Pokemon Meets Dragon Ball Z: Prologue: Worlds Collide

It's been Months since the war with Team Rocket Ended Many people were injured or killed, several Pokemon were also injured and killed, and the Town of Pallet has been reduced to a wasteland and the neighboring city of Viridian is a near empty city.

In the midst of the Chaos pokemon Orange and Johto League Champion Ash Ketchum and his friends Misty, Brock, Tracey, Melody, and Gary are on a new quest to get back the GS Ball and to look for the legendary Pokemon Celebii.

As For Team Rocket on the other hand; the war was so intense that after the battle with the combined forces of Cyborg MewTwo and Shadow Lugia and all of the legendary Pokemon and the war with Team Rocket's Intensity was so powerful that rifts were opening into other worlds and after Giovanni's Death.

Giovanni was taken to a world known as Otherworld where he would meat a large man with Red Skin named King Yema.

"Where am I is this place" asked Giovanni as he would be confronted by the very large red skined King Yema.

"This is Otherworld and according to everything that you've done in your life, Giovanni Ketchum you have attacked Pokemon all over your world, tried to capture those away from other trainers, you attacked your own family and blew up Pallet Town and killed your ex-wife Deliah and Professor Oak." King Yema continued to go through all of Giovanni's past sins with Giovanni looking at King Yema absurdley.

"Wait a second how did you know every detail of what all I did as leader of Team Rocket." asked Giovanni in which King Yema would answer.

"You, Giovanni have done alot of damage to your world and now it is time for you to enjoy your stay in the Home for Infininate Losers" yelled King Yema sternly as a hole opened under Giovanni and the Leader of Team Rocket fell through and landed inside of a Dark World full of monsters and many defeated villians of the past.

Giovanni wandered through the dark world until he heard a voice call out to him.

"Ahh someone new has joined us welcome to HFIL" said the voice as Giovanni then asked who it was.

"Who are you?" asked Giovanni.

"I am the great wizard Babidi and you are about to join us in starting a rebelion against those who defeated us; we shall have our revenge." said the wizard Babidi; a short, green skined, alien like wizard, wearing orange and black robes, as he looked up at Giovanni.

"Revenge; What are you talking about"? asked Giovanni looking down at Babidi as Babadi would reply.

"For years we have been defeated by a group of warriors called the Z warriors and with my help we will have our revenge and we shall destroy them all."

"I have never heard of these Z warriors before, but I want revenge on my son and his friends for killing me and my team." said Giovanni as Babadi stood with his hand on his chin ready to ask a question to Giovanni.

"You were killed by your own son?" asked Babidi

"Yes, Him and those friends of his; all they wanted to do was to travel around the world catching Pokemon and using them to play with or battle with in competitions. I tried to get him to join me and my team but that kid is dead to me now and I want my revenge on him and his friends."

"I sense a lot of hatered inside of you for your own family; you will be a perfect partner for our rebellion"said Babidi as the wizard held out his hands as some strange magic flowed from his hands as the wizard then yelled some weird chant. "PAPADAPAPAI!"

Giovanni then begins to scream and struggle but soon with the help of Babadi's Dark Magic Giovanni's power began to accept the dark power as a long Black M appeared on Giovanni's Forehead.

Cyborg Mewtwo and Dark Lugia will be ressurected under my control Babidi." said Giovanni as Babidi looked at him and said

"Along with Frieza and Cell at my command a new Majin Buu will be created and soon we will have our revenge and take over this universe HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Lauged Babidi as the villians all began their evil plot for revenge against the ones who sent them to H.F.I.L. in the first place.

(DragonBall Z World)

It has been 10 years since Majin Buu was destroyed by Goku. Now on Earth, The Z warriors are looking to get back together for some fun between family and friends; unbeknownst to them the danger that is forming in other world. The Z warriors were gathering by the lake to have a picnic and a fun day of stuff to do and to catch up on their lives without the worry of some Universal threat or training.

