With all the recent traffic in this section again (stirred up by Nerf-or-Nothing- THANK YOU) I feel inspired to write a GWSM fic. Yes, I know, I have one already. Well, truth be told, that one sucks ass and I hate it. So, here is a new one. It's R/H, no surprise there, and others.

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Warning: Harsh language and implied adult behavior in future chapters. You have been warned.


Chapter One

Her eyes opened.

It took her a moment to realize it had not been a vision that disturbed her sleep. For the past week her dreams had not been dreams at all, and after years of separating herself from her past the visions were somewhat disconcerting. Sweat lined her brow and slid down her cheeks, drawing her attention to the billowing curtains surrounding her windows. The wind was hot. Falling asleep with the window open had not been a good choice.

Her penthouse was lavish, full of unnecessary things like crystal vases and ten-thousand dollar rugs. But, when you live forever, what was there to do during the day? She would work at a company for twenty or so years, and when it became obvious to her coworkers that she was not aging she would quit. She inherited quite a bit of cash from her father when he bit it, so her bank accounts were healthy. However, she was unhappy, and nothing she could buy would change that.

She looked over to her nightstand, drawing her attention back to the object that woke her. The cell phone buzzed on the glass top, almost teetering off the edge before she grabbed it. The name on the screen was one she never thought to see again, or at least until his funeral.

"Raye?" He never even let her speak upon answering the phone. The panic in his voice did not go unnoticed. "Raye, are you there?"

"To what do I owe this phone call, Quatre?" She moseyed over to the window and shut it with one hand. "It is three in the morning here."

"Have you heard from Mina?"

Raye walked into the kitchen and started the coffee pot. No use going back to sleep at this point.

"Quatre…" She sighed. "I haven't-"

"I know the situation, Raye, but you are her best friend and I know you can see things." His voice wavered. Her heart ached from the emotion he was struggling to conceal. "She's gone. Someone took her."

She had decided long ago to leave her Scout life behind. Not forever, for obvious reasons, but for a time. When you had forever to live you always had time to catch up. Raye reasoned she was doing enough for the sake of the Earth for being alive for eternity, so the insignificant battles of the world could resolve themselves. When evil arose again, if it ever did, Sailor Mars would arrive on the scene like she never left. But, until that time, she wanted to be alone and pretend to be normal.

The last time she saw Mina, or any of the Scout's for that matter, was at Mina and Quatre's wedding. It was a small affair, but Raye felt she should watch her best friend marry. Of course she chastised her for it beforehand, reminding her of the hardship to come because of eternal life, but her leader would hear none of it. Mina told Quatre about them before vows were exchanged, with Serena's permission, and he accepted her after coming to terms. The man loved her, Raye knew, and the way his voice quaked as he spoke was evidence of that fact.

"Are you sure someone took her?" Raye asked, but she knew Quatre was serious. "She is kind of flighty."

"Yes, I was knocked out. I just woke up and searched the house. Everyone else was asleep and did not hear the commotion…" Quatre sighed. "The men that took her- they knew about you. They knew about Mina being, you know, whatever she is."

Raye walked to her room and stuck her hand between the mattress and box spring. She reached around until her fingers grazed cold metal.

It really was spectacular they hadn't been caught sooner. When you have been alive so long, hundreds of years before people even thought about living in space, you are bound to leave footprints. You use an old alias too soon, you slip and write an old address, someone you work with finds a picture of you living in old Tokyo… footprints. There is no way to conceal everything, especially in a world ruled by technology. All things leave a mark in the digital world.

"I'm surprised we have made it this long, Quatre. Have you called anyone else?" Raye pulled the pistol out from under her mattress.

"I called Heero. He is on his way to your penthouse." Quatre heard Raye grunt, but he didn't know she was yanking her suitcase out of her closet. "Do you remember Heero? He was at the wedding."

Oh, she did. But, poor Quatre didn't need to know what she had been doing while he was on his honeymoon.

"I don't know. I probably will when I see him." She began ripping clothes from her hangers and tossing them in her suitcase. "Why did you call him first?"

