Chapter 13


Everything was perfect, even in the chaos they were in, Alice felt somehow contented to not think about the Umbrella and their next move. It was selfish but for now, she just wants to focus on the one thing she thought she lost long ago… LOVE.

She was waiting on her favorite spot, on the rooftop, while Carlos checks the perimeter together with JD, Claire and Rain. It has been a long time since she totally relaxed. The wind felt good on her skin, the rays from the sun was just as soothing. It was not long before she finally falls asleep.

Suddenly she felt his presence, the more he approaches the more she longed for him. She tried to open her eyes but there was something that was making it hard. She even tried to shout his name but no words came out of her mouth. She got up and was surprised that she could. It was only after she saw a hint of light that she realized her eyes were not closed, it was just too dark. She followed the light and was shocked to find herself back in one of the Umbrella's laboratory. Blood was everywhere, bodies of people she doesn't know, she decided to look for a weapon. She found a knife on one of the bodies lying on the floor. She carefully took it and started to walk. She was shocked when she heard someone sobbing. The sobs sounded familiar. She tried to look everywhere but can't find who was producing the sound. Finally, she found a piece of garment got stuck in between the door of a large cabinet. She tried to call out but unfortunately, her voice hasn't come back yet. She slowly went in front of the cabinet, waiting for the person to react as she approach. Nothing happened so she continued until her hand was already in the handle. She got surprised with the blood on her hand but remembered touching one of the bodies.

The sobbing continued but it sounded like it was being held back now. Alice panicked, thinking something might be happening so she immediately opened the door of the cabinet. It was Kmart. The kid greeted her with a scream that hurt her ear so much. As soon as the girl was finished, she moved to get her. She was surprised when Kmart backed off. She took another move forward and Kmart also took another back. Alice was totally puzzled with what was happening, she was expecting Kmart to be happy to see her but it seems like she was more afraid.

Finally, she thought that the kid might just be very scared so she decided to calm her down. She threw her arms around the girl and caught her immediately. But instead of what she was thinking to do, she lifted the knife she was holding and stabbed the girl on her throat. Kmart was still screaming, when she took the knife, making the blood spurt from the wound. The blonde thought she was going to cry but instead, she let out an evil laugh. Kmart was already dying but she was still crying, as blood gush out from her mouth.


The kid reached for her feet, smearing the blonde's white skin with bright red. Alice wanted so bad to held the kid in her arms but again, her body did the opposite. She shoved the kid back to the ground and put one of her foot on the wound she made on the girl's throat. Kmart didn't have the chance to scream in pain, she immediately died as Alice pushed her foot harder on the wound letting all the blood out.

She was about to walk away when someone called her name. It was Claire. The redhead was decided. As soon as the blonde turned to look, she pulled the trigger. The bullet hit Alice in the head…

She gasped for breath as soon as she opened her eyes. Then the sound of falling objects followed. Then came Kmart and the others.

"Hey what happened here?" LJ asked.

"Are you okay, Alice?" Betty went closer to her.

"Stop! Don't come any closer!" Alice warned but Kmart didn't listen.

"What's happening, Alice?" Kmart threw her arms around the blonde.

Alice shoved the kid to the floor. She tried to put less effort but it still made the kid hit the floor hard.

"Alice…" the girl was already crying.

"Stop! Take her. Now! "

Betty and LJ immediately took Kmart and headed back downstairs. They were all shaking from the fury of the blonde. They were aware of Alice's superhuman skills but never thought of her being scary, until now. Claire and the others finally arrived when the three reached the ground floor. They heard the noise that came from upstairs.

"What happened?" Claire immediately hurried to get Kmart on LJ's arms.

"Ugh, I think it' the time of the month…" LJ tried to joke.

"Where's Alice?" Carlos asked.

"I think you should go upstairs…" Betty answered.

Carlos ran as fast as he could. When he got to the rooftop, Alice was curled up in a ball, crying.

"Hey, what happened?" Carlos asked as he approach. He tried to sound as gentle as possible.

"Stay away!" Alice sobbed.

"It's me, Carlos…"

"Please…" Alice raised her head and held her arms like a baby asking to be carried by her mother.

Carlos hurriedly went to Alice and scooped her in his arms then laid them both on the spot where Alice fell asleep.

"There, I'm here now. No need to be scared…"

"I had a dream, no, a nightmare."

"Tell me about it."

"I can't." the blonde shook her head violently.

"Trust me, Alice. And besides, it's just a dream."

"It was all so real. The blood, the place, the bodies… the knife."

"A fight?"

"No. Somebody's killing everybody…"


"No… Me."


"I killed them all, I killed Kmart!" Alice was crying again, this time shaking.

"Shh. No, she's still alive. It's just a dream, Alice. Calm down."

"That dream means something!"

"You're just tired. Please, Alice. Snap out of it."

"I'm sorry…"

"It's okay…"

"I should apologize to Kmart… I hurt her a while ago…"

"Kmart is a smart kid; I think she understands that something was wrong…"

"Yeah, I hope."

"For now, just try to relax."

"I don't know. Relaxing seems to make me vulnerable."

"Everyone have their own weak spot…" Carlos smiled. "I'm actually in my weak spot right now."

"Thank you, Carlos." Alice hugged the soldier tight.

"I'm sorry if I wasn't in your dreams to help you…"

"I prefer you if you weren't there but actually, I felt your presence but I didn't see you…"

"Really, that only proves one thing." Carlos' face became serious.

"What?" Alice took a deep breath.

"You can't stop thinking about me." Carlos winked.

The blonde let out a long sigh then smiled. "I believe you're the one who can't stop thinking about me, soldier."

They both laughed. Carlos is Alice's pain reliever. His mere presence was enough to make her feel better, and forget all the pain, misery and sadness she feels. At last, she's now fighting to survive not only to take revenge on Umbrella, save the people who are still hoping for a new world, but also for her life, her love, Carlos.

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