Students in the school:
Jason Voorhees Jr.:Son of Jason Voorhees(age 11) artistic and friendly
Sibella: Daughter of Count Dracula(age 14) most strongwilled and friendly
Phantasma: Daughter of the Phantom of the Opera(age 12) musically talented and play organ
Elsa: Daughter of Frankinstein's Monster(age 16)Mentally slow but kind hearted
Winnie: Daughter of the Wolfman (Werewolf)(age 9) enegetic,tomboyish and likeshowling
Tanis: Daughter of the Mummy(age 6) shy but friendly

Revolta:an evil witch who wants the girls for an evil army
Freddy Krueger(Spolier): a dream stalker who has issues with the Voorhees Family (Freddy VS. Jason,anyone)

you walk up to a old door to a place looking like a haunted house checking you map
"yep this is the place"
you think ringing the door bell an old lady opens the door
"hi i'm miss Grimwood"
she tells you
" hi i'm Jason"
you tell her checking her clipboard she finds your name
"name Jason Vorhess Jr. age 10 birthday 2/13/99, well come on in you're the the first male student we have ever had here"
she tells you
"well my dad was looking for a monster school this was the only one he found"
you tell her
"your room is fifth on the left"
she tells you walking away you go in your new room unload your stuff. after unloading you leave the room you walk down the hall there you see a young werewolf around your age you think about trying to become friends with her then she approaches you "hi I'm Winnie you must be Jason"
the young attractive werewolf says approaching you
"how did you know that"
you ask curiously
"i can tell by your mask silly"
she says in a flirtatious voice while rubbing you chin
" i look really forward to getting to know you "yeah same here"
you tell her
" why don't you take off that mask and let me see your face"
she says as you're shocked as you reply
"No I can't show you my face, if I remove my mask you have to close your eyes"
you tell her as she closes them
"promise you won't peek"
you ask her
she says as you lift up your mask she kisses you on the lips(which both of you really liked) after ending it you pull your mask back down realizing her eyes were still closed
"you can look now" you tell her as she opens her eyes
"wow that was amazing"
she tell she then decides to spend more time with you by showing you around some more later that night you're laying in your bed thinking about Winnie
"why did i really like her kissing me"
you think to yourself when suddenly you have to use the bathroom, you remember where it is due to tour Winnie gave you when you got here you go in and do your private business after wards you think you should go back to your room and get some sleep.