"I'm very happy to spend time with all of you except for the fact that I miss fighting" said the Saiyan warrior Goku wearing his traditional Orange GI outfit and blue colored and weighted undershirt, wristbands and boots, as Goku looked over to his friends and family joining him by the lake.

"Oh Goku, can you please go one day without training, it's not like it's going to kill you to spend one day outside with your family and friends you know?" said Goku's wife Chi-Chi in high spirits knowing her Husband's usual routine of training everyday rather than being a family man.

"Oh come on Chi-Chi, you never know when something will happen and it's best to be ready; right Vegeta" asked Goku as he looked at another one of his fellow Saiyans who happened to be Goku's long time rival, Vegeta.

"As much as I want to, Bulma wants me to spend time with Trunks, Bulla, and her and to be a family, so it's against my own will, Kakarot." said Vegeta.

Goku then looked at a short man with frizzy black hair and eyes without pupils. He was Goku's childhood friend Krillin, both Krillin and Goku trained under Master Roshi and even though Goku would later discover his true strength, Krillin would always have Goku's back in every fight, even though Krillin most of the time would end up paying the price. But Goku would always wish him back with the Dragonballs, and that goes to show you the friendship Goku and Krillin has as the 2 were alot like brothers in many aspects as you would think about it.

"What about you Krillin, done any training as of late?" asked Goku to his longtime friend.

"I get more action with 18's temper and Marren always wanting to go shopping, but I always allow her to go out shopping with Bulla if Vegeta agrees to let her go as well." answered Krillin to his long time friend.

"Knowing Vegeta there's a fat chance of that alway's happening; Hey Krillin want to go fishing?" asked Goku to Krillin as Krillin quickly answered. "Sure."

"Hey Yamcha, Piccolo, Tien, Hercule, Buu, Vegeta do you guys want to come join us at the lake to go fishing with me and Krillin?" asked Goku to more of his long time friends, whom he has battled alongside many times before in the past.

"Sure" said another one of Goku's childhood friends, Yamcha, a guy who was once a bandit but after having a fight with Goku; Yamcha saw the good in himself, as well as became the boyfriend of Goku's longtime friend Bulma, who sadly years before the battle with the androids was dumped by Bulma and married Vegeta, and gave birth to their first son Trunks. Since then Yamcha has been trying to heal his broken heart and hasn't done hardly any fighting since then.

"Sure, sounds like fun to me." said Tien; a tall, bald headed, 3 eyed warrior who defeated Goku by controversial circumstances at the 22nd annual World Martial Arts Tournament. Even though there have always been a rivalry in the past, there was always friendship between Goku and Tien.

"I guess" said Piccollo; a greened skin Namekian who was also one of Goku's greatest rivals; especially after what happened in the 23rd World Martial art's Tournament, but Goku and Piccollo have long since putten that behin them as they have worked together on many occasians to defeat every threat that has come to Earth.

"It sounds like a stupid idea if you ask me." said Goku's longtime rival Vegeta. Vegeta was always jealous of the fact that ever since they're home planet was destroyed by Frieza many years ago. Goku ended up becomming a strong warrior and became a Super Saiyan first before Vegeta did. There was a lot of bitter jealousy festered up inside Vegeta, but when it came to saving the Earth, Vegeta had no choice than to team with Goku in order to protect their new home planet.

"Oh come on Vegeta, why not? asked Goku.

"Because I don't want to end up being caught dead trying to catch fish with some stupid pole." said Vegeta in a grouchy tone until his wife Bulma started to nag him to join Goku and the others going fishing.

"Oh go on Vegeta, you needt to expierence all of the fun things we humans on Earth do!"

"Don't nag me woman" yelled Vegeta.

"Go on Vegeta be with the rest of the guys" nagged Bulma

"Fine, what I wouldn't have done to wish you'd marry that prettyboy Yamcha instead of me."

"Gohan, Goten, Trunks would you boys like to come fishing with the rest of us." asked Goku to the 3 young saiyans; his two sons: Gohan the oldest at 27, Goten the Youngest at 16, and then there was Vegeta's son Trunks who was best froends with both Goten and Gohan at the age of 17.

