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A story of travelers who set their goal to return their home beings here...

Prologue:Unknown Land and Unknown Visitors

?: Aaaaaa... (slowing get stand)

A young 16-years-old male human name Jole just wake in unknown grassland.

Jole: Where I am...

Jole rug his eyes, look all over land.

Jole: Wait sec! I am live in city, not grassland!

Then boy get stand.

?: Hey! Will you...

He stops talking and look around.

?: Wait..., where in world we are!

Jole: Neo? What you do here? I think you was with Bino !
Neo: Yea, I am!
Jole: Where?
Neo: ME! We were following you to chase something! Then we find old tree, you want to check old tree's hole. But Bino tried warning you about that tree, and then you ignore him. When you go to that hole, the ground sudden break down, we are falling... That is how far I can remember!
Jole: ...
Neo: Yes, I lost Bino!

Then another person get stand.

Neo: Wait... Yes! That's him!

Bino rugs his head and look around like noting happen.

Bino: (Do I fall sleep again?)
Neo: (NO! We are on anywhere endless grass!)

Three friends look other each.



Who are they? They are friends: Joe 16 years old, Neo 15 years old, and last Bino 13 years old and deaf.
Why they here? They have found a path to unknown another world.

They just small normal boys who live on Little Tokyo in CA.

They come
by their mistake.

They have no idea that they enter another world is not normal.

This is magical world.

Chapter: 1 Begin of Story

It is almost night, they have walk for hours wonder unknown land.
They become tired, tireder, and tiredest.

Boys are unable to continue... unit...

Bino see big lake.

They agree to stay near lake for better chance...or not.

Luck, for group Jole have some camp tools.

Jole set down a camp near tree by lake.

Neo: I hope there no bears come pass by us.
Jole: Too me, we not have anything that make noise to scared away bears.
Neo: Why not tired Bino's laptop? He always holds it, and his laptop may make loud noise!
Jole: No, we not going take risk lose battery. If we use his laptop too much, it will lost power!
Neo: Mmmmm...I guess we have found the city next morning.

Bino is fishing at lake.
He is good at fishing but he not catches fishes much.

Neo: Look at him. He only catch few fishes, they are small.
Jole: It is not matter; it is enough for three meals.

Jole build small campfire.

After eat their meal, Bino walk to camp and sleeps, only Jole and Nale was sit near campfire.

Neo: ...
Jole: ...
Neo: Hey,Jole! What do you think of Bino?
Jole: ...Well, he did good job at fishing.
Neo: ...Do you think we will ever return to our home?
Jole: I not know.
Neo: If we cannot return home, I think we could tire to find another city to...
Jole: What if we not find one?
Neo: ...You get me. Only you know how to survival out of city because your father is hunter right?
Jole: DID NOT talk about my father!
Neo: Why? You never talk about your father! You tell me and Bino while we are in midden school. Then you never talk about your father again after court...

Jole get stand.


Neo stops and stare Jole in fear.

Jole: (sign) Just please not talk about my father any more. Just not today, maybe later. And just go sleep, I will watch out.

Neo not feel he will tell about his father at anytime, he just go to camp and sleep.
Jole wait for Neo to fall sleep. Jole get out small hatch and knife. He careful check hatch and knife make sure both are shaped.
Then he put away knife and armed with hatch.
He sit there for hour,hour, and hour more.
He becomes more tired and he can't keep his eyes open. He checks his watch and it said 3:00 but he look around it looks still late night.
Jole: (I guess, I need some sleep.)
He did not want wake Neo or Bino to switch place.
He just goes sleep with others.

But they are going have unwelcome guests.

Bino was wake up because of nature call.
He gets out camp, he look around for restroom...then he remembers there no restroom outside.
So he use tree that far away from lake but not far from camp.
After he done do his thing,he walk back to camp.
Fog starts become cold.

Bino: (Man, it is cold! But...it kind feels good too...)

Bino continue walking to his camp...

Bino: (Wait, I think I saw something in fog.)

Bino slow walk to near tree and tried look though in fog.
He start see a camp...
and he see two girls with wings near camp!

Note: Bino is deaf; he can see two people but not hear what they said.

#1 wing girl: Look! A fire! What we do now!
#2 wing girl: No problem! I can stop it!

One of wings girl open her hands and ice mist come out from her hand. A campfire become ice.
Bino's eyes become wide …...#2 wing girl: Who is idiot left a fire!
#1 wing girl: Cirno, I have no idea! By time I come, saw a smoke near Misty Lake. I think it Shrine maiden do some but...

Bino watch both body act one of them point campfire then point sky. It fast give him a idea, it either Nale or Jole forget to stop campfire, therefore campfire create a smoke cause a scene.

#1 wing girl: So what we do that weird thing? I can hear sound sleep from it; maybe they are who make that fire?
#2 wing girl: Mm, I think we could surprise attack when they wake up, let's wait!

Both girls sit down fort of camp.
Bino become scared and worried about his friends in camp, he did not know what their plan do with his friends.
Bino check his pocket, all he have is hard candies and three candies that will become gum when you clew.
He looks at his candies, "Can I taming them with candies?" he thinks.
No, it is not good move.
He put away his candies, he look at girls for few minutes.
They seem not move away from camp at any time.

