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Chapter one: Any Normal Day

I hear my father pass by my room on the way to the stairs. The shop must be opening soon. Even though our supply of meat was low this winter, spring seems to be bringing us good supplies. I roll out of bed, letting my feet hit the wood floor with a thud. I stare at myself in the cracked mirror across my small room. From the back I must look exactly like my mother did, with long dark hair down to my petite waist. Plus my one grey eye. However, the other eye being a pale blue and my fair complexion show my father's merchants genes. Half and half; a mutt. Something not welcomed in district 12. Too privileged to be a seam kid yet too seam and "dirty" to speak with the merchants. Someday, when I own the meat shop I suppose they all will just have to get over it. But for now I will just keep to myself in school. But even that doesn't block out every cruel word.

I dress myself in a simple dress and tie my apron. "Charlotte" I hear my father call from the shop down below. "Our favorite employee has come to visit." I laugh as I trot down the hall, "Coming Papa" I call over the banister as I descend the stairs. Young 12 year old Sage sits at the counter, observing today's catch and looking nervous. He always looks like that when his father is around. Like me, Sage lost his mother years ago. She starved to death, my father tells me. But Sage's father, unlike mine who gives twice the normal amount of love, gives him none at all. The only useful thing he ever did to the starving seam kid was teach him how to hunt. Even if it is illegal the peacekeepers never seemed to care before. And every morning, little Sage brings us something before school in exchange for a little breakfast and sometimes a chat. Today is a Saturday, so he won't be staying long. He as a full hunt ahead of him today. And tomorrow is reaping day, now I can see why he is so scared. It is his first reaping.

He is absent mindedly is plucking feathers from his turkey when he sees me. "Char!" he calls out. "Hello Sage" I give him a hug. "So a turkey, eh?" I ask. "I shot it all by myself with my bow all by myself!" He seems proud of himself. "How much do I owe ya? It's quite a large bird" I begin to tease him when a call interrupts me. "Boy you better hurry up in there!" calls his father's gruff voice. "Don't be spending too much time with that mutt." Mutt. This isn't the first time I've been called this. It's a pretty popular nick name for me. Both merchant and seam members alike. Luckily my father isn't back here. If he heard it I would be pushed a lot harder than normal today. I glance down at Sage. His eyes are wide with fear and worry. I force a smile and pay him a little extra than normal. "Don't let your dad see the extra" I whisper. "And don't worry about tomorrow. "Thanks" he replies and he gives me a fleeting hug as he leaves out the back door.