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Santana's feet were glued to the spot as her face was scrunched up in horror at the sight before her. Rachel kept clutching at her stomach and grimacing in pain, as Santana saw more blood spill down her leg at a slow and menacing pace.

"Santana please help" whimpered out Rachel as she fell on her knees onto the floor.

The helplessness in her sister's voice made Santana snap out her thought process and hurry into action. She ran over to Rachel and held her close, "Rachel what happened?" she asked seriously as she picked Rachel up and ushered her to the living room sofa.

"I don't know; my stomach hurt all morning. I woke up to this sharp pain and when I looked down it was blood everywhere. The baby can't be coming Santana, it's too soon!" Rachel screamed, successfully riling herself up.

'Don't panic' Santana kept repeating to herself as she thought of the options that were before her. She ran around looking for her phone before remembering it was in her duffle bag. Another piercing scream ripped from Rachel and Santana had to fight her tears away as she began trembling, trying to dial 911.

"911 emergency" the operator rang through.

"My sister is going into labor I think…its blood everywhere and we need an ambulance" screamed Santana into the phone as Rachel screamed out her misery.

"Okay how far along is your sister" replied the operator calmly.

"She's about five months, it's way too early for the baby to be coming!" Santana yelled into the phone.

"Ma'am I need for you to stay calm okay" replied the operator clearly used to people being excited over the phone, "How is the mother doing?"

"I already told you, you stupid bitch. There's blood everywhere and she's screaming in pain…hurry the fuck up with ambulance!" Santana replied irately.

"Unfortunately ma'am there has been a ten car pile-up and we are limited in emergency vehicles at the moment, one will be there but it may take some time" replied the operator, completely ignoring Santana's rudeness.

"Fuck this" Santana said hanging up as she forced her phone into her pants pocket. She saw her car keys dangling from the key holder and through consequences to the wind. Her sister and nephew needed her and right now that was more important than anything. Santana grabbed the keys off the hook and rushed back over to Rachel who had beads of sweat pouring down her face and was looking faint. If possible more blood had appeared and Santana felt her entire stomach lurch. She picked up Rachel cautiously, cradling the small diva in her arms, while making her way to the garage and their ticket to the hospital.

"San, what's going on?" asked Rachel tiredly as Santana somehow managed to get the passenger door open and sit her sister down in the car seat.

"I'm driving you to the hospital, the ambulance won't be here for sometime Munchkin and we don't have the kind of time" rushed out Santana as she buckled Rachel in trying to make sure she was as comfortable as possible. Another earth shattering scream erupted from Rachel and Santana made quick work of getting to the driver's side and hoping in. putting the keys into the ignition Santana tore out of their family driveway at would could only be described as Nascar type driving.

"San, this hurts so bad…I'm scared" cried out Rachel, who had a steady stream of tears and sweat on her face.

Santana swallowed the sob that wanted to escape from her lips, "I know you're scared honey, but I'm gonna get you to the hospital so they can take care of you. We'll be there in no time."

Santana punched the gas and reached over with her right hand to grab onto Rachel's. Santana navigated the streets of Lima with expertise and speed as she felt her sister trembling next to her and sobbing in pain. Santana was scared shitless and she was afraid of not only losing the baby but losing Rachel. That thought alone forced Santana to speed up and grip Rachel's hand harder as tears fell out of her eyes.

Santana screeched the car to a halt right in front of the emergency room doors before jumping out and flinging herself over the hood of the car. It looked like something out of a movie and Santana would have chuckled if the situation hadn't been so dire. She flung the car door open and unbuckled Rachel and scooped her up in one swift motion.

Running through the emergency doors, Santana let it be known that they had arrived.

"HELP!" she bellowed, "My sister needs help! She's pregnant and its blood everywhere!"

Immediately two male nurses jumped from behind the entrance counter and grabbed Rachel out of Santana's arms before ushering her towards the back.

"San, San please don't leave me!" cried out Rachel.

"I'm not going anywhere I'm right behind you" confirmed Santana as she stayed on the heels of the two male nurses who were rushing to an available emergency room. Santana heard some doctor being paged and she sent a quick prayer up to God to look after her family. They ran down one corridor and made a sharp left. A bunch of people seemed to converge on Rachel at once and Santana was making her way into the room when she was suddenly jerked away by one of the nurses.

"What the hell are you doing?!" yelled Santana incredulously, "My sister needs me."

"I know she does, but we need some information from you first. Her and the baby are in good hands alright, but I have to pick your brain before you go in…I'm Kevin by way" he said introducing himself.

Santana scoffed and glared at the man and the nurse took it as his cue to continue on.

"What's your sister's name?"

"Rachel Barbara Berry-Corcoran" responded Santana through pursed lips.

"How old is she?"


"How far along is she in the pregnancy?"

"I think about five months…she might have just turned five months" replied Santana as she willed her brain to focus and not worry about Rachel.

"Okay can you tell me exactly what happened?"

Santana recalled the details how she came home and her sister suddenly appeared out to her screaming in pain. She told them she phoned emergency, but they were backed up because of some stupid accident so she had to drive her sister here.

"Okay…is your car still out front?" he questioned.

Santana nodded her head, as fear pricked her heart suddenly because she knew she wasn't supposed to drive.

"Okay, give me the keys and I'm going to move it into a better parking space" said Nurse Kevin as she he held out his hands.

Santana handed them over with no problem and started to turn to run into the room, when she heard the weirdest sound coming from Rachel.

"One last thing before you go, I need your name and the number of a parent I can get in contact with."

"I'm Santana" she responded quickly. She gave Nurse Kevin her mom's number and Nana's just in case. She didn't know why but she gave him Finn's as well…he was the father after all.

Nurse Kevin thanked her and headed off in the direction they first came from. Santana darted into the room as she heard Rachel scream out her name again. She rushed over to her sister and grabbed her hand as she tried to process the scene in front of her.

Rachel had been taking out of her clothing and Santana saw the clothes sitting on the ground. It looked like someone had cut them up to get them off of her. They had a hospital gown laying on top of Rachel with several blankets on her from the upper torso up to her neck. Rachel's legs where in stirrups and the doctors in nurses were talking quickly and analyzing the situation. Suddenly a divider had been placed up, so Rachel nor Santana could see the lower half of her body and what was going on.

"Hey, is someone gonna tell us what's goins on?" Santana asked loudly as her Spanish accent peaked through.

"Yes ma'am, just give us a second honey" said a middle aged woman. Santana assumed she was the doctor at hand because she was the only one that spoke up.

Rachel screamed out once more and Santana knew Rachel had to be feeling a powerful contraction. She looked over into her sister's big brown eyes and her heart broke. It was obvious how scared Rachel was and it looked as if she was genuinely heartbroken to be in this situation.

"Hold on Munchkin…you hear me" whispered Santana sternly as she clasped Rachel's hand tighter to her. "We're gonna get through this and baby boy is gonna be fine" said Santana with a smile.

"We never found out the sex" mumbled Rachel, knowing Santana was trying to make her feel better.

"You wait and see. Auntie Tana is never wrong about this stuff. Hold on Munchkin and be strong for us. I know it hurts but I'm right here and I'm not going anywhere" Santana said with conviction. Santana could see Rachel's eyes start to relax slightly and Santana bent down and gave her forehead a sloppy kiss.

"I'm Dr. Richardson" said a middle aged blonde woman introducing herself. She was about Shelby's height with what looked to be blonde hair stuck in some type of hospital cap.

"Can you tell us what's going on? My sister's in pain here" replied Santana in clear frustration.

"She's definitely in labor and judging from what we've seen Rachel has lost a lot of blood" Dr. Richardson replied.

Santana rolled her eyes in annoyance, "I've already figured that out, she needs help…she's hurting" Santana said angrily through gritted teeth.

"The baby will be here within a matter of minutes. That much is clear…what's your name?" inquired Dr. Richardson, completely ignoring Santana's attitude.

"Santana" replied the Latina tersely.

