A/N: I had a really weird dream that inspired this story. What if both Hawkeye and Black Widow were captured, SHIELD unable to find them? What would their captor make them do – violence or sex? So this idea came out of that.

Verse: Avengers Movie-Verse

Rating: M/NC-17

Characters: Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) and Clint Barton (Hawkeye). Some OCs.

Warnings: There will be smut, with elements of dubious consent, but overall, there is no rape. There will also be angst and hurt/comfort. Oh, and let's not forget an eventual HEA.

Disclaimer: I don't own any part of the Avengers franchise. I'm just using them for my twisted muse.

No Time for Regrets – Chapter 1

The room was cold, dank, and smelled of sweat.

Same as every other cell in unspeakable places in the world. Hawkeye knew this all too well. But he had never shared a cell with Black Widow before. If one of them was ever captured by their enemy, the other always came to their rescue.

It showed just how FUBAR'd this mission had become.

Although he and his partner had enjoyed being part of the Avengers for the past few months, they still had their obligations to SHIELD. Which led to them taking a mission in some deserted section of Argentina to eliminate a doctor who enjoyed creating poisons and other biological weapons. He had showed up on SHIELD radar a few weeks ago. It was meant to be a relatively simple mission to eliminate the target and make sure the poisons and biohazards were disposed of properly.

The intelligence Clint and Natasha had been given was wrong.

A mission given to two agents, was a mission meant for six. The doctor, who called himself Dr. Venen, was not working alone, nor did he operate out of his mansion like the information had said. When Hawkeye and Black Widow attempted to subdue him, five of the doctor's highly trained bodyguards had taken them by surprise – a rare thing to do – and taken them captive. Their weapons had been stripped from them and then they had been tossed in a cell together at the bottom of a large underground base that served as Dr. Venen's laboratory.

"It's been four days," Clint said, staring at the stone wall. You'd think that being two of SHIELD's best agents that there would be some word that they were looking for him and Natasha.

"Our next check in wasn't until we got rid of everything Venen could have produced," Nataha replied.

Clint sighed, hoping that food would come soon to break up the monotony of waiting. At the very least, he was thankful that Venen believed in hospitality to his prisoners to an extent. The food was edible, and the water was clean, which is more than he could say for some of the other, rare times he had been taken by an enemy. They were also escorted by eight guards to a toilet, separately, twice a day. While the cell stank, it was free of vermin and the two mattresses that served for beds were preferable to the floor.

Still, it made both he and his partner on edge that they had been captured and no rescue or negotiations hadn't occurred yet.

Natasha more than he. His patience was being tested, but as an archer, waiting for the perfect shot, he knew about patience. The fiery red-head across from him? Less so.

They hadn't talked much. Natasha preferred to be lost in her own thoughts, while Clint kept checking for anything, any moment, that they could use to escape. What concerned them the most was that they didn't even know if the underground facility was even still in Argentina. They had been knocked out after their capture at the doctor's mansion and when they woke, they had been in the cell.

"Do you think that Stark might have put some trackers in our uniforms or something?" Clint asked. They both knew it wasn't because he wanted to know, but it was to fill the silence that was slowly, day by day, becoming more oppressing.

"If he does, now would be a good time to make a grand entrance," Natasha replied, her tone slightly lighter.

They shared a quick, amused look.

It had taken surprisingly little time to adjust to living in a building with Ironman, Captain America, the Hulk, and (when he visited) Thor. They had decided to live in Stark Tower for the time being, both secretly confiding that they hoped their stint in the Avengers would work out. Tony, for all his ego, was generous, while Steve and Bruce were easy to talk to.

"Well I, for one, think that watching the Hulk in here smashing up all the doctor's work would be as entertaining as a good movie. We'd just have front row seats," Clint said.

"Now you sound like you," Natasha murmured.

Clint was going to banter back when the scrape of a boot had them tensing in awareness. Weaponless they may be, didn't mean they weren't going to defend themselves.

Dr. Venen stood outside their cell door, smiling eerily at them. "Ah, good to see you are not suffering needlessly. Good." He beckoned to his bodyguards who came into the cell before him, taking places along the walls, all six fully armed and ready for them to make a move. The doctor entered after, quietly assessing them as he began to slowly walk around them. "You know, I found myself gloating the other day that I had captured two of the best agents of some, no doubt 'faceless agency.' But then I wondered what to do with you."

Hawkeye and Black Widow stayed silent.

Dr. Venen smiled again and went on, "I know you have both been trained to deal with pain. What agency wouldn't teach their agents to deal with something like that? And no doubt, you both have had some psychological training. So I have to dig deeper." He finally stopped, letting the agents glimpse him fully. A grey-haired, cruel looking man in his fifties, Dr. Venen looked positively demonic with a bright smile on his face.