"Sure" replied Gohan

"Absolutley father" said Goten

"Count me in" said Trunks

(Gohan, Goten, and Trunks are in their GT Forms because I like their GT adult versions better)

"All right everybody, let's go" said Goku as all of the guys followed him to the lake to go fishing.

"Well, I guess me and the girls will stay here and tan while you guys fish; catch something for us so we can eat it for dinner guys." yelled Chi-Chi at the Guys as and the rest of the women laid out on the blanket to catch some sun on a nice summer day on Mt. Chillad.

"I will, Chi-Chi" said Goku heading off to the lake with his friends.

While the guys were fishing Krillin brought up a question to ask Goku about his sons Gohan and Goten.

"Hey Goku, I have a question to ask you?"

"Ok, what's up Krillin."

"I've noticed that Gohan and Goten are starting too look more a like eachother more now a days; I mean Goten used to look like you as a child but now he looks like Gohan as an adult do you find any of that Ironic

"In a way I do, yeah the boys are adults now but I do find it heard to believe that despite the age difference they look like twins."

Gohan, Goten, and Trunks were overhearing the conversation while they were fishing talking in their own group.

"Hey Gohan, Goten they're talking about you guys and how you both look alike." said Trunks

"Yeah, well I guess it is worth talking about seeing how people realize me and Goten look alike now a days." said Gohan

"Well some find it hard to believe i'm younger and he's older and that we look like twin brothers." said Goten as the 3 began to engane in their own conversation.

"One time Goten and I switched places to fool our mom; even she really can't tell us apart anymore because me and Goten look so much alike.

"Well Goten why did you decide to go from looking like Goku to Gohan" asked Trunks to his longtime friend Goten

"I thought it would help me get dates with chicks since it worked with Gohan back when he was in High School."

"and it all worked out for him when he hooked up with that Valice girl" said Gohan

"Yeah even though I haven't had any luck with dates, but since i've known you guys my whole life and realized your ways of getting chicks, I think i'll half to come up with an idea myself." said Trunks

"Goten and I can hit you up, Trunks." offered Gohan as Trunks looked at Gohan with a smile to his longtime friend.

"Sure, I guess you could do that for me Gohan" said Trunks as he entended his fist to Gohan and Gohan would exchange a brofist with in the distance, Goten saw a strange looking creature swimming in the lake.

"Hey Trunks, Gohan I saw some weird creature in the water.

"Where Goten?" asked Gohan

Goten pointed into the direction where he aw the creature, however Gohan nor Trunks didn't see anything there.

"Are you sure you saw something Goten, I really dont...huh wait a second, I see it too."

Gohan began to see what looked like a Blue Turtle creature swimming in the lake and then Trunks began to see more of the creatures swimming in the lake.

"Goten you were right, and I see a whole bunch of them" said Trunks as he saw the creatures swimming; some of them actually looked friendly.

"I wonder where did they come from" asked Gohan as he put his hamd under his chin wondering where the creatures came from.

"Well they look harmless" said Goten as he along with Gohan and Trunks approached Goku and the others to ask if they had any idea what these creatures were?

"Hey Dad, did you happen too see any creatures swimming in the Lake?" asked Gohan as his father looked at him with a look of confusion.

"What creatures are you talking about, Gohan...huh?" just then both Goku and Vegeta saw the very creatures swimming in the lake and wondered what they could possibly be.

"What are these things?" asked Vegeta with a look of confusion on his face as well

"They look really weird they're not like any animal i've ever seen before" said Hercule also with a look of confusion on his face.

"Well they do look harmless and adorable at the same time, so they might be friendly." said Krillin as a blue turtle like crature with a red shell came out of the water and greeted Krillin

"Squirttle Squirttle" said the creature as it looked at Krillin, as Krillin looked at it in a state of shocked when he realized the Creature actually said a few words.