"Santana, Rachel is about to give birth. We can't give her any pain medicine that would help her through this because she's crowing, not only that she's lost a lot of blood and we don't want to chance that. What I need you to do is help her give birth, understand?" asked Dr. Richardson.

Santana gulped and nodded her head.

"What I need you to do is climb behind Rachel and be a support for when she starts pushing" said Dr. Richardson, "Hold her hands and whisper encouraging words okay. Rachel and Santana I need for you both to trust us to know that we are doing everything in our ability to make sure this is a successful birth."

Santana replied 'yes' quietly while Rachel agreed with a shaky voice. In one swift motion Santana climbed onto the bed and took the phone out of her pocket laying it on the side table, while navigating her legs as not to move Rachel too much. The football practices had indeed helped with her speed, agility, and strength.

"That was impressive Santana, now the nurses are going to help you to sit Rachel up, so that's she's pressed against your body and then we can move from there."

Nurse Kevin appeared again and he along with another nurse, as they helped Rachel to sit up. Rachel was now pressed against Santana's front tightly while Santana had wiped the beads of sweat that constantly seemed to be on Rachel's forehead. Santana noticed that Rachel looked incredibly weak and Santana sent up a quick prayer hoping she had gotten Rachel and the baby here in time. She tried calming her nervousness down because she didn't want Rachel to feed off of that energy.

"Okay Rachel, I can the baby's close, on the count of three I want you to start pushing…Rachel you with me?" said Dr. Richardson from the other side of the divider.

"Yeah I hear you" replied Rachel weakly.

"Lean on Santana for support" the doctor instructed, "One…two…three…PUSH" said Dr. Richardson. Santana felt Rachel began to bear down and grip her hands for support and Santana made sure she tightened her grip.

"You're doing good…that's it Munchkin" encouraged Santana.

"You can stop now Rachel…I see the baby's head…it's got a lot of dark hair that's for sure" they heard Dr. Richardson say.

"You okay?" asked Santana as she wiped Rachel's brow again. Rachel nodded weakly and asked Santana for a drink of water. Santana leaned over and grabbed a cup of water filled with ice chips. Santana pressed the plastic cup to Rachel's slightly dry lips and leaned it ever so slightly so that Rachel could get her fill, but making sure she didn't wet up the small diva in the process.

"Alright get ready to push again Rachel" Dr. Richardson's voice flowed through. Santana hurriedly put the cup aside and grabbed Rachel's hands again. "One …two…three…push!" said Dr. Richardson.

Rachel let out a strangled scream as she pushed again. The unearthly noise that came from Rachel scared the hell out of Santana but she kept her grip tight and the soothing words coming. She really wished her mother and Nana were present at this serious moment…sure she was playing it cool on the outside but internally she was freaking out. Santana was scared and she needed help.

"Rachel the heads out, give us a second and then one more push" Dr. Richardson announced.

The sound of a weak baby's cry filled the room and Santana's stomach turned weak with joy at the sound of what she knew to be her nephew.

"You hear that Rach, you hear that?" Santana excitedly asked her sister. Rachel looked up at Santana with her big brown eyes and smiled, "Yeah I definitely hear it" she replied hoarsely.

"One more push and you'll be done" Dr. Richardson said.

They waited for the count of three and the word push and Santana felt Rachel put all her energy into pushing the baby out. Santana felt Rachel's body collapse against her with heavy breaths and she knew that the baby was out.

"You have a beautiful baby boy!" said Nurse Kevin with excitement.

Suddenly the divider was pulled away and the most beautiful sight Santana had ever seen was placed in front of both of their faces. The tiniest baby she'd ever seen was in front of her eyes with bloody guck all over him. Massive dark brown curls were all over his head and Santana could see his little penis…it reminded her of a thimble. It was the cutest thing ever. She watched as Rachel reached her hand up and touched him so softly and cooed out her affection. Santana stared in awe as he turned his head slightly and opened up his eyes as the nurses were cleaning him off and clamping his umbilical cord.

"Rach look his eyes are open!" said Santana in amazement as she felt Rachel's body against her still trembling.

"I see them…he's beautiful" whispered Rachel quietly.

"You want to cut the umbilical cord" asked Dr. Richardson handing Santana a pair of surgical scissors. Santana nodded her head and grabbed the scissors as she leaned forward slightly and concentrated on cutting in the spot the doctor had director. After getting praise for doing a good job Santana leaned back and over and grabbed her camera, taking several photographs, determined to capture this moment.

Rachel was quiet and so was her nephew. Santana noticed that he had Rachel's big expressive eyes and deep set dimples. She watched him smirk up at Rachel as the mother and son kept their eyes trained on one another as if they were speaking a secret language.

The next minute happened as if in slow motion, but Santana knew the reality of it was much faster. Baby boy's face turned a sickly shade of blue and the nurses and doctor began to yell at one another, talking about some type of code. He was snatched away immediately as Santana's face went horror struck, as the staff went to work on her nephew.

"What's happening?!" yelled out Rachel. She began to speak again but Santana felt her body unexpectedly slump against her and she knew something was wrong. Looking down she saw Rachel's head hanging to the side and Santana's freak out meter skyrocketed.

"Rachel! Rachel!" screamed out Santana, "Oh my gosh, someone please help!" yelled the Latina, drawing attention to her.

Kevin rushed over to check on Rachel. Santana was suddenly lifted from behind Rachel with extreme force and ushered out of the room directly into the cold plastic hard seats.

"Wait here" said Nurse Kevin forcefully, before rushing back into the room to attend to Rachel.

Santana couldn't believe the events that just transpired. How on earth did she get here? All she was trying to do was to get some space to clear her head after seeing Quinn and Brittany…again. Santana didn't realize she was trembling until she placed her hands on top of her knees and noticed they wouldn't stay still no matter how hard she tried. The commotion in the room got louder and a single fat tear fell out of Santana's eye as got up and began pacing back in forth. 'Where's mom? I really need her…we need her' Santana thought internally.

As if on cue, she heard her name being shouted down the hall.

"Santana!" Shelby called as she rushed down the hall. Santana's body reacted without thought and she ran towards her mother and collapsed in the woman's arms once they met. Santana broke into a series of sobs, after holding it together for so long.

"Let me look at you" said Shelby frantically as leaned away from Santana in took in her appearance, "You have blood on you, are you bleeding?" Shelby questioned as she began probing Santana's body.

"Mom it's not mine" said Santana through her tears, effectively putting Shelby's exam to a stop, "its Rachel's" whispered Santana.

"Oh my goodness" said Shelby as her eyes instantly watered, "Santana tell me what happened" said Shelby as Santana felt the woman pulling her over to the uncomfortable seats.

Santana recalled the details of everything that happened as her mother looked at her with horror filled eyes, mixed with grief. Santana had yet to stop crying and she was just explaining how they shoved her out of the room with no detail when she saw Nana round the corner with Quinn and Mercedes on her heels.

Santana watched the scene unfold in front of her. Shelby ran to Nana and her knees buckled slightly as flung herself into the older woman's arms much like Santana had done earlier to her. Mercedes by passed both of the woman and ran to Santana in hugged her as if their lives depended on it. She didn't bother asking for the details like she normally would, the brown beauty just hugged onto Santana and kept thanking God that she was okay. Santana saw Quinn from her peripheral standing awkwardly as everything happened.

"Santana you need a change of clothing" said Nana authoritatively once Shelby had calmed down slightly, "Quinn can you give her a change of clothing?" asked Nana.

"Yeah, I have extra clothes in my duffle bag…it's in the car" replied Quinn quietly.

Nana handed over the keys and Quinn took off down the hallway, as Nana guided Shelby over to the seating area, so she could try to explain everything…but it wasn't happening. Santana was forced to recall the events yet again and by the time Quinn came back with the clothes; Mercedes and Nana had tears falling out of their eyes as well. Quinn held out the clothing for Santana and she took it gratefully while giving a whispered 'thanks' in return. She headed to bathroom that was a little ways down the hall and could hear a pair of feet behind her.