He let the pause drag on, before adding, as if he were merely discussing the weather, "So, you have become my testers for a new pheromone batch I've recently created. Tonight you will eat and drink. Tomorrow you begin the day as guinea pigs."

He marched out, his bodyguards behind him.

Once silence returned to their prison, Natasha hissed, thumping her hand against the mattress. No knowledge of the situation that awaited them made her ire rise.

Clint, knowing that the rage was slowly simmering below the surface, moved to her, taking her hand in his own, gripping tightly. "Hey. We'll be okay."

"Ever the idealist," she replied in a dead voice.

Attempting to lighten her mood again, Clint shrugged, "You never know. That pheromone bunch might give us super soldier qualities like Captain. Or maybe we'll have a really good trip. Who knows. But Tasha, we can't focus on it. Remember that. We'll face it as it comes."

Letting out a long, low sigh, Natasha squeezed his hand back.

It was morning, and Natasha and Clint were being marched down a corridor that never seemed to reach anywhere. They were bound from wrist to elbow, and weights attached to their feet made their progress slow. The amount of guards were higher, much to the disappointment of the two captives. They had hoped that Venen would underestimate them.

They were finally lead to a door and pushed in. They kept their faces blank as they took in their new environment.

There was a one way window opposite a large bed which looked more inviting than the SHIELD agents cared to admit. Oddly enough, the room looked warm and inviting, which only served to raise the agents suspicions higher. A speaker crackled and Dr. Venen's voice flooded the room.

"Agents. Welcome to your new room. My guards will release you from your bindings, but be warned, if you attempt to escape, I will lock down the room and make sure you both starve to death. It could turn into an experiment on cannibalism and the survival of the fittest for me, but not such a happy ending for you. Nod to agree."

As one, they nodded.

Once released, Natasha gravitated towards Clint, trusting him as she always did. They trusted each other with their lives.

"What do you want from us?" asked Clint, his eyes steely. He was getting sick of this mind-fuck. He had already gone through Loki. He really didn't feel like going through anything similar.

"Of course, how rude of me. I was bored with poisons so I played with pheromones. They are so fun. Hard to make artificially but in this case if it works, so worth it. What I'm releasing into the air aims to increase your baser sex drives. If it works…well, I think you both know what it might lead to if it works."

Natasha stiffened next to Clint, who felt the bottom of his stomach drop out. What the hell?

"You mean to tell me you want me and my fellow agent to go at it like rabbits?" Clint asked, hoping Venen would deny it.

"Why certainly! Imagine how much money I'll make if this works! A new type of fertility drug will rake in the cash."

"Why us?" demanded the red head, rage lacing her voice.

"You were available. And it will be entertaining to see how long you both resist each other. Ah, no more time to talk. I'm cutting off the audio so I can't hear you. I'll be watching though, just in case you both try anything funny."

And with a final click, the speakerphone shut off.

"Bastard!" Natasha shrieked, her usual composure gone. She had been caged for too long, and now this!

Clint growled as well. He had seen Venen's work. The guy was rarely wrong and if he was, it was only because the control environment hadn't been right in testing his biological weapons. If he had made some sort of chemical agent that made him and Tasha want to have sex, he knew it would be a challenge to resist it.

Natasha turned away from Clint. As much as she cared for him, trusted him with her life, sex was a line they had never crossed. Mostly because they were busy. Partly because it was dangerous to get so connected in their line of business. And Natasha knew very well that there was a high potential she could become intimately attached to the archer if she let her emotions run wild.

'And that is what I fear. Venen went too far with trying to fuck with our heads,' she thought.

A hand on her shoulder made her jump, but knowing it was Clint, she curbed her instinct to attack.

His eyes were pained and soft as they looked into her own. "Tasha…if it comes to that-"

"Don't. It makes it seem a hell of a lot more real."

"I have to. I need us to be right with each other before this pheromone shit happens," Clint argued back. Damn, but the Black Widow could be stubborn.

Exhaling heavily and telling herself to get it together, Natasha nodded, drawing a little closer to him.

"Okay…okay okay, this is what we'll do. We'll try and resist each other for as long as we can. Maybe he'll give up and we won't have to go through with it. But in case we have to, I'm just going to let you know that I'll try to make it as good for us as possible. I don't want to force you. I want you to meet me halfway. But only if we have to."

"God, I can't believe we are even considering and talking about this," Natasha whispered shakily, the pressure getting to her. She could deal with water drop torture, knife wounds, bullets, poison, starvation, but this was a whole new level of torture. Not the sex. Clint would be as good as his word and be a good lover, but being made to do it without the spontaneity of a one-night stand, without the normal developments of truly wanting it was going to take it's emotional toll.

"I know. We'll just make the most of it. Then, when our friends spring us, we'll get the sonofabitch back. You and me and him, adding some worthy red into our ledgers," Clint promised.

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