"AAAAAAAHH; it talks"

"Aww isn't it cute, it reminds me of you Krillin back before you grew hair" said Goku

"GOKU!" yelled Krillin feeling insulted by Goku with his comparision between the turtle and back when Krillin was still bald as everybody started to laugh, as Goku squatted down to make eye contact with the turtle like creature.

"What's your name little guy?"

"Squirtle" said the turtle

"Ok; Squirtle" said Goku as the Squirttle greeted Goku by spitting Water in Goku's Face, where everybody started to laugh including Goku, who was taken by surprise of the turtle's ability to spit water like it just did.

"AAAAAAHHHHH...HAHAHAHAA..wow this Squirttle turtle hear can spit water; i've never seen anything like this before ever."

"It looks like the boys have made a new friend too" said Hercule as he saw Gohan, Goten, and Trunks befirending a few of these friendly creautres which included a dinosaur with a bulb sprout on it's back with vines growing from it.

"Hmm I wonder what's with this creature with it's bulb on it's back?" asked Gohan as he was inspecting it as the Creture began to say some words.

"Bulba" said the Dinosaur as the 3 saiyans looked at it wondering what it's trying to say.

"I think it's trying to say something" said Goten as Trunks kneeled down to ask it a question.

"What's your name little guy?"


"Bulbasaur that's a very unusual name" said Goten as the Bulbasaur extended his vines which scared the 3 momentarily.

"Whoa guys, I think we better becareful of these vines" said Gohan as he carefully extended his hand in which the Bulbasaur smilled happily; than Goten and Trunks joined Gohan and quickly befriended the small dinosaur like creature. Then afterwards a scream was heard in the area as Goku was the one to quickly respond to it thinking there might be a nearby danger as it was none other than the woman's screams that they heard since they were out sunbathing in the picnic area.


"Oh no the girls are in trouble; we better go back and see what's wrong!" yelled Goku as everybody rushed back to the picnic area only for the guys to see that the girls were looking rather mortified over something.

"Chi-Chi is everything OK" asked Goku to his wife.

"GOKU GET RID OF THESE BUGS FOR ME" yelled Chi-Chi at her husband as Goku looked at her with a small smile

"Bugs, is that why you were screaming" asked Goku, as Goku and everyone began to see swarms of what looks like caterpillers, large green mantises, and a few oversized bees as Goku just innocently shrugged them off, knowing that they were just harmless creatures.

"Oh come on Chi-Chi don't over react like that, they're just insects!"said Goku trying to calm his wife down as more creatures began to appear around the Z Warriors who for some reason don't know what else to do other than to just befriend the creatures; as they saw a oversized yellow mouse with red cheeks, and a zigzag ended tail come up to the group as it said something to the group

"Pika Pika" said the mouse as Videl looked at it and began to adore the creature.

"Aww this one is too cute what do you think, Gohan"

"Yeah; hey is that electricity comming out of those dots on it's cheeks?" asked Gohan with a look on it his face showing a little bit of concern as his wife also started to inspect it a little bit more closely.

"It looks like it" said Videl, as Gohan began to make a possible theory as to where it might've come from.

"I wonder if this thing is a Saiyan Creature species that has come to Earth? I think we better go home and do some examinations on these creatures, and figure out where they came from."

"Ok let's go, and bring some of these guys with us to take home and look at." said Goku, as he and the others were about to head off before Chi-Chi stopped him before he could move another muscle.

"I don't think so, I do not want any alien creatures in my house." yelled Chi Chi as Goten aproached him other

"Oh come on Mom, please?"

"GOTEN!, NO! NOW LET'S GO" yelled Chi-Chi as everybody began to leave the picnic are to head back home.

(In The Pokemon World)

It was a ravaged scene the once Peaceful Village of Pallet Town Reduced to Ruins after the violent war caused by the Criminal Organizatiion Team Rocket. In the Ruins Ash Ketchum and His friends Misty, Brock, Tracey, Melody, and Gary along with their Pokemon were heading toward Viridian Forest

"Celebii has to be around here; after it came out of the GS Ball we wanted to ask if it could take us back in time before all of this started to happen; however according to this magical aoura Celebii has to be somewhere in the Viridian Forest." said Ash Ketchum a young Pokemon Trainer wearing a Red and White Hatt with a Green "" logo on it, a black shirt, a blue and white vest, green fingerless gloves, blue jeans, and black and white sneakers; as the Trainer looked at the area along with his Pokemon Pikachu and his friends all looking very depressed in an area that was once so beautiful now completley dark and dreary after a war that occured in this world that was caused by their long time enemies Team Rocket.

