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"Talk" Talking

'Think' Thinking

"I'm tired." Shikamaru complained.

"I'm hungry." Choji seconded.

"I want a shower." Ino finished off the list of complaints.

"Well I want some ramen, and a blow job. But you don't hear me complaining, now move your asses!" Naruto ordered the three Genin.

For two straight days he had been running the three ragged with near constant running, forcing them to run through the forests of Fire Country, and the roads of Hot Springs Country. They only stopped three times the first day, the first being lunch, the second being a thirty minute break, and the third and final one was them setting up camp for the first night where they ate dinner, slept until sunrise, and then ate breakfast.

It wasn't until past midday did the four make it to the village. It had not changed a bit from the time when Naruto was seven, or maybe it was eight. Kami who could remember? The buildings were still a sulfur yellow color, the roofs red, steam always rising from the hot springs making the village a little stuffy for his tastes. But underneath the tourist attractions, and the hot water was something that he managed to keep going long after Shishio's demise.

That was information trading. Various Daimyo's, movie stars, and even shinobi came here to relax and take an edge off the stress in their lives. Little did a lot of them know is that a lot of the misuses developed an ability to subtly extract information from them, it could have been something as simple as an address to something more...sensitive. It was the sensitive information Naruto was going after, he paid a lot of money to find out about certain information that would prove invaluable to his goals. But first he had to get rid of his present company.

Reaching into his left side pouch, the blond pulled out a piece of folded paper, and handed it to Shikamaru. "Go find a building called 'The Soothing Sword', I'll be the one conducting business with the Hot Springs Daimyo regarding our mission. Don't go anywhere once you reach the hotel, understood?"

"I got it." The lazy Genin sighed out tiredly. "Troublesome blond, come on lets go."

The three soon went off to find the place to lodge all four of them, both Ino and Choji looking back once in question before Naruto turned his back on them. From then on it was like clock work to him. Enter the village, take a left, walk until he saw 'Saint Relaxation', turn a right, walk past the noodle stand, take another right, then a sharp left. Finally walk along a fence line and there was the Daimyo's office.

The office was not as tall, or impressive as the Hokage Tower. It, like all buildings had a sulfur yellow color and a red roof. However unlike most of the buildings this one was protected by guards, all wearing red and yellow armor as opposed to the light blue and white ones he remembered as a kid. Pulling down his scarf to expose his face, he walked towards the building with a swagger in his step, acting like he owned the place.

The guards, who's faces were covered by armor let him on through. Their hands clenched the hafts of their spears, or the hilts of their swords in anticipation. They were nervous, for a good reason too. It was no secret in the village that Naruto was one of their most highest paying clients, like Shishio before him he was treated with utmost respect, because if he was dissatisfied not only would they lose a valuable client, but possible their lives as well if the former Daimyo's fate was any indication.

Strolling past the secretary, sniveling brown-nosers, and several guards did the blond find himself in a spacious office. The interior had changed since he had last been here. The floors were replaced with cherry oak instead of tatami mats, the walls were a crimson red instead of white. The painting that used to occupy the room was gone, replaced with what looked to be a white flag that had the symbol of the village, and bookshelves that went from the floor to the ceiling lined the walls and were filled with what appeared to be thousands of books. The only thing that had not changed was the large desk that was placed near where the painting used to be, and the Daimyo perched on his chair.

The Daimyo was a young man of twenty-four years, slim in body structure, midnight black hair, and light-skinned. Plastered on his handsome face was a confident expression, and a plan always seemed to have been forming in his black eyes that always showed amusement no matter the situation. Unlike the last Daimyo he was clad in a crimson yakuta with yellow trimmings.

"Naru-chan! It has been so long, you don't call, you don't write, I was beginning to worry you forgot about me." The young Daimyo greeted Naruto in a very jolly voice that also mocked him by speaking informally.

"Can it Izaya."(1) Naruto approached the desk with a frown in his face. "I'm here with a Genin team to take care of that bandit problem you've been having. Something I call bullshit on."

"Oh?" Izaya placed his palm on his right hand, leaning into it in a confused manner. "Enlighten me, what would suspect of me to use such foul language?"

"For starters, if you had a bandit problem you would more than likely find a way to deal with it yourself. Instead of hiring foreign aid, you could have used your underground resources to hire a Missing-nin to take care of the riffraff and those three shinobi."

"Oh ho, that is true. I could have hired Kushimaru Kuriarare or Jinpachi Munashi, or better yet both just to see the aftermath of the infamous "Heartless Pair". But instead, I sent for Konoha shinobi. Now the bigger question is this; why? Why would I send for Konoha shinobi?" Izaya asked, a glint of mischief twinkling in his eyes. (2)

"Because you got word that I was in the village." Naruto said simply.

"Oh yes, I've know for a few weeks now." The Daimyo chuckled a little wickedly. "After all, you don't really keep a low profile." He held up his left hand and counted off everything that alerted him. "You saved Takigakure from a Coup de tat from Shigure and his forces, and saved the Hero's Water at the same time. You also cause a great stir in Wave Country, killing not only Raijuta Isurugi and his merry band of mercenaries, but also Aoi Rokusho, Lightning Lion, and one of my highest paying clients; Gato."

"You know that those three have been on my shit list since I was ten years old." Naruto crossed his arms irritably.

"Don't get me wrong, I am not mad you killed Gato. If anything he was a liability, a loose end that needed to be cut sooner or later. I'm just glad it was you that did it officially. You know how I hate to deal with the rats myself." The information broker gave him a pleasing smile. "But old information aside, shall we get onto business?" Izaya pressed a button underneath his desk, producing a chair from a hidden compartment in the floor.

"Yes," Naruto took a seat, and leaned back into the sturdy frame. "Now, who are these three shinobi?"

