to make our long-awaited honeymoon worth the wait" Finn said once they came to a stop.

"Same here" she smiled and gave Finn a peck before darting off to the bathroom.

"Where are you going?"

"What? I can't go to Hawaii looking like this" Amanda grinned and winked

"How are you feeling today babe?" Philby asked while secretly praying that today would be a good day.

"Fine" Willa responded with little enthusiasm.

'Great, another bad day' Philby thought while forcing a smile to his face.

"Sorry honey," Willa apologized. This set Philby into a shock for Willa never apologized, especially when she was already cranky. Thinking about it that way made Philby realize it sounded like he and Willa had a touchy marriage when it was the complete opposite. They'd been married about a year now and had loved every minute of their lives together, but since Willa's pregnancy, they'd hit a rough path. Willa had recently been the epitome of the hormonal pregnant woman.

"It's ok…" Philby said.

"I'm just so exhausted and worn out and cranky…"

"Shhh…babe don't, you're fine, just relax" Philby interrupted.

"I can't, I'm sorry…"

"No no, relax…please, for me?" Philby whispered, laying Willa down on the couch.

"Ok," Willa smiled, "I love you" she whispered, leaning up for a kiss, which Philby gladly accepted.

"I love you too."

"Which color do you like better?" Charlene asked.

"They look the same to me…" Maybeck answered, not in the least bit thrilled.

"Oh come on…they are clearly different" Charlene responded with what Maybeck had wished was sarcasm.

"I don't know, you pick."

"Really? I'd love your input Donnie" Charlene sighed.

"I have no input, if we had it my way, we would've got married at the courthouse" Maybeck said, regretting it instantly. Amazingly enough, this attitude didn't effect Charlene in the way Maybeck had anticipated.

Charlene slowly walked over to him and took his hand gently in hers. "Donnie, I'm sorry, I know this isn't ideal for you and I apologize for that…"

"No it's ok, I'm just ready to start my life with you."

"I know, I am too."

"I wouldn't want to disappoint you in any way Charlie, I love you and will be perfectly ok with what color you make the napkins" Maybeck grinned as Charlene giggled. "What?"

"It is kind of ridiculous isn't it?" Charlene asked.

"Maybe a little" Maybeck shrugged, "Would you like to reevaluate our current situation?" he joked.

"I love you" Charlene smiled sweetly, "don't forget about our appointment later with the therapist."

Maybeck sighed, "Yes ma'am."

There's your sneak peak! Comment! So yeah the writing style and order is most likely going to be a little different since I'm telling 3 separate stories that don't come together till the middle-ish or end-ish. It's kinda up in the air right now but I wanted to give you SOMETHING to read.

I have the whole story planned out except how it's going to end. I know this might come as a disappointment but this IS the last addition to this story because, I don't want to write about their kids, I honestly hate the idea. That, and I honestly don't have the time. I know it's summer and ya'll probably expect me to go crazy with this story but I currently have a full-time job and 2 college course sooooo sorry!

I love you all for being great fans! :) I truly appreciate it.

-Amanda :)