#1 wing girl: It gets harder to rest after storm from yesterday. I can't sleep with thunder strike anywhere! They go like: "STRIKE! STRIKE! STRIKE!"
#2 wing girl: Rest, Daiyousei, rest. (Smooth her should.)

Then shadow-like moves.

Bino move back little bit.
But it seems girls miss it.
"What is that..."
Then shadow rises near girls.
A shadow slow transform to samurai-like: shadow has a long katana, it seems wear old armor.
Shadow samurai walk slowing to where two wings girls is.
A shadow samurai make some noise while walk cause both wings girls turn around to shadow samurai.
Samurai raise katana...

#1 wing girl: Look out!

Other wing girl dodge fast and miss get hit.

#2 wing girl: How rude!
She shoots ice shards at samurai.
Ice shards only though samurai's body like ghost.

#1 wing girl: Let me try! (Shooting light shards)

Unfortunate effect is same.
Both wing girls stand in terror...
"Let's run away!" scream #2 wing girl, both start to fly.
Samurai fast use warp to #1 wing girl and grab her wing.
Samurai spin her and throw at ground, hard.
She get hit on grass ground cause brown smoke from ground.
When a smoke gone, Bino can see #1 wing girl lays and her one of wing start bleeding...
#1 wing girl is unable to wake...

#2 wing girl: Daiyousei!

Samurai warp to #1 wing girl and point his katana at her.
Samurai raise his katana...

Bino squeeze his hands..."I need save her!" his think said. He start to cried..."Yes, I must save HER!" his think become deep...

He screams!

He gets out of his hide and run toward samurai.
Samurai turns...it is too late, Bino tack down him.
Bino grab his head and push head many time.
He able to hit him!

#2 wing girl: W-w-w-Who is he!

Bino keep hit him in head, and then he takes his katana.

"YOU NOT COULD HURT INNOCENTS!" he roars in his head.
He stabs samurai with his own katana.
Samurai let loud scream all after lake and glow light from his body.
Neo and Jole hear scream and get out their camp, both are shock to see Bino stab other person.
Samurai start to become dusts...now all left is light...
Bino was blinded by bright light...
The light is slowing to becoming a human. A male samurai...
Last thing Bino see is samurai's lips say something unfortunate is samurai does not know Bino is deaf.
A samurai start floats to sky...and gone, light too.
Bino opens his eyes and see Neo and Jole stand there.
He feel hold something, he look at his right hand: a katana.

A katana have change, it no longer black, it is glow blue katana.
Then Bino recognize he was being surrounded by small fairies and wasps.
They glow color blue...
They are from a katana...
Then Bino feel his eyes glow blue... The words appear...
(Thank you for free me...)
Glow blue was gone.
Bino rugs his eyes and look at Nale and Jole bring med-kit bag to one of fall wing girl...he fall down.

Bino get rise and gasp for air.
Bino look around, he is inside of camp!
"It only dreams?" thinks Bino.
"No, I have to see." he thought.
He crawls out of camp and...
He now knows it is real.
Both wing girls sit together talk to Jole and Nale.
Jole turn to Bino.

Jole: (Are you waking up yet?)
Bino: (I...I guess so.)
Neo: (So you save her, right?)

Bino raise his head and see green hair wing girl's wing have tire up with bandage.

Neo: (There green hair one name is Daiyousei, other blue hair one is Cirno.)
Daiyousei: So you are Bino? Thank you for save me. (Bowel down)
Cirno: You are not one of trouble maker?
Jole: What? No, we just guys who lost on way.

Daiyousei studies at boys.

Daiyousei: Are you one of called "Outsiders?"
Neo: Who?
Daiyousei: Oh, you don't know about our world very much. That why they called them outsiders. They have different hairs, clothes, and language. I mean, I never see anything yours clothes and some tools you use.

Jole and Nale look at their clothes, but not Bino who is stand there, not know why Nole and Jole do it.

Bino: (Why you look at your clothes?)

Neo tell Bino what Daiyousei about called "Outsiders" with signs.

Daiyousei: Uhhh...what you doing?
Neo: What? OH! I have doing it called "signs" because he's deaf and he not hear what you said.

Both girls cover their mouth.

Daiyousei: Bino can't hear ANYTHING!
Cirno: Man...It will very hard for me to not hear anything!
Neo: No,no,no not feel bad about him! He is fine! He is happy to be deaf!
Cirno: How?
Neo: He can write and he learns to use signs.

Cirno fly to Bino.
She gets close his face and move to his right ear.
She gives loud yell at his ears.
Bino not move or take action.

Cirno still puzzle and tried look though his ear.

Cirno: I not see any in his ear.

Neo explain Cirno and Daiyousei how Bino become deaf.
When Bino was young, he catches meningitis.
He is luck to be alive from his meningitis but he lost hearing and forgets how to speak.

While Neo explain to girls, Bino found a katana.

Bino remember about a ghost of samurai.
All he wants is go to home and learn about their world.

Then Cirno slaps Bino's back.

"No worry, we will get you back home! Cause, I am strongest!" Cirno laughs

"Uhhh…Cirno? He's deaf remember?" Daiyousei remind Cirno.

"What? OH, I am sorry!" Cirno apologized Bino.

But Bino is really happy right now. He give kind smiles to fairies.

End of Chapter 1

I hope you enjoy my fan fiction, please keep out for next chapter!