"They are Renga, Jiga, and Ruiga and they call themselves The Criminal Brothers." Izaya said with a shrug of his shoulders. "They took over Vegetable Country a few years ago and are trying to expand their territory into mine. I am not going to have it, so I want you and whoever you brought to kill them, and every man they have. All fifty of them."

"And should they be from Vegetable Country?" The blond asked.

"Do what you will, I honestly don't care." Izaya waved their fates off like they were flies hovering around shit. "They are located twenty miles to the south east. But enough about them, lets get onto the real business."

"Did you find the items I've desired?"

"Yes, and no." The Daimyo pressed another button underneath his desk, and a three of the large books popped out of the wall, fell onto the floor, and the wood suddenly moved like a conveyor belt until it reached his foot. Leaning over, Izaya picked them up and upon setting them on his desk, opening them to show that they were hollowed out to show an old scroll, and two newer ones respectively. "This was hard to come by. It took two solid years of searching the Elemental Nations, but we found what you desired. I hope it was worth the wait."

"It was." It took all his effort to not shake from excitement. Finally, after years of searching he got one of the objects he desired. "Now, what about the rest?"

"Unfortunately, those are in the no's." Izaya said. "And quite frankly, I'm urging you to stop searching."

"And I'm saying fuck you." Naruto narrowed his eyes. "You keep searching, I don't give a damn if you have to go off the continent to do it."

Letting out a sigh, the young man slumped into his chair. "Very well then, if that will be all I must ask you to leave. I got agents to contact, and your money to spend. You can pick these things up after your mission is done."

"I appreciate it Izaya." Naruto removed himself from the chair, nodded in thanks, and then left the office.

"Man, he is really obsessed with it." Izaya sighed out irritably. "Honestly, I do not know how you managed to put up with him."

"He was an okay kid, but my loyalty was with Shishio-sama." A deep voice answered the Daimyo.

"And yet you still take orders from him?" The Daimyo asked with amusement.

A figure entered the office from the back room to reveal an eight foot tall, pin-headed, absurdly muscled, bronze-skinned man wearing nothing but a dark green spandex suit that was cut off at the middle of his thighs and biceps. Secured on his arms and legs were iron gauntlets and greaves. The man looked at the Daimyo with black eyes and a large smile on his face. "Because Shishio-sama told me to follow the kid should he meet his demise. Whatever he demands of me, I will follow it to the letter."

"You are always a loyal one Senkaku." Izaya chuckled. "But is you could choose between him and me, who would it be?"

"It would be him." Senkaku replied without an ounce of hesitation. "Good thing we are on the same side."

"For now, my good man. For now." Izaya leaned back and laughed joyfully. It was a joke of course, but if things got dull he could always shake things up to make it more...exciting.

(Meanwhile with Team Ten)

"Man, this is quite the building." Shikamaru tiredly whistled.

Unknown to the Genin, Shishio's private villa had undergone many changes since his demise. The outside was no longer a marble white color, instead it was the sulfur-yellow, and red roofing so it could blend in with the other buildings instead of being an eyesore. The two story villa still stood on a hill that overlooked the village, giving it a magnificent view of the village.

"It sure is," The three Genin quickly turned around, surprised to see a white-haired man in his mid fifties, and dressed in royal servants clothing standing behind them. "I don't mind you three gawking, but this is private property. Please state your business or vacate the premises."

"We have a reason for being here." Shikamaru quickly reaching into his pants pocket and pulled out the folded, but now slightly crumpled piece of paper and handed to him. "Hopefully this will explain everything, Kami knows that troublesome blond won't tell us."

Taking the note, the man opened it up. Upon reading the note his squinted eyes popped open in delight. "Follow me you three, Naruto-dono will no doubt be arriving shortly."

'Naruto-dono?' The three mentally asked before following him into the manor. Upon passing through the front door, they found themselves in awe at the interior of the place. The floorboards were made of rich Agarwood, the walls were made out of the same wood with sliding doors like in every other home. The place was a bit warm thanks to the natural formed hot spring, but it was very tolerable.

The elderly man passed by what looked like the dining room, while Ino and Shikamaru passed on by, Choji however hung back to see the place they would be taking in their meals. It was certainly big, the walls were made of the same wood, a dining table that was three feet long with silver candlesticks and silverware and fine china placed upon what looked like a fancy cloth covering it. He knew there was a kitchen in the back, and he could smell the food.

"Oh Kami, this smells better than the restaurant." Almost in a cartoon-like manner delicious smelling steam came from the kitchen and hit his nose, and despite weighing nearly two-hundred pounds he floated up like a feather caught in the wind, and slowly drifted towards the kitchen.

He would have succeeded if a calloused hand didn't snatch him by the back of his armor.

"Choji, you weren't going to sneak into the kitchen were you now?" Naruto asked the hefty Genin in an eery voice.

"N-no, of course not!" Choji exclaimed almost fearfully. How the heak did he manage to sneak up behind him? And for that matter he was picking him up with one arm! That wasn't normal for a person their age!

"Good," The blond let go of the Genin before dusting his hands off. "Now, where is the lazy one and the blond one?"

"They just went down the hallway, I swear that's all I know."

"All right then, follow me. I think I know where they are heading."

Sure enough Naruto found the two in the exact area he figured they would be. It was the the guestroom area, ten rooms total that he had meticulously ordered to be remodeled to erase the existence of the former Prolongation, their personal belongings sealed away ans stored where only he knew they existed, and the rest burned. Their rooms, all that were customized to suit their own tastes were mercilessly painted over and outfitted with new furniture.

One would think this would hurt Naruto in some way. And they would be right, in the earlier years it hurt the blond to erase the existence of the men, and woman who rescued him, taught him when no one else dared to, and while in the sickest way possible, they turned him into the person he was today. A killer with three goals in his life, three goals that he had to attain even if it meant losing his life in the process.

Mentally shaking those thoughts away, Naruto approached the two Genin, pus one servant guiding them. "I see Gen has shown you the rooms. Hope they weren't too much trouble."

