The ITALICS are thoughts and the BOLD is Parseltounge

Chapter 4

A girl with dark brown almost black hair, that was tied up in a high bun, was getting ready to go to her best friend's older brother's wedding. She wouldn't normally wear a dress, skirt, or anything girly; no she prefers to wear American fashion. Ever since her grandparents took her to New York four years ago, she became fascinated with its culture. Most people would describe her as a tomboy for her kickback, mischievous attitude, but don't take into consideration of her kind, intellectual side.

Her best friend Ron Weasley supports her fun, mischievous side while her other best friend, Hermione Granger, prefers her patient, intellectual side. Her friends always argue with each other, and sometimes it gets to the point where she just wants to knock them out so she doesn't have to play mediator. She just loves them so much that she doesn't want to hurt them.

She decided to wear a blue knee-high dress with black embroidery. She looked at herself in the closet mirror and thought the color suited her tanned skin, dark hair, and golden-brown eyes. She let out a grunt and undid her bun and watched her hair fall down past her shoulders... slightly. After some consideration she decided to keep her hair down. Now looking at the mirror again, she's glad she let Ginny talk her into getting flaming-red highlights. She now fells like a member of the Weasley family, but she likes the fact that she has both her parents' hair color.

Her parents spoil her, but she doesn't act like a selfish prat like most girls her age. Maybe because I inherited mum's brains and kindness and notsnobiness. Hmm, maybe I should stop hanging around Hermione, I'm starting to make up words again.

After applying a little make up, she started looking around her room for the heels she's been wearing for the past week. She sighed when she found her Mini Schnauzer sleeping on them.

"Odie." She bent down to pick him up. He let out a grunt when he was moved from his comfy spot to his bed in the corner. The girl rolled her eyes and chuckled when Odie fell asleep again. After her heels were on, she put on her favorite necklace and the ring she got from her friend Danny for her fifteenth birthday. He said that it's in his culture that when a girl turns fifteen they are officially a woman. At least I'm mature enough to be called a woman.After grabbing a small bag that looks like it can hold a tennis ball, she puts her flat shoes and wand in it.

After scratching Odie's ears a little, she left her room and bumped into her father. She was sent down to the floor since she wasn't used to her heels yet, even after a year.

"Dad," she cried.

"I'm sorry Lucinda," her father said as he offered his hand to help. Lucinda took his hand and was lifted back onto her feet. She took a look at him and noticed he was wearing dark brown dress robes, a white shirt, and black slacks. Once she was balanced out he continued.

"Your mother sent me up here to see what was taking you so long. Sometimes she can be so bossy."

"I was on my way down daddy." She gave her father a scowl before she continued. "And you know I hate it when people use my full name."

Her father gave her a stern look. "Are you hanging around Tonks again, Lu?"

Lu dropped her scowl, and avoided his gaze. "Maybe," she muttered.

Her father let out a tired sigh as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders. He was always tired, and being second in command of the auror office could always be stressful especially fighting a war against Voldemort. She's just glad he took four days off from work to attend the wedding with his daughter and wife.

"Sometimes I wonder if it's healthy that you're around Padfoot and Tonks all the time."

Lu raised an eyebrow. "I'm not around Uncle Sirius and Tonks all the time. Those two work with you in the auror office, and they're always with you whenever Voldemort's goons are creating riots. Also I didn't meet Tonks until I was twelve, and before then I preferred people not using my full name."

Her father smiled sheepishly. "I know, I'm just teasing." He chuckled a little and led his daughter down the staircase. At the bottom of the stairs was her mum waiting for them. She was wearing a pale green spaghetti strap dress with a flower pattern, flat shoes, and her red hair was curled. Lu raised her eyebrows in surprise. Her mum had naturally straight hair and the curls would straighten out after a few hours. Her mum gave a playful scowl at her husband when they were off the stairs. "What took you so long James?"

James made a look of mock-offence as he put a hand to his heart. "Lily, darling, I'm offended. I was only getting our beautiful daughter from upstairs as you said, where, unfortunately, she fell on those dreadful heels of hers. Were you thinking that I was making myself more handsome than before?"

Lily dropped her scowl as she tenderly walked up to her husband and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I think you're the most handsome man in the world, Prongs." James wiggled his eyebrows as he wrapped his arms around Lily's waist. "And you're the most beautiful woman in the whole universe Lily." He bent down and captured her lips in his. They continued to snog for a few minutes and unknown to them Lu was making herself look like she was gagging.

Seeing her parents snogging in front of her always makes her feel sick to her stomach. She knew what snogging was like since she dated Seamus Finnigan, Danny Gomez, and that foul, loathsome evil little cockroach Draco Malfoy. That son of a bitch brought a handful of Death Eaters into Hogwarts a month ago an almost murdered Professor Dumbledore until I intervened and in my lioness form, clawed his face hoping to leave a rather nasty scar. No one harms anyone I love while I'm still alive.A small smile formed on her lips, but turned into a frown as she saw that her parents were still snogging.

After rolling her eyes, she cleared her throat quite loudly to get their attention. Her parents pulled apart but they still had their arms wrapped around each other. They raised their eyebrows at their only daughter as if saying 'what the heck.'

"As much as I love watching your public display of affection." Both her parents blushed. "But we have a wedding to go to and Tonks said she wanted to tell us something before the reception."

James let out a sigh as he shook his head with a goofy smile on. "Just go on ahead Lu, we'll be there in a minute," a mischievous smirk crossed his face, "unless you want to watch you mother and I snog some more." He rubbed noses with Lily and Lu's eyes widened.

"I'm good, I'll see you guys there, bye," she said quickly. With that she opened the door, crossed the yard to the edge of the wards, and disapparated with a crack.

Once they were sure Lu was gone, Lily took a step back and stared knowingly into James' hazel eyes. "You need to tell me something." James nodded as he avoided her gaze. "Is it good news or bad news?"

James let out a tired sigh. "I don't know myself."

"Just tell me," Lily said quietly.

"Sirius told me that the auror office is on another lead to find Harry," James rubbed his eyes underneath his round glasses before he continued. "They think he's being held captive at MacNair's home, but I doubt it."

Lily was quiet for a moment with a thoughtful look on her face. "Well it just sounds like news to me, but at least it's something-"

"Yeah, but it's not enough," he snapped. Lily could hear the despair in his voice, but her heart broke when she looked at his sorrow-filled eyes. "It's been sixteen years Lily," he continued, "and I'm losing hope. Every lead we have ends up a dead end. No one knows where he is, and I feel like I want to give up and accept that he's probably dead," he sighed heavily, "but I can't, I just can't."

Lily embraced her husband as she tried to comfort him. Her eyes were filling with tears of sorrow since she knew her husband's pain better that anyone. "James," she cooed, "it wasn't your fault they took him. I haven't given up hope yet and neither should you. Now look at me." His sad hazel eyes met her determined green. "We will find him and when we do we're going to be a family again." A smirk crossed her face. "Also when we see Voldemort again, I'm going to kick his arse for taking our son."

James chuckled and a smile played onto his face. "Your right."

"Of course I am." Lily took a glance at her watch. "Shoot, we're going to be late. We got to go."

James sighed and offered his arm to her, and Lily took it without hesitation. After locking the door and exiting the wards, they disapparated to the Burrow.