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I walked into Pope and Associates, and saw everyone but Huck present.

I went into my office and attempted to call him. My call went straight to his voicemail. I sighed and muttered to myself, "where ever you are Huck, I hope you are okay." I turned around in my chair, to do work to get my mind off the dark place Huck probably is in at this very moment.

Meanwhile in a darken basement . . .

Huck ignored the incoming call from Olivia, as he looked down at a bloody and nude Mark West. "I just want to know where the girl is West, your making me do these things to you."

After two days of torture, Mark West still had not spilled where Amanda was. Huck grabbed a blade he just heated with fire. "I guess you can still be a man for hire without your balls." he ran the blade near West's left ball sac. Dots of blood began to drop from Huck sliding the blade slowly across the sac.

A shock of pain shot through Mark's body. Mark West cracked and screamed. "She is in the Potomac River, near the boundary between Washington D.C. and Virginia."

Two weeks earlier . . .

Amanda waved her arms as Mark West pushed her off a boat. She moved her arms and kicked her legs to stay above the water. However, the weight tied to her leg continued to drag her to the bottom of the river. She screamed but in the silence of the middle of the river, the only one who can hear her screams was Mark, who did not care. She quickly floated to the bottom of the river; water began to fill her lungs. She began to lose consciousness and her mind wondered how her life came to this.

Amanda's point of view - flash back – Two Years ago . . .

I'm in the process of folding the last shirt to put in my suitcase, when I noticed my father standing in the door way. I smiled, "hey daddy, how long have you been standing there."

He put on a smile, but I can see sadness looming in his eye. "I was not standing here too long Mandy." He came over and hugged me

I giggled. "Daddy you know Washington D.C. is only four hours away, I'll be back holidays and maybe some weekends . . . if the campaign permits"

He rubbed my back. "I know Mandy, but it's still so far, and you never been away from home longer than a few days."

I sighed. "Daddy. . . I'm 18 years old, almost 19, its time I leave the nest, and I'll be doing good work with Sally Langston's campaign."

He pouted. "But can't you do the same good work in New Jersey, it's always been me and you, ever since your mother passed away."

I pulled away, and looked into my father's eyes, "I know you miss her daddy, but it's time for me to explore and see what else is outside these city boundaries . . . this campaign is my ticket out of this town and to push for women's issues." I rubbed his hands, "but if you really think you cannot handle being alone in this house, then daddy I will stay, for you."

He shook his head. "No Mandy you must go, I have known since you were 7 years old, and you protested girls not being allowed to be on the local t-ball team, that you were destine to go to Washington . . . . I just never imagined it would be so soon."

I smiled. "Daddy you raised me right, and always encouraged me to reach for the stars." I hugged him. "I love you daddy, and I promise I will call every day, it will be like I never left."

He smiled, and rubbed my back. "You better or I will come to Washington D.C., and raise hell." He jokingly said, as he grabbed a suitcase to load into my car.

Several weeks after moving to Washington D.C. . . .

I was adjusting the "Welcome to the Republican ice cream meet-and-greet" sign, when I saw Governor Grant, followed by Cyrus Beene and campaign fixer Olivia Pope. A part of me felt bad for Governor Grant, Sally was killing him in the polls and was destine to beat him in the primary. I climbed down off the ladder and went to pick up extra ice cream cones.

I came back, looking for someone named Billy Chambers; he was Sally's campaign manager. When I spotted him for the first time, I nearly stop breathing. He was so handsome, and his smile made me all warm inside. I got to him and handed him the extra cones, but was unable to string words together.

Cyrus spoke instead. "You must be one of our campaign volunteers, it does not matter which campaign you work for . . . you guys did an amazing job setting up this place. Your country appreciates your contribution to the democratic process"

Cyrus words had no meaning to me, I was to memorize by Billy. He quickly left to handle another campaign emergency. I sighed, and thought to myself, the next time I see him . . . I will introduce myself.

I finally got my chance to introduce myself to him a week later. I had mentally prepared myself for this moment, as I walked to his office. I knocked on the door, "Sir I have the CNN polls you requested." My heart raced and I could feel my legs tremble a little.