"Oh, not at all Naruto-dono!" Gen bowed deeply towards the younger man. "They were on their best behavior I assure you."

"And I believe you." Naruto approached the man and held his hand out. "I see you have been taking good care of my home. I cannot thank you enough for that."

"I have served your master for many years, he would come after me from beyond the grave if I neglected his home away from home." He happily gripped Naruto's hand and shook it. "Now, I won't hold you up. Dinner will be ready in another hour, until then feel free to reacquaint yourself with the place."

"That I will." The blond bowed to the man as he retreated down the hallway. After the man left, he turned to face the baffled-looking Genin. "Yes?"

"Naruto-dono?" Shikamaru asked skeptically. "You don't exactly strike me as a person of high standing."

"Believe it or not I am. With half the crap I've done I earned a privilege or two. This however is another thing entirely, my former master, may Kami rest his soul; left me this villa after his untimely death to use whenever I wish to finally settle down or just rest my head when I'm in the area." The swordsman shrugged his shoulders before opening one of the doors. "All right, you can take whatever room you want except for the one down the hall. That one is mine, so don't bother me unless it's really important." With his peace said, Naruto dismissed himself before retiring to his room for until dinner was ready.

That should have been the end of it, but not to the members of Team Ten, or more specifically a certain blond-haired kunoichi and self-proclaimed leader of Team Ten. It was well known that Ino Yamanaka was the queen of gossip in Konohagakure, if there was something that interested her, then she would through hell and high water to find out about it. And now her biggest target was a certain blond that showed up in her village after missing for ten years. (3)

Kami help Naruto's patience.

"All right, this is my plan." Naruto dropped his chopsticks onto his plate, propped his elbows on the table, and entwined his fingers together.

"Already?" Shikamaru asked, setting his own chopsticks down into his second bowl of mackerel and kelp. This was surprising, less than a day in this country and his superior for the mission already had a plan. Quite curious.

"Yes." Gesturing to Ino to put down her cherry tomatoes, and urging Choji to put down what looked to be his tenth plate of Korean barbecue did he allow himself to continue. "First of all, do you know who The Criminal Brothers are?"

"All I know about them is that they are ruthless, backstabbing Missing-nins. They were the first people Iruka-sensei told us to look us in the academy when the new classes first started." Shikamaru answered.

"Don't hold out, what else do you know?" The blond insisted.

"I know that while shinobi, they specialize in unorthodox techniques. Renga, the eldest brother is able to create ice disks without having the Yuki Clan's blood flowing through his veins. Jiga, the middle brother is somehow able to magnetize his body and use magnetic abilities, despite not having a kekkei genkai. And finally, Ruiga, the younger brother specializes in water techniques, and uses summoning techniques." to Naruto's surprise, Ino answered that one. And here he thought she was a dumb blond wannabe kunoichi. Even he could be surprised.

"That is correct, thank you Yamanaka-san." Naruto nodded before continuing. "They are tough, ruthless, but arrogant. My plan is simple, Shikamaru how good are you with your families jutsu?"

"I'm good enough to capture at least ten people in them." The shadow-user answered.

"But how about carrying something as light as a piece of paper?" The blond queered.

"What are you getting at Naruto?" Choji asked.

"My plan is that tomorrow, at dawn we will use the rising sun to attack. That is where you come in Shikamaru, you are to use your shadow technique to sneak one-hundred exploding tags into the camp, and once they are in place we blow them all to hell."

"You're serious? Naruto that's-"

"Killing, yes I know. But you know what you signed up for when you started training for this lifestyle. Espionage, assassination, infiltration, murder, this is what they taught you in that academy of yours. Now either grow a pair, or stay here while I go of f by my lonesome and do it by myself. Your choice." Naruto stood up from his spot at the table, glaring at the three of them. "Now, are you in or do you want to paint your bellies yellow."

"I know what I'm doing." Shikamaru answered first. "You think that will wipe them all out?"

"If we are lucky, any survivors will be wiped up." Naruto shrugged in response. "But that depends on what else I have in mind. Depending if you two," He gestured towards Ino and Choji, "Tag along."

"I'm...I'm in." Ino hesitated.

"Me too." Choji said, fidgeting.

"Then here is my plan..."

The very next day, at the break of dawn the four Genin were nestled in the trees on a cliff overlooking the small camp. The tents were well hidden within the foliage of trees using the colors of the natural landscape to conceal themselves.

"What a drag, I can barely see anything." Shikamaru squinted his eyes, desperately trying to spot a single tent.

"This doesn't change a thing. It's merely a small bump in the road." Inwardly, Naruto was cursing Izaya for the lack of terrain details. Or the enemy hiding so well. Freaking bastard. "We get closer, use the remaining darkness as our advantage, plant the tags and then make a tactical retreat before detonating them."

"It's not going to be that easy, is it?" Choji asked.

"If our jobs were easy, we would be rich and Yuki Fujikaze would be sucking my dick. But you aren't living in a manor, and I don't got an actress' lips around my cock." Naruto's vulgar response had Ino blushing, and the guys feeling embarrassed. "Now, you two stay here, Shikamaru and I will start us off."

"All right then, good luck you two." Choji said.

Not another word was said as Naruto and Shikamaru quietly descended down the cliff. Using their skills, honed through years of training to silently step and leap over stones and branches without making a disturbance, or any indication to show they were even there until they reached a suitable spot to start the attack.

Shikamaru's hands flew through the rat and bird seals, and several small shadow tendrils emerged from the shadows of the bushes. They went towards Naruto who pulled out a thick stack of exploding tags, and with careful precision both the Nara, and Uzumaki attached one-hundred exploding tags to the technique that was way beyond stretched thin and unleashed it into the camp.

Shikamaru's face was scrunched up in concentration, he placed two tags near the bottom of a tent, one next to a tree, a few near what looked like an escape route, and continued to do so until all one-hundred deadly tags were planted in a circle that surrounded the camp.

