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Chapter 1

In a cottage a few miles outside of London, a young wizarding couple was enjoying Halloween, when the unexpected happened. The dark lord Voldemort and four of his loyal death eaters were outside the home because Voldemort sensed an object of great power from the residence and he wanted it. He blasted the door down, startling the couple, and he and Bellatrix Lestrange quickly shot the crusiatus curse at them. The couple was left screaming on the floor as Voldemort ordered the remaining death eaters to search the home. He turned back to couple and released the spell.

"I will only ask you once," he hissed, "Where is the object I seek?"

"Go to hell," the man spat. His black hair was slicked with sweat. His response only angered the dark lord.

"I do not tolerate reluctance," Voldemort spat, "If you won't tell me what seek then I will have Bellatrix here, kill your filthy mudblood wife.

The man looked up, his glasses askew, as he stared at the monster in front of him. He glanced at the beautiful redhead, on his left, as she looked at him. Her determined green eyes met his worried hazel eyes. He knew she would willingly die to protect their most prized possessions. He would also willingly die for her, and the little lives hidden upstairs. With determination filling him, he turned to the dark lord and was able to mutter, "Fuck you."

Voldemort sneered. "So be it." He turned to Bellatrix. "Have fun with the mudblood, Bella." Bellatrix smiled evilly as she pointed her wand at the redhead. Before she muttered an incantation, everyone heard a baby cry. The couple looked up, startled, as their child cried. Voldemort noticed this and a smirk crossed his face as an idea came to mind.

"LUCIUS," he yelled, "bring the brat down here." The crying stopped and they heard the sound of footsteps descending from the staircase. Lucius Malfoy entered the living room with a masked death eater on both of his sides. In his arms was a baby boy with jet-black hair and almond shaped green eyes.

"Now you will tell me what I want or your son dies," Voldemort hissed as he pointed his wand at the boy's forehead.

"NO, not our son," the woman cried, "please not our son, he's just a baby!"

"Tell me where-" Voldemort stopped. He sensed the magical aura again, but this time it was a lot closer. Everyone felt the aura as well and turned to the baby. Voldemort's eyes widened as he stared at the infant's glowing eyes. He took the child from Lucius and stared down at him.

"So you are what I've been looking for," Voldemort said as he stroked the child's cheek. The glowing dimmed and the child didn't show fear in his eyes as he slowly fell back to sleep. Voldemort turned back to his death eaters and announced, "We have what we came for, time to return to headquarters."

They all bowed and started walking towards the door to disapparate, but the man wasn't about to let them go. Despite his pain, he got up and pointed his wand at Voldemort.

"I'M NOT LETTING YOU TAKE MY SON," he yelled. Before he casted a spell, Bellatrix sent a bludgeoning hex at him. He was sent flying through the air and hit the wall behind him with a loud 'THUD.'

"JAMES," the woman yelled as she crawled towards her husband. Voldemort let out a high-pitched cackle as he and his followers disapparated with Harry. (A/N: The hints are pretty right... And on we go.)

The woman was left crying on the floor next to her husband. She wasn't crying for the man next to her, but for the child she let that... monster take so easily. I'm such a horrible mother. How could I let that monster take him just like that? Harry was part of my whole world and I did nothing to protect him.

The cracking sound of apparation brought the woman out her thoughts. She looked up to see Albus Dumbledore, Mad-Eye Moody, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew standing in the living room. When the woman saw Peter she snapped, she got up and tackled the rat to the ground.

"You sorry excuse of a man," she yelled. "How could you? You ratted us out. We were your friends and You. Ratted. Us. Out."

She broke down sobbing on top of Peter. She felt hands on her shoulders as she was lifted back to her feet. She saw Sirius helping James to his feet. James rushed to his wife and embraced her. She continued to cry into his shoulder over their loss.

Dumbledore calmly stepped forward and said, "James, Lily you must tell us what happened."

James spoke for the both of them, as he glared daggers at the rat in front of him. "Why don't you ask Peter?"

Pettigrew seemed taken aback. "J-J-James, w-what are y-y-you t-talking a-a-about," he stuttered.

Lily looked up and glared intensely at him. Her eyes didn't hold their warm comforting feeling, no; they were filled with hatred and anger. "WHAT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT," she yelled. Everyone was startled (except James, of course) by her outburst. "Voldemort just so happened to stroll through our house with four of his death eaters and tortures James an I. Then, you want to know what happened, he finds our son, discovers he has great power, a-and t-takes h-him."

Lily broke down sobbing again and clutched onto James like her life depended on it. Then a thought occurred to her. I am a horrible mother. How could I forget about our other child?

"R-Remus," she stuttered as she turned to James' old school friend. "Can check on Lucinda for me? I completely forgot about her."

"No need," Moody interjected. His magical eye swiveled up and to the left. "It looks like she slept through the entire ordeal. I can go get her if you want."

Lily nodded and Moody limped up the staircase. Dumbledore looked at James and Lily curiously. "What I don't understand is why you are blaming Peter for this entire situation. Isn't Sirius your secret keeper?"

"No," Sirius snapped. "We only told the Order that to throw off the spy. I'm too obvious to be their secret keeper. So I told James to make Peter his secret keeper, since he's not as obvious. While I was the decoy to throw all those bastards off."

Moody reentered the living room with a baby girl in his arms. He handed the girl to Lily as everyone let out a sigh of relief. The girl's brownish-blackish hair covered part of her face as she slept. Remus started running his fingers through his goddaughter's hair. This little bundle seemed to always have a way to calm him down when he was stressed out.

"Alastor check Peter's arm, please," Dumbledore said. Peter instantly flinched and put his right hand over his left arm. Moody's magical eye stared at the arm and nodded. Dumbledore sighed, "Very well, take him to the ministry and have him arrested for death eater conspiracy and check the cell he is placed in has a homorphus charm (A/N: It's a spell that doesn't let a animagus transform into their respective animal) in place." Moody roughly grabbed Pettigrew, who started to squirm. Before they apparated Dumbledore continued, "Also, inform the auror office of a child abduction. Make sure Frank and Kingsley hear this, they'll know what to do."

Moody nodded and casted a binding charm on Peter before they apparated. Dumbledore turned back to the group of friends, who protectively surrounded Lily with Lucinda in her arms.

"I give you my word, we will find Harry. I'll get everyone we know to help search for him."

"Good," Remus spoke for the first time since they arrived. "But it better be soon. If Voldemort doesn't kill him, then he'll probably be raised in the ways of the dark arts and with the power he possesses... there'll be no telling what might happen."

The order was restless in their search for Harry. Every lead they had often leads them back to square one. James and Sirius interrogated every death eater that entered the auror office, which was few, but most of them didn't have a clue while the rest said that he's alive and safe. Remus often went under cover to hear any rumors, but, sadly, there was none. Lily stayed at home to raise Lucinda, but her eyes held that distant look in them when she looked at her daughter. Harry and Lucinda looked somewhat identical, but could be instantly told apart. Lily oftened wondered where her little Harry is and what is being done to him?

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