Leader- Bramblestar: Dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes.

Deputy- Squirrelflight: Dark ginger she-cat with green eyes.

Medicine cat- Jayfeather: Grey tabby tom with blind blue eyes.


Brackenfur: Golden brown tabby tom.

Cloudtail: Long-haired white tom with blue eyes.

Brightheart: White she-cat with ginger patches.

Sorreltail: Tortoiseshell and white she-cat with amber eyes.

Thornclaw: Golden brown tabby tom.

Leafpool: Light brown tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Birchfall: Light brown tabby tom.

Whitewing: White she-cat with green eyes. Apprentice: Snowpaw

Poppyfrost: Tortoiseshell she-cat.

Hazeltail: Small grey and white she-cat.

Lionblaze: Golden tabby tom with amber eyes.

Bumblestripe: Very pale gray tom with black stripes. Apprentice: Dewpaw

Dovewing: Pale grey she-cat with blue eyes.

Cherrytail: A ginger she-cat. Apprentice: Amberpaw

Lilypool: A dark tabby she-cat with white patches.

Seedpelt: A very pale ginger she-cat.


Dewpaw: Gray tom with amber eyes.

Snowpaw: Fluffy white tom with amber eyes.

Amberpaw: Gray she-cat with white paws.


Squirrelflight: Dark ginger she-cat with green eyes. (Expecting Bramblestar's kits.)

Cinderheart: Gray tabby she-cat. (Mother to Lionblaze's kit, Frostkit.)

Rosepetal: Dark cream she-cat.


Graystripe: Long-haired gray tom.

Dustpelt: Dark brown tabby tom.

Sandstorm: Pale ginger she-cat with green eyes.


Leader- Rowanstar: Ginger tom

Deputy- Toadfoot: Dark brown tom

Medicine cat- Mossheart: Dappled she-cat with green eyes.


Smokefoot: Black tom.

Snowbird: Pure white she-cat.

Tawnypelt: Tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes.

Olivenose: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Apprentice: Maplepaw

Owlclaw: Light brown tabby tom.

Shrewfoot: Grey she-cat with black feet.

Scorchfur: Dark gray tom

Tigerheart: Dark brown tabby tom

Pinenose: Black she-cat Apprentice: Leappaw

Starlingwing: Ginger tom


Dawnpelt (Mother of Creamkit and Moonkit)


Whitewater: White she-cat with long fur, blind in one eye.


Leader- Onestar: Brown tabby tom.

Deputy- Crowfeather: Dark grey tom Apprentice: Moorkit

Medicine cat- Kestrelflight: Mottled gray tom. Aprentice- Elmpaw: Brown tom with black spots.


Whitetail: Small white she-cat

Gorsetail: Very pale grey and white tom with blue eyes.

Harespring: Brown and white tom

Leaftail: Dark tabby tom with amber eyes.

Emberfoot: Gray tom with two dark paws. Apprentice: Birdpaw

Sedgewhisker: Light brown tabby she-cat.

Swallowtail: Dark grey she-cat

Furzepelt: Gray and white she-cat.

Boulderfur: Large pale grey tom.


Heathertail: Light brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes. (Expecting Gorsetail's kits)


Ashfoot: Gray she-cat

Owlwhisker: Light brown tabby tom


Leader- Mistystar: Gray she-cat with blue eyes

Deputy- Reedwhisker: Black tom

Medicine cat- Willowshine: Gray tabby she-cat Apprentice: Copperpaw: Orange she-cat with red stripes.


Mintfur: Light gray tabby tom

Icewing: White she-cat with blue eyes

Pebblefoot: Mottled gray tom Apprentice: Featherpaw

Mallownose: Light brown tabby tom

Petalfur: Gray and white she-cat

Grasspelt: Light brown tom

Troutstream: Pale grey tabby she-cat Apprentice: Redpaw

Duskfur: Brown tabby she-cat

Mosspelt: Tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes


Minnowtail: Dark grey she-cat (Expecting Reedwhisker's kits)

Cats and animals outside the clans-

Midnight- a star-gazing badger who lives by the sea.

Chapter 1:

Bramblestar clambered up to the branch that leaders sat on. It still made him a little nervous to address all the clans with so much authority. He took his place beside Rowanstar. It was the new Shadowclan leader's first time sharing news at a gathering. Blackstar had died of green cough during the hard leaf bare. He spoke first.