"All right, that's good enough." Naruto set his hand on his fellow Genin's shoulder, and ushered him to follow. The blond knew that that this was far from perfect and ideal, but it had to do.

The two soon rejoined Ino and Choji on the cliff overlooking the camp. The sun cast shadows over the near hidden camp, leaving a shiver of anticipation from Naruto, and silent dread from the members of Team Ten.

"All right, you three set them off." Naruto announced.

"What?" Ino exclaimed. "Us three? Why? Why us?"

"Don't be stupid, think. This is going to be you first kill, no ifs, ans, or buts, you could kill half, a quarter, or all of them." Naruto's eyes gained a haunted look that lasted for a split second. "It is a great burden to bare, especially to you greenhorns. So as a team, I want you to use your chakra to detonate the tags."

"But those are your tags aren't they? Wouldn't they work just for you?" Choji asked, blinking in confusion.

A smirk soon came to his face. "Not all of them are mine."

Perking his head in sudden realization, Shikamaru placed right hand into his hip pouch and found all of his exploding tags gone. Upon seeing their teammate's face of horror, both Ino and Choji searched their own pouches. Nothing, they did not feel anything paper related in their respective hip pouches.

"What the...how?" Choji asked.

"Ninja secret." Naruto wagged his right index finger. "Now, go and do it. I'll do mine after yours."

The three Genin looked at each other, uncertain of what to do. This was a do or die moment, something life altering that they would not be able to go back to their old lives. All three looked over at Naruto, expecting something out of him. They got nothing but a nod of his head, to get on with it. Their hands shaking, the Ino-Shika-Cho Trio firmly clutched their hands into the tiger hand seal, added their chakra...

And then the entire valley within their sight erupted into a giant fireball. The heat burned at their faces, the wind whipped at their hair, and flakes of rubble pelted their skin.

"Very good." Naruto took his own hands out of the tiger hand seal. "Now, follow me. We got to find any survivors and wipe them out."

(Meanwhile in Konohagakure)

"Oi, quit staring at us dammit. It's been three days get over it!" Zabuza bellowed at several of Tazuna's workers eyeballing him warily, for three straight freaking days and it was seriously pissing him off!

"How about you go fuck yourself Demon of the Mist! Do you really expect me to just get along with you after the crap you pulled on us!?" The younger member of the building crew rebutted, his right hand clutching his hammer in a threatening manner.

"Ginji that is enough!" Tazuna yelled at the younger man.

"But Tazuna!"

"But nothing!" The master bridge builder glared at the younger man. "Zabuza Momochi and his accomplices are no longer our enemies, that ended when Naruto killed Gato and liberated our country. Be grateful they are guarding us instead of trying to kill us."

"Yes...sir." Ginji gritted his teeth before going back to his work of hammering the frame of the roof.

"Thank you Tazuna-san, I don't know what I would have done if those two kept bickering." Haku thanked the elder man. Of course she had a plan, but a hammer to his head didn't seem logical...unless he kept it up that is.

"Bah, it's not a problem. Seeing you here took me by surprise, but I got over it after remembering that this village has its eyes on all of you, and if you tried anything funny..."

"I know," The ice-user lightly sighed out. "Even now we are being watched by this village's Anbu, and we are only armed with kunai knives, much to Zabuza's disappointment." It was ridiculous how much he loved that sword of his, bordering on the creepy level.

"Haha, indeed it is." He slowly leaned in to whisper to her. "And between you and me, I'm glad that the four of you are guarding us. Despite a day's setback thanks to those Ronin characters, we got back on track and even ahead of schedule again thanks to your groups reputation."

"Glad to help." Haku lightly sweat-dropped. Of course, no one would want to screw with them when one of the most dangerous people that came from Water Country was in the vicinity. Not to mention the Demon Brothers, who were deadlier than she thought they would, and here she thought she was the only one with a kekkei genkai.

"But I do have a question if you don't mind me asking." Tazuna said.

"Not at all. I have nothing to hide."

"What is your relationship to the blond that blew up Gato? He's not your average shinobi is he?" The old man raised an eyebrow.

"I, uh," Oh why did he ave to ask her that. "Naruto and I are...we are not intimate in case you're asking. But he save our lives almost two years ago and forced us to sear fealty to him and his clan."

"That's a little harsh isn't it? I know owing a debt is one thing, but swearing fealty? That is completely different." Honestly Tazuna didn't get why four people, who were the deadliest he had ever seen ever saw in his life would do such a thing.

"He took us to a doctor to treat our wounds, gave us contacts, safe houses, and even enough money to get by for six months. He has proven loyalty to us time and time again to the point we would follow him anywhere, even to hell if need be." The young woman lightly giggled as an after thought. "Plus, he is a one and a million type of guy."

That put a swell in the old man's chest, and it wasn't anything heart related. It was a feeling of pride, pride for the future maybe. Hopefully he would live long enough to see it. A loud crash of metal and timber broke him out of his inner thoughts, and saw both Gozu and Meizu mixed underneath the pile. "Dammit you two, get your asses out of there and watch the area!"

(Back with Naruto's group)

"Not even six in the morning, and already I'm a mass murderer." Shikamaru looked upon the carnage that he wrought from the exploding tags. Many trees were downed, crushing one or two unsuspecting people, others were splintered, craters littered the ground, bodies were strewn like broken dolls. It was absolute carnage like he had never seen. "What a drag."

"Correction, you all are mass murderers." Naruto corrected the lazy genius. The Mugenjin unsheathed he slowly walked over to what used to the the center of camp, and without any hesitation he stabbed it into the chest of what looked to be an unconscious man. "Now don't stand there with your thumbs up your ass, check for survivors."

"A-all right." Ino slowly pulled out a kunai from her holster and began searching for those who looked suspicious.

"Just a second." Choji turned to his side and threw up, mixing vomit with blood and entrails from a poor man in Vegetable Country armor.