Santana held the door open for Quinn, before walking to over to an empty stall and closing the doors so she could change. Santana and Quinn were roughly the same size so the McKinley High t-shirt and sweats fit comfortably. Santana quickly changed and came out of the stall where she saw Quinn standing against the wall, arms crossed, chewing on her bottom lip and lost in thought. Santana actually looked at Quinn and saw her in the Cheerios uniform and remembered that it was Friday and they had a game.

"Shit" hissed out Santana.

"What?" questioned Quinn with the classic Fabray quirked eyebrow.

"I forgot about the game today" replied Santana avoiding eye contact.

"Honestly I think Coach Beiste is gonna forfeit" replied Quinn quietly.

"Why?" Santana asked with her face frowned up.

"Finn kinda freaked when he heard Rachel was here…we all did."

Santana groaned and walked towards the bathroom sink, she had completely forgotten about Finn.

"Are you okay?" Quinn questioned with concern.

"Why do you ask?" Santana replied a little irritably, ignoring Quinn's inquisitive eyes.

"I know you Santana, I know you and I are…whatever we are, but I know whatever happened has shaken you to your core. I'm just asking if you're okay" replied Quinn with a soft tone.

Santana griped the sides of the basin and let out a choked sob, "You didn't see her, or him" she said shaking her head. "It didn't look good Quinn and I'm scared."

Quinn moved to try and comfort Santana but the Latina wasn't having any of it and she side stepped the taller blonde, "We should get back" Santana rushed out as she grabbed a paper towel and quickly cleaned her face. She chucked the used paper in the receptacle as well as her bloody clothes and headed out of the bathroom with Quinn slowly walking behind her.

Once outside in the hallway Santana noticed Dr. Richardson and Kevin standing in front of Nana, Shelby and Mercedes, clearly waiting for them.

"How's Rachel?" Santana demanded once she and Quinn made their way back to the family.

"I was waiting for you so I would only have to explain once" replied Dr. Richardson calmly, "I honestly think it would help if you all would be seated."

Santana's breathing began to pick up and her stomach dropped as she heard Quinn's breath staggering…this couldn't be good news. She sat next to Mercedes, who immediately clutched her hand. Santana glanced over at Shelby whose face had drained of its color and she held a death grip on Nana's hand. Quinn's body was right up under Nana, and they were grasping one another hands as well.

Dr. Richardson released a heavy sigh before beginning, "I want to thank you for your patience with us as I know it must have been nerve-wracking to sit here and wait" said the woman doctor as she gave each one of them eye contact. "I'll start with Rachel. The good news is we have her stabilized and she will definitely make a full recovery."

Santana released a breath she hadn't even realized she was holding.

"What happened with her besides the child birth?" asked Shelby shakily as she wiped away tears.

"Rachel suffered from what's known as placental abruption" Dr. Richardson said slowly. Santana heard Quinn groan as the doctor continued, "In layman's terms the placental separated from Rachel's uterus, which caused major vaginal bleeding. The reason she passed out after delivery is because she had lost so much blood. We were able to stop the bleeding and now we are in the process of giving Rachel a blood transfusion. We had to sedate Rachel because she came to slightly and she was beginning to get a little hysterical because of her concern with baby Corcoran" said Dr. Richardson in almost one breath. The doctor paused to give the family time to process everything.

"But she's okay right?" questioned Mercedes.

"She will be…I want to keep her here a few days so we can monitor her and she can heal properly" replied Dr. Richardson.

"What about my grandson?" asked Shelby, visibly upset. It killed Santana to see her adoptive mother this way. Shelby was usually so strong but right now she looked so broken.

"His case is more grave" said Dr. Richardson softly, "we've concluded that baby Corcoran was in distress after the placenta broke from Rachel's uterus. His levels of oxygen were very low when he was born and to be honest I'm shocked that he was breathing without help after birth as long as he was."

Santana's breathing had picked up from the news, "Is…is that why he turned blue" she asked trying to ward off more tears.

"Well partly, once we got him breathing again, we immediately took him to neonatal intensive care unit so that we could get some proper x-rays of his chest. It confirmed what we were afraid of…his lungs are simply underdeveloped. They're so underdeveloped that he can't breathe on his own…at all" replied Dr. Richardson.

"What does that mean?!" yelled a distressed Shelby.

"I'm sorry to deliver this but we don't think that baby Corcoran is going to make it through the weekend" replied Dr. Richardson calmly.

"What?! The hell you mean by that?" screamed Santana as she stood up, forcing her entire family to follow.

"His lungs aren't strong enough or developed enough for him to breathe on his own. The ventilator we have him hooked up to is a little too much for his small body to take and eventually his body will break down. It's like the ventilator is helping him and working against him at the same time. Him being without oxygen in the placenta before birth didn't help either. I'm sorry I know this is hard to hear and even harder to accept but these are the facts and I'm sorry it isn't more that we could do for your family" said Dr. Richardson.

Santana stood with her mouth hanging open looking at the doctor as if they were crazy. The entire family was in complete shock and no one knew how to respond except for flowing tears falling out of their eyes.

"I can say that Santana you did great by getting your sister here when you did…if any later things would have been quite different" Dr. Richardson said trying to provide some type of solace for the family. It was evident on the woman's face how much she hated giving bad news, "I can also tell you that baby Corcoran is a fighter…he fought to get out of the womb, to see his mother, and he's fighting to survive now."

"Thank you so much for fighting for our family" replied Nana kindly as she wiped tears away.

"No problem ma'am. If you need anything please ask Kevin, myself, or our staff. If you'll excuse me I'm going to make sure Rachel and baby Corcoran are settled in properly" said the woman before walking away.

"I need to see my daughter and grandson" Shelby desperately said.

"Let make sure everything's good and I'll be back to get you. Kevin can you assist me please" said Dr. Richardson. Santana watched as the two hospital workers walked away before turning to her family. Nana pulled all of them into a circle, with teary eyes the patriarch of their family spoke, "I know what the doctor has told us and we all understood exactly what she was saying. It seems the newest member of our family won't be spending as much time with us as we hoped" she started. Santana heard Shelby choke back a sob, "I'm a firm believer in the power of prayer and I believe that God is the final author on everything" continued Nana. "Please join me in prayer family" said Nana quietly.

Santana watched as everyone joined hands in the family formed a tight circle. Santana closed her eyes as she listened to Nana say a riveting prayer. She heard cries from her sister and mother but knew they were earnestly praying…as was she. Santana had never prayed for something so earnestly in all her life and when the prayer was done the Corcoran women ended the prayer with a resounding chorus of 'Amen's'. Santana opened her eyes and she locked eyes with a pair of hazel watery ones. In two giant steps Santana walked over and pulled Quinn into a tight hug.

Quinn immediately buried her head into the crook of Santana's neck as they both embraced. "I'm sorry Quinn…I'm so sorry for everything. I forgive you and I want you to know that. Life's too short and I just want to move past this so we can be there for Rachel and our nephew. They're going to need us and we won't be useful to them if we're like this" Santana whispered as fresh tears sprang out of her eyes.

Santana felt wetness on her neck as Quinn sobbed at her words, "I'm so…sorry Santana. You have to know that I never meant to hurt you" she sobbed. Quinn's body was shaking so badly that Santana had to tighten her grip around her. "Please forgive me…I'm so sorry" Quinn kept repeating over and over.

"I forgive you" whispered out Santana brokenly, "please forgive me as well." Santana felt Quinn nod her head against her neck and the sisters continued to embrace each other as another wall broke down between them. It was a shame that a family tragedy had to bring this about, but Santana knew that this forgiveness had to happen. It really was the only way to be there for Rachel and each other. She honestly was trying before but it still was eating at her that Quinn and Brittany was an item. Rachel's words were clear as day in her head though. 'Forgive Quinn and move on from Britt, so you don't become bitter.' Mercedes came over and hugged them and the three sister's grieved together about everything they've been through.

Dr. Richardson was waiting with Kevin when they had finished and turned around; she escorted them to Rachel's room, which was near the NICU.

"Does Rachel know what's going on with the baby?" asked Quinn when they reached her door.

