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Chapter 9

"Hello, Amu, I don't believe we've met in person before. I'm Esmerelda," the woman said, extending a hand.

Before Amu could take her hand, Ikuto stopped her by pulling her towards him and into his arms.

"Ikuto-?" Amu exclaimed, surprised.

"Don't touch her," Ikuto said with a glare. Esmerelda simply laughed and rested her hand against her side. "What are you doing by the border, anyway?"

"It's my kindom, Tsukiyomi. My dimension. I can do as I please. I understand that you need some help?"

"No, I don't. Amu does."

"What? Me?" Amu asked.

"She's the only one who can help me and you know it. Stop acting like a fucking retard. All you have to do is make her discover her gift so she can help me. But if you so much as lay a hand on her, I will use all that I know for you to experience the worst kind of death there is." Ikuto said, keeping his glare at Esmerelda. Why was he acting so cold towards her?

"Seriously Tsukiyomi, you should stop being so paranoid. I won't hurt her."

"I don't trust you."

Esmerelda rolled her eyes. "I'm expecting you'll want to watch me help her?"

"Of course I'll be watching. I'm not going to leave her alone for a minute." Amu was speechless as she was being held by him ever so tightly. He sounded so serious….

"Fine by me, Tsukiyomi Ikuto. Now, follow me," Esmerelda said with a smile. She turned and started walking, not looking back to see if Ikuto and Amu were following.

"Let's go," he whispered in her ear. He stood up and held her hand tightly. "I'm going to use a telepathy spell, I need to say a few things to you in private," he whispered again. Amu nodded, although she never used the telepathy spell before. At least he was performing it. Almost instantly she heard his voice in her head. "Amu can you hear me?"

"Yeah, I can. Can you hear me? I've never used this spell."

"Trust me, it will come in handy. Now, Esmerelda isn't all that she seems to be. She's very dangerous and deadly. A single touch can cause extreme amounts of pain." Amu nodded, understanding why he didn't want Esmerelda to touch her.

"Did she ever hurt you?"

"Yes. It was a very horrible pain. That type of pain is the only pain that you should experience before death, but the catch is that you don't die and your left with the after-shock."

"Why'd she hurt you?"

"Well, it had some things to do with the fight between Hotori and me. She, of course, took his side. But then again, who didn't have a reason to hurt me?"

"What… fight? And why'd she take his side?"

"I can't explain the details about the fight right now, we're almost at the palace. But the reason she took Hotori Tadase's side is easy. Esmerelda is Tadase's mom."

Amu stared at him and he nodded. "His mother? Are you sure?"

Ikuto rolled his eyes. "Amu, yes, I'm sure. I wouldn't make that up. Sadly, she's someone who can help you realize your gift and she was indicated in my vision so I had to bring you to her."

Amu thought back to the potion. She knew the hour was almost up. Should she tell him? Should she tell Ikuto about the potion?

No. Not yet, at least.

She felt like she had a good fifteen minutes. Suddenly a new voice came into her head. A woman's voice. Esmerelda's voice. "I know that Tadase gave you the potion and I know that the hour is almost up. I have an antidote in the palace that I'll give you if you agree to do me a small favor."

"W-what favor?" Amu responded, looking over at her walking front of them. She then saw Ikuto stare at her confused. He must've heard what she herself was saying in her mind, even if he couldn't hear what Esmerelda was saying.

"I'll tell you once we get back," Esmerelda's voice said once again in her mind. "Just remember this. If you do not fulfill my favor, the potion will once again re-enter you're blood stream and it will activate after however many minutes you had left before drinking the antidote. Understand?"

"Yes… I-I understand."

She saw Ikuto eye Esmerelda and his grip on Amu's hand tighten.

Esmerelda then turned around and Amu realized that they were standing in front of an amazing palace made of marble.

"Welcome to my home," she said with a smile. Like nothing happened. "Please, this way."

They entered the palace and it was simply stunning. Everything looked like it was personally brought to Esmerelda from heaven. Or that this was heaven. Perfect looking people walked around gracefully in the palace and they all wore smiles and were all simply gorgeous.

"This way," Esmerelda said to them with a smile. They followed her down a wide hallway and up a staircase to an entrance to a secret passage way. After a few turns and twists, Esmerelda lit a candle by speaking a simple spell. "Let's begin, shall we?" She sat at a table and motioned for Ikuto and Amu to sit in front of her. "First, I need to speak with Amu. Alone."

"I already told you, that's not gonna happen—"

Esmerelda yelled out a loud single word and suddenly Amu felt her head spinning and several colors swirled in front of her eyes.

"I-Ikuto…," she murmured. "I don't… feel so…"

"Amu! Amu, what's wrong? What did you say to her, you bitch?" Ikuto yelled at Esmerelda. His voice was so… far… and so… small…. She couldn't even see him. It was just her and Esmerelda. Esmerelda was the only one that stayed clear.

And then, everything stopped. Amu looked around to see that, now, there was only she and Esmerelda in the room. Ikuto wasn't there.

"Where's Ikuto?" Amu shouted.

"Now, Sweetheart. Do you want that potion out of your system or not?"

Amu looked at her. Her smile was sly and mischievous. "Yes. I do," Amu said in a quiet voice. "But… tell me what kind of potion it is first!"

Esmerelda smiled. "This type of potion is something rare called Death of Love."

"What?" Amu asked. She'd never heard of that before.

"First, the potion will cause you to fall madly and eternally in love with my son. You will give him anything he wants. Anything he desires. You will do anything he desires."

"What do you—" Suddenly everything dawned on her. She understood the full potent of the potion. Not only would she fall madly in love with him, she would be his servant and carry out all his wishes. If he asked her to kill, she would do it. If he asked her to be his, she would do it. If he asked her to slaughter all of the people in a village, she would do it.

"And you haven't even heard the best part! When he's through with you, you're going to die," Esmerelda said with a smile. Amu looked at her, her eyes wide. Suddenly Amu felt a pain in her chest, right over her heart. "It's almost time sweetie, and when it happens, there's no turning back. Will you do me that one favor?"

Amu could feel her time ticking away. Suddenly thought of how cute blond hair was and how Hotori Amu sounded just right. "No!" Amu screamed. "I'll do it! I do your favor!"

"Good choice," Esmerelda said with a smile. Suddenly, all of the pain went away. All of those thoughts went away too. Amu panted, trying to regain oxygen. "Now, remember. If you don't put forth my favor, the potion will re-enter your blood stream, but instead of one hour until it takes effect, the time you had was one minute. One minute until the potion took effect."

"Yes, I understand. Now, what's the favor?"

Esmerelda's bottom lip curled into a menacing smile. "I need you to kill Tsukiyomi Ikuto."

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