It was a typical day for Margo. She was looking through her drawer, trying to find her favorite comic book. She usually always misplaces it. She suddenly heard a ping! on her phone, it was a text message from one of her friends.

TO: Margo

March 19, 1:04 PM


Oh, snap! I almost forgot! She went to get her silver purse, but forgot she misplaced that too. Margo rolled her eyes and sighed. She put her phone in her pocket and went to the park to meet Bailey.

When she got there she felt the warm breeze hit her face when she walked out of the car. She saw her friend sitting on a bench. Bailey saw she was coming, but pretended not to. She sat down on the maroon bench and smiled. "Okay, so..." she said waiting.

"What?" Bailey asked dramatically.

Margo almost smacked him, but calmed herself. "Hey, you were the one that sent me the text saying where I was and wanting me to go to the park." she said.

He bent down to open his satchel and took out a small white square box and gave it to her.

Margo went from puzzled to confused. She took the box from his hand and looked at it motionless.

"Ahem. Are you going to open it?" he asked, looking serious.

She nodded slowly and opened the small box. She almost screamed when she saw a real small knife.

She looked at it without blinking and then closed the box. She turned her head stunningly and stared at Bailey.

"I'm not going on a murdering spree." she joked.

Bailey grinned, but didn't get the joke. "Isn't it obvious? It's your one of a kind homicidal knife! Since you love that number two stuff." he said looking down at his skinny jeans.

Margo laid the box next to her and snickered. "It's not number two. If anything is number two, it's your colon." she chuckled.

"Ha ha ha, very funny. Any idea on how you're going to see him in real life?" Bailey asked.

Margo sat there looking at the ground sadly. She didn't ever have a good plan. She started to sob.

Bailey patted her knee comfortingly. She looked up at him, but still had tears coming out of her eyes.

"You're so obsessed, Mar-mar. I'm not kidding, you love a made up character." he said.

She stood up and turned to look at him. "Really? So, even if I do make it to his world, you won't come with me?" she asked looking at him, being almost mean.

Bailey got up off the bench and turned his way toward the playground. Margo rushed after him. "So...?" she asked.

He jerked his head and grinned. "Depends on whether you're even more addicted or just downright crazy. I'd go with downright crazy because I don't want to see anymore of the pictures you draw of him and you. It's disgusting and unfortunate. Although it figures since you totally have a crush on a fake character."

She was shocked. Me, crazy? Ha! The more appropriate word for me is "creepy". she thought about saying that right into his ear.

He stopped walking and Margo pushed him playfully. "Would you like me to come down to your house tomorrow and see what we can do?" he asked, pushing her.

She thought that would be an excellent idea. She nodded, meaning she agreed. Just think! If I can literally go into the world of JtHM, I'd have to find one way to get other fans into here! And me, seeing him for the first time ever! I'd get to be the first fan to see him! I'm his number one fan, anyway