"I'm afraid not; I'm waiting on Dr. Kendrick. He's our best neonatal doctor and I consulted him for a second opinion on what I found with baby Corcoran. He should be here shortly to help explain what we found and what's going to happen to Rachel. We've also gotten word that the father of baby Corcoran is here, with a rather rambunctious group in the emergency room demanding to see Rachel and demanding information" said Dr. Richardson.

"I need to see my daughter please" said Shelby impatiently.

"I'll handle everyone outside Shelby, go be with Rachel" said Nana.

"I want to see her too" whined out Mercedes.

"I think for us breaking the news, it should just be Rachel's mom, the father of baby Corcoran and the doctors" replied Dr. Richardson.

Mercedes slammed her body into the chair in clear frustration and Santana and Quinn sat on either side of her. She understood her sister's aggravation and knew they were in for a long evening. It was official; Santana hated hospitals with a passion.


Shelby was tired of waiting for the new doctor and Finn so she just walked in Rachel's room without a word to the rest of her family. She needed to see her daughter and diplomacy was not going to keep her away from her baby. As soon as Shelby opened the door her heart broke at the site of her daughter. The sedation had worn off and Rachel looked up at her mother with broken and lost eyes.

"Mama" cried out Rachel.

Shelby instantly ran over to her baby and pulled her into a tight hug, "I should have never left you…I promised I would never leave you and I did it again. I'm sorry baby, please forgive me" Shelby cried. It killed her that her daughter had to go through all of this and where was she…at the freakin store, while her baby was in pain.

"I just thought it was gas or a stomach ache mama…I didn't know, it's not your fault" stammered Rachel. "I just want to see my son, they won't tell me what's going on" Rachel cried hysterically. Shelby didn't know what else to do but to squeeze her baby girl tighter to her. It was almost as if she was trying to mold their bodies into one.

"The doctors are going to be in soon. I think they're waiting for Finn to get here so they can explain everything at one time" whispered Shelby.

"I want to see my son" was Rachel's only reply; "they won't let me see my baby" she kept repeating over and over again.

"Shhh love, they will eventually. I want you to calm down some before you work yourself into a state" said Shelby trying to soothe her daughter before she got the worse news of her life. Mother and daughter kept their arms entangled in one another as Shelby kissed the top of Rachel's head continuously and stroked her back in a soothing manner.

This moment was bittersweet for Shelby. On one hand she was extremely thankful to God that she got to hold her baby girl one more time and soothe her, but she knew that her grandson's fate wasn't so bright.

The door creaked open and Shelby turned her head to see who was walking in. She saw a tall blur fly over to the bed and she saw Finn decked out in a full football uniform. Shelby had forgotten about the game today until she saw Finn.

"Oh my gosh, Rachel are you okay?" rushed out Finn, "I would have been back here sooner but the idiots at the front desk wouldn't let me come back" said Finn who was sitting next to Rachel's bed, staring at her daughter's back as Rachel was still clinging to Shelby.

"I'm okay Finn, I just want to know about our son" replied Rachel quietly as she released Shelby.

"Our son" stammered out Finn looking at Rachel intently.

"Yeah…our son" whispered Rachel as she grabbed Finn's hand.

A silence fell over the room as it seemed to Shelby that Finn and Rachel were communicating silently.

A knock on the door happened and Dr. Richardson let herself in followed by a middle aged man, with salt and pepper hair. Shelby noticed he had kind eyes and a built physique, with a pair of blue scrubs that matched his eye color. His eyes were framed by glasses and he held a chart that he was currently looking through while Dr. Richardson reintroduced herself and she also introduced Dr. Kendrick as the head NICU doctor, who was here to help explain everything. Dr. Kendrick shook everyone's hands and Dr. Richardson asked if it was okay if Finn's parents could join them…seeing as though they were the grandparents as well.

Shelby waited as Carole and Burt entered and she watched as Rachel was taking deep breaths and wringing her hands together in nervousness.

"I guess we can get started now that everyone is here-"started Dr. Richardson.

"What's going on with my son?"Rachel asked emotionally as she cut the doctor off.

"Dr. Kendrick" said Dr. Richardson gesturing to him to explain.

"As you know baby Corcoran was born prematurely" he started, "when babies are born to early it usually leads to a number of after birth complications. In your son's case Ms. Berry-Corcoran his lungs weren't fully developed, which has understandably caused breathing issues for him. Add the fact that he was in distress from the time you went in labor to the time he was born and it only complicated things farther" said Dr. Kendrick.

"What does that mean?" asked Finn harshly, as he stood his tall frame up.

"It means that your son can't breathe on his own. He needs the aid of a ventilator, which is helping him to breathe at this very moment. The problem is his lungs are in such poor shape that the ventilator is just a little too powerful and it's working against him as well. I'm sorry to say this but baby Corcoran won't survive this type of damage" replied Dr. Kendrick.

"Wo…won't survive" stuttered Rachel as Shelby grabbed her daughter's waist and held onto her, "Are you saying he's going to die!" almost screamed.

"Yes ma'am I am, I'm so sorry to have to deliver this news but unfortunately he won't make it through the night" said Dr. Kendrick apologetically.

Shelby's eyebrows shot up as she looked over towards Dr. Richardson who spoke up, "Our original time line was off…we thought he could make it through the weekend but his body is literally shutting down on its own" Dr. Richardson said.

Rachel fell into her Shelby's arms as she cried out in anguish.

"Can't you fix the knobs on the ventilator or something?" asked Finn in frustration as tears fell out of his stunned face, "I mean you guys are doctors, you're suppose to fix this, you're suppose to fix him!" yelled Finn, making everyone jump in the process.

"I'm sorry sir, but we've tried everything we possibly could. Baby Corcoran is a fighter…I'm literally amazed that he's still hanging on. He's alert and very aware of his surroundings but his lungs can't handle it" said Dr. Kendrick in a soft tone.

"Mama…why is this happening?" cried Rachel as she buried her face into Shelby's chest. Shelby didn't have an answer to give, so she wrapped her arms tightly around Rachel and mourned with her daughter. Shelby felt Finn scoop them both into a hug as the tall teenage boy unashamedly cried out his own heartache.

Shelby noticed Carole clinging onto Burt as the doctors waited patiently for everyone to process the information.

"I need to see Joshua" said Rachel suddenly as she pulled away from Shelby and Finn.

"Yes ma'am we can take you to see him right now" replied Dr. Kendrick.

"Rachel honey would you mind giving us his whole name for the records" asked Dr. Richardson kindly.

"Joshua Hiram Hudson…that's his name" said Rachel as tears continued to fall out her eyes. Shelby reached over to the table and handed Rachel a lot of tissue as well as Finn.

"If you're ready I can take you to him right now" announced Dr. Kendrick, "we do have rules for visitation in our NICU though. Parents are obviously allowed as well as grandparents and siblings."

"What about aunts and uncles?" questioned Burt.

"I'm sorry that's not allowed sir. You can take pictures but that's all that we can allow in the facility…we've explained that to the family outside as well and they weren't very happy about it…especially a particular Latina" said Dr. Kendrick.

Shelby groaned aloud, "I'm so sorry about her" Shelby began to explain but Dr. Kendrick waved her off, "Ma'am it's understandable, this is hard" he said.

Rachel began to move and Shelby and Finn helped her to her feet. Shelby eased her arms around Rachel's waist for support and Rachel leaned into her mother as she felt her daughter shaking again from crying. It was clear the young diva was distraught. Shelby hoped she never had to go through the pain that her daughter was going through right now with wanting to protect your child and knowing it's nothing you can do to help them. Shelby knew she would have to be the rock for her daughter and she knew that this event was going to change the dynamic of their family forever.

Shelby followed the doctors out of the room and noticed that her mother, Mercedes, Quinn, and Santana were nowhere in sight.

"We ushered them to a more accommodating waiting room along with the other people that were in the emergency waiting room. Everything has been explained, we'll take care of your family as long as you're here Ms. Corcoran" said Dr. Richardson obviously recognizing the distressed look on Shelby's face from not seeing her family.