"Well I hope your right about this, Ash" said Misty, a water Pokemon Trainer with orangish red hair, wearing a yellow top with her belly button showing, red suspenders, blue daisy dukes, and red and white sneakers; carrying around a baby egg like Pokemon Togepi

"Well where are we going to live in the meantime?" asked another one of Ash's long time friends; a rock Pokemon trainer named Brock who was looking to become a Pokemon Breeder; with brown spiky hair, slanted black eyes, a brown shirt, a green vest over it, khaki pants, and purple sneakers. Usually Brock is the kind who chases after girls but ever since the war with Team Rocket, Brock has had only one thing in mind: looking for a way to fix everything that Team Rocket has destroyed in their world.

"Well we could go back to the Orange Islands" said another longtime friend of Ash, named Tracey Sketchit who was a Pokemon Watcher who joined Ash and Misty during thir travels on the Orange Islands years ago in the hopes of getting to meet Professor Oak. When he did however Professor Oak rejected Tracey's offer to become his assistant knowing that ash may need Tracey's help more than he does at the moment and with those words Tracey continued to travel with Ash in tyhe Johto League and began to get to know Brock more along the way. He had parted in the center blackish green hair with a red headband, a light green t shirt with dark green outlines at the edges of the sleeves and at the collar, red shorts that went a bit past his knees, tealish white socks, and blue and yellow sneakers. Usually Tracey was always happy and whenever he found a Pokemon he would draw it to show everyone, but ever since the war with Team Rocket; Tracey has since lost his passion to draw Pokemon

"How about we settle in on Shamudi Island" said Melody a red haired girl with a bandana and sunglasses, wearing a pink top, blue jeans, and flip flop sandals; she met Ash and his friends on Shimudi Island when a collector came to their island to try to steal 4 legendary bird Pokemon, but after kissing ash and managing to get over a jealosy enfueled fued with Misty the 2 along with Tracey was able to help Ash collect 3 orbs and restore the peace back to the birds and saved the world. Sure she began to notice a connection of romance between Ash and Misty, however Melody began to show affections for Ash's friend Tracey after all they were fellow natives to the Orange Islands as Tracey would answer Melody's suggestion

"Sure" said Tracey as another friend and long time Rival of Ash's began to say something

"It looks so depressing here: Pallet Town is in ruins, the sky is completley dark, there are no Pokemon around, It's so strange, I wonder where all of the Pokemon have went too?" said Gary Oak; Ash's long time rival in the Indigo and Johto Pokemon Leagues. Gary used to be arrogant and would always rub his successes in Ash's face and would always make fun of Ash's failures and would call Ash a loser every opportunity he got; but after Ash beat Gary in the Johto League and went on to win the Johto League, Gary put his rivalry with Ash behind knowing that Ash was the better trainer. Of course now Gary wanted to follow in the footsteps of his Grandfather Samuel Oak and become a researcher; after the Johto League, Gary decided to join Ash in the Whirl Islands along with Misty, Brock, Tracey, and Melody and all won it as a team in a team competition, then when they all came home to Pallet Town that was when Team Rocket started their attack and that is why a young group that was once happy and full of energy is now feeling miserable and depressed sing how torn apart their world is.

"Well Gary, I don't think that Pokemon are able to survive in this climate so I think they probably all migrated somewhere away from here to take refuge." said Tracey answering Gary's question about the Pokemon being missing.