"Take your time Choji." Naruto cut open the throat of an obviously dead man, but for safety's sake there would be no second chances for any of them.

"Hey Naruto, I think I found something!" Shikamaru shouted over the towards the blond. Pulling away a branch of a broken tree, he revealed a purple-haired man wearing a dark blue vest-like shirt with white for the collar and sides. He also wore what looked to be the bottom half of maroon ceremonial robes with white pants, and dark blue fingerless coverings that went to his shoulders.

He was crushed under a tree, his life blood long since drained out. Naruto walked over and grabbed his hair. He lifted his head up to see who it was, and seeing baby blue teardrop tattoo's under his eyes and a triangle one on his chin revealed it to be Ruiga; the youngest brother.

"Well that is one down at least." With one swipe of the sword, Naruto departed Rugia's head from his shoulders.

"Haha so that's what happened. Oh well, that means there is more riches for us." A hearty, arrogant voice alerted the four.

Turning their heads, they saw a tall, overweight man with long gray hair that went to the middle of his back. Like his younger brother, he wore the same outfit except his ceremonial robes were orange, and his tattoos were purple and were along side his face in a fang-like design. Clutched in his hands was a kusarigama with a chain attached to the end of it.

"Jiga. Dammit." Naruto cursed seeing the second brother. "All right, you three take him on. I will find the eldest brother." Before parting ways he left a few departing words for the three Genin. "Do not hold back, he will kill you if you do."

"Oh no you don't! Magnet Ninja Art: Infinite Meteors!" Hitting his stomach once and with a wave of his free hand, Jiga pulled the various rubble and discarded steel weapons from the ground and sent them flying at the retreating bond.

Before they could hit, the middle brother found himself ensnared by Shikamaru's Shadow Possession Jutsu. The shadow-user soon found himself fighting to thrust his opponent's free hand down, sending the flying projectiles into the ground, leaving their leader unscathed, and free to pursue their remaining target.

"Little brat...you will pay for that!" Jiga harshly gritted his teeth, his massive form valiantly struggling to free himself from Shikamaru's jutsu. He broke free not ten seconds later, snarling at the Nara clan member.

"Careful you guys. This man is a monster." Shikamaru warned his teammate's with narrowed eyes.

"I got this! Expansion Jutsu!" Choji bellowed, converting his calories into chakra, he increased in size in the abdominal section of his body, giving him a very round appearance. "And now...Human Boulder!" Tucking in his limbs and his head into his armor, Choji used his chakra to propel himself forward.

Jiga smirked, and reached out with his free hand. He caught Choji's spinning form, stopping him dead in his tracks, the man then lifted him above his head and threw the portly Genin away. The second brother then looked at his palm, shredded and bleeding from the attack.

The smirk turned into another snarl. "Now you have pissed me off."

(With Naruto)

"I hope those three survive." Naruto muttered to himself. Because if he was wrong then the Sandaime and three clan heads would be beyond pissed off at him. That was something he could not afford, especially not at this point in time when the beginning stages of his latest plan was barely out if its infant stage.

"Eh, they will be fine. Three extra years of training should make all the difference." The blond shrugged his shoulders to reassure himself. It did wonders for him, so the same could be said for them...hopefully.

A disturbance settled over Naruto, and he jumped as high as he could from the spot he was standing. He managed to dodge an attack that turned the entire tree to timbers at the base, felling it with a loud snap. Landing on another tree branch ten feet away he looked up to see his assailant.

The man who attacked him had long brown hair and beige-colored eyes. He had three purple fang-shaped tattoos on his face one on each cheek with the point of the fang-like mark facing up towards his eyes. He had the last fang-like marking on his forehead facing down towards his nose. His attire consisted, just like his brothers a vest-like shirt with red for the collar and the sides; only his was purple, a blue T-shirt under this along with blue wrist coverings on his lower arms.

It didn't help the fact he was hovering in midair with a smirk on his face.

"Well, this is a surprise. And here I thought this would be a challenge." The man said in a dismissive tone.

"I see you're Renga then." Naruto looked up at the floating Missing-nin. "You certainly don't look that impressive."

"I can say the same thing about you kid," Renga scoffed, "A brat with a sword is so frightening. Please, I've killed plenty of your type."

"You have never dealt with me before. Iaido!" Unsheathing Shishio's sword the pressure from the swing easily cut through any obscuring branches that was in his way, and struck Renga head on with enough force to send him off his high horse, and into the wooded area below.

Sheathing his blade, Naruto followed where the man fell, and immediately ducked to the ground. The area behind him erupted into rubble that pelted his back. He had to roll to his left to prevent an angry, bleeding from the mouth Renga from pulverizing his skull into red paste from an attack that left a large indentation in the ground. Then he had to get to his feet and jump, tucking his legs up to his chest as something flew under him like a disk, and tore through twenty trees.

"Ugh, that is getting pretty annoying. You and those fucking ice disks." Naruto growled out once he landed on his feet, his right hand on the hilt of his sword once again, ready to be unsheathed. "Tell me how the hell does a piece of shit like you know how to create it? You're not a part of the Yuki Clan, nor have you been to Snow country."

"That is a secret you brat!" Renga spat out a mouthful of blood, glaring at his advisory. "All you need to know is that I used to to see you and your band of shinobi from that cliff. I knew you would attack, so I left without a single word."

"That's pretty cold of you Renga. You left your own brothers to die, that is twisted." Naruto glared at the eldest brother with contempt. He despised traitors, more than rapists, and butchers.

"I was just using them to my own ends boy. They mean absolutely nothing to me, if I had the chance I would have killed them myself when they were of no use to me." The eldest, and most twisted brother said with a bloody smile.

"Well, then consider them all dead then. And your family line eradicated from this world! Iaido!" Unsheathing the Mugenjin once again, the highly pressurized swing came straight at the Missing-nin.