"Shadowclan still greives the loss of Blackstar and will continue to mourn for moons to come. This leaf bare was the hardest all of my cats have ever seen, including the elders. Many cats were lost this leaf bare and we mourn their loss. This is not to say Shadowclan is weak. Newleaf has brought us lots of prey and we continue to train and persevere the hardships of leaf bare." Rowanstar stepped back. Unsure of how to begin, Bramblestar dipped his head to Rowanstar.

"Thunderclan will also greive Blackstar, and we congratulate and wish you a long, happy leadership." He broke off to allow the cats below to chant.

"Rowanstar, Rowanstar, Rowanstar!" The cats chimed, thankful for a more kind hearted Shadowclan leader.

"Thunderclan has also suffered more than ever throughout this leaf bare. The presence of twolegs in our territory has been getting worse since new leaf began. But, we have good news to share. We have two new warriors, Lilypool and Seedpelt! We also have a new kit, Frostkit, born to Cinderheart." Bramblestar's eyes shone with pride at the thought of his new grandson. "This just goes to show that even though we have suffered many deaths, life will always carry on." He backed away and dipped his head to Onestar. Onestar had a strange look in his eyes as he began to speak.

"Windclan is strong as ever and will never be driven out of their home again. We are fighting twolegs that are also intruding on our territory. Windclan has not been weakened by leaf bare!" He finished with a yowl. Crowfeather, the new Windclan deputy after Ashfoot's retirement, looked shocked as he took control.

"What Onestar means to say is that Windclan has not been too badly affected by leaf bare and we are still strong." He dipped his head as he tried to ignore the anger burning in Onestar's gaze.

"Riverclan is well, we mourn the loss of Mothwing and many other valuable warriors we lost this leaf bare. This leaf bare has been too hard and the outbreak of disease was overwhelming. But as the seasons change, Riverclan has become stronger and more experienced from this leaf bare." She dipped her head, acknowledging the end of the gathering. Bramblestar leapt down from the branch, eager to get back to camp. Squirrelflight's kits wouldn't be coming for another moon, but he was still wary that they could come at any time. Doubt clouded his mind as he thought of how she lied to him about Leafpool and Crowfeather's kits, telling him they were his own. He had been heartbroken by the lies and hadn't been able to look Squirrelflight in the eyes. But recently, he had been able to see why she had done it. Although he will always remember the hurt of her lies, Bramblestar had grown to love Squirrelflight once again. He led his clan through the dark night back to the Thunderclan camp. The camp seemed empty and foreign since the epidemic of green cough that killed so many cats this leaf bare. He returned to his lonely den, empty without Squirrelflight. He nestled down onto the floor when he scented Brackenfur at the mouth of his den.

"Bramblestar, why do you think Onestar was acting like that?" Brackenfur asked hesitantly.

"Probably just spooked from the leaf bare." Bramblestar responded, though he himself was unsure.

"Perhaps there is trouble in Windclan. After all, they have the twoleg problem too."

"Well there's nothing we can do right now, so we'll have to wait and see if we find out more at the next gathering." Brackenfur dipped his head and walked away. Bramblestar let sleep overcome him.

Blood pounded through his ears, darkness surrounded him. He tried to move but was stuck. In the distance, distressed yowls echoed though the darkness. Yowls of his clanmates. He heard Squirrelflight and the mewling of a kit, he heard Brackenfur hissing, and he even heard Starclan cats among them. His mother, Goldenflower, was yowling ferociously. Bramblestar scuffled around, desperate to know what was going on. A familiar scent surrounded him as the yowls faded.

"There will be no more thunder, wind, river, and shadow. Even the stars will fade if you do not return." Firestar's voice foretold.

"If I do not return from where?" Bramblestar asked, beginning to panic.

"It is not about you. It is about five."

"But where? Where? Firestar you have to help me!" He begged.

"You will find your answers over the mountains."

"But we don't need answers!"

"Five will become none and the forest will be empty." The voice echoed the treacherous prophecy throughout the darkness.

"Firestar, wait!"

Bramblestar awoke in his own den. It was almost time for the dawn patrol. He remembered the stifling darkness of his dream and shivered. He must go over the mountains. He could not allow his clan to become nothing. But how could he leave his clan in a time where they needed him so much? Where would they even go after they passed the mountains? All that was over there was thunder paths and twolegplaces. He stretched and decided to visit Jayfeather. Jayfeather would know what to do. He hoped.