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Love Is A Hard Road To Walk

By: ZellyBaby

"Squall, hey Squall can I come in?"

Whispered Rinoa through Squalls dorm door.

It was about 3:00 A.M. Rinoa had gotten used to going to Squall's room late at night when she first started to stay at garden.  She hadn't done it in a while and she had the sudden urge to go to his room. 

"My Squally must be asweep."

She said in a babyish voice as she walked into Squall's unlocked dorm.  She expected to find Squall sound asleep, but she was wrong, what she saw was her boyfriend, her squall, on top of instructor Quistis Trepe, who was supposed to be her friend.  She ran out so quickly that they didn't even notice she had even come in, until squall looked up and noticed the door open, and his ring that was supposed to be on Rinoa's necklace lying on the floor. 

"Oh shit!"

Se said realizing what was happening. 

"What's wrong Squall?"

Said Quistis, worried because he had all of the sudden yelled.

He got up and began to put on his clothes

"What's wrong!?"

Said Quistis once again, this time she yelled


Said Squall angrily as he pointed to the ring and open door.

"Rinoa! Oh my gosh, she'll hate me forever!"


"Why Squall? Why with Quistis, my best friend? Squall I loved you!"

 I thought as I ran through the winding halls of garden, I couldn't see I was crying so hard.  I had my hands covering my eyes so if anyone was out this late, they couldn't see me crying.  I figured no one would be out, but I was wrong, I bumped into someone not much taller than me, but a lot broader, I began to fall but a strong swift arm caught me.

"Rinoa! What's wrong?  Why are you crying? Are you hurt?"

It was the last person I thought I would run into; Zell Dincht.


I said, attempting to continue on my way, but his arm caught me.

"Rinoa, I know something is wrong you're crying, please you can tell me"

I just gave up and collapsed into his chest and he held me close and stroked my hair.

"Shh, don't cry, it'll be all right, come on you can tell me"

"I…went to…Squall's room…and….him and Quistis…"

I couldn't even finish; I started crying harder than I ever had in all my life.  He just calmly led me to his dorm room and set me down on his bed.  He held me in his tight embrace, trying to calm me; I finally stopped crying.


"It's too dang hot in that place!"

 I opened the window.

"It should cool down in there in a few minutes." 

I thought as I walked outside to stand in the hall while my room cooled down.  The cool ocean breeze should cool it down really quickly though.  I was standing outside in my boxers and a white t-shirt. 

"Man I hope nobody's up right now and just happens to come down this hall, that would just be my luck though…" 

I heard the sound of somebody running, then from nowhere came Rinoa her hands where covering her eyes and she was crying.  I didn't have time to move and she ran into me, she almost fell but I caught her.  She didn't even notice that I was in my boxers, she was crying so hard.  I asked her what was wrong and all she had to say was squall's room, him and Quistis, and I knew what had happened. I'll kill Squall.  I took her into my room and finally got her to calm down.  After she finally stopped crying she fell asleep on my bed.


I woke up with the biggest headache I had ever had in my entire life and winced when I remembered the events of the previous night. 

"Where the heck am I?" 

But then I also remembered that I had fallen asleep in Zell's bed.  When I glanced over at Zell asleep in a chair sitting strait up with his legs crossed, I seen something that I had never known before.   Zell had a pair of small-rimmed reading glasses.  A copy of William Shakespeare's Hamlet lying on the floor open next to him, I guess he fell asleep reading.  All of the sudden he woke up what he did next made me forget everything bad that had ever happed to me, he fell out of the chair, I giggled at his clumsiness.  He looked up realizing that I was there, and he picked up the book shoved it under the bed, and took off his glasses and threw them in a drawer. 

"You okay now?"

He asked me, all the bad things rushed back into my mind at that one thought.

I just looked at him, he could tell my heart was broken; once again I was being held in his tight embrace. 

"Rinoa, will you be okay if I go and do something, I promise I'll be back in about ten minutes, just make your self at home."

