Okay, this is the last chapter.

I stayed with Lone Warrior all night. He was quite feverish and sweaty and I had to cool him down with a cool rag. Lone Warrior told me that the medicine would take time to work, but I worried that, with his fever and the time that it would take to work, that he wouldn't make it. I continued to cool him down when I saw him lift his head.

"Derpy?" I heard him mumble. He was obviously quite delirious, but I bent over to see what he needed.

Lone Warrior nuzzled my face as if he were feeling for what I looked like. I blushed and didn't know how to respond.

"You're quite the cute little filly." he smiled before passing out.

I woke up next to Lone Warrior the next morning. I nudged him, hoping to get him to wake up. He wasn't feverish or sweaty like when I had last checked up on him. When he didn't respond to my nudging, I worried that he didn't make it through the night, but finally, he was able to open his eyes.

"Good morning, Derpy."

I was so relieved that he made it out that I wrapped my hooves around his neck ecstatically. I had forgotten that he had hurt his side and accidentally touched his wound as he winced.


I helped Lone Warrior up with one hoof over my neck and we continued on our way through the Everfree Forest. It wasn't long until I saw a light at the end of the forest tunnel and realized that home wasn't too far.

"Lone Warrior, I think Ponyville is only a few feet away."

I walked over with Lone Warrior over to the light, but as we got out into the sun and away from the trees, Lone Warrior dug his hooves into the ground. I looked at him to see his unseeing yes widen in fear, as if he were afraid to go out any further from the Everfree Forest. From learning about his past and the fact that he lived in this forest since colthood, I guess I understand why he'd be scared, but it saddened me to realize that we might not see each other again.

"Well, I guess this is good bye then."

I sighed sadly, knowing that this would be the last time we'd be together. Then I remembered that I still had zap apples in my rucksack.

"Don't go anywhere, Lone Warrior; I wanna bring you back something from home."

"What are you going to do?"

"I promised I'd bring you a muffin and that's what I'm going to do."

I rushed back home to Ponyville. I went into my house, emptied my rucksack full of zap apples, and emptied my pantry. After some preparation and baking, I finally had a batch of fluffy, fragrant zap apple muffins. I put all of the muffins in a basket and ran back outside. Luckily, Lone Warrior was still there.

"Here Lone Warrior, I brought you some muffins."

I placed a muffin in his hoof. There was an unsure look on his face, as if he were suspicious that I put poison in the muffins or something. After sniffing it to make sure it was okay, Lone Warrior took a bite of my zap apple muffin. His face was stricken with a sense of awe as if he had just bitten into the most tasty and delicious thing he had ever had in his life. I don't blame him; muffins are the best treat in the world (except English Muffins. BLECH!).

"Well, I'm glad you like them." I said, placing the basket next to him, "It was nice to have known you; I'm just sad we couldn't be best friends forever."


I stopped and looked over at Lone Warrior, who seemed nervous and shy

"I'd like to eat these muffins at your place."

I smiled. Of course, I was happy he'd come with me. I gave him a big hug and walked over to Ponyvill with him.

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