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Lightning surrounded a small town in a golden light while the thunder roared like an angry beast.

The wind howled, snapping its invisible jaws at everything in sight.

Leaves were ripped away from their branches, becoming lost in the dark.

Three young boys stood underneath a large oak tree amongst the chaos of the terrible storm.

Their parents were asleep in their beds, unaware that their boys had left them.

The two younger boys stared at the sky fearfully, clutching the bags in their hands.

However the oldest boy was not fazed by the storm around him. His eyes were focused on the town that was only a few miles away from where they were standing.

A flash of lightning lit up the sky once again, revealing that the boys had been cursed with black eyes and green skin.

"We can't stay here no mores." The eldest stated solemnly.

"W-What?" The second oldest boy stuttered. He couldn't believe what he had just heard.

"Can't ya guys see what we'se doin' to our folks?"

The boys remained silent in response as they looked at each other in bewilderment.

Their silence only released the boy's pent-up rage, "We're makin' them miserable!" He shouted over the thunder.

"No we're not!" The youngest shouted right back, not wanting to believe it.

"LOOK AT US!" The leader yelled as he pulled up his jacket sleeve. His anger caused the boys to flinch.

"I SAID LOOK!" He screamed as he pointed to his forearm, "WE'RE FREAKS! People look at us like we're monsters. Like if we even get near 'em, we'll infect 'em."

The boy pulled his sleeve back down and looked at his friends with pity, "Arturo you'se ain't even grown an inch since the accident and Sanny, you got a snake tongue. We belong in the dark where nobody has to look at us eva again."

"B-But our parentsss love ussss." Sanford argued with tears in his eyes.

"But da rest of this town don't." The leader rebuttled, "They hate us."

The boys were quiet again, knowing that it was the truth.

"Our moms and dads are sad coz of us. If we leave then people will be happy and stop being so mean to our parents. Ya get it, now?"

"Is this why you told us to pack up some of our stuff?" Arturo asked as he hugged the teddy bear in his arms.

The leader of the trio nodded, "I've been thinkin' 'bout this for a while now and... and it'll just be better if we leave and never come back."

"But how are we gonna get anywhere, Ace? We don't have any money!" Tears ran down Sanny's face as his whole body began to shake.

"Y-yeah we do." Ace's hand trembled as he pulled his father's wallet out of his jacket pocket, "This'll get us by for a while."

Arturo and Sanford looked at their friend in shock. They now understood how serious the situation was.

"We can't let our parents be miserable anymore." Ace wiped the tears away from his black eyes, "I'm tired of seein' them so sad."

"Can we tell them goodbye first?" Arturo asked with a hopeful expression.

Ace shook his head, "We can't do dat. If they find out that we wanna leave, they'll just try to make us stay. We gotta do what's best for 'em."

His answer caused Arturo to start sobbing.

Ace ignored the cries coming from his friend, "If you wanna stay here and continue makin' your parents miserable then go right ahead. But if ya wanna do the right thing and go with me, just know that there ain't no turnin' back from here." He instantly felt bad as soon as the words left his mouth. He hadn't planned to guilt trip them into leaving but he was just so afraid that their parents would show up at any moment.

Sanford and Arturo shared a teary glance. They felt so scared and confused.

"We'll go with you..." Sanny conceded, his voice cracked as he tried to be brave.

Ace shouldered his backpack, "Let's get goin' then."

Arturo looked back at his hometown for the last time, "Goodbye.." He uttered only loud enough for his teddy bear to hear.

The three walked into the darkness, unaware that their lives would never again be the same.

Arturo opened his eyes and wiped away the tears that were induced by his nightmare.

He laid in bed wishing he could stay there all day. He didn't want to face the world again.

The whir of his ceiling fan roared in his ears as he listlessly stared up at his bedroom ceiling.

The June air had set in, leaving a humid feeling all around.

He forced himself out of bed, realizing he had woken up later than usual.

Arturo stretched his tired body and let out a long yawn as he made his way upstairs to go to the bathroom.

After his trek to the bathroom he headed back downstairs into the kitchen.

Leaning against the counter with a bowl of cereal in hand was Snake.

"Hey man." Snake greeted him, watching as Arturo grabbed one of the stools in the corner of the room.

"Hey." Arturo placed the stool next to Snake and climbed up it. He noticed some freshly brewed coffee and felt grateful that he wouldn't have to go through all of the trouble of brewing it himself for once.

He grabbed a coffee mug out of the cabinet above him before sitting down, "You been up all night, hombre?" Arturo already knew the answer but asked anyways.

Snake took another bite of his cereal and nodded, "Yeah. Jussst decided to finally get outta bed a few minutesss ago."

"How long has it been since you last slept anyways?"

Snake had frequent insomnia and stayed up for nights without any sleep.

"Not too long. Jussst two daysss." Snake replied.

Arturo found it sad that his friend had become accustomed to the constant sleepless nights.

