as everyone trashes there fear he gets weak turning him to a human as you stab him"
he says as a demon flees out of Kruegers body and into the ground
"what was that?"
Tannis asked a dream demon, 3 dream demons brought freddy to life his daughter killed one , my dad killed one and i just killed the last one"
you say as freddy sinks in the ground as you notice Revolta is gone back at the school it is last day of school as the fathers pick up up the girls while your carving trying to get over your dads death as Winnie and her dad approach you
"hey Jason"
Winnie says to you
" yeah"
you respond
"i just wanted to thank you for saving my life and i'm sorry about your dad "
she said
"well he is dead now nothing can bring him back now"
you say
"hey voorhees you want to live in our tribe? It's the least i could offer for saving Winnie's life "
her father asked you as you think it over "sure ...but only until my father comes back if he ever does"
you sayas you 3 leave, a couple weeks later you and winnie are walking in the woods talking
"thanks for letting me in your tribe"
you tell her
"it no sweat when your father is the tribe's alpha "
winnie told you
"so am i an official member of this tribe? you ask her "
no, the only way to be a member is to born in it or for your mate to be in it"
she tells you
"my what?"
you ask
" your mate its someone you spend you spend the rest of your life with and this tribe has some great girls, Crystal is a great hunter and Ana is a wonderful cook" winnie tells you
"yeah she is a great cook, her stew is amazing but i think iv'e already made a choice"
you say as Winnie looks down at her feet in disappiontment
"oh... OK whats she like?"
she asks you in a mildly heartbroken tone
"she is very smart Beautiful and she's incredibly storng, she nice, really sweet and very caring"
as you say that winnie looks up happily realizing you're talking about her
"i just hope she will accept the offer, I haven't asked her yet"
you say " Oh Jason, …the answer is Yes!
" she says as you two go through some sort of ceramony as you two are sitting by a tree you pull out your knife carving "J.V. +W.W." in a tree with his knife as Winnie carves hers in with her claw
"Jason i love you"
she tells you
"i love you too Winnie"
you said back to her looking up at the full moon