It seemed like everyone from camp was here – minus Percy, Annabeth and those new kids. And from the way they were fighting I think most of them were just glad to be a part of some action.

"Destroy them!" Aaron, a son of Ares shouted right as he punched a tall guy in his gut.

The demigods roared and pressed on. My crazy kidnappers definitely were overwhelmed. Not to say they weren't putting up a good fight, but they were outnumbered by the kids of the gods. As I watched the battle I even started to feel a twinge in my gut. Perhaps, maybe they'd learned their lesson.

And then little Shelby pulled out her crayon and nearly blasted me to death. "Get them!" I yelled.

We continued on in our attack, soon we had most of them cornered. That was when the very large albino alligator decided to make a visit.

"Is that a crocodile?" I heard someone ask. My friends looked confused as they probably questioned why such a creature would be found inside a warehouse in Brooklyn.

"Destroy it too!" Clarisse yelled before prodding it with her electric spear.

A giant cat's paw swiped at Clarisse, knocking her to the ground. Pleased, the enemies changed from defense to assault.

"They're magicians!" said a kid of Hectate. That would probably explain a lot, but did that mean they were Greek. Our weapons did injure them. After all the secrets our parents kept from us, perhaps there was another hidden camp for demigods.

The battle continued on, and soon I began to feel exhausted. This was going nowhere.

"Give up!" Yelled Carter.

"You give up!" Shouted Clarisse, before electrocuting some random guy.

"No, you give up!" Exclaimed one of the enemies as he threw a fireball, hitting Castor's head.

"No, you give up!" Connor yelled before throwing greek fire at the boy.

"No! You get up!" Screamed little Shelby as she aimed her crayon at an unsuspecting Will Solace.

I knew I had to do something as both groups shouted at each other to give up. If I'd learned anything at camp, it is that the Greeks never give up – except for that time the Romans defeated them, and that other time during WW2, and that other time… Anyways, at least I knew they weren't going to give up.

"SHUDDUP!" I exclaimed, throwing greek fire down at my feet for emphasis. It burned a little. "Everyone, stop. I know they kidnapped Katie and I but obviously we can't just stay here all day. What if we're on the same team and we don't even know it. Like when we found out about the Romans."

"There are Romans too?" Sadie asked.

Maybe I shouldn't have said that aloud, "Um, maybe. But what if this was all a misunderstanding."

"Dude, we're Egyptians. Your Greeks, trust us this isn't a misunderstaing," said the boy who'd set Castor's hair aflame.

"Egyptians?" I questioned. I guess all the Egyptian statues and hieroglyphics were a hint.

"Duh," he replied.

"Julian, enough," Carter said to the guy before turning his attention to us, "Anyways, yeah we're Egyptians. We just found out about you guys too. We weren't going to hurt those two –"

"Really? You only kept us tied up for hours in a closet. Nothing threatening about that," I interrupted. Although I wanted the fighting to stop, I wasn't about to let them brush off our kidnapping as if it were some little event.

"Told you that was a bad idea Anubis-Walt – whatever!" Carter said angrily to the creepy dark skinned dude.

"We couldn't trust you, Greeks have a tendency to play coy and then invade an entire country," said Walt.

"We don't do that!" Connor said, adding weakly, "Anymore…"

"Sorry we tied you up then," Carter said sheepishly, running a hand through his curly hair.

"Our bad?" Sadie added weakly.

And after that we had a nice long chat. We talked about mythology and about the gods and all the crazy adventures they made us get into. We had tea and munched on crumpets and then sang songs before dancing around a campfire with a baboon and a giant crocodile.

Oh who am I kidding, of course Clarisse didn't accept their apology. Instead she made a declaration.

"Tomorrow at 7 we will be back, you better prepare this time."

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