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Epilogue: Back To Traveling

The dinner was made up of a huge plate of tacos; Rory happily ate a large portion of them, and the Doctor enjoyed his with some sweet and sour sauce instead of the spicy taco sauced they had set out. Squee insisted that the Doctor feed 'Teddy' and he pretended to, but ate the tacos when he wasn't looking. Amy and River sat incredulously across from their husbands who seemed have an all-too-sudden change of heart about the Wastelocks.

After they had finished with their food they left, waving goodbye to the supernatural family living in the shack with the infinite basement.

"Pick anyplace and anywhen you want to go, and I will take you there to make up for this rather lackluster vacation." He said when they all had gathered in the console room, not including River who stated she needed to get back to doing what she was working on when they called.

"I want to pick one this time," Rory said before his wife got the chance to say anything. "It's been forever since I got to pick where to go." The Doctor smiled and nodded approvingly. "I want to go to the first off-planet, no...out of this solar system human settlement."

"Ooh! I haven't gone there in centuries!" The Doctor cheered while circling the console to get them to the selected destination.

The TARDIS wheezed and shook like it does, but only for a short period of time. The Doctor opened the door to reveal a planet with violet skies, and buildings that had a 'built-from-scraps' look, but were also far more advanced then even the most modern Earth buildings.

They walked around, and looked through the shops, eating the meals from the restaurants, Amy was a little deterred by the look of most of the dishes, but finally settled on a 'space-burger with moon chips' as she described the picture.

As the day ended they walked through a more residential-looking area of the settlement, and as they walked along the Doctor got a little itch in the back of his head.

Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder, and the three of them turned around, they didn't notice because the building they had just passed was so small in comparison to the rest of them, but even though the general material, color, and arrangement of the building was different it still had the same look. Short, flat on top, two boarded up windows, dead lawn with mildly comical keep off signs. The Doctor looked around for who poked his shoulder, he glanced down and saw a young girl with dark navy blue colored hair and hazel eyes. The held in her arms a stuffed animal, a six-legged spring green colored cat.

The door to the house opened up as the Doctor looked down at the girl. She looked so familiar but he wasn't sure why, then three slightly older boys and an even younger looking girl walked up to the one standing in front of him.

A man walked out of the house, blue hair, naturally tan skin despite the sun deprivation, tired dark circles around his brown eyes, he walked up to the small herd of children. The Doctor knew instantly who he was.

"Johnny C?" He said, in a surprised tone. The man snapped his head up, some anger in his eyes, but mostly confusion.

"What do y-" He began but cut himself off, a smile breaking out on his face and his eyes shining with disbelief. "Doctor! I haven't seen you in three hundred years!"

"Only three hundred? I saw you only yesterday, and that was back in 2012." The kids looked amongst themselves in a slightly confused manner before turning to face Johnny.

"Dad?" The oldest-looking boy, who had brown eyes and black hair said. "Who is this Doctor here for?"

"Is he here for Mommy?" Said the youngest girl, obviously new to speaking. Her hair was black and her eyes were green. She looks exactly like Devi, The Doctor thought.

"Wait! Mommy's sick?!" The second oldest looking boy yelped. He had blue hair and green eyes.

"No she isn't!" Said the second youngest-the blue haired girl with green cat doll.

"So is uncle Todd sick?" Asked the middle child a boy who looked exactly like Johnny.

"No, no one is sick. His name is Doctor." He explained this to the children with a patience that the Doctor hadn't seen from the maniac before.

"Oh." Said all of the children at once.

"Now get back in the house. Mom's making tacos."

They all quickly ran back into the house, laughing happily about dinner.

"I didn't think tacos would still exist." Rory commented.

Johnny moved his gaze to Rory, and smiled sadly. "Most foods from our time don't anymore. Squee-I mean Todd, runs our family restaurant in town specifically dedicated to those foods because they're practically extinct." Johnny looked at the sky as the sun set, darkening it to a rich dark purple. "Do you want to come inside? I can introduce you to my other eight children, it's family reunion week."

"You have thirteen kids?!" Amy said, surprised. " I feel bad for Devi."

"Devi was the one who wanted thirteen of them." He laughed. "It took her eight centuries to convince me though. Our first eight were born forever ago. Two sets of twins, a set of triplets, and the oldest who has born by herself. They were all born a century apart, but we decided to have the last five all together." He stopped himself. "I went off on a tangent again didn't I?" He said more to himself then to the Doctor or his companions. "So do you guys want tacos?" He said welcoming them into his small home.