I already knew what he was going to do, but I knew better than to try and stop him, so I just agreed.  He left and as I walked around his dorm I realized that I didn't know Zell as well as I thought I did, it was after the first time I had ever been in his dorm.  There was sketches lying all over his desk, they were of things like Balamb, and the garden, monsters and GFs, but there was a couple of our little gang, me, him, Squall, Quistis, Selphie, and Irvine.  I thought about it for a moment and realized that our little gang would never be the same again.  I was getting kind of hungry, I picked up some paper and a pen and wrote Zell a note telling him that I decided to go get something to eat in the cafeteria.  I happily walked down the hall slowly making my way toward the cafeteria.  I heard some yelling, and looked down the hall that was too my right, that was were Squall's dorm was, I took off running toward it, I already knew what was happening before I even got there.


I calmly walked toward Squall's dorm room, silently fuming.  I was going to kill him for doing that to Rinoa.  I'm going to try not to lose my temper; after all he is my best friend.  I was too Squall's door, when I heard some strange noises coming from his room, I burst in to find what I assume was exactly what Rinoa walked in on, squall on top of Quistis, apparently squall doesn't learn quick, squall and Quistis wrapped them selves in a mess of sheets and blankets trying to cover themselves.  I couldn't contain my temper any longer

"Squall, what the hell do you think that you are doing?  You know what happened to me last night?!  I was out in the hall standing when a very distressed crying Rinoa ran into me, she said that she walked in on exactly what you all were just doing!"

I yelled

They both tried to deny it simultaneously but failed to.

"You had no right to betray Rinoa like that, if you didn't want to be with her anymore why didn't you just tell her huh?! Well squall answer me!  That's right squall, you too Quistis, she thought that you were her best friend, why did you have to do it?"

I had tears rolling down my cheeks by now.  About that time Rinoa walked in, I guess she decide to come out of my room to do something.  She walked in and looked around seeing squall and Quistis in the bed together for a second time.  She ran out before I had a chance to say anything to her.  I chased her down the hall back to my room, I got there just as she flung herself on to the bed and began to cry again.  She looked at me with her dark brown eyes, which at the time weren't full of happiness and joy, but full of hurt and sorrow.  She flung herself into my arms, and began to cry into my shirt, for some reason me and her embracing felt so right


I flung myself into Zell's arms and just cried.  I just sat there sobbing, and suddenly realized that he did have soft side, that I just happen to discover.  Right then and there I realized that, I had fallen in love with Zell, I knew that it had hardly been a day or so, but I didn't care.  After that a few months passed, Zell and me spent a lot more time together, and just avoided Quistis and Squall who were still together.  I began to fall more in love with him everyday.  We were hardly apart.


Rinoa and me began to spend more and more time together, we were never apart.  Then one day at lunch we were happily eating and I looked up at Rinoa who was eating a salad, and realized the reason that I had been spending all this time with her wasn't because we were really good friends, I was in love with her.  I don't know why it took me so long to realize it, but I was.  But I needed to tell her somehow, but how?  That's it; I'll take to the ocean for a day on the beach.

"Hey Rinoa"


"Would you like to got to the beach tomorrow?"

"Sure, Zell"


Yes finally, a chance to tell Zell the feelings that I have for him, were going to the beach, how romantic! I said to my self as I twirled around my room and fell on the bed.


I'm going to tell her and I'm going to tell her now, I thought to my self as I sat next to Rinoa on the big Beach blanket that I had brought.


I'm going to tell him, I thought as I turned to look Zell in those beautiful sparkly blue eyes, which to my surprise were already staring at me.


She turned and stared at me with those dark brown eyes of hers, while I stared back at her with my blue ones.  Are faces are getting really close; my nose is almost touching hers.


Zell and Rinoa drew closer to each other, their noses almost touching, with no warning Rinoa caught Zell in a passionate kiss, and when she finally broke it off, she realized that he felt the same way that she did and there was no need for words, though they said them anyway.

"I love you Zell"

"I love you too Rinoa"