Disclaimer: I own nothing, so don't even bother trying to sue me, you wont get much out of it

Disclaimer: I own nothing, so don't even bother trying to sue me, you wont get much out of it.


Love is a Hard Road to Walk chapter 2

We continue on the beach were we last saw Rinoa and Zell. This story will be told from third person POV.

" I love you Zell"

" I love you too Rinoa" that said before locking in a deep kiss, rinoa and zell had actually been a couple for about a month now, they just never really said anything. They just sat there in each other's arms staring at the stars, rinoa noticed a square shaped object in zell's pocket but decided not to ask, after a while of gazing at the stars zell finally spoke up.

" Rinoa you think we should get back to the garden? Somebody might think something happened to us, since we really didn't tell anyone we were going"

" Ok" she really didn't want to go, she just wanted to stay there and be with him, Zell Dincht the last person she thought she would ever end up with.

The ride back to garden was a silent one, they both seem to be in deep thought, Rinoa was thinking about how every one would react to them being a couple, while Zell thinking something similar, but he was wandering how they would act, they meaning Quistis and Squall, he hadn't spoken to them in over a month, but how would they react now that they knew that he was Rinoa's new boyfriend.

" Hey Rinoa"

" Yes Zell?"

" I know you really don't care and probably don't want to really talk about this, but how do you think squall will react?"

" I think that he will take it very well"


" What the Hell are you talking about?!" yelled Squall

" I just seen Rinoa and Zell walk in the front gate arm in arm, I couldn't hardly believe it either!" cried Quistis

Squall was outraged at the joining of this new couple, rinoa his rinoa was Zell dincht of all people's girlfriend. But rinoa was his or so he thought.

"Quistis, your lying, you have to be lying!" he yelled running toward the direction were Quistis had seen rinoa and zell, only to see them sitting on one of the benches making out, and zell had some kind of small box in his hand, which enraged squall even more.

" What the hell are you doing with my girlfriend!?" yelled an outraged and insane squall, as drew his gunblade.

" Your girlfriend, squall you and rinoa broke up a month ago." Said a strangely calm Zell. Zell noticed that squall's eyes seemed to have a glazed look to them.

" Squall" said Rinoa sternly " calm down, put your gunblade back in the sheath now" but Squall completely ignored her as he drew nearer to the couple.

" Please squall, put the gunblade in the sheath, squall your overreacting, calm down" said zell with a hint of anger and fear in his clear usually fearless voice.

" she's mine zell, stay away" said squall again, the glazed look still in his eyes, for the first time zell noticed a very frightened Quistis standing about 6 ft behind the crazed squall.

" Squall stop it, I'm your girlfriend, remember quistis, you and rinoa broke up a month ago, please squall your scaring me" she said

" shut the hell up bitch! You are just the whore I wanted to pleasure my self with, I never loved you!" said squall still slowly swaggering toward zell and rinoa with his lionheart pointed at zells chest.

Zell was beginning to become scared that squall, his best friend was going to kill him.

" She's mine Zell, stay the hell away like I told you, yeah that's right chicken-wuss, stay away!" he said as he aimlessly point his lionheart at zells unprotected chest.

Zell had, had enough he started to rise, but squall was too quick with his many years of training with his gunblade. Squall slashed zell directly across the chest, laughing as he did it, saying " I told you so zell!"

Then with a quick motion he pulled out a handgun and shot quistis, before sticking the gun in his own mouth pulling the trigger instantly killing hiself.

Rinoa rushed strait over to zell, not worrying about anybody else.

" Zell, please you cant die, please you cant die" she said as she threw herself on top of a severely bleeding Zell, quickly she was soaked in his blood.

She knew that he wasn't going to make it, but she still pleaded.

With what life and strength zell had left he reached up to rinoa's cheek and stroked it with his blood covered hand.

" please zell, don't die, I love you I cant live with out you" she pleaded once again.

" I love you too, but love is hard road to walk." His hand collapsed ,he lay still and un-breathing on the cold floor, and out of his hand fell a small blood covered box, rinoa opened it; it was an engagement ring, he was going to ask her to marry him. All around her lay her friends and loved ones, she felt as if there was no other choice. She walked over to where squall still clutched the handgun. She picked it up and stuck it in her mouth, she wandered if it had any bullets left in it, she pulled the trigger, it did. She was going to join her friends.


please don't hate me for killing all of them, I read a lot of peoples suggestions and everyone wanted me to get rinoa and squall back together, but didn't want to do that, so please don't hate me, I did it for the sake of my fic. R&R