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In Carmikle Academy, everyone has a gift. Everyone has a special talent that he/she has. Some have water, some have love… others have a gift that can be dangerous to all of those around them.

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Chapter 1

Amu's bottom lip quivered. She shouldn't have been worried, she knew, but it was all happening so fast. She had received the message in the earth from the school that she had been accepted into Carmikle Academy.

Carmikle Academy was a special school that taught magic and sorcery to children with special gifts. There were many schools that taught magic, but this one specialized in enhancing the gift that everyone has.

Hinamori Amu had received the message shortly after she graduated middle school, and she couldn't be happier. The only problem was, she wouldn't know anybody there. Her friends in middle school and elementary school, Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia hadn't gotten accepted, even though they applied. Even though Amu told them that she would refuse the offer and stay with them, they urged her to go to the high school. And here she was. In front of the building that was known as Carmikle Academy.

Amu held her breath as she pushed open the two large doors and walked in.

She gasped. The halls were crowded by students of different looks, personalities, heights, shapes, everything! She had never seen this many kids!

Amu brushed her bright pink hair out of her eyes and tried to look cool as she walked towards her homeroom. Although she didn't want to ruin her image, she had to keep on glancing at the schedule and the map, since she had absolutely no idea where she was going.

Finally, she made it to the homeroom. She walked to the teacher's desk, passing by a group of kids that were playing with some of their gifts or some magic.

Her teacher looked up from a novel that she was reading and smiled at her brightly. "Hello, you are?"

"Hinamori, Hinamori Amu." Amu returned the smile.

"Oh, yes, I have you here on my list…" Amu couldn't help notice how beautiful her teacher was. She had flowing blonde hair that rolled over her shoulders and her eyes were so bright and beautiful. Her whole appearance seemed radiant and bright, sort of like Dia, but even more.

"Um… may I ask..?"

The teacher laughed. "Light, sweetie. My gift is light." That explains it. "And yours?"

"U-um… I'm not…"

"Oh, I understand," the teacher said, winking. "Don't worry, hon. Go ahead and take a seat, okay?" Amu nodded and walked towards an empty desk in the back.

She looked around the class room. One girl had green hair and was making plants grown from a pot of earth, others were playing with their fingers and making sparkles appear in the air.

Amu looked at the girl who sat next to her. She was sitting up straight and she looked straight ahead, oblivious to the ruckus around her. She had long, wavy blonde hair and big golden eyes. Amu wondered if this girl could possibly be related to her teacher, but besides the hair color, eye color, and the fact that they were both beautiful, neither the girl or the teacher resembled much of each other.

"U-uh, hi! I'm Amu. Hinamori Amu," Amu said to the girl. It didn't hurt to try to socialize right?

"Mashiro Rima." The girl said, without looking at her. The girl was almost perfectly still and was still staring straight ahead. "I'm expecting you want to know my gift?"

Amu blushed. Yeah, she kind of did. But didn't everyone? The girl kept looking ahead.

"Well, I'm not going to tell you," she said, indifferently.

"Uh, okay…" Amu frowned as she felt herself blush. This Mashiro girl needed an attitude check.

Class had started.

"We will start of homeroom by getting to know each other better. Now, this is your first year for all of you, so I will be making this 'speech' like I do to all the first years.

"We were all born with the ability to do magic with our finger tips. But we also were born with a 'gift.' The gift, is an enhancement that we have over a specific, or general, area in what we can do with magic. For example, shape shifting. Everyone could use a spell to shape shift themselves into something, but no one would be able to do it better that the one who holds the gift of shape shifting. One could study for years on how to do that specific spell, but even so, they wouldn't be able to shape shift as well as that person with the gift of shape shifting.

"In Carmikle Academy, we try to help you enhance those gifts, because even if you have the gift, there is no harm in trying to enhance it, because you could still use more and more knowledge, especially for ones so young as you. However, we still teach all students in almost all the areas of magic that we can. That's what makes us a school, right?

"Now, as an exercise to get to know everyone, I would like everyone to state their name, age, and gift. We will start at this corner and go by rows. Begin."

Amu listened intently on the gifts that everyone had. No gifts were repeated, so far. In their world, it was very, very rare for two people who were living at the same time to have the same gift. Maybe a similar gift, but very rarely the same.

It was then Rima's turn and Amu waited to hear hers. Rima was still looking towards the front of the room. She looked like she hadn't moved a muscle.

"My name is Mashiro Rima. I'm fourteen years old. My gift is Comedy."

Amu had to bite her finger to keep from laughing. This stiff cold girl had the gift of comedy? Comedy? Amu would've imagined someone with that gift would be cracking jokes everyone and would smile widely at every single thing. Mashiro Rima was not the person she would think of when thinking of 'comedy.'

Rima slowly turned her head towards her and Amu realized that Rima had noticed that she was biting her finger from laughing.

Rima gave her a very scary glare.

"My name is Hinamori Amu. I'm fourteen and I…" Amu's eyes widened. She forgot about the fact that she would have to admit her little secret to the whole class. She finished her sentence in a much quieter voice. "I, um, don't know my gift yet…"

"Hey, what she say?" one kid asked.

"Speak louder!" another said.

"That's enough, class. Thank you, Miss Hinamori. I'm sure you will after you attend Carmikle. Now, onwards with homeroom…"

Amu sighed a sigh of relief as she flopped back down onto her chair and she smiled. She was goi g to like her teacher. This teacher didn't force her to speak up, but she could tell that her teacher already knew.

"I heard you." Amu looked to see Rima looking straight at the teacher. Did she just say that?

"Huh?" Amu asked.

"I heard what you said about your gift," Rima whispered coolly. Great.


"I won't tell anyone, if you don't want me to."

"U-um, thanks, Mashiro-san," Amu whispered back. Rima… was she actually…?

"Rima. I don't like being called Mashiro-san."

"Okay, Rima." Amu smiled. "Then you can call me, Amu."

"I don't know you."

Amu's smile faded. "Well I don't know you."

"That's beside the point. I don't like being called Mashiro-san. Anyway, you're different."


"You don't know your gift." Amu rolled her eyes. This girl was difficult. But Amu couldn't help smiling. Was she making her first friend? Was Rima going to be her first friend?

Amu walked out of the class room and started following Rima to their next class, until she quickly lost her in the crowds. Amu groaned. Why her? Amu soon found herself in a deserted hallway. Great. She made a wrong turn. She was about to turn around, retrace her steps, and pray that she wouldn't be late, but she didn't get a chance. Before she knew it, a tall dark figure pushed her against the lockers.

Amu was about to scream when the person violently pushed his hand against her mouth and kept her in place against the lockers with his arms and his other hand Amu's eyes were wide as she stared at the teenager. The boy's hair was a dark blue and his eyes were a dark menacingly blue. His face was pale white, but there were deep shadows under his eyes. His eyes were narrowed as he looked into her face and she saw that his teeth were clenched as he kept pushing her into the lockers, as if he were trying to push her through them.

"You…" he muttered. His tone scared her. In fact, he scared her. He was dressed in navy dark blues and black and he looked like he was about to murder her.

"Tsukiyomi Ikuto, get of her."

She saw the boy's eyes dart to the side for an instant until they were placed back to her. She felt his grasp on her unwillingly soften as he stepped away from her. She looked at him, the fear never leaving her eye.

"Come with me, Tsukiyomi. Miss Hinamori, get back to your class," she heard the teacher instruct. She watched as the teacher took the boy away and she felt frozen. What… just… happened…?