Summary: Travis and Connor Stoll live across the street from an abandoned warehouse in Brooklyn. They thought it was abandoned, but actually some really weird kids live there.

The people living in that warehouse across the street are crazy. And considering how strange we are, being demigod sons of the god of Thieves, we know crazy. Before I thought crazy was when Connor and I managed to create a giant igloo covering our house using over a thousand rolls of toilet paper, or the time I was in a "high speed" police chase on my cousin Tom's mini-scooter – which by the way can only go as fast as 10 mph. All of that pales to the strange stuff happening at the supposedly abandoned warehouse.

In our empty neighborhood the warehouse was one of those places we'd tried to conquer. We could only imagine all the trouble we could cause in there. It was strange though, every time we got close to it something urgent popped up that made us have to leave, I shudder just thinking about the bout of explosive diarrhea that occurred after stepping through the gate one time.

So when we were visiting mom during winter and heard a loud explosion in the middle of the night, we assumed it was some random arsonist. It's disheartening to say that the police and our mother blamed us right away. After returning/being forced back to camp we forgot about it, especially after hearing about strange stuff happening all over the states. It wasn't until we visited mom in the spring that we found the previously destroyed warehouse completely intact. How mom didn't remember the explosion was also pretty strange.

It was during those days visiting mom that we noticed the lack of abandonment. At first with random bangs occurring, we thought a few bums were camping out. Then we heard shouts and laughter, and one day we saw kids coming out from it. A group of them were carrying large candy cane looking things.

After that Connor and I made it our mission to find out what was going on. We decided to stake out the place at night while mom was asleep. Like ninjas we walked to the limestone building, well maybe not like ninjas – we pretty much woke up all the neighborhood dogs that began howling. This time we were determined, nothing would make us leave – our top goal was getting inside. For good measure we hadn't eaten all day.

We passed the gate, I suddenly remembered I'd forgotten to call Katie and Connor realized he'd forgotten to turn off the stove.

Focus. We reminded each other and pressed on, Katie would have to yell at me later, and hopefully the house wouldn't burn down. The warehouse was creepy at night, it loomed dauntingly high, and the bars over the windows gleamed menacingly.

When we walked up the steps we were dismayed to find the handle missing on the wooden door. Looking around for another entrance also deemed useless. In the end we decided to try and knock the door down. Throwing our shoulders into it while shoving hard proved useless, it was like a giant unmoving boulder.

Just as we were giving up and heading home the door opened slowly. We looked up at the door from the bottom of the steps, anxious to see who it was.


A penguin waddled out slowly, followed by another, and another. It was literally a march of the penguins.


"Come back! Come back!" a young boy with dark hair flew out the building, chasing after the marching penguins. "It's okay, I won't let Philip eat you!"

I was about to ask the kid what was going on, when a giant, scary, large, intimidating, albino crocodile flew out the door after the marching penguins and boy. I'm embarrassed to reveal that my pants were a bit damp after that.

"Stop! Don't eat the penguins Phillip!" A dark skinned boy with dark curly hair, a blonde haired girl, and others exited quickly from the doorway, all chasing after the marching penguins, the boy, and the impossibly large albino crocodile.

And if that wasn't strange enough a baboon wearing an L.A. Lakers basketball jersey ran out the door. At this point Connor and I were confused, scared, and curious at the same time. I'd thought finding out my dad's Hermes, the actual god, would be the high point of weird stuff – but this topped it all.

The craziness continued as an old man dressed in only a loin cloth skipped out the door, "Zeebras! Weasels! Coooooookieees!" The old man sprinkled us with cookie crumbs and gave us a toothless grin.

A small girl, no older than five, exited next. She, besides the loony dancing old man, was the only one to acknowledge our prescence. She didn't look shocked at what was happening, instead she approached Connor and I and waved her small hand up to us, "There's nothing goin' on here, go home."

Her jedi mind powers worked, Connor and I exchanged looks of befuddlement and left the warehouse. Ignoring the penguins, crocodile, and dancing old man. The next day after getting some much needed sleep we agreed to avoid the place. Our lives are crazy enough.

Author's Note: I dunno if lots of people would want to read a continuation of this but please tell me, so I know if I should! I never ask for this, but if 5 people say they want more I'll write another chapter. :D