I've finally done it! o_o I started my own PPG fanfic. I never imagined that I would be writing Powerpuff Girl fanfics. XD But here I am. AND! This is an Ace x OC Fanfic. I have been planning this story for a while now. ._. SO LONG. I just looked and I first wrote the idea down on March 18th 2012...OMG. Anyways - I got the story idea from reading another Ace fanfic called the Gangrene Queen by Jordalicious. So a big thank you goes out to you Jordalicious! :D Also I was motivated to write this for the other Ace/Gangreen Gang fans. ^_^ I hope you all will like this series.

UNFORTUNATELY. ._. This first chapter did not turn out at all how I wanted it to. I don't like writing in present tense. xP But it felt like I had to with this chapter so I switched it at last minute. This story is written in third person but I somehow always manage to give it a 1st person twist to it, or at least I feel like I do. xD I like the few piece of dialogue I was able to put into this chapter but I don't feel so confident on the other parts. ACK. x_x If it comes down to it I might re-write this if I can figure out my writing style for this story. Siiigh. But like I mentioned earlier. I really really REALLY hope that those who read will like it! I'm worried about this chapter since I don't feel so confident about it. But thank you for clicking onto this! xD


Ace D. Copular watches as the city of Townsville passes him by.
" neva changes, huh?" He muses to himself.
He and his boys had only left Townsville for a year and returned three months ago.
The green-skinned thug takes another drag of his cigarette as he looks into the crowd of unknown faces.

Ace is twenty-one now and stronger as well.
Last year he had taken his boys, the Gangreen Gang, to Cityville because he had heard that the criminals get away with just about everything there.
Punks like them wouldn't even be noticed, he had said to the Gang.
And Ace was right about that. They got to do whatever the hell they wanted. But he hadn't counted on one thing: war.
In Cityville they had became pretty notorious among all of the gangs. Especially with the Soul Killas - a gang who's turf they had somehow moved in on.
Their arrival didn't sit too well with their leader Reuben and it caused a gang war between the two.
So Ace did what he had to. He taught his boys how to fight. That way they wouldn't get their asses kicked and handed to them on a freakin' platter.
The past year in Cityville has left all of them with scars to say the least.
Another thing Ace hadn't counted on was that he and the boys would actually miss living in Townsville.
It was a big surprise for all of them but in the end they decided to move back here.
Three months later Ace is sitting on an old bench not doing much of anything.

Even now with the return of the Gang there hasn't been much crime.
The Gang hasn't really needed to steal anything due to all the loot they stole before they left.
Besides that, Ace lost interest in this lifestyle a long time ago. The only reason why the Gang does much of anything now is because they need it to get by.
Ace takes another puff from his cigarette.

Nowadays all he thinks about is his past. He wonders whether or not he should have ever left home all those years ago. Should he have convinced Lil' Arturo and Snake that leaving home would be for the best? Then again if he hadn't, where would Grubber and Big Billy be? What would their lives be like if none of them had ever met?

Ace vaguely remembers his parents. He remembers that they were both good people and they loved him. But after the accident it seemed to Ace that he was just becoming a burden for them. He always got harassed and bullied at school. He was fighting with kids even back then. He remembers how his parents would be ridiculed constantly. At the age of twelve he decided that it would be better if he left and took Snake and Lil' Arturo with him. All three of them had been engulfed in the toxic waste that ultimately turned their skin green. It was his fault. He should have been more careful. If he had just listened to his parents...

Ace shakes his head frantically, trying to get these thoughts out of his mind.
He hates thinking like this, thinking so much that his brain even hurts.
He's still Ace, leader of the Gangreen Gang, but even he knows that he's changed.
He's more grounded and even mature.
Actually mature. Who would have thought that he could ever be mature?
Not him, that's for sure. Ace used to think that he'd stay a kid much for that stupid idea.
Well, at least he still has the Gang.

Ace lets out a huge sigh. He needs a new interest. His life is getting dull again.
He runs a hand through his pitch black hair.
He tosses his cigarette to the ground and stomps the small flame out.
He leans back onto the bench for only a moment until his eyes lock onto a girl around his age.
She walks right by him not even acknowledging him.
Ace gets up and quickly follows the girl down the sidewalk.
He scans her from head to toe as he trails behind her.
She has straight, long red hair that ends just above the edge of her back.
Her skin is porcelain white. She doesn't tan like most chicks do today.
She's wearing a long-sleeved white blouse and a tight black pencil skirt with a pair of black heels.
His eyes travel down and linger, "Nice ass," he mumbles with a small grin on his face.
She's skinny yet curvy. Exactly how Ace likes his girls to be.

The girl stops at a cross-walk and hurriedly presses the red button.
She stands ahead of him waiting for the signal to tell her to go.
Ace stands a little further back among the small group of people so he doesn't look suspicious.
The last thing he needs are some stinkin' coppers after him.
He doesn't know why he is chasing this girl - he hasn't even seen her face yet.
But he's seen enough to keep him interested.

Besides, Ace doesn't have anything else to do today.
He can spare a few more minutes to stare at this chick.

The signal to walk goes off and the crowd walks across the street.

He watches as the girl walks up a set of stairs that leads into a museum-looking place.
She walks in and Ace stands in front of the same building hesitating.
Should he go in or just leave? He's not yet sure.
He looks up at the building's sign.


A smirk grazes his face, "A library, eh..? I ain't beens in one o' these in a long time."

He stares at the library a moment longer before deciding to go inside.