Janet and Rae were drunk and happily dancing around Sully's, jumping and swaying to the music when Ray walked in. He sauntered up to the table that Eddie and Dean were sitting at keeping an eye on the girls.

"Big Cat, What goes on?" Eddie asked taking a sip of his draft beer.

"A little birdie told me that Rae was in town visiting Meadows,so I thought I'd stop by and see what goes on with her."

Dean smirked and outstretched his hand. "I'm Dean, and you stopped by just in time to see the grande finale."

"You new in town?"

Dean nodded. "Eh, you could say that."

"Well welcome to Knights Ridge. If you'll excuse me I wanna go say hello to the ladies." Ray walked over to the girls and tapped Rae on her shoulder. She smiled at Big Cat and gave him a quick hug.

"Ray Cataldo, how the hell are ya?"

"Good, and yourself?"

"Im fantastic, Jan-Jan tells me you're getting married to Hannah Jane."

"I am, and you're with the pretty boy in the leather jacket?"

Rae's head fell back and a loud laugh escaped her mouth. She rolled her eyes and held up her hand showing off her large diamond ring. "Dean, his name is Dean. And he is pretty, he's very pretty."

Janet smiled happily and wrapped her arm around Rae's. "Eddie is pretty."

"Eddie is pretty." Rae said nodding her head. "Eddie and Dean aren't just pretty, they are hot. Smoking hot."

Ray crossed his arms over his chest and smirked. "What about me? There was a time when both you girls thought I was the hottest thing around."

Rae and Janet made eye contact and then burst out laughing. Rae covered her mouth and tried to stop the laughter. "Yes, yes we did. When we were like 15 and you were 18, man we worshipped the ground you walked on."

"I recall worshiping you."

Rae blushed and nodded. "I seem to remember something along those lines, but thats when we were kids, and then you were too busy falling Hannah Jane around to notice when I walked by."

"It was never like that, Rae."

Rae's eyes narrowed and she pointed at Ray. "Really? Cause that is exactly how I remember it. I recall you being balls deep inside me, moaning out my name, telling ME that you loved me. What was it three days later that Hannah finally accepted your invite to dinner?"

"Lower your voice." Janet said sweetly next to Rae trying to calm her down.

"No, Janet. Let her say whatever she needs too." Ray said.

"I have nothing else to say to you. I just think its funny how you come in here and insult my boyfriend. Truth be told the best thing that ever happened to me was when you lost interest in me. You walk around like you're a good guy but I know the truth, you're a douchebag. A fucking asshole." Rae took a deep breath and calmed down. "Look Ray, as far as I'm concerned we are good, but we aren't friends. Come on Janet back to our sexy men." Rae took Janet's hand and headed back to the boys.

The girls joined the guys at their table and smiled. Eddie pointed at Rae and high fived her. "You girly, you're my kind of people. Handling Big Cat and making him runaway tail tucked 'tween his legs. Nicely done."

Rae laughed at Eddie and finished her beer. "Ohh, Big Pussy Cataldo aint got the goods to handle what I'm capable of, and I mean that in every aspect."

Dean smirked and raised his beer. "I'll drink to that." Dean killed his beer and stood up. "Short stuff, you want another?"

"Short stuff? I'm at least 5'5 in these boots." Rae challenged back.

"And? I must of not heard the rest of that comeback from all the way up here."

Rae scoffed. "You're a tall bastard you know that?"

"True, but I happen to know you like it."

"Tall bastards? It's true, every guy I've ever liked has been a tall bastard." Rae eyed Dean up and down and bit her lip. "I can say you're my favorite one so far."

"And the prettiest.' Janet chimed in.

"Oh the prettiest of them all."

Dean snorted and rolled his eyes. "Babe, I'm rugged. I'm handsome. I'm sexy. I'm hot. I'll even settle for cute, but pretty I am not."

"You are, but don't worry Eddie is pretty too." Rae said smirking at Eddie who was trying to stifle a chuckle.