Billy smiled at me, "I have seen you around, what's your name."

I swallowed and muttered, "My name is . . . Amanda . . . Tanner."

He nodded and stood up to shake my hand. I thought to myself, what a gentleman.

"Well Amanda Tanner, I'm Billy Chambers . . . but you can call me Billy, and I will be sure not to forget your name in the future."

I turned to leave, with a smile plastered on my face.

"Amanda do you have plans for dinner, my last meeting just got cancelled and I would love to have company to eat with . . . maybe get a young volunteer's perspective on how to improve our reach to the younger generation."

I turned and bit my lip. I nervously smiled. "I don't really know much . . . I just been with the campaign for a few weeks Sir."

He smiled at me. "I'm sure you know a lot more, than you think you know . . . and Amanda, again call me Billy."

I nod, "Well Billy, I would love to have dinner with you."

Amanda's Flashback . . . Two years later after moving to Washington D.C. . . .

I came home after a long day working at the White House. I smelled pasta cooking as my golden retriever nearly knocked me down. I rubbed his head, as I walked into the kitchen. I saw Billy cooking, "it smelleds amazing." I wrapped my arms around him.

He rubbed my hands softly. "Welcome home beautiful." He rubbed my hand, then turned around and kissed my cheek. "How was work, is your boss still giving you a hard time?"

I giggled. "Why do you always asked that . . . and you are my boss silly."

He smirked. "I know . . . but still like to have something to talk about with my girlfriend."

"Well work was fine, other than my boss kept insisting I visit him in his office for individual evaluations." I winked at him as I went to set the table.

He smirked "well I like to see you; you make a crappy day bearable."

I frowned. "Is the President's staff still treating you like you are incompetent?"

He nodded. "Yes, I'm getting told what to do by idiots, because this country decided to go Grant, when the superior choice was Langston . . . its so frustrating sometimes."

"I know Billy, but it's only a few years . . . then Sally can run again and we will get the leadership this country needs."

"I don't know what I would do without you Mandy, you're my better half." He brings me into his arms and holds me close.

I thought to myself, life could not get any more perfect, I know a job I love, an amazing dog, and most of a man who is my world.

The next day, I heard Billy come home at almost midnight. He smelled of gin. I frowned hating when Billy drank after a rough day at work.

"They are going to fire me and Sally, those faux conservative liberal pricks."

"Whose going to fire you . . . what is going on baby?" I tried to get him to calm down.

"Grant and his sidekick, they want a younger and more flexible vice president."

I sighed and placed my hand on his shoulder. "Maybe this is just a misunderstanding, President Grant is a reasonable person from what I perceive, he would not sacrifice his support from the conservative base by getting rid of Sally."

Billy snapped, and grabbed me by my arm. He pushed me against the wall hard. "Now you are on his side, huh." Billy yells at the top of his lungs. "Oh everyone loves the pretty boy President."

My entire back sting from the contact it made with the wall. A tear rolled down my cheek, "Billy . . . you are hurting me." I muttered. I have always been an advocate against domestic abuse; I never imagined I would be a victim myself.

He realized what he was doing, and let my arms go. He turned and walked out the apartment.

Two hours later, he came back with my favorite flowers, daisies. They were not the best quality, but I can tell he searched everywhere for them at that hour of night. "I'm sorry. . . I'm so so sorry." He pleaded with me, as I saw a tear roll down his cheek.

I wiped them away. "What happened tonight, you put your hands on me." I muttered, as I look deep into his eyes.

"I don't know Manda I just lost it . . . I didn't mean to hurt you, you have to know that. I love you; I just lost my head tonight."

"But . . . why Billy I was just trying to be supportive. I love you too and you know I would never side with someone else over you."

He nodded "I know Amanda and I love you for that . . . Its just . . . I feel like I'm losing everything because of President Grant."

"Billy it's just a job, your smart, brilliant, and people love you. You can work for someone else."

