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Chapter 1: You better bring your A game.

Janet stood in the cold beer cooler stocking the bottles of imports when she heard the jingle above the door alerting her of a new customer. She put the last bottle on the shelf and headed to the front of the bar. Eddie Latekka was leaning against the bar.

"Hey Eddie." Janet said as she moved to get him his draft beer. She handed him the beer and smiled. "Here ya go."

"Thanks, So its a pretty slow night." Eddie said as he looked around the empty bar.

"Yeah, Gary is the only one here." Janet said as she pointed to her regular. "He doesn't say a whole lot though."

Eddie took a swig of his beer and looked at Janet, giving her the once down. "You're looking nice tonight Janet."

Janet rolled her eyes. "Eddie, just stop. Seriously this charade is getting beyond old."

"What? I can't think you look good?"

"Im not saying that...thanks for the compliment."

Eddie smirked at Janet and down the rest of his beer. "What exactly is it that you're trying to say?"

Janet took a deep breath and her eyes instantly narrowed. "I don't appreciate you asking me out and then standing me up."

"Janet, I told you at the hospital I was sorry. Honestly if I could just go back I would have never-"

Janet cut him off. "Asked me to go in the first place?"

"Never stood you up. It was a dick move and I'm sorry. Janet, I like you"

"Then prove it Latekka." Janet tossed the towel on the bar and walked in front of him. "You like me?"

"Yeah, I do." Janet wrapped her arms around Eddie's neck and pulled him down to her. Her lips were so close to his ear that goosebumps formed on his arms.

"If you want to be with me, you better bring your A game."

Eddie wrapped his arms around Janet tighter and inhaled her scent. "Well I was a star quarterback, I got lots of A game." Eddie's hands were suddenly on Janets hips and he lifted her up onto the bar. He stood in between her small gasp that left Janet's mouth make Eddie smirk. "Whatcha think of my A game so far?" Eddie whispered into her ear.

She pulled out of his grasp and laughed. "Oh babe. I know you have mad bedroom skills, you've slept with the entire female population of Knights Ridge. And despite what you might think I'm not desperate, so if you really want to get with all this."Janet rolled her hips forward rubbing Eddie's crotch. "And you know you do." Rolling her hips once more. "So I want a gesture, a grand gesture to show me that you're worthy of my time. You've hurt my feelings and disappointed me, please don't do it again because I don't give out third chances." Janet kissed the corner of his mouth gently. "Seriously Eddie, don't fuck up again." She swung her leg around his body and hopped off the bar.

Eddie watched her for a few minutes before said anything. He though a 20 onto the bar. "Im leaving Janet. I'll see you around."

"Okay." Janet said normally.

"Oh and Janet?"


"I won't fuck up again." With that he waved and walked out of the empty bar.

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