Chapter 1

A Light Start

While searching for supplies, the convoy caught sight of a clothing store so they decided to do a stopover. Actually, it was Kmart who insisted, saying it's time for everyone to grab a new pair of clothes. Claire gave in; thinking that a little bit of shopping will at least ease the pain of their hungry stomachs. It has been a week since their stocks started to run out so everyone was trying to save what was left in their supplies until they find a grocery store or any the like. After checking the whole place out, they let the survivors in with Kmart on the lead. Chris and the other boys stayed outside as lookouts.

"Hey, why do we have to stay outside? Shopping isn't only for girls!" LJ complained.

"You can go in, LJ." Claire said, smiling.

"Thanks Claire. You rock!" LJ winked. "See yah boys, later."

"How about the four of you?" Claire asked, pertaining to Chris, Chase, Otto and Mikee.

"We're fine." Chris answered.

After a while, the people started to go out of the store. Claire and Alice smiled upon seeing the happiness on everyone's face. Shortly, Kmart followed wearing shades, pushing a shopping a cart full of clothes and accessories. She head directly to the Hummer and unload the stuffs she "shopped".

Kmart was about to go back in when she noticed the two ladies. She immediately run in front of them, took her shades off, raised an eyebrow and scanned the two from head to toe.

"What?" the ladies said in unison, after looking at each other.

The young girl sighed then all of a sudden, started running towards the store, leaving Alice and Claire in confusion.

"What is up with her?" Alice uttered.

"I don't know. I guess she's just too happy?" Claire replied with a puzzled smile.

Then in an instant, Kmart reappeared, now accompanied by Betty. The two looked at each other and gave Alice and Claire a naughty smile.

"I don't like the look of this." Claire muttered.

"Will you come inside? Pleeeeease!" Kmart begged.

"And why?" Claire asked.

"Duh! Everyone in the convoy has their new clothes, except for you two. Look! Even the boys did a little bit of shopping."

Claire looked at the four boys, Chris, Otto, Chase, and Mikee wearing a new pair of clothes.

"I thought you boys were fine out there?"

The boys just gave her a smile.

"Okay, I get your point Kmart. but I'm definitely fine with my clothes. And besides-."

"Boys!" Betty interrupted.

Without a warning, Chris immediately carried her sister.

"Hey! What's this for? Put me down!"

"Sorry Claire. Get her in, Chris. Betty, go with them." Kmart ordered.

Just as Claire, Chris and Betty got off the scene, the three boys started to circle around Alice.

"I didn't say I'm not coming." Alice smirked.

"Good. Then let's go." Kmart exclaimed.

After a couple of minutes of shouting and debating, Kmart and the rest finally came out.

"So, where are "The Tough Girls"?" LJ joked.

LJ dropped his jaw when he finally saw the two girls in their new outfits.

"Whoa! Who let the sluts out of the slutty house?" LJ shouted.

"I prefer to take that as a compliment." Alice said and everyone laughed.

Everyone went back to their places with happiness. In no time, they were out on the road again. They were able to find a small store and took a couple of goodies enough to last for a number of days. And just before the sun set, they found a safe place to camp for the night.

Kmart wore a big smile the whole day because of her victory over the two strongest women in the team. Claire noticed her unusual smile.

"Hey you, what's up with that smile?" Claire asked.

"Oh, nothing." Kmart simpered.

"You think you'll get away with what you did earlier, huh?"

"Oh, Claire! Please don't get mad." Kmart pleaded.

"You did a great job, kid." Claire said smiling. "Thanks."

"Oh you are more than welcome Claire!"

Kmart ran to her and gave her a tight hug.

"Actually, it wasn't a hard job to turn the both of you into awesome ladies. You two are naturally beautiful, let's just say….. I added a little fire." Kmart continued proudly.

"Whatever, Resident Fashionista. I'm gonna go and check the others."

"Sure, gorgeous."


"Hot Chick!"

"I know."

"Exquisite! Charming! Alluring! Captivating!"

"Hey! Enough!"

"Sorry, lovely…Ooopps!"

"You! Come here!"

Claire started running back to Kmart while the little kid also began to run screaming how fascinating the leader looks like. The whole convoy was on a light mood. No one was talking about the infection the supply shortage. Nothing but good vibes…well, at least for now.