The family made its way slowly to the NICU as Shelby tried to prepare for seeing her first grandchild face to face. A million thoughts were fluttering through her head and she wished she could just shut them all off. Her main concern was Rachel and being there for her daughter. Rachel needed her so much now and she wasn't going to disappoint her. She knew her daughter was going to go through a massive amount of emotions over the next year. Rachel did not need this as an added stress…especially because she was still mourning her fathers.

They finally stopped in front of what looked to be a private room. It was decided that Finn and Rachel would go in first, but Rachel wanted Shelby with her and Shelby immediately obliged. The doctors helped them put on some blue hospital gowns that were put on backwards. They were told to wash their hands and then they were finally allowed to enter the room.

Shelby noticed a nurse in the room, dressed similarly to them. She had a chart in her hand as she was writing down what Shelby guessed to be some vitals. Loud beeping and the sound of oxygen being pushed and pulled assaulted Shelby's consciousness and it was as if she finally realized the reality of what was going on. Shelby heard Rachel whimper slightly and she put her arm around her daughters waist again as they inched their way closer to her grandson.

Shelby saw what looked to be a rocking chair in the corner and she quickly studied the incubator as she, Finn, and Rachel approached slowly. The incubator had five holes around it with a baby blanket on top. All types of wires and monitoring machines were coming out of it and Shelby's heart broke at the very sight.

"Don't be afraid guys, c'mon over" said the nurse as she smiled slightly at them.

Rachel didn't need to be told twice as she hurried over to the incubator with Shelby right behind her. Finn walked over and stood on the other side.

Shelby looked down and saw a mass of curly dark brown hair; much like Rachel's when she was born. Shelby heard herself coo out loud as she took in his appearance. The first thing she noticed was how tiny he really was…he was tiny but oh so cute. The doctors had placed a diaper on him, that was much too big and they put him in a cute little blue onesie. Tubes were coming out his little nose and they had taped the tubes to his upper lip. Shelby saw deep set dimples and felt her heart melt. She knew that was a definite combination of Finn and Rachel. Shelby watched his chest move up and down and she glanced over and saw the ventilator that was keeping her flesh and blood alive.

"He's so small" said Finn to no one in particular with watery eyes.

"He's perfect" replied Rachel as she lifted her hand and put it through one of the holes so that she could touch baby Joshua. Shelby watched as Rachel moved her hand slowly inside the incubator and touched Joshua's hand which was balled up into a tight fist. Rachel rubbed his hand softly and Shelby cooed once again when she saw him unclench his fist and move his little legs and feet around. Joshua suddenly fluttered his eyes open and Shelby instantly fell in love as she looked into a pair of deep brown orbs.

"Oh Rachel, he has your eyes. His are just as big and expressive" whispered Shelby.

"Really" exclaimed Finn as he made his way around the incubator so he could get a better look at his son.

"Really" whispered Shelby. She saw Finn put his hand into another one of the holes and he touched his son's leg softly. A genuine smirk formed on Joshua's face and they all laughed in response. Shelby noticed that Joshua was alert and very aware of his surrounding like Dr. Kendrick said and she was amazed that he kept his eyes open. Not only were they open but it was like he knew who his mother was. His eyes stayed locked on Rachel and Shelby knew Rachel was staring at him.

Shelby felt a lump form in her throat as she realized that life with her first grandson was unfairly being cut short. She could see his little personality already and she felt silent tears drop out of her eyes and onto her face.

She mourned for her daughter, as Rachel wouldn't get to experience the joys of motherhood. She wouldn't be able to breast feed him, experience his different cries. She wouldn't see his first teeth grow in, hear his laughter, watch him crawl and take his first steps. She wouldn't be able to teach him how to potty or teach him his first Broadway song. His first days of school and the lame school pictures, explaining to him about the birds and bees and watching him go on his first date. Everything…every experience was being snatched away from Rachel and it killed Shelby internally. She would willingly give up her own life to save his; without a second thought but the obvious truth was she couldn't do anything to save him.

"He's not in pain, is he?" asked Finn breaking the silence of the room.

"No he's not…we're giving him a mild form of pain medicine, so he's quite comfortable" replied the nurse.

Shelby kissed the top of Rachel's head, "I'm going to let you spend some more time alone with him" said Shelby, "are you going to be okay?" asked Shelby.

"Yeah mama, I'll be fine" Rachel replied hoarsely.

"Finn?" questioned Shelby.

"Yeah Ms. C, I'll be fine…would you mind sending my mom and stepdad in on your way out. I want them to see him" said Finn not taking his eyes off of his son.

"Sure honey, Rach I'll be right back okay" said Shelby.

Rachel nodded as she kept her focus on Joshua.

"I love you my beautiful grandson. I love you now, forever, and always and I know you won't forget that. Tell my daddy hi and your granddad's hi when you get up there for me" whispered Shelby softly. She heard Rachel whimper and she gave her daughter another kiss on the head and patted Finn's shoulder before walking away.

Shelby exited the private room, ripping the hospital gown off her as she left. She saw Carole and Burt waiting and told them to go on in, while she checked in on the rest of her family. As soon as the Hudson-Hummel's left Shelby walked back from the area they had come from before.

She made it back to Rachel's personal room and as soon as the door shut she collapsed against the side of the wall breaking down into sobs. Shelby found herself thinking exactly what Rachel was early. How come this was happening? Hasn't her family been through enough already? How is she supposed to do this? There was nothing in a parenting manual about helping and supporting your daughter when she was about to lose her own child.

A strong set of familiar hands wrapped itself around Shelby's waist and pulled her up from behind. Shelby immediately turned her body into Terry's chest and continued to sob as he held her impossibly tight to him.

"It's alright Shells, it'll be okay" he said in that deep voice Shelby loved so much. She was grateful for this man's kindness and how much he loved her. He was always there in her time of need and he was always so supportive of everything dealing with her family. Shelby grasped onto his uniform for balance as she cried her eyes out. Terry kept repeating soothing words to her and holding Shelby tightly to him. She tried so hard to explain everything but he kept shushing her and telling her that he would be there and they would get through this together as a family.

It had taken some time for Shelby to finally calm down. When she did she walked over to the side table and grabbed a lot of tissue to clean her face. She unattractively blew her nose…any other time she would have been horrified to do that in front of Terry but she didn't care about those trivial things any longer.

"Terry you know where the waiting room is, where they have everyone?" asked Shelby with a stuffy nose.

"Yeah I can take you there. I want you to drink some water first" replied Terry as he walked over and handing her a cool cup of the clear substance. Shelby took it from his hands gratefully and relished the feeling as the water soothed her throat on the way down. Terry took some fresh tissues and began wiping some more of the tear tracks of Shelby's face gingerly and her still running nose. Once Shelby finished her drink Terry took her by the hand and led her out of the room and towards the new waiting room.

Once they turned a corner Shelby instantly saw Santana leaning against a wall outside of the waiting room with her arms crossed around her body talking to the beauty Sage. Once Santana saw Shelby she immediately straightened her body up and walked over to her.

"Mom how is he?" questioned Santana with clear concern.

Shelby nodded her head and grabbed Santana's arm as they walked into the waiting room. Shelby gasped at the amount of people in there…she definitely hadn't expected that. She saw Quinn talking to Brittany in the corner, and it dawned on her that, that was the reason why Santana was outside of the room. Mercedes was molded into Sam in that same corner, while her mom was seated talking on her cell phone. Once the girls noticed Shelby they rushed over looking for some more news.

Shelby looked around at all the people. It seemed as if the entire glee club was there along with Mr. Schuester. Emma Pillsbury was sitting next to Mr. Schuester holding his hand tightly giving Shelby's family a sympathetic look, with her wide doe like eyes. Coach Beiste was there with several of the members from the football team, a lot of them she realized were a part of the glee club, except for Tyler whom she recognized as being Sage's brother. A few of the football players she didn't recognize but she was appreciative none the less, she noticed that they were in full uniform just like Finn and she realized that if things were differently everyone in this room would have been cheering at a football game. Coach Sylvester was also in attendance as was several of the cheerleaders that Shelby didn't know but she sent an thankful nod Coach Sylvester's way before holding her hand up and asking for silence from the room.

