Author's Note: There's not enough stories about Tenten being "cool" so I decided to write a story about her in one of my favorite hobbies, cheerleading Yes guys, I am a cheerleader, not some nerd that sits in front of their computer writing fan fics ha-ha And as always, down forget to visit my blog:


Tenten held up on of her hands in gun form and she shot her hand in the air, jumping up and down and shouting her school's name. She heard the crowd cheer and she fed off of the energy that they were bringing her; this is why she loved cheering so much. She loved the crowd's energy and supporting her friends and classmates through her and her squads' abundant enthusiasm.

"Go Konoha!" Tenten shouted as she kicked her leg up and jumped up and down, adding to the crowd's excitement. Sakura, Ino, Karin, Hinata, and Temari shouted right next to her, helping support the school at the beginning of the year assembly.

All of the girls were in their junior year, and all were gunning for the cute football players that just choiced into their school this year. Tenten scanned the audience for the football players as she began her dance routine with the other girls.

It wasn't long before Tenten laid her eyes on possibly the most beautiful that she had ever seen, she didn't know who he was, but she was hoping that he'd show up to Karin's party Friday, which was in about two days considering that the first day of school was a Wednesday.

He had long hair that reached down his back, and the lifeless and yet captivating Hyuuga clan eyes. Tenten secretly wondered and hoped that Hinata would invite them to her house sometime so that she could investigate.

After the dance was over all of the girls yelled and cheered and chanted their school's name and then they ran off to the side of the gym so that the principle could speak.

The principle, Tsunade, pretty much said the usual speech that all of the girls were expecting. Tsunade welcomed all of the new freshmen and taught everyone the school cheer, which the cheerleaders gladly chanted for all of the new students.

After the assembly all of the girls grouped together again to talk. "That was some assembly!" Temari said slyly, hinting at the football players in the stands with her eyes and expression.

"I'll say, did you see Sasuke? Oh he was looking so hot!" Karin gushed. Both Ino and Sakura gave her a glare. All three of the girls wanted Sasuke, and would do anything to get the Tight End's attention, which is probably what persuaded them to join the cheer team in the first place.

Hinata and Temari looked at each other and rolled their eyes as the three started bickering over Sasuke and who would be lucky enough to have him first. Temari then turned her attention to Tenten, "Hey, why are you so quiet?" she questioned, staring at Tenten with concern.

"It's nothing…" Tenten mumbled as she looked away, trying not to blush.

"You like someone don't you?" Hinata inquired, her purple eyes sparkling as she gazed at Tenten. Temari narrowed her eyes and looked down and Tenten expectantly.

Tenten took a step back and looked at all five girls, who now all had their attention on her. "I-It's no one—I mean nothing!" Tenten stuttered as she silently cursed herself for revealing that it was a boy she was fretting over.

"I knew it!" Hinata shouted looking at her team mates for support.

"Who is it?" Ino pried, stepping closer to Tenten. This sudden advance on her personal space only made Tenten retreat farther back, making her look more and more nervous.

"I-It's no one," Tenten insisted, holding her hands up as a gesture to get the five girls to back off.

"It's someone from the football team isn't it?" Sakura insisted as she took another step forward with her hands on her hips. Tenten blushed and looked away; the rest of her team mates looked at her and shot triumphant looks towards each other.

"It is!" shouted Karin with excitement, "It better not be Sasuke," she coldly said as she changed her tone. Karin was always so defensive of Sasuke, Tenten always wondered why, because Sasuke never gave Karin the time of day.

"Who could it be?" Ino said aloud as she put a finger to her chin, a gesture of thinking.

"I'm not sure, we'll just have to invite them all to Karin's party," Temari said. Then she turned to Karin "You're okay with a bunch of football players coming to your party right Karin?" Temari quickly asked, forgetting her manors. Karin nodded her head up and down wildly in her excitement.

"Good, then it's decided. Let's see which one of these boys you really have a crush on, Tenten," Temari challenged as she placed her hands on her hips. Tenten gulped and stared at her white cheerleading shoes. She really hated her life right about now.