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Stephen cautioned me to cool down before I talked to Fitz about the Amanda Tanner situation. I was too angry to take his rational advice. I found myself walking to the gate agent. He greeted me pleasantly. I was so numb, the brief conversation we had was a blur, before he let me entered the White House.

I immediately walked into the Oval Office. When I entered, Cyrus and Fitz were the only ones in the room.

Cyrus smiled. "Livi" He hugged me.

Fitz saw the look on my face. He turned to Cyrus, "Cy can me and Liv have the room, I need to talk to her alone.

He nodded, "ok, Mr. President." Cyrus exited the room.

He grabbed my hand and pulls me out of the view of the cameras. We stood in front of the window.

Before he could get another word in to lie, I spoke first. "You lied to me, you were with that girl?" I muttered.

He sighed and hung his head. "It was just one time Liv . . . I barely remember it . . . I was drinking and I took a sleeping pill . . . I missed you." He stepped forward and looked deeply into my brown eyes.

I put my arms up to prevent him from coming any closer. "Stop making up excuses Fitz, you lied to me, you made me mistrust my gut and I destroyed Amanda today for you."

He shook his head. "I'm so sorry Liv, it wasn't my idea to lie to you. It was Cy . . . ."

I cut him off. "No it is your fault, you're the one who laid down and had sex with that girl. You used her, and then you used me to clean up your mess."

He tries to get a word in. "But Liv . . ."

I shook my head. "I was foolish to think I meant anything to you. I was just another mistress, you had many before me and obviously you will have them after me."

"Liv that's not fair, I never lied about having affairs in the past, but after you there was no others." He paused.

"Then what was this Amanda Tanner affair?" I asked, coldness leaking from that last statement.

He tried to explain, "it was just one time." He paused for a second. "Honestly Livi, I do not even remember what happen. One minute I'm sitting in front of a fireplace drinking and thinking about you, in a very sleepless night. Then the next minute, I woke up nude in bed with Amanda Tanner."

A look of disgust appeared on my face. "Save me the details of your latest conquest, Mr. President"

He grabbed my still outreached arms and pulled me into him. "I love you Olivia Pope, you and only you Sweetbaby." He leaned in and kissed me passionately. The kind of kiss that would normally lead to us making passionate love again a wall in this office, but this kiss made me feel cheap. He was using it to distract me from his lies and deceit. He is the father of my child and he could not be more of a stranger to me in this moment. Tears fell from my eyes as I pushed him off me.

"No, you cannot just kiss me and make this better, Fitz." I shook my head. "I don't know why I'm surprise, you cheated on your wife with me, what is there to stop you from cheating on me."

He grabbed my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine. "It was just one time, it meant nothing, please Livi you have to believe me."

I pulled my hand from his. "It only takes one time to get a girl pregnant; guess you did not learned your lesson about protection the first time." I let slip out my mouth in anger. "How many other illegitimate children do you have Fitz."

He looked at me confused "what are you talking about a pregnant girl?" He ignored the last part of my statement.

"Congratulations, Amanda is pregnant, which means you're going to be a father again, Mr. President."

He shockingly shook his head. "It's not mine Olivia, we used a condom."

I shook my head. "What happened to you being so drunk you barely remembered Fitz?"

He pulled me close again, his chest touching mine. "Please trust me sweetbaby, I'm telling you the truth, her baby is not mine." He pulled me in for another kiss. This one was more passionate, than the first. I can feel his heart beating outside his chest.

I pushed him away again, as Cyrus stood there in shocked. "Uhm, Mr. President, they need you in the Strategy Room."

Fitz turned to me to say something.

I shook my head. "there is nothing else to talk about, Mr. President."

Cyrus muttered, "what is going on here, you and Olivia" He asked Fitz.

I raised an eyebrow. "You didn't know about us?" I asked Cyrus.

He shook his head in shock. "No I did not know."

I shook my head and stared at Fitz. "I shouldn't be surprised. I obviously meant nothing to you Fitz, did I?" In that moment, I questioned our whole relationship and the kind of man I thought he was.

He tried to respond, but I cut him off. I muttered, "Save your lies." I turned to Cyrus and muttered, "by the way I'm off the Amanda Tanner case Cy, I'm taking her on as a client."

Cyrus facial expression went from shock to anger. "What do you mean taking her on as a client, that means you going up against us Liv, . . . against the white house . . . the president and . . . me."

I nodded. "I know what I'm getting myself into Cyrus and I was lied too . . . You know that is one thing I do not appreciate when I fixing a problem." Cyrus knew Olivia had only one rule when it came to fixing problems, and that was she got the entire truth, bad or good from her client. They broke her rule.

Cyrus sighed. "It wasn't Fitz's idea to lie to you, it was mine . . . I needed to get rid of the problem without disclosing to much information about the relationship, it was not personal Olivia."

I shook my head. "Well your problem just got worse, not only am I taken her on as client . . . she is pregnant with the president baby."

I dropped that last bomb and turned to leave. Fitz tried to prevent me and I push him away. "Don't touch me, don't ever touch me again." My voice cracked as my heart slowly broke in my chest.

As soon as I walked out the White House gate, I saw Stephen standing there. "I told you not to come here until you had calmed down."

I wiped my tears away and smirked. "I am calm."

He laughed and raised a eyebrow. "So how bad is the damage?"

"Well now Amanda is, or she will be our client . . . and were going against the White House."

He shook his head. "Why don't we go against the entire Chinese military next time?" He said coyly.

Before I could respond, I got a text from Henry, my mother's neighbor. That text just said, "There was a fire at your mother's and she is in the hospital." Panic came across my face. My first thought was about the condition of my mother, but my second thought was the safety of my five month old, Lily who was with her. I just turned to Stephen, and muttered "I need to get to Florida immediately."

I know another cliffhanger. Haha. This one is different, I have not written the next chapter yet, so I'm giving you guys the opportunity to determine the faith of Olivia's mother will she live, will she die, or will she just be critically hurt?