He shook his head, "that's just it Amanda, that's not how things work in Washington D.C., when they get rid of me and Sally, they will blacklist us. I will be lucky to get a job at a junior college, let along work on someone else campaign, to make a difference."

"That seems like an unfair thing to do to you. You have not done anything wrong. I wish there was a way to put them in their place, and show them they cannot just walk over good people, like you and Sally."

He looked at me with those big brown eyes. "I think there is something you can do that can help me keep my job."

"Name it and I'll do it. I know how much this job means to you."

"Sleep with him, so I can expose him as the hypocritical bastard he is." He muttered emotionless.

"You mean sleep with President Grant . . . the President of the United States . . . but Billy."

"No buts Amanda, you want me to keep my job right? I hate the idea of you being with another man, the way you are with me, but we must all make sacrifices for the greater good." He quoted a Bible verse in classic Billy style.

I'm taken back by his request. Billy was my first and has been the only guy, I have ever had sex with. I thought to myself, I cannot do this . . . can I do this. I looked into his eyes, and saw how desperate he was for me to do this. I could not let him down. I loved him. "Ok Billy I will do it, just one time, I will sleep with the president."

After several months of working closely with President Grant, I finally felt like he was beginning to notice me. Working so closely with him, I noticed a change in his personality. When he first got elected he was so energize and happy. Now most nights he just drunk gin and passed out talking to someone name Sweetbaby on his cellphone. One of these drunken nights, I decided to do as I promised Billy.

"Mr. President is there anything else you need?" I give him a big smile and puff my chest out a little in his face.

"No that will be all Amanda, and thank you for the reports." He held up a stack of papers, as he took another sip of gin.

"Are you sure I cannot help you in any other way." I said softly. I tried to be sexy like the actresses I saw in movies, but felt silly.

"No, you should go home and be with someone you love. Love is a rare thing, it only comes around ones in a lifetime Amanda."

I nodded. "yes sir, love is amazing and you're lucky to have the First Lady."

He laughed at my inferring he was talking about Millie. "You may be too young to understand what love is but let me tell you about it . . . its having someone that accepts you for the good and bad . . . love gives you a reason to wake up every morning . . . love makes the sun rise and set . . . its everything and nothing at the same time."

I raised an eyebrow, and thought to myself, He definitely has amazing speech writers because what he just said made no sense.

He smiled. "You're a hard worker Amanda, and have an amazing heart. I know one day you will find love, but Amanda make sure he treats you right. He should never make you cry, and treat you less than the amazing young woman you are."

I nodded feeling horrible about trying to ruin his career after he just said such kind things. "Mr. President, how about I make sure you make it back to your room okay."

He just nodded, as we walk out his study to his private quarter. The first lady and his children were out of town. I helped him to lay down onto his bed, and accidentally fell on top of him.

I was in the process of getting up, when he muttered, "Sweetbaby don't go."

I pulled off of him confused. "I'm not Sweetbaby." I noticed he was merely talking in his sleep.

I turned to leave, when I got a text from Billy, "Some secret agents saw you go into his room, good work Manda, remember I love you and your doing this for us . . . our future."

I sighed, and turned around. I thought to myself, his out of it, all I have to do is climb on top of him for a minute. I took a deep breath and climbed into bed with him. I undid his pants and push them along with his boxer to his ankles. I pushed up my skirt up and removed my panties. Before I slid onto his surprisingly already hard erection, I looked at his face; it had such a peaceful expression. I thought to myself, he must be having an amazing dream.

My train of thought was broken, when I heard him say "Sweetbaby I love you, always, forever, and across the moon."

I pulled away. "How could I do this to him, he obviously is madly in love with his wife." I muttered to myself and shook my head. I got up to grab my panties off the floor and to leave.

He suddenly comes out of his sleeping state and stared at me. "What . . . what happen?" He noticed his pants and boxers were down by his ankles. His erection was slightly soften and there was a little pre-cum on the tip. He noticed me picking up my panties and adjusting my skirt.

My heart raced. "I was just leaving Mr. President." Neither of us knew what to say exactly.

He finally broke the ice. "I'll have secret service walk you to the White House parking lot."