"You guys are the only ones in space. Considering the circumstances I didn't want you coming on the shuttle alone." Quatre began a side conversation with someone else for a moment. "The other girls are on their way. My friends are coming as well… Trowa just arrived."

She vaguely remembered Trowa from the wedding, but knew he was Quatre's closest friend.

"You didn't tell Heero about us did you?" Raye fired from her end of the phone as she left her bedroom and went back into the kitchen to make her cup of coffee.

"No. That isn't my secret to tell. He wouldn't believe me anyway." He paused. "I am going to call Serena after I get off the phone with you."

She was surprised how calm he was acting. Raye knew that Quatre was a seasoned war veteran, but his kind persona had made her wonder at one time how well the man acted under pressure. Aside from the grief in his voice, Raye had no other indication he was even panicked.

"Thank you." Raye grabbed her mug of coffee and went back into her room. However, something was different. Her eyes went back to the curtains, flapping around in the warm breeze. "Quatre-"

The phone fell from her hand.

A warm hand wrapped around her mouth and another arm latched itself across her chest to hold her limbs down. She could hear Quatre's voice yelling from her phone speaker, but the man's booted foot coming down and crushing it summarily silenced it. Another man appeared in front of her, wearing a black mask. He stared in the eyes, running a hand through her hair and across her face. A fire raged inside her like it did when she fought with the Scouts all those years ago. She should have grabbed the gun off the dresser instead of her coffee mug from the kitchen. Hell, if only she hadn't been a moron and grabbed her transformation pen instead of the gun in the first place she would be in much better shape.

Raye brought up her knee and smashed it into the opposing mans groin. He howled in pain and fell onto the ground, screaming curses and gasping for air. She tried to break free from the one holding her, but she couldn't. He was very tall and very strong. His grasp only increased in strength as she squirmed.

"Stop struggling, girl, you are just making this harder on yourself." He cackled and began moving to the front of the apartment. The man easily carried her as he walked. "I'm sure you are eager to see your friends again."

Raye opened her mouth and clamped down on one of his fingers. He screamed and jerked his hand out of her mouth, giving her the brief moment to leap from his grasp and grab the aforementioned crystal vase and hurl it at his head. It made contact, shattering into a thousand tiny shards and raining down onto the floor. This one was much faster than his counterpart however, and instead of worrying about his pain he jumped on top of her and wrapped his hands around her throat in the same moment. The small pieces of the vase stabbed into her arms and legs as she kicked, staining her carpet with her own blood.

"Get off me you bastard!" Raye gasped out as his thumbs pressed onto her windpipe. "I'll break your fucking neck!"

"You will, eh?" He pressed harder. Blood was running down his cheeks from her well-placed hit with the vase. "I doubt that, seeing as I am about to strangle you to death. I don't suppose we will need you alive since we will have your friends."

Her vision started to get blurry and her lungs hurt from trying to breath. It was strange. She hadn't thought about her friends since Mina's wedding, yet they were all she could think about now. Whoever these men were, whatever organization they belonged to, were going to kill them. Serena had to be protected; yet Raye was being strangled in her home and unable to reach her dear friend to warn her. She hoped that Quatre gave up on getting her back on the phone and began calling her friends.

As her vision turned black, she heard the man she kneed holler and the grip around her neck loosened. Something was happening, but her brain would not allow her eyes to see. Her throat burned with each breath and she longed to press her own hands against it to know it was still there, as if feeling it herself would ease the pain. But, her arms were too weak. She had lost too much oxygen.

There was a gunshot. The man who had been pinning her to the floor was now gone, somewhere in her penthouse. Raye assumed the shooter was keeping him busy. Her breathing was starting to regulate again, thankfully, and feeling was creeping back into her limbs. Another gunshot rang throughout her living room.

A few moments later, she felt a hand slip under her head and lift her off the floor. The person, a brunette she could tell, was snapping his fingers in front of her face. Was he saying something? His mouth was moving, but she couldn't hear anything. The man's eyes, a unique Prussian blue, captured her attention. There was only one person she knew with eyes like those.

"Raye?" He grabbed her cheeks and lightly shook her face. "Breathe. We have to go."

It was Heero Yuy… and he was covered in blood.

So, there you go. Fast paced compared to my other stuff.