"Your starting to sound alot like my Grandfather, Tracey" said Gary since Tracey did idolize his Grandfather Professor Samuel Oak despite Oak rejecting Tracey's offer to become his assistant but he would however one day consider Tracey's assistance whenever Tracey grew himself to becomming a better trainer, watcher, and to learn more about Pokemon by being out in the open wild.

"That's why I idolize him" said Tracey despite Oak's rejection but Tracey understood; he was hit harder when Professor Oak along with Ash's mother Delia were killed by Team Rocket and the group was looking for the Pokemon Celebii in order to go back in time and to try and find a way to stop Team Rocket's attack on Pallet Town and the rest of the Pokemon World that started a war that caused all of this ti happen. While the Pokemon Trainers were making their way through the Viridian Forest to search for Celebii; Ash's Left Foot slipped on an object he did not see and fell on the ground face first into the cold dirt.

"Ash!" yelled Misty

"Are you ok, Ash" asked Tracey with a bit of concern

"Yeah i'll be fine, but what did I step on that made me fall?"

Brock picked up the object that Ash had slipped on, and it was a orange ball with 4 stars on it, as Brock crefully examines the ball knowing that this was something the group has never seen before.

"Hmm this strange sphere with Stars on it, how did this get here?" Questioned Brock as he examined the ball

"Hmmm? I've never seen anything like this before, and it doesn't look anything like a Pokeball." said Gary as he began to inspect the mysterious ball as well

"Hmm perhaps Celebii left this as a clue as to where we can find him" said Misty also getting a look at the ball.

"4 Stars; it would probably be at a place where you can see stars maybe." said Tracey looking at the ball comming up with his own possible theory.

"Mt Moon maybe,Celebii is probably at Mt. Moon" said Brock thinking that might be the place for them to go.

"Well let's go and see if it's there, after all it's beats looking around here in this forest. said Ash as he and his friends set off to Mt. Moon in the hopes of finding the legendary Pokemon Celebii.

(In DBZ world)

Meanwhile Goku and the others left the picnic area to do research on the creatures that they are unaware are Pokemon that have migrated into their world; however Goku stopped his research after sensing a dark energy somewhere and sees a dark sky and a ruined village along with a dark forest in it.

"Where did this dark world come from, there could be something powerful there, powerful enough that destroyed that village in the distance." said Goku with a look of concern on his face as Bulma came up to him holding the Dragon Radar as the radar was beeping into the distance of that dark world that came out of nowhere

"Hey guys this is strange, but I see on the Dragon Radar a DragonBall is located in that dark place that showed up out of nowhere." said Bulma as Picollo stood there sensing some kind of energy from the portal.

"I hear some voices comming from that dark world; we better take cover and see who they are first befrore we attack." said Picollo not knowing if they might be enemies or perhaps friends. As the Z warriors all hid behind the enviroment where in the Pokemon world the Pokemon Trainer Group were walking through the forest in their search for Celebii and started to notice a Blue Sky and a pieceful Valley in the distance.

"Hey you guys I see a blue sky in the distance!" said Brock getting everybody's attention

"No way after the battle with Shadow Lugia our world became Dark as an after effect from the battle" replied Melody

"Guys I have a feeling we're not alone here" said Gary with a lot of concern not knowing what could be around the corner.

"We better get our Pokemon Ready" said Tracey taking out a Pokeball

"Ok then gues i'll count to 3 and after that we attack what's out their. ready, 1, 2, 3 go Pokemon."ordered Ash as The Pokemon Trainers called out their Pokemon to Attack their watchers and in retaliation the Z warriors launched their attacks which after the dust settled both Pokemon Trainers and The Z Warriors looked at eachother very awkwardly.

"I didn't know you guys were just kids." said Goku

"Was you the one watching me and my friends, mister" asked Ash as Goku would reply

"Sorry but I thought you kids were enemies; what were you doing in that dark world?" asked Goku, as Ash looked at him with a truthfull expression

"We live there and it used to be as bright and cheerful in our world just like yours before a war broke out in it." said Ash as Goku looked at him with a look of confusion.

"A War" asked Goku wanting to know how Ash and his friends got in such a war that darkened their world."

