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No Such Thing As Normal

For Thor, God of Thunder, a day of relaxation meant not having to summon his armor and not having to form with the Avengers in order to save the world from another apocalypse. He was sipping his favorite morning beverage, coffee and watching the Earth's sun greet the morning sky. He was only in jeans at the moment, his hair still drying from the shower. All of his shirts were in the laundry, Jane practically begged him not to touch the washer or dryer. Last time he had, they both exploded.

The God of Thunder looked up from the steaming liquid, and quirked at eyebrow at his daughter. Her sun gold hair was plaited in braids in red ribbon, and she wearing a red striped shirt with jeans and a t-shirt. But what made him smile was what was trying to drag toward her bear covered backpack.

She had it clenched in both hands, and was dragging his prized weapon across the kitchen floor.

"Eir, what are you doing?" He questioned.

"I was going to bring your hammer to school." Eir replied looking up at Thor with innocent crystal blue eyes.

"And why may I ask were planning on doing such a dangerous thing?" Thor asked as he set his coffee on the counter.

Eir pouted. "Because yesterday, Delilah brought her pet bearded lizard to class and I wanted to bring something really cool to show-and-tell too."

Thor lifted his hammer from the floor and onto the table. He looked at his daughter with adoration and a little bit of guilt. He knew she having a hard time making friends at school, because they all thought she was some sort of freak. She was part Thunder God after all, and so far the only thing she was able to do with her powers was make lightning crack in the sky when she was angry. But that was enough to scare the nicest of kids away.

"You don't need my hammer to impress the other students…" He said and picked her up.

Her small hands scrubbed against his beard. "But the other kids call me mean names, I hate being different." Tears almost sprang to eyes, shining at the edges.

Thor kissed her on the forehead. "Being different is not a bad thing, Eir."

After Thor set his daughter down, she ran off to her room and grabbed one of the pictures on her nightstand. It was night of a very bad storm, a night where lightning lit up the sky. Other kids might have thought as lightning and thunderstorms as frightening, but she thought of them as calming. Once she had the picture in her backpack, Thor handed his daughter her bag lunch. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a bag of Doritos. She put it in her bag as well.

Eir hugged her father tightly as he dropped her off in front of the kindergarten classroom. The door was decorated with butterflies and flowers in celebration of spring. The teacher waved at her from her classroom. "Daddy, you'll be here to pick me up after school right?" She asked for the fifth time since they started the walk home.

"Yes, I will be here to take you home." He ruffled her hair a bit, and she quickly kissed him on the cheek.

Eir nervously made her way into the classroom, and sat at her desk. Her black paper nametag was covered in lightning stickers, unlike the other girls classroom, Bethany had kittens on her nametag, while Delilah had unicorns. She felt so out of place here, sometimes she wished her daddy would just take her back to Asgard, there she wouldn't be considered a freak.

"Eir, would you like to show us what you brought for show-and-tell?" Mrs. Sanders asked after she had finished writing their reading assignment on the whiteboard.

She nodded and pulled the picture out of her backpack and went to the front of the classroom. "This is the picture of the thunderstorm the night was born…" she said softly, thinking she would hear snickers from her classmates, but nobody did.

"And what do you like most about this picture?" Her teacher said with a smile.

Eir bit her lip, she wanted to say what she loved most about the picture was because it was her father who had conjured the storm to celebrate the night her mother gave birth to her, but she knew she couldn't. Her daddy being the God of Thunder had to be kept a secret.

"I think it's beautiful…" She said nervously and plopped back down in her seat. Bethany and Delilah were giving her weird looks, but the boy who sat up in front of her, turned and smiled at her. She couldn't remember his name exactly, but she thought it was Cory.

Maybe he didn't think she was a freak.