"Did you try what I told ya?" He asked as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

Snake shook his head, "Sssorry, man. I forgot."

"You should try it out. Those guys on that educational talk show were sayin' how it'll do the trick instantly. And hey if it doesn't work then maybe we can sue 'em and get rich." Arturo smiled wryly.

Snake chuckled, "Yeah, maybe..." His laughter quickly faded as he asked a question that had been on his mind since the previous evening, "Ssso what exactly happened between you and Ace lassst night?"

Arturo tensed up, "Got in a fight then I went to my room. Somehow I passed out even though I was so pissed off."

Snake started to reply but stopped once he realized Arturo wasn't listening. He looked towards the spot on the counter that Arturo's eyes were fixated on and realized exactly why it had caught his attention.

"What the hell..." Arturo muttered to himself as he reached for the nearby sugar jar.

He then lifted up the jar and pulled out the money that had been underneath it.

He quickly counted it up to a hundred dollars. The exact amount of money that Ace had taken for his own gain.

"Who did this?" He asked, holding the cash up to Snake's face.

Snake shrugged, "Beatsss me."

"I bet it was Ace! He thinks he can just get away with anything he wants!" Arturo exclaimed vehemently.

Snake shook his head, "He wouldn't bother with thisss. It'sss Ace. He'sss not a good guy."

"It's just too much of a coincidence though. There's a hundred dollars right there - the same amount that Ace took from The Stash."

"But where would he get the money? He'sss the one that took it in the firssst place. It can't be him." Snake rationalized.

Arturo reluctantly agreed, "Yeah, you're right. But then who did it? It couldn't have been Grubber or Big Billy."

They pondered who it could possibly be for a brief moment before they both came to the same realization.

"Sssasssha." Snake concluded.

Guilt overwhelmed Arturo and he felt even more pissed off,"Ace must have put her up to it!" He didn't want to believe that this girl was actually kind-hearted.

"What'sss up with you, man? You've been actin' like thisss ever sssince you found out the money wasss gone." Snake looked at his friend with worry in his eyes.

Arturo placed the money back onto the counter, "I'm just tired of Ace thinkin' he can do whatever the hell he wants. Gettin' bossed around all damn day and havin' to obey his every freakin' command got old a long time ago." He confessed.

Snake remained quiet, unable to think of anything to say.

Arturo sighed, "...I guess I'm just tired of being in a gang." He took a long sip of his bitter coffee, letting the warmth of it soothe his throat.

He then looked Snake right in the eye, "I wanna go home."

"We can't go home..." Snake reminded him, hating this truth.

"I know... I can't even remember where the hell home is anyways. And when I think of my parents I can't see their faces. They appear to me as shadowed figures. It's been so long that it all just seems like a dream..." He felt completely exasperated; his head was pounding from all the built up stress and frustration.

Snake bit his bottom lip in dismay. He couldn't remember what his parents looked like either. As for their names, those were long gone as well.

"Thisss isss our life, Arturo. Ace told usss there wasss no goin' back. It wasss for the bessst anywaysss." At least, that was what Snake convinced himself to believe.

"Are you so sure about that? I'm startin' to think that it was the worst decision we have ever made."

Snake attempted to respond but was interrupted by Arturo, "Ya know what? Just forget it. I don't wanna talk about it anymore."

The two remained silent, letting the sounds of morning fill the dismal void.

"This dang pickle jar!" The Mayor of Townsville shouted in frustration as he slammed the jar onto his desk. He then crossed his arms and pouted.

His secretary rolled her eyes at his childish ways and sighed. She had gotten used to his strange personality over the years but there were days like today that it left her especially exhausted.

"Give it here, Mayor." Miss Bellum held her hand out, telling herself that she should have just opened it in the first place.

The Mayor did so before diverting his attention to his guest, "How have you been lately, Sasha? We haven't seen you around here in a while." He cheered as Miss Bellum placed three pickles onto his plate.

"Oh, I've been fine. I've been working and I've made some new friends." Sasha informed him.

"That's great! How beautiful the power of friendship is! Unfortunately the friends I had are long gone..." He drifted off, a solemn expression taking over his usual cheerful one.

The Mayor quickly blinked back to reality, "What were we talking about again?"

Miss Bellum rolled her eyes, "Friends, Mayor."

"Oh, right! Yes, friends are wonderful. So who are these new friends of your's, Sasha?" The Mayor smiled at Sasha, eager for conversation.

"Well, I'm not sure what happened to them but they're a group of green skinned guys."

The Mayor dropped the pickle he was holding and Miss Bellum stared at her niece with disbelief.

"YOU MEAN THE GANGREEN GANG?!" The Mayor hopped out of his chair and stood on top of his desk,"THOSE GOOD FOR NOTHING PUNKS!? THAT GANGREEN GANG?!"

Sasha could only nod. It had to be them; they were the only green-skinned boys in the entire city.