"Long time enemies of ours named Team Rocket came to our village and destroyed everything to steal all of our Pokemon."

"Pokemon? What are those" asked Goku as Ash started to notice the Pokemon in this strange world.

"it appears that all of the Pokemon have migrated from the darkness from our world to this bright and cheery world." said Ash as him and his friends all saw Pokemon roaming happily in this bright world, but the question remained where did this world come from and how did it find itself in the same place as their own world was.

"Are you saying that these creatures are called Pokemon and their all from your world?" asked Goku as Ash answered

"Yes, but how did your world and mine ended up here at the same time? asked Ash

"Yeah that's strange" said Goku as a very loud voice was heard yelling Goku's Name

"GOKU, GOKU" said the voice as Ash's friends looked on confused as they wondered where this voice was being heard from

"Did you guys just hear that?" asked Ash

"Yeah it sounded like a voice" said Misty

"But where did it come from" asked Tracey as the voice was heard again talking towards Goku.

"Goku there's a problem, your world and their world has merged together because of rifts that were caused by that war in their world." Said the voice which belonged to another one of Goku's mentor's King Kai.

"Rifts?" said Goku with a confused look.

"Yes rifts that was caused after Ash Ketchum's Father Giovanni sold his soul to Babadi in otherworld and now they're looking to bring back all enemies from our past to try to seek revenge on all of you." said King Kai as everyone who heard that all had a look of shock especially Ash since this voice knew of his father Giovanni."

"What, Are you serious King Kai?" asked Goku as King Kai would reply with a look of concern on his face

"Yes i'm afraid it's true Goku; worst of all he's looking to create a new Majin Buu just like how his father Bibidi did, and plans to fuse Frieza and cell together and merge them with the new Majin Buu that Babidi is creating." said King Kai as Goku looked completley shocked.

"What that's insane!" said Goku, shocked about what King Kai has just told him

"Freeza? Cell? Majin Buu? Who are they?" asked Ash not knowing of any of Goku's past enemies wondering who they are.

"Also Giovanni is fusing together 2 of his own Pokemon; one called Cyborg Mewtwo and the other is Shadow Lugia; and with Babidi's plans of fusing together Frieza, Cell, and a new Majin Buu; this could mean serious trouble for the both of your worlds." yelled King Kai as Ash and Goku both began to realize what's at stake.

"How long will it be before they come to Earth?" asked Goku.

"What about my Father, when do you think he and this Babidi will be possibly ready to invade our world?" asked Ash with some serious concern on his face.

"Well Everybody, both Giovanni and Babadi are right now leading an attack on both West City and Viridian City; because of the rifts that have caused the both of your worlds to crossover into one another, many places from the both of your worlds have found itself in the same area. Be very careful everyone and I hope you can find a way to stop babidi and Giovanni's dark plans for revenge on all of you guys." said King Kai; as Ash, Goku, and the others all stood ready for action, not knowing what could be ahead.

"Ok everyone, we must leave at once." ordered Goku

"We're comming too, Mr. Goku" said Ash as Goku looked at them with a serious expression.

"But you guys all don't look like warriors." said Goku as Ash would look to Goku with a serious tone on his face.

"We usually let all of our Pokemon do all of the fighting, we'll show you on the way." said Ash as Goku would respond to him

"I doubt those Pokemon are strong enough, to handle the likes of Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu; you guys may need me and my friends to train you guys how to fight." said Goku with an offer to train Ash and his friends

"Ok, Goku we'll train with you, on the condition that you let me and my friends teach all of you about Pokemon?" offered Ash as Goku would respond

"Ok then, it's a deal." said Goku as he and Ash Ketchum both shook hands, signifying their unity to train together and help eachother out against the looming threat of all of their past enemies who are planning both revenge and to destroy the both of their worlds.

It appears that two worlds have collided into one and also old enemies are attacking the crossedover worlds what will this new alliance of the Z warriors and Pokemon Trainers do will they join forces or end up fighting eachother find out on the next episode of Pokemon Z

"To Be Continued"