I made it home a little after one in the morning.

Billy just smiled at me. "So did you do it?"

Unable to lie convincingly, I just nodded. This was the moment . . . everything went downhill.

Two weeks after my fake suicide attempt . . .

I sat on the Metro on my way back to the apartment I shared with Billy. I thought to myself Exploiting the lie about me sleeping with the president to blackmail him, a fake suicide attempt, retaining Olivia Pope to expose President Grant, and now passing off my precious unborn child as a result of a scandalous relationship with him . . . things had gotten out of hand. I decided to end all of this and to convince Billy to leave this horrible place. I was going to convince him to have a normal life with me and our baby.

I unlocked the door of our apartment. I noticed, Billy's suit jacket tossed on the floor. I found that odd, he never through his jacket on the floor like that. I picked up the jacket up, and hung it in the closet.

I entered our room and I was horrified at the sight I saw. Billy was laying nude on his back and a nude Sally Langston was on top of him. They were having sex, and my appearance in the doorway was not apparent to either of them.

Billy moaned, "Oh Sally ride me . . . hmmm ride that hard dick future Madame President."

Sally moaned. "hmm say it again . . . call me that again Billy Chambers."

As they continued to moan and grinded into each other. My heart broke and all I could do was mutter, "Bi . . .lly . . . how could you."

They both turned and saw me standing there in tears. I immediately turned and ran out of the apartment.

Billy got up and chased after me. "Wait Manda . . . wait . . . it's not what you."

I escaped into an elevator and collapsed to the side of it as I cried down 15 floors. Billy could not chase after me, without clothing.

I made it back to the apartment above Pope and Associates. Billy had called and left several messages in the time it took me to get back to the apartment. I ignored his calls and deleted each of his messages. My heart in my chest literally hurt. I shook my head and thought to myself, I did all this for him and he betrayed me with her.

I picked up my phone called my dad. "Daddy." I said through my sobs.

"Mandy what's wrong?" He immediately knew I was crying.

"Everything is so messed up, I have gotten myself into trouble daddy . . . I'm sorry."

"Huni please calm down tell me, what happen? . . . Everything going be okay."

I shook my head. "Everything is not going be okay . . . everything is wrong and there nothing that could fix this."

"Did that boy do something to you Mandy? I will kill him . . . I swear . . . I will kill him." My dad said in absolute anger that Billy hurt the most precious thing in his life.

I muttered through my loud sobs. "It just is not working out with Billy daddy. I just want to come home. I just want to come back to New Jersey . . . everything was simpler there."

"You know you can always come home honey . . . forget about Billy Chambers . . . you were always too good for that entitled little prick."

"I'm pregnant with that entitled little prick's baby." I blunted out.

The line went silent for a moment. "Oh Amanda." He just muttered.

"Please don't be upset with me daddy . . . I thought it was love and he would be my forever."

"Everything is going to be okay Mandy. We will figure this out together, like we figure out everything . . . daddy and Mandy."

I hold the locket around my neck. The locket he gave me on my 12th birthday. It always made me feel better. "Yes daddy."

"Just come home and let me take you and the baby."

"I will daddy." I hang up the phone. I wiped the tears out my eyes.

I began to dial Olivia's phone number. I put her and her team through hell; I could at least tell her the truth before I leave Billy, Washington D.C., and this whole life behind. Before I could finish dialing her number, I felt someone put a cloth over my mouth. The smell of chloroform filled my lungs and everything went black.

So Amanda is dead, no surprise; Huck went to the dark side and Mark almost lost a ball; the truth about Amanda's night with the president is revealed; Billy and Sally…gross…are you surprised? Chapter 11 had a lot of Amanda in it, I know you guys are not a fan of her, but I thought she deserved a little farewell spotlight. She is a prime example of how a big city can swallow up a small town girl . . . a sad tale indeed. Chapter 12 is complete; I will post it in 48 hours to give you time to review this one. Preview: Amanda body is found, Coffee date, Cyrus is up to no good, Fitz is very angry, and Olivia puts someone in their place.