The Mayor walked across his desk and grabbed Sasha's face, "MISS BELLUM! PLEASE MAKE HER SAY THAT SHE'S ONLY JOKING!"

"Calm down, Mayor." Miss Bellum admonished him.

The Mayor obliged and let go of Sasha's face. He then sat back down and waited to hear what his secretary had to say.

Miss Bellum pinched the bridge of her nose in an attempt to keep away the headache that was about to approach, "Sasha... Do you even know who the Gangreen Gang are?"

"I just know that they're not good guys." Sasha replied.

"YOU GOT THAT RIGHT!" The Mayor hollered, flailing his arms in the air.

"Mayor!" Miss Bellum snapped.

"Sorry..." The Mayor mumbled, averting her gaze.

"Yes, at first those boys were just a group of hoodlums but as they got older they grew into monsters."

The two remained silent, waiting for Miss Bellum to continue.

"When they first arrived in Townsville they were like any gang of rowdy teenage boys. They were a menace but compared to other criminals they weren't as threatening. Those boys were constantly in and out of jail until two years ago. It began when a criminal named Sedusa took the Gangreen Gang under her wing. She acted as if she cared for the boys and manipulated them into doing all of her dirty work. Her evil scheme was almost successful but the Powerpuff Girls were able to defeat her in the end. However, Sedusa inadvertently taught the Gang a few tricks. It was a few months later when we received a phone call from the Townsville Museum. We were informed that nearly half of the museum's priceless artwork had been stolen. The suspects had tampered with the security cameras and alarms which let them sneak inside without revealing their identities. With nothing to go on, everyone was forced to sit and wait for the culprits to strike again. About a week later one of the local stores was attacked. The girls went right over and found that the individuals holding up the store were the Gangreen Gang. The boys were easily apprehended and taken to the police station before they went to prison once again. At the time, we were unaware that the attack on the store had anything to do with the missing artwork. It wasn't until Ace himself confessed to the crime. He was clever and manipulative. Ace informed the officers that he and his friends had been the museum thieves but if they didn't get a deal then they would not reveal the location of the prized possessions. Even worse, once they were out of jail they would then destroy all of it. The police had no choice but to agree so the boys only received a year of jail time for all of their recent crimes. After the Gangreen Gang was out of prison, they suddenly disappeared. No one knew where they went or why they left and honestly we were not that worried. Everyone in Townsville thought of it as a good riddance. Although we were not worried, the Police Chief thought it was best to send one of his officers to track them down. A month later that same officer found the boys in Cityville. It was fortunate that they were out of our hair but unfortunate because of where the boys had ran off to. You see, Citvyille is known as having the highest crime rate in this country. The police force is lacking and constantly busy so a lot of the crime over there goes unsolved. But they weren't our problem anymore so everyone ended up forgetting about the Gangreen Gang completely. Until they returned a few months ago, that is. We're not quite sure what they did over there or what happened that made them come back. It really worried us at first but to our surprise they haven't done anything unlawful since their return. However, I suspect that they will be up to something soon."

'So they're a gang...' Sasha mused, letting the information sink in.

"Now do you understand why you can't be their friend?" The Mayor asked.

"I still want to get to know them." Sasha stated adamantly.

"But why? They're just a bunch of thugs!"

She shrugged, "I can't explain it."

"Sasha-" There was so much more Sara Bellum needed to say to her niece, so many more questions she needed to ask.

"Don't worry about me, if it gets out of control then I'll put an end to it."

The Mayor and Miss Bellum shared a glance, silently telling one another that they didn't like what they were hearing.

Sasha took the last bite out of her sandwich and glanced at the clock, "I think I'm gonna leave early today. I'll call you tonight, Auntie." She tossed her garbage into the trash bin that was next to the Mayor's desk before getting up to leave.


"But-!" The Mayor looked at his secretary incredulously.

Miss Bellum shook her head at the Mayor, hinting that she didn't want him to say anything more about it.

Sasha sighed, "I'm sorry." She uttered before heading out the door.

The Mayor and Miss Bellum stood in silence as their minds attempted to understand the fascination Sasha had with the Gangreen Gang.

"Miss Bellum, why didn't you tell her to stop seeing them?" The Mayor asked as he returned to his chair.

"She knows what she's getting herself into. I have faith that she'll make the right decision in the end."

He couldn't believe what he was hearing, "How can you not be worried, Sara? This is the Gangreen Gang we're talking about!" It was rare for the Mayor to call her by her first name; he only did so when he was under stress.

The beautiful red-haired secretary stood in front of the large window that gave her a view of the city, "I am worried, Mayor. But it seems that she will have to see for herself what they are really like. Once she discovers their true selves, she will want absolutely nothing to do with them."

A knot formed in the Mayor's stomach, he understood what she was saying but he could not find comfort in her words.

"I sure hope you're right, Miss Bellum..."

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