"Pretty? Awh shucks. Thanks." Eddie said mocking a giggly girl.

Janet's eyes brighten and she gasped happily. "Ohhh! Rae let take the guys home and play truth or dare. I have the perfect dare for Eddie."

"Can you premeditate dares?" Dean asked.

"Really?" Eddie asked eyebrows shot up in interest.

"No, hello no." Rae said.

"Uhh, babe? No to me or Janet? Or what?" Dean asked laughing.

"Uh no to Janet. The last time we played Truth or Dare it was a disaster."

Janet grimaced. "I'll be way less stuck up this time! It will be fun."

"Janet, you called me a whore and slapped me, then didn't talk to me for like a week."

"Oh that was all just a misunderstanding! I'm going to get us a bottle of Goose from the back and then we are outta here!" Janet said excitedly.

Rae stood there with her hands on her hips and huffed. "Oh, the nerve of the woman sometimes! Oh well boys! Looks like we are gettin' a-trashed-faced tonight!"

"We are?" Eddie asked.

"We are lumberjack Ed...eh, you're too hot to be a lumberjack Ed. I'll think about it some more."


"Janet, do you have the hat still?" Rae asked as she got the shaker and ice out of the kitchen to chill the Grey Goose vodka.

"You mean the mystical hat of dares and truth?"

"Indeed I do! I need Eddie to help get it out of the closet though." Janet said in a pouty voice.

"I'd be happy to grab it for you babe." Eddie said as he walked up behind Janet and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck. Janet showed Eddie were the box was and he grabbed it for her. The group all settled into the living room and sat on the floor in a circle. Janet and Rae opened the box and pulled out a few things before Janet pulled out a Merlin style hat. "See guys the mystical hat of dares and truth!"

"So, we made this thing when we were like 12 and used it for like every sleepover ever. There are all kinds of different dares and questions on these cards that we made over the years. Everyone draws a card and does what it says."

"Wait, we don't get to make up the dares?" Dean asked skeptically.

"You do, every person rights down two dares, and two questions and we put in the hat, then overtime we get to your stuff. Make sense? Its a different style but it makes it more...daring." Rae said passing out paper and pens.

"How so?" Eddie asked Rae.

"Well because its random."

Janet smiled and nodded her head. "No before we start are you two gonna start fighting if so in so gets dared to kiss so and so?" She asked the two boys.

The guys made eye contact and nodded. "Im cool, but I aint kissing Dean."

Rae smirked. "Thats why you're sitting next to me and Janet and not him. Its the person on your right, or the person on your left cards. Lets start!"

"Eddie you're oldest, you get to start." Janet said holding the hat to him. He reached inside and pulled out a card.


"Yes." Eddie answered. "Who's next?"

"Me, person to your right." Rae said taking the hat and drawing a card.


"A kartwheel? Babe help me move the couch back?" Rae asked Dean. After they moved the couch Rae crossed her fingers and for the most part did a successful flip. "Dean, you're up."


"Alright, everybody lets drink. Anytime an article of clothing gets taken off, everyone does a shot." Janet said pouring the four shots out of the shaker. Dean took his shirt off and Rae whistled. "Nice! Love this game."

Janet grabbed the hat and pulled out a card.


"I guess that means Eddie gets to smack that ass." Rae said smacking herself on the hip. "Thats what goes on, as you northerners say."

Janet got on her knees and pointed her booty towards Eddie. "Not to hard, babe."

"I would never do it too hard." Eddie said with a smirk on his face. After smacking Janet on her butt he grabbed the hat and drew.


"Rae?" Eddie asked unsure of how to proceed.

"Geesh Eddie, just do it." Janet giggled.

Eddie leaned towards Rae and looked at Dean first and waited for him to give him the okay. Dean nodded his head and Eddie leaned in and licked her neck, tracing his tongue to her ear.

"I need a shot, now." Rae said flustered.