Unlike last time Renga was prepared. Focusing his chakra to condense moisture particles in the air, he formed thin, yet highly durable and transparent disks of ice on his forearms. He was hit with rib shaking results, but he managed to hold his ground and bolted forwards. He swung his right arm at Naruto's head, the eldest brother was immediately blocked by the Mugenjin's serrated blade, undeterred Renga struck out with his left arm and was met with Naruto's left gloved fist.

"Stubborn little brat!" Renga snarled, kicking out with his left leg, and nailing Naruto right in the stomach.

"You don't know the half of it!" The blond retorted, kicking out with his right leg, and nailing him right in the stomach. And unlike Renga's kneeing attack, his was much more devastating. Renga coughed out a mouthful of blood and flew thirty feet backwards.

"Ugh, Kami kid. You got one hell of a kick." Renga barely managed to grit out, his left arm clutching his stomach.

"My sensei said that I had special muscles in my legs. They were better used for kicking and jumping." But not running, that was Sojiro's specialty. If he used the Shukuchi it would end up draining his stamina faster than water draining from a hole in a paper cup. That was an emergency technique.

"Good to know. Now I know where to cripple you!"

(Back with Team Ten)

The fight had not been going well. The three Genin had given their all against the second brother with little results to show for it, everything metallic was instantly magnetized and directed back at them. The only real shot they really had was when Choji hit him with a giant hand from his Partial Expansion Jutsu, and even that only left a bruise on his right arm.

"Come one guys, we need to stop screwing around and finish this guy off." Shikamaru panted tiredly, one of his eyes was swollen shut from a nasty hit.

"Well what can we do Shika? I hit the guy with my hardest attacks and he brushed them off like he was swatting flies." Choji said, looking a little thinner than he was when the fight started.

"And I cannot try and posses his mind. I'll be left vulnerable, and the more advanced ones require too much time." Ino seconded.

"Listen I do got a plan, but it will require Choji and I to get a beating. But should we succeed in distracting him, this could be just the thing you need to destroy him mind. Can you do this Ino?"

"I can Shikamaru, just don't die out there before I can complete it!"

"All right, Choji lets go!" As Ino began going through seals for her clan's most powerful jutsu, both Shikamaru and Choji sprang from their hidden locations and began to attack Jiga with as much force as they could muster.

"Magnet Ninja Art: Infinite Meteors!" Jiga bellowed. Hitting his stomach and thrusting both his hands outwards, he used the magnetic dust sprinkled on several large rocks and weapons and bent them to his will. The rocks morphed into giant shuriken, which he flung at the Genin with brutal force.

Both of Asuma Sarutobi's Genin pulled out their own set of kunai despite the risk of them being magnetized. Throwing them with all their strength, the kunai hit the rocks and they detonated with a loud, blinding explosion. It wasn't their exploding tags, they had none of them left. On Shikamaru's side, he used every one of his flash bombs to bring out blinding light.

Jiga let out a loud cry of agony as his retinas were scorched from the blinding light. The second brother lost his concentration and his magnetic technique failed. The rocks and weapons fell to the ground with a thump and a clang as he clutched his damaged eyes.

"Now Shadow-Neck Bind!" With one eye cracked, Shikamaru went through three hand seals, and a shadowed hand flew from his own shadow, curled up Jiga's agonizing form, and clutched his neck.

"Partial Expansion Jutsu!" Choji bellowed. Eyes still watery from not closing them in time from the explosion, he poured his chakra into his right arm making it ten times as big as himself. Thrusting it outwards he enveloped the Missing-nin win a crushing grip.

"And now, Mind Crush Jutsu!" Ino screamed from the distance. Jiga quit squirming, and fell stark still in labored breathing.

The Ino-Shika-Cho Trio held their breaths for the longest time, refusing to let up their techniques out of fear that the guy would pull a fast one on them.

"I think...I think he's finished." Choji loosened his grip on their limp opponent.

"Choji no!" Ino tried to warn her teammate, but to no avail.

Jiga, with a loud war cry broke free from his hand-prison by slashing the back of his hand with his kusarigama. "Magnetic Ninja Art: Electromagnetic Vision!" Unleashing a wave of iron sand from the ground at Choji, he splashed it into the portly Genin's face causing him to fall onto his back. He had a dull look in his eyes, not a thought flowing through his mind as if his brain functions simply paused.

"Choji, no!" Ino screamed in alarm. Emerging from her hiding spot, she flung a handful of shuriken at the man that harmed her friend. That turned out to be a mistake as the red-eyed madman used his magnetic powers to throw the shuriken right back at her. Thankfully the Yamanaka heiress pulled out her kunai and intercepted them in time.

But the second brother was on her like a dog on a fallen steak. Forgetting about his kusarigama, Jiga punched the blond-haired beauty right in the face, sending her to her knees, and then he punched her again, this time sending her to the ground in a defeated heap where he began to stomp on her helpless body.

"Stop it! Stop it right now!" Shikamaru screamed in horror. This was not right, his plan should have left him as a vegetable. This was not part of the plan!

"You think some stupid mind thing would stop me!?" Jiga demeaned, crushing poor Ino under his right foot. "I may not look smart, but I know when to play possum. This little cunt had no idea what she was doing with that technique, leaving me to believe that she just recently learned it!" He then stomped on her once again.

"Knock it off you monster!" Veins of anger were forming on Shikamaru's forehead, pulsing like a heartbeat. Something inside him felt...wrong, insanely wrong.

"Make me." Jiga glared, his eyes seared red from the flash bomb, idly twirling the chin at the end of his weapon threateningly. "You know, I thought killing Ruiga was pleasing. When those bombs went off I pushed him into the line of fire and enveloped myself in rocks. But now...I think killing you will be the best thing I ever did tonight."

Shikamaru's blood ran cold. He let his brother die, without a care in the world he just killed off a family member. Again, something inside him rumbled with burning intensity that threatened to explode outwards. "You're sick."