An immediate hush formed over the room and tears sprang out of Shelby's eyes. Shelby felt Mercedes lean into her on her left side and she wrapped her arms around her daughter as Quinn grabbed for Shelby's right hand. Santana kept her distance behind Shelby but she could hear her daughter crying behind her.

"I want to thank you all for coming out today and supporting my family" began Shelby, "it means the world to us and we will be indebted to you for awhile" Shelby choked out. "Things have gotten worse for my grandson…Joshua; doctors have informed me that it unlikely he will make it through the night" Shelby struggled to get out.

Shelby saw Kurt audibly gasp and break down as she felt Santana fall into her from behind. She heard and felt her Latina daughter sobbing as well as Mercedes. She saw in her peripheral as Quinn pulled out her inhaler and took the medicine as silent tears fell out of her eyes. Her mother got up and walked over engulfing all of them as her family and every Corcoran woman cried out in hurt and frustration. It truly was a sad scene. Shelby broke away from her mother as she finished her impromptu speech.

"Again thank you for being here but as of right now, I think immediate family should only be here so that we can mourn and make plans in private. Please keep us all in prayer and your thoughts…please" pleaded Shelby as she tried to make eye contact with each person in the waiting room so they understood the extent of her gratitude.

"We definitely will do that Shelby" announced Mr. Schuester standing up, "please give Rachel and Finn our condolences and let them know they do have a family here that is willing to help out in any way possible."

"Thank you Will, I know they appreciate that…as do I" sniffed Shelby as she tried to get herself together. The room seemed to break up into organized confusion as the kids began giving hugs and their condolences to her teenage daughters. Shelby watched as Sage pulled Santana into a tight embrace. She saw her Latina daughter stiffen then wrap her arms appreciatively around the biracial girl. Tyler walked over to Santana and embraced as well and she saw Puck making her way over. Before getting there Puck pulled Shelby unexpectedly into a quick hug and let her go just as quickly. Shelby locked eyes with Terry and the dark man had a painful expression on his face as he crossed his arms and leaned against the doorframe watching the scene unfold.

Shelby turned and looked as Sam was holding on to a crying Mercedes and whispering in her ear trying to comfort her. She looked into the corner and Brittany had cupped Quinn's face and was placing small gentle kisses on the blonde daughter's lips as tears were falling freely out of her eyes. Blaine was comforting Kurt and the adults were trying to ease the children out of the waiting room gently.

"I talked with the babysitter and explained what was going on…she said she'll keep Beth until I get there later on this evening. I figured you wanted to stay here with Rachel" said Nana to Shelby.

"Thanks mom, I dunno what I would do without you" replied Shelby as she embraced her mother.

"Shh darling…that's what mother's are for" replied Nana emotionally, "They wouldn't even let me see my great grandbaby" she said shaking her head against Shelby.

"He's so beautiful mama, he reminds me of Rachel when she was born except he's so tiny" whispered Shelby as she began to get upset all over again.

"Shh, its okay baby we're gonna get through this together…you understand me" said her mother strongly.

"Yes ma'am" cried out Shelby.

The love fest continued with hugs and condolences until a knock on the waiting room door quieted everyone down. The faces of three familiar uniformed officers walked in, instantly changing the mood in the room. Shelby immediately looked over at Santana and noticed her breathing had picked up. Shelby closed her eyes…she didn't need this, not now.

"Ramirez, Lindley, Thompson what are you doing here?" asked Terry in clear shock.

"We have a warrant for Santana Corcoran" sighed Terry's partner, Ramirez. Shelby heard Mercedes groan as she walked over to Santana and pulled her daughter behind her.

"The hell…a warrant on what grounds" he half yelled holding out his hands to see the papers. The energy in the room immediately became uncomfortable as Terry read through the charges.

"What does it say?" asked Shelby strongly.

"Ma'am she's being charged with violating probation" replied Officer Ramirez.

"On what grounds?" she heard her mother ask angrily.

"Santana did you drive a car today?" asked Terry as he looked over at the Latina.

"Yes" answered Santana shakily, "I drove Rachel to the emergency room when the ambulance couldn't come and pick her up" she explained.

Shelby watched Terry close his eyes and sigh heavily.

"Mama" Shelby heard Santana whisper behind her desperately. Shelby reached behind her and pulled Santana against her body as she tried to quietly reassure her daughter.

"Ya'll couldn't give me a heads up before coming here and doing this now!" Terry said through gritted teeth as his nostrils flared.

"Look man this is coming from high up…we didn't have a choice" replied Officer Thompson, "You're on the hot seat and we were told not to contact you."

Terry began shaking his head again in disbelief, "I'm sorry partner but like Thompson said, we didn't have a choice in this…she's has to go down…tonight" Ramirez said to Terry trying to make the man see reason.

Shelby hadn't noticed that Mercedes and Quinn had made their way over to them and were trying to create some sort of barricade.

"Terry" called out Shelby in concern. She watched as her boyfriend turned his head to look at her eyes and she knew this wasn't going to end well, "I can't fix this Shelby" said Terry quietly.

"Is Santana Corcoran in the room?" called out Officer Lindley. Santana whimpered behind Shelby and it caught the attention of the uniformed officers.

"Ma'am please step from behind her" said Officer Thompson strongly, as he motioned with his hands for Santana to stop trying to hide and come out.

"You're not taking her anywhere!" snarled Quinn as she tightened the space between her and Santana, with Mercedes flanking the other side.

"Quinn don't do that please, they can charge her with resisting and you with interfering…please don't do that" said Terry in a warning tone.

Shelby closed her eyes and turned around to face Santana whose breathing had picked up. She cupped her daughters face and looked at her with intensity as fat tears fell effortlessly out of the Latina's eyes. "You did the right thing, do you understand me" said Shelby fiercely. Santana was shaking her head and avoiding Shelby's eyes, "Santana look at me!" shouted Shelby, "You did the right thing…you saved Rachel's life and you got her here. Don't you hold your head down, I will get you out I promise" said Shelby emotionally. "Do you understand me?!" shouted Shelby as she shook Santana's head slightly trying to make her see reason.

Santana nodded yes weakly and Officer Lindley came forward with a pair of handcuffs, "Ma'am please let her go so she can step out" he said.

Shelby let go unwillingly and moved to the side as sobs started to work through Santana's body. Shelby felt her heart break for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.

"This is some bullshit, she didn't even do anything!" stated Puck angrily.

"Watch it!" yelled Officer Lindley; "Please turn around Santana" said the officer a little more softly to Santana.

"Baby I will get you out" said Shelby reassuringly. Santana just kept her head hung low and her eyes trained to the floor as if she didn't hear Shelby. Shelby knew the girl was feeling all types of embarrassed. Not only was she being arrested for making the right decision, but it was being done in front of her teachers and a number of her peers.

"Santana Corcoran you are being charged with violation of probation. You drove a vehicle on a suspended license; you also are violating a court mandated restraining order by being within one hundred feet of one Ms. Brittany Pierce. You have a right to remain silent, anything you say or do will be used against you in the court of law. You have a right to an attorney, if you can't afford one, one will be provided for you. Do you understand these rights' as I've said them to you?" asked Officer Lindley as she pulled Santana's arms behind her and placed the cuffs on a lot harder than necessary.

Santana gave a feeble 'yes' in response as Shelby watched helplessly as her body was trembling. Her daughter did awful the last time she was locked up. They had been making good process with Santana and now it seemed as if all of that would be thrown away.

Officer Lindley led Santana out of the waiting room with the other officers and Shelby was right on their heels along with Terry.

They were marching her baby through the hospital in handcuffs and it pissed her off. She happened to glance to the side and saw the unmistakable face of Dr. Benjamin Pierce and Shelby felt her blood boil, but she couldn't deal with him right now.

"Santana don't you say a word and I will have Elliot down there immediately, nod if you hear me" commanded Shelby.