"Yeah, He'll do that to you." Janet said smirking.

Rae nodded in agreement and grabbed the hat and drew.


"Oh, uh, pink belly time." Rae stammered out.

"Uh, already?" Janet asked annoyed.

"Yeah, I'm not answering that because I don't even know." Rae said quietly.

"Surely, you have a rough number." Eddie suggested.

"Do you Latekka?" Rae snapped back.

"Really? That many?" Janet asked.

"Im sure I could give the great Hail Eddie a run for his money, but I don't think I'm at your status yet."

"Babe, if you had to guess." Dean finally piped in.

"I can think of 6." Janet said.

"Thats just the guys from the Ridge, and its 7 Janet."

"Oh yeah...Tommy."

"Yeah, look anyways I'm not answering so lets get it over with." Rae raised her shirt and slapped it hard. "Babe."

"What?" Dean asked.

"Slap my belly! I'm not answering so everyone has to give me a slap."

Dean frowned but did as she asked. Janet slapped her hard making her yelp, causing Rae to glare at her. When she got in front of Eddie he gently slapped her and grimaced. "Janet got you good, I can see her hand on your stomach."

"Oh yeah, that girl can slap hard. So I hate to be a buzzkill but I'm kinda drunk and if I'm gonna get laid tonight then, uh...gonna need to call it a night. But we should definitely continue round two tomorrow night."

Dean laughed and smiled. "That is code for if we don't fuck now, she's just gonna pass out."

"Or vomit." Janet piped in.

"Oh no you did not! Janet, that happened one time! I was like 16 come on."

"Tell that to Jerry Tucker." Janet taunted back.

"Jerry Tucker?" Eddie asked brows high. "Im impressed, he was the 'it' guy when I was growing up."

"Yeah, well its true I vomited all over him- mid ride."

"Mid ride?" Dean asked?

"I was fucking him, clearly I was on top."

"Guess what position we won't be doing tonight." Dean said.

Rae rolled her eyes and hugged Janet and Eddie goodnight. After Dean and Rae headed off to bed Eddie grabbed Janet's hand and pulled her into his arms. "Your cousin is a lot of fun."

"She really is, a bit much on the 'fucks' but she has a good heart."

"It would seem that way...so I'm kinda drunk too."

"Me too, should we head to the bedroom?"

"Yeah." Eddie said happily. (You all know how he says yeah. Mhmm)

Once in Janet's room she felt brazen. She pushed Eddie onto the bed and pulled her shirt off her head. Eddie sat there unmoving afraid if he did Janet might lose her nerve. She didn't. She unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pulled them off her body standing in a pair of panties and her bra. Eddie was mesmerized by Janet. "God Janet, you are so beautiful."

Janet smiled but blushed despite how sexy she felt in that moment with Eddie Latekka looking at her with hunger. There was no other way to describe how Eddie was looking at Janet other than hunger. She pulled the straps off her body and unhooked it letting it fall to the floor. She slowly walked up to Eddie who was sitting on the end of the bed. "Take them off me." Janet said huskily. Eddie's fingers trailed over her hips, hooking his fingers into the band of the little black panties. He pulled them down slowly. Janet grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off his body. She straddled his legs and his hands were tangled in her hair and they were kissing, hungrily.

Eddie's hands were all over her body making them both moan from the contact. He rolled her onto her back and quickly got out of his jeans and boxers. "Mhm, Eddie you are so sexy."

Eddie climbed ontop of her and smiled. "You are so sexy Meadows. You make me hard like nobody ever has, I've never craved anyone like you."

"You crave me?"

"Every second of everyday. I think I'm in love with you." Eddie said in between kisses.

"You're just drunk baby."

"I am, I am very drunk but I'm in love with you Janet." Eddie looked down into her eyes and smiled.

"I love you too." Janet said firmly. Eddie smiled at her once more and thrust into her slowly causing them both to hiss in satisfaction.