"Please, Renga would do the same to me. We desire two things in life, wealth and power, and we got it after taking over Vegetable Country. But sharing is not in our genetics." He spat to the side in distaste. "All the more power to me if he dies."

Gritting his teeth, something inside Shikamaru emerged. Something dark, and ugly. The ground under his trembled, and without any hand seals, two blades of darkness erupted from under his shadow. They pierced that surprised Jiga in both his lungs, and slowly lifted his giant form high into the air. Crimson blood spilled from the wounds onto the ground, Jiga mouth foaming with bubbly blood.

"Ho...how?" Jiga barely managed to question before a third blade of darkness erupted from Shikamaru's shadow, spearing him through the gut. Hot flashing pain erupted like molten magma flowing over flesh. He was then smashed against the ground, tearing his body asunder when the blades moved inside him.

Shikamaru didn't answer him, he stood stark still, glaring hatefully at the man who dared to harm his friends. He watched as he three blades of darkness mauled the second brother, tearing across his chest, pulling his intestines out, hacking the offending leg off, drinking in his terrified screams of pain and agony until they were no more. It was only after the blades receded back into his shadow did he realize what he had done.

Falling to his knees, Shikamaru vomited up his breakfast and dinner. Tears fell from his eyes; mainly out of reflex from his hysterical vomiting. His mind was whirling, what happened? How did he do that? Why did he do that? What sick part of him enjoyed that!?

"Shikamaru?" The shadow-user looked up to see Choji slowly sitting up, blinking in complete confusion. "How did I wind up on the ground?"

"Choji!" Getting off his knees, Shikamaru stumbled towards his best friend. "Are you okay? What happened?"

"I dunno. It felt like my brain just stopped working." The portly Akimichi rubbed his head tenderly. "I feel better, but everything else is a blank. What happened, did we win?"

"Yea...we won." The Nara looked over at Jiga's mutilated body bleeding into the ground. "Come on, we got to grab Ino. That monster saw it fir to continue stepping on her while she was down."

"Shika...how...how did you do it?" Choji asked, looking at the dead body of their opponent.

"I wish I could tell you Choji. I honestly wish I could tell you." Shikamaru answered, not looking forward to finding the answer.

(Konohagakure – With Zabuza and the others.)

"You know, for twins neither one of you has an active brain cell between the two of you." Zabuza berated the Demon Brothers. "I get that you're trying to help get this piece of shit up and running, but for fucks sake, leave if to the fucking professionals." He pointed at all the irritated workers, each were glaring at Gozu and Meizu covered in cement from their recent attempt to "help".

"Sorry Zabuza, but standing around doing nothing just is not our thing." Meizu said defensively.

"Well make it your thing. Don't make me go to the Hokage. Unless our friendly Anbu operatives decide to tattle first! Come on I know you're there! Give me back Kubikiribocho, this kunai only is a bunch of crap!"

That caused a series of collective sweat-drops from everyone in the area. Even the Anbu found themselves doing it, wondering just how much the man loved his sword. Maybe he was compensating for something? After all all seven of those swords were larger than the average human being.(4)

"Tazuna-san, I apologize for their behavior." Haku said to the old bridge builder.

"Eh, it's quite all right. At least it's not boring around them." Tazuna said, wiping the sweat from his forehead. "Now Haku, I hope you don't mind but I have another question for you."

"Go ahead and ask. I still have nothing to hide." The young woman answered.

"Those ice abilities you've been using to keep the water cold, what kind of kekka...keikk...ke..."

"Kekkei Genkai is it?" Haku smiled, amused by the man trying to correctly pronounce the fancy word for bloodline limits. "Well, unlike Kakashi and Uchiha-san, they use an eye based kekkei genkai that allows them many abilities like seeing chakra flow, hypnotism, incredible clarity of perception, see inf someone is under genjutsu, and copy the techniques of almost anyone the meet."

She then held her right hand out, and created a small block of ice in the palm of her hand. "However, they cannot copy advanced nature jutsu. I come from a clan that can combine the wind and water-based chakra elements to create near indestructible ice. I got so good at creating it that I can create it in the hottest of deserts, or control my body temperature to stay cool in the triple digits."

"That is amazing! To think, with willpower alone you can do almost anything!" Tazuna exclaimed, this was certainly news to him.

"However," Her voice soon became sad, "In Water Country, people with bloodlines were considered impure to some, and dangerous to many. We were hunted, and many of us were exterminated. That included my mother who was killed by my father and everyone in the small village where I used to live. They came after me next and I..." She could not continue, even now after all these years that memory was the most painful to her.

"Oh...I am so sorry. I cannot even imagine what that was like." Tazuna may have lost a lot in his life, his wife to old age, his first son-in-law to sickness, Kaiza and many friends to Gato's rampage, but she took the cake. This was another reason he was glad he and his grandson were never shinobi, they can keep that life, and leave him far out of it.

"It's all right, times were tough back then, but I have a future now that does not involve running, hiding and killing all the time." Haku gave the bridge builder a small smile. "And one day, we will return to Water Country, and overthrow the Mizukage and bring the village back to what it used to be."

"Think you'll find any long-lost family members?" Tazuna dared to ask. "I cannot think of a happier ending like finding a long-lost aunt or uncle, or maybe a few cousins."

"I can only hope so." Haku smiled at the thought. "It might take some time, but right now I am happy having my family." She watched as Zabuza bonked Meizu on the head, and got poked in the eyes by Gozu, where he retaliated by slapping them both across the face.(5) "Even if they are out of their minds."

(Back with Naruto)

Unlike the Ino-Shika-Cho Trio, Naruto had been holding his own against Renga. But neither side had been gaining the upper hand, Naruto was too quick on his feet, an Renga kept defending with his ice disks.

"Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!" Expelling a massive orb of roaring flames from his mouth, Naruto watched as they impacted Renga's arms, and yet again his opponent was driven back, but otherwise unharmed. "Damn it, this is just as bad as Haku's ice." He murmured to himself.

"Stubborn brat, I should have killed you by now." Renga hissed through gritted teeth.

"I'm compared to a cockroach, I just won't die." Cracking his knuckled the blond fell into a stance where his right dominate leg was under neath him, and his left one extended behind him. "Trust me, I got at least fifty graveyards full of people that desire me dead."

"I can see why." Instead of attacking, the eldest brother began hovering in the air, and floating upwards.

"Oh fuck you!" Jumping upwards Naruto once again unsheathed the Mugenjin, sending the pressurized Iaido attack towards him. Unfortunately, this attack missed by a hair's length, sending trees crashing to the forest floor, and Renga was completely out of sight.

Up on the clear sky, Renga was cackling. Focusing his chakra, he turned the moisture particles in the air into an ice disk. But not just any old ice disk, this one was as big as an Olympic sized pool, he used the sunlight itself to focus the rays of the sun into a powerful beam of light. The Missing-nin aimed where Naruto was last located and let the thing loose.

As soon as the beam of light hit the ground, the area exploded into nothing but earth and timbers. Renga laughed hysterically as he laid devastation to the land, and the blond pain in the ass with it. The Missing-nin finished his attack not more than five minutes later, rendering the entire area as nothing more than a pile of broken trees and upturned earth.

Slowly, Renga lowered himself onto the battlefield, drinking in the damage from his ultimate technique. Idly he started kicking over rocks and fallen trees looking for the blond until. For two minutes he searched and found what he was looking for, and that was a tuft of blond hair buried under a mound of dirt and several fallen trees. Slowly, carefully he made his was over and pulled away the tree branches to see the dead face of one Naruto Uzumaki.

"Whew, about damn ti- Gak!" Renga felt a searing pain from the middle of his back, and something dripping down his pant legs. Looking down he saw the length of a sword sticking out of his stomach, blood suddenly escaped from his mouth as he started going into shock. "Ho...how?"

"Shadow clone and hiding underground, bitch!" Naruto harshly whispered into his ear. Twisting the blade, Renga let out a harsh cry of pain. "Now tell me. How did you get the ability to make ice."

"Li...like I'm going to te...ll you." The Missing-nin coughed out.

"Well here's my theory. A sick, greedy piece of shit you managed to stumble across a member of the Yuki Clan. Like a cowered you waited, stalked this person, and then murdered him or her in their sleep. But knowing how wondrous their bloodline was, you drained them of blood, called the bloodline hunters for a great reward, and then fucked around with the blood until you finally developed your bastardized ice techniques." Naruto twisted the blade again, causing him to scream out in agony. "Tell me where I got it wrong." (7)

Bleeding heavily, Renga laughed arrogantly. "Believe what you want, you little backstabber. I will never talk."

Letting go of the Mugenjin's hilt, Naruto walked around until he was face-to-face with Renga. Blue eyes glared into beige, and flicking his right wrist, a single kunai knife extended from under his sleeve and into his hand. Placing it against Renga's windpipe, he said only one sentence. The last sentence he would ever hear. "I know what you did." With a swipe of his hand, he sliced it across Renga's windpipe, opening it wide and splashing his face and chest with blood. Naruto did not stop at one swipe, he continued cutting until he was holding Renga's decapitated head in his hand.

This was the sight that greeted the injured, but victorious Team Ten. A dirty, blood spattered Naruto standing over the body of his enemy and his head in his hand. Turning his head, the blond looked at the three injured Genin, not mining the blood dripping from his bangs.

"You three killed Jiga" He asked.

"...Yea, we got him." Shikamaru said, both him and Choji shouldering Ino.

"Good, head back to the village. I'll catch up with you momentarily."

Ugh, troublesome blond.

(Back in the Village – Several Hours Later)

"Ahh, Naru-chan! I am glad to see that you succeeded." Izaya greeted the blond with a clap of his hands, and a obnoxious smile on his face. "Tell me, was it as good as I would ever imagine?"

"I'm not like The Heartless Pair, but everything is more or less where I left it." Naruto said, still bloodstained, and dirty from his encounter. Reaching into his right hip pouch he pulled out his well-used bloodstained scroll and set it down on the desk.

"I see these are the heads of those bothersome brothers, yes?" The Daimyo questioned.

"Yes, all three are in there. I checked the camp for any others, and found nothing more than common foot soldiers, and some people from Vegetable Country who may, or may not have been able to use those Flower Ninja Art techniques." Naruto shrugged his shoulders and leaned into the chair.

"I see, and how about those cute little Genin. Did they make it, or did they unfortunately perish?" Izaya placed his chin on the back of his hands, and leaned in closer.

"They didn't come out unscathed. But after my people look at them back in the manor they'll live and have a full recovery. I will have to keep an eye on them though, killing that much in one day can be...taxing for greenhorns."

"Ah, but I find that delightful. Can they bear the weight of burden on their shoulders? Will they crack and quit? Will they kill themselves is a twisted sense of redemption? Or will they triumph over it and become better people? Oh the possibilities are endless!"

Again Naruto wondered why he put up with this psycho. Oh right, he was one of the most skilled men in the underworld that gathered restricted information and rare items, not to mention he pay paying out the ass to have him find rare jutsu scrolls like the one he gave him the other day, and one other thing that was only known between them and the five men scouring the Elemental Nations. It was one of the many things he had to put up with. (6)

"Yea, anyways have one of your men deliver the heads, but I want that scroll back." Naruto waved his hand and got onto his own two feet. "Now if you will excuse me, I got a few days of rest and relaxation calling my name. See you whenever Izaya."

"Later Naru-chan, I will see you soon!" Izaya waved goodbye to Naruto's retreating form. Once he was out of the room the Daimyo smiled widely, and chuckled a little too wickedly. "I will see you real soon."

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