Shelby saw Santana nod as her daughters face broke down even further and her bottom lip trembled. The officers escorted Santana out of the hospital and into the back of the waiting police car.

"I'm gonna go down there with her okay Shelby…I know you have to stay here with Rachel. I'll look out for her" said Terry.

"Would I be able to get her out of there by tonight or tomorrow morning?" asked Shelby as tears fell out of her eyes as she watched the officers drive off with her daughter breaking down in the back.

"Shelby…it's Friday" sighed Terry with his hands on his hips.

Shelby's mouth fell open at the gravity of his words, "Are you telling me I won't be able to get her out until Monday morning?!" yelled Shelby.

"Hopefully you'll be able to get her out Monday morning" replied Terry with his eyes still closed.

"Hopefully…the hell does that mean?!" screamed Shelby.

"She's in violation of probation Shelby. The judge may just keep her in there to serve out the rest of her original sentence" said Terry finally opening his eyes, which Shelby noticed were watery.

Shelby felt her breath picking up and her stomach turn sour. Before she could get anything out she was running over to the trashcan and vomiting. She felt Terry rub his hands over her back as she emptied the contents of her stomach. This was just way too much…way too much.

Once Shelby finished Terry used his hand to help wipe Shelby's mouth clean of the nastiness.

"Terry what do I do?" cried Shelby.

"Get Elliot down there as soon as possible. This was fucking set up Shelby…any officer would have overlooked the fact that she was in an emergency situation and she was trying to help her family" said Terry angrily, "I'll stay with her the entire weekend until the hearing okay. You stay with Rachel and call me with updates and I'll do the same for you."

"Terry she's not going to do well down there…she's not" said Shelby in disbelief.

"I know, but we're gonna help her through it" said Terry reassuringly.

Just then the doors of the hospital swung open and Dr. Pierce walked out with Brittany right behind him.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" screamed Shelby as she went after the doctor. She felt Terry grab her waist strongly as he held her back, "Shelby stop…Rachel needs you…he's not worth it" whispered Terry in her ears. Shelby immediately stopped fighting as she thought about her grandson upstairs fighting for his life and her daughter who was trying her hardest to keep it together.

She watched Dr. Pierce pull Brittany as Brittany turned around and issued an apology. Shelby rolled her eyes in clear disgust as she tried calming down. She could feel that her pressure was elevated and she remembered her mother's wisdom, when she told Shelby to take care of herself so she could be there for her girls.

Her mother walked out with her hand intertwined with a visibly upset Quinn and Mercedes. Quinn looked utterly distraught and she looked as if she was struggling to breathe properly.

"Quinn, take some more of your medicine please" instructed Shelby. Quinn pulled her inhaler out and took two puffs as she shook her head.

"I'm taking them home Shelby and I'm going to pick up Beth…they don't need to be here they're too upset" said her mother knowingly. Shelby nodded in agreement as she went and grabbed her remaining two daughters in a tight embrace. Both girls collapsed in her arms as they cried out in frustration, "It will be okay babies, mommy's gonna fix this to the best of her ability…okay" said Shelby.

She felt both girls nod their heads against her neck as Shelby felt mucus and wet tears run down her neck. Eventually her mother pulled the girls home and they began walking to the car so they could go home. Terry gave her a lingering kiss as she made his way to his cop car and headed down to the station so he could watch over Santana.

Shelby took several moments to really gather her sanity, before pulling out her phone and calling Elliot. She informed him of all the events that happened today and how she felt like Santana was being set up. Elliot told Shelby he was on his way down to the police station and he told Shelby not to worry about a thing. Easier said than done.

Shelby saw as all the glee club members, football players, and Cheerios make their way out of the hospital. Sage was visibly upset and Shelby watched her brother Tyler try to comfort her as only a brother could. It was in this moment that Shelby though of her own brother and for the first time in ages she actually wished he was here.

Will, Shannon, Emma, and Sue followed as they told Shelby that they would be character witnesses if need be at the unjust treatment Santana had received. They told Shelby of their theories that Dr. Pierce was behind the whole thing and Shelby had to agree.

Once the last of them left, Shelby made her way back into the hospital and back to the NICU. Kurt was there outside of the room with Carole and Burt. Shelby could tell he had informed them of what happened and Carole immediately embraced Shelby. Shelby thanked Carole and Burt and she released herself walking over to the room to look in on her family.

She saw Rachel sitting in the rocking chair, with Joshua in her arms. She had the loving look of a mother whom was looking down at their child with unconditional love. Finn was sitting in front of them with a stool and Shelby noticed that the wires were still connected. Somehow she knew Rachel had convinced the nurse to allow her to hold her son…Rachel was just that type of person. As Shelby watched on it looked as if Rachel and Finn were singing to Joshua.

In fact that's exactly what they were doing. Shelby didn't notice before because her thoughts were just too loud. Shelby walked away from the room with the intention on giving them some privacy. She sat next to Carole and held the woman's hand. They were both grandmothers and they wouldn't be allowed to dote on their grandson like he deserved. Carole could understand the anguish that Shelby was going through to an extent. The difference is once all this was over all Carole had to worry about was consoling Finn. But Shelby had five babies at home.

She had to worry about helping Rachel through the grieving process of losing a son, hoping Santana doesn't go backwards after being locked up…again, Mercedes not cursing everyone out and pushing people away because she's angry, Quinn feeling an insurmountable amount of guilt, and trying to explain to Beth why everyone is so down in the dumps.

An earth shattering scream and unnatural cry filled the air and Shelby knew it was her baby girl. That horrible noise was the indication Shelby needed to know her grandbaby had gone home to heaven.


Somehow Rachel had convinced the nurse to let her hold her son. Rachel's body felt incredibly weak and her Finn had been standing for what seemed to be close to an hour.

Rachel watched as the nurse carefully opened the incubator after she was helped in the rocking chair by Finn. The nurse carefully picked up her Joshua and he made the typical baby noises that Rachel didn't know she was yearning to hear. He began to whimper and cry a little until the nurse placed him in her arms and Joshua locked eyes with Rachel again and he instantly went quiet.

Rachel chuckled a little as he smiled again, showing off his dimples that Rachel always associated with Finn. Even though he was so tiny, she thought he was the most adorable thing she had ever seen. It didn't seem to Rachel that he was broken even though the wires coming out of his nose was a constant reminder that he was.

The sudden urge to sing rose up in her spirit and she just began, not even recognizing the song she was softly belting out. She heard Finn joined her and Joshua turned his eyes slightly to see where the other sound came from. He was so aware of everything that was going on and Rachel believed that he was supremely intelligent.

Finn reached over towards his tiny fist and Joshua gripped Finn's finger with that abnormal baby strength. The two parents continued their song as Joshua watched on with his big brown orbs, it was like he knew that Rachel was his mother. They had a connection that Rachel was struggling to explain.

She and Finn kept singing and singing, seeing as it seemed to be bringing comfort to Joshua. His eyes were fluttering open and closed and Rachel was noticing that his breathing was becoming more erratic. Joshua's face stayed calm through it all and Finn and Rachel kept up their song.

Rachel's voiced never wavered even though internally she was a mess. She continued to sing until she watched her son take his final breath.

The flat lined signal permeated the room with its awful reminder of what had just taken place. The nurse walked over to Rachel and tried pulling Joshua's lifeless form away from Rachel and something in Rachel snapped.

She let out a scream and the nurse jumped away, "Stay away from him!" yelled Rachel.

Rachel saw her mother run in with Carole, Burt and Kurt behind her.

"Rachel what's wrong?" asked Shelby with red, tired eyes as she walked into the room.

"They can't have him" Rachel said desperately as she looked over at her mother.

"Rachel baby, he's gone" cried out Finn. "You have to let him go okay."

Rachel knew he was speaking truth but the pain she was feeling right now was completely unbearable. The nurse walked over and tried picking up Joshua again and this time Rachel allowed her to do it. As soon as her son left her arms, Rachel fell into a crumbling heap on the floor.

