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Summary: Santana , Sebastian , and Annie goes to the museum. When they exhibited the time machine. The portal opens, Annie was dragged by the portal. Santana and Sebastian was so devastated they have to go there against time and love for each other

Annie: 8 yrs old

"Are we there yet?", Annie said crossing her arms and sighed

"Soon sweetie", Santana said and looked at the little girl, she chuckled because Annie Inherited everything from Santana with the Smirk of Sebastian.

"Dad, What is a museum?"

"It keeps the Artifacts safe", Sebastian said as he U-Turned

As the pouted girl looked at the window . " Daddy! Mommy! We're here"

Santana chuckled and saw the little girl's face lit up. "Yes Annie We're here".

They were exhibiting the museum. Annie was quite annoyed with the tour guide.

Annie crossed her arms once again, "He's Annoying".

Sebastian and Santana looked at the annoyed Annie

"She's just like you when your in high school".

Santana sighed and said Yes

"Sweetie he is just explaining", Santana said kneeling down her level.

"She is way too smart for a 8 year old", Sebastian Smirked.

They continued touring around until they stop by the time travel section and saw the time travel machine.

The tour guide explained and said, "No one knows if this works or not it was created by Ben Israel".

Annie stepped closer she reached a button and pressed it. A portal opened and she was dragged by the portal.

" Mommy ! Daddy! ", Annie screamed on the top of her lungs.

Santana and Sebastian heard Annie's scream they quickly ran to Annie and saw a portal dragging her inside. Sebastian tried to pull her but

it was too late.

"NOOOO! She's gone", Santana screamed

"Shhhh", Sebastian said and hugged her protectively, there were tears streaming down his face.


The portal stopped and dropped her in a bathroom. She was crying. She knew what time travel is and she's stuck in a one. She needed her parents. She stood up and wiped the tear away from her cheeks, she saw a poster it read 2012 Mckinley high school.

"This is my mom's school". Annie Knew she saw picture of her mother when she was younger .

Annie got out of the bathroom and saw high school students staring at her including the jocks. She immediately remembered that she has to find her young mom and dad.

She loitered around and search her mom.


"Noo!". Santana buried her face on Sebastian's shoulder

"My girl", Sebastian whispered

"I can help you"

They saw a man's voice and saw Matt Ruefford

"How?", Sebastian Asked

"Easy, you press the button the portal will open and dragg you inside and the portal where she went but you only have one week, One more portal will open after one week , you will find where the portal dropped and one more thing DON'T ever change anything like Love , spoilers, Etc.

Santana thought about it. It could be Dangerous but has to do it for her little girl to go back.

"Is it okay for you Santana?". Sebastian asked



Annie searched for hours when she saw her mother at her locker she quickly ran and approach her mom

"Mommy! ". Annie Scream with excitement

Annie hugged Santana's legs given she is small

"Mommy, I missed you". Annie said and hugged her more tightly

Santana was shocked and confused. Students passing by stared at them. Santana pulled away and saw the little girl.

"Who are you?", Santana asked confused

"I am Annie. I am 8 yrs old, and I'm your daughter".

"What?", Santana said she was really really confused right now.

"Ok, I'll explain you, my daddy and me we're at the museum when a Portal opened I was dragged here in your time". Annie said smartly, She got the brain of Sebastian with Santana's Attitude.

"So you're stuck here?"


"Ok, Since you're my daughter who's the father"

"I can't tell but he is at Dal… oh Dalton"

Annie's words echoed a million times in Santana's brain.

"k. I have glee club so come"

Santana held Annie's hand, They headed to the choir room. They headed to the doorway and when they entered the glee club stared at Sebastian and Annie.

"Is she your daughter?". Artie joked

Santana hesitated for a moment and looked at Annie.

"No, she's my umm… Nephew". Santana answered and saw Annie nodded

"She looks like awfully like you", Mercedes stared at the two.

"Hi there". Annie said cheerfully

"Hello what's your name". Rachel asked

"Annie". She didn't recognize Rachel but she looked familiar." What a nice name".

Annie rolled her eyes and said "I get that all the time".

"Oh and your attitude", Mercedes added.

BTW in this fanfic Santana is not a lesbian IAM SO SORRY BUT I ship brittana though

Just in time Mr. Schu entered the room.

"Hello everyone and who's this?"

"She's Annie. I am her Mo… I am her Auntie". Santana said Hesitantly.

"Nice to meet you Annie".

Annie and Mr. Schu shook their hands. She crossed her arms while returning to her seat.

"Santana she's like your Mini- you she looks awfully like you are you sure she's your neice?"

"It's just Coincidence Mr. Schu"

"Ok, let's talk about Nationals"

As soon Rachel stop blabbering about her solos in Nationals. The class has been dismissed. Both of them got out of the room and Finn approach them.

"Hey, you have a cute niece".

"Yes", Santana rolled her eyes

"Hi Annie, want me to give you a candy"

"Thanks but no thank my mom doesn' t allow me"

"ok annie see you"

Finn left and Santana asked Annie," I don't allow you to eat candy?"

"Yes, you're strict about it and of course I must be obedient".

"Not even a tiny bit?"


Santana let a big "O" in her mouth.

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