She felt her mother wrap her arms around her tightly and cry along with her. Rachel was hysterically crying and she felt her mother trying to calm her but it was to no avail. Rachel was sobbing uncontrollably and she saw that Finn was doing the same in his mother's arms. Rachel couldn't breathe and she kept crying into her mother's arms that her son was dead.

Unexpectedly Rachel felt a prick in her arm, than immediate darkness.


Santana's back was against the wall of her single cell as she had her legs pressed up against her body as she laid her head against her knees. Terry was right outside of her cell sitting on a stool looking at her stoically.

She had cried the entire ride over to the jail as she couldn't believe she was in this fucking place again. All she was trying to do was help her sister who was in immediate need of that help and she was getting thrown in jail because of it…not only that she couldn't even be there Rachel and her nephew, whom she helped deliver. He wasn't going to make it through the night and she couldn't even support her family in their greatest moment of need.

Santana groaned in anger as she thought about what happened earlier. They arrested her in front of all of her peers, in front of Brittany…and Sage. Santana groaned again when she saw the hurt expression on Sage's face and it added to the pain Santana was feeling at the moment.

Santana started banging her head against the wall of the cell lightly as a large lump gathered in her throat and she felt a tear slip down her face.

Whoever put her in here wanted to prove a point. Terry explained that she wouldn't have a hearing for bail until Monday morning so she was stuck in here the entire weekend. To his credit the black man didn't leave her side even though she saw him getting chewed out by a superior. She was also told that she wouldn't be able to speak to her lawyer until the next day, what put another wrench in things. Her finger prints were taken; her phone and things in her pockets were snatched away. They even took her shoes and replaced them with ones that didn't have strings.

Santana was broken out of her thoughts when she heard a phone ring and Terry answer it, with his deep voice filling up the quietness of her cell. He let out a series of grunts, and miscellaneous words but Santana saw the look of pain in his eyes and she could faintly hear the voice on the other line and she suspected that it was her mother. The phone call ended and she watched Terry take a huge breath and sigh.

"Santana" he called out as he cleared his throat, "Um that was Shelby"

"I don't want to hear it Terry" said Santana as she turned away from the man.

"Santana honey…he's gone" said Terry with a shaky voice.

Santana fell onto the cell's cot and covered her ears. She shook her head as she cried out in anguish…she didn't want to hear it or believe that her nephew was gone and she was stuck in this hell hole, without a way out until Monday.


Shelby drove her car up into the driveway and shut the engine off. She was utterly exhausted but she didn't have time to rest.

After the doctors sedated Rachel, they carried her to her room and Shelby stayed with her daughter and cried. An overwhelming sense of lost filled her and she contacted her mom, so that she could give the news to Mercedes and Quinn. After that she called Terry so he could let Santana know.

Terry said that Santana was managing and Shelby couldn't wait until this weekend was over.

Not only did she have to figure out a way that Santana wouldn't be jailed for the next few years but she had to plan a funeral because Jewish custom said that Joshua had to be buried immediately. She wanted to plan these things with Rachel but she didn't know how stable Rachel's mind would be.

Shelby gave Rachel a kiss before leaving the hospital. Shelby was running home to check on the girls and get a change of clothing to bring back to the hospital for her and Rachel.

Upon opening her home door, the unmistakable smell of a strong cleaner hit her nose. Shelby walked through the foyer and noticed that the floor had been moped up. It looked like someone had taken cleaner to the couch to try and get what Shelby knew as blood stains out of it. Shelby shook her head at the misery her baby had faced and is facing and she held back the sob that wanted to escape. She didn't want to wake up the girls.

Shelby noticed the television was on in the family room and she walked over there and saw her mom asleep on the couch with Mercedes plastered to her front asleep as well. Tear stains was evident on their faces and Shelby once again wondered how her family was going to make it through. Shelby walked in and turned off the television and placed the couch quilt over top of her daughter and mother and kissed them good night. She sent a quick prayer up to God thanking him for the blessing of still having her daughters and her mother hear.

Shelby closed the doors to the family room and walked towards her room to check on Beth. Shelby was startled when she opened the door and saw Quinn standing above Beth's crib, staring down at the girl. Quinn looked up Shelby with a tear stained face and red eyes and Shelby instantly understood.

Shelby walked over to Quinn and took her hand. Walking over to her bed, Shelby threw the covers back and helped Quinn into the bed. Shelby pulled off Quinn's slippers and laid her down on the pillows, while wiping Quinn's face clear of tears. Shelby walked back over to Beth's crib and carefully picked up the slumbering toddler, while kissing her precious sleeping face. Shelby placed Beth gingerly beside Quinn in her arms and she watched as Quinn's eyes became watery as she the blonde teenager clutched Beth's small body to hers. Shelby understood Quinn's need to be near Beth and to make sure her biological daughter was okay. It was the same need Shelby felt with Rachel. Shelby leaned over and kissed both Quinn and Beth as Quinn played with Beth's curly hair and looked down at her daughter with a broken heart.

Shelby quickly gathered some clothing out of her room and closed the door behind her quietly. She rushed to Rachel's room and saw that the sheets and blanket had been removed and the room smelled of bleach. It was clear her mother had tried clearing away any reminder of what happened for when Rachel would be allowed to come home. Shelby hurried and grabbed some of Rachel's clothing and came to the conclusion that she was just going to by Rachel a new mattress.

Shelby checked on her family one more time before exiting the house. The headlights of a cab caught her attention as she placed the bag she packed in the passenger seat of her truck. The cab stopped in front of her house and Shelby's heart dropped as a man in a full army uniform got out and stared at her with a pair of eyes just like her own.



Rachel awoke the next morning still feeling completely exhausted. The first thing she was her mother sleeping directly next to her in a cot. Their hands were intertwined together and she could see on her mother's face how tired the woman was even though she was asleep.

Rachel turned her head towards the corner of the room and a man was sitting there in uniform, asleep as well. Rachel instantly recognized him from a few family portraits as the uncle she never had met…well apparently he met her before when she was born, but Rachel didn't have any recollection of that.


The word kept flipping through Rachel's brain as the memory of what happened yesterday came thundering back like a deep, dark wave. She had lost her son.

Yesterday she was pregnant and her baby was alive, and now…now he was no longer.

Rachel felt the darkness overtaking her; she felt it swallowing her up into a deep dark pit and even though she was trying to fight it…she couldn't. She welcomed it, anything to take away the insufferable pain.

Rachel heard her door open and close. She smelled the familiar scent of her sister Quinn before she felt the girl climb into her hospital bed and wrap her arms tightly around Rachel. Shelby woke up and locked eyes with whom Rachel knew to be her grandmother and she scrambled out of the bed so they could talk. Rachel spared a glance at her uncle who was now awake and walking out of the room. Rachel's eyes were suddenly on the beautiful brown eyes of her sister Mercedes.

Mercedes climbed into the spot that Shelby had just left and she scooted closer to Rachel engulfing the tiny girl's front.

Rachel released a shaky breath and then proceeded to cry. It didn't take long for her to feel that Quinn and Mercedes had joined her and honestly it was no other place she would rather be, than in the arms of her sisters…her sisters who understood already what it was like to suffer tragedy, although Rachel would never wish this type of pain on them. She doesn't want them to ever experience the lost of a child.

Even though Rachel was a jumble of emotions, she knew she could depend on her sisters to help her through the hardest time of her life.

"Where's San?" Rachel asked through her tears.

"She was arrested last night" Mercedes whispered out through her own tears.

This caused Rachel to cry even harder. She needed and wanted Santana to be here. Her sister deserved the right to be here…if it wasn't for her Rachel might not have made it and Rachel did understand the gravity and seriousness of that.

The knowledge that Santana wasn't with them made Rachel cry even harder, it she heard the sobs of Mercedes and Quinn increase as well…especially Quinn.

"Santana should be here" cried out Rachel, "she loved him too."

Her sister should have been allowed to mourn with them; they should have been allowed to grieve together as a family.

Instead Santana was across town, lying in a cold cell, looking up at the ceiling with red eyes from lack of sleep, as tears fell out the sides of her eyes at a steady pace, hoping and praying for the time when she could go home.