AUTHOR'S NOTE (01-22-17)

This is a fic I wrote when I was still new to writing. At the time that I was writing this story, I considered it to be a job well done. Looking back on it now, I find myself agreeing with many of the less-than-satisfied reviewers that read this tale. Personally, I see this fic now as being generally awful. I sort of liked some of my original ideas for the fic, such as having Sesshomaru and other demons growing up in the modern era, but overall, I do not like my own fic any longer.

In all honesty, if this had been written by someone else and I had stumbled across it, I know I wouldn't have read it. I am not at all happy with this fic anymore. However, I am fond of its memory, and of the fact that writing it gave me a starting point from which to improve my skills (or, perhaps, lack thereof at the time). I am fond of how happy I and accomplished I felt at the time of my writing this story. I am fond of the kind reviews I received back then. If only for those reasons, this story won't be deleted.

Now, to address a matter that does appear to be a source of confusion to a fair few people. Yes, there are numerous songs posted in various chapters of this story. Are they mine? Absolutely not. I didn't write a single one of them, nor do I believe that I ever claimed to have. All my citations were in the very final chapter of the story, if memory serves. I apologize for the frequent confusion that was caused by my not leaving citations at the ends of the specific chapters where the songs were posted.

Anyway, if you personally enjoy this story and like to read it, more power to you. By all means, read on. This note isn't at all meant to deter those of you who like this story. It is simply my making a statement and clearing up some confusion. If you do enjoy this story, then I thank you for taking the time to read it.

For those of you who don't like it, just know that this was never intended to be a superbly written story. It could have been done so much better, and maybe I'll do just that someday. I don't know. In the meantime, I hope you all find stories you do like, support authors you love, and continue to enjoy this site as much as I do. Until next time.


Meet the Characters

Sesshomaru: Sesshomaru is a soft-spoken and seemingly shy teenager who has been going to Sengoku High for two years. He is currently a sophomore. He is fifteen and gets straight A's. His voice is so quiet, even other demons seem to have trouble hearing him. He is generally silent, though there are rare times where he will speak, and the things he says are regarded as highly intelligent by adults. He likes to write, plays the flute and guitar, writes music, draws, and spends all of his time alone. He keeps his talents hidden simply because he doesn't want to be put in the spotlight. He is highly intelligent, and is often considered to be wise beyond his years. He is very curious, but rarely makes any attempt to satisfy his own curiosity. He is gentle and withdrawn, often having a distant, thoughtful look in his eyes. He can most often be found sitting by himself in quiet places where he can think in peace. He is highly misunderstood by the few people who even acknowledge that he exists, and is often regarded as extremely weird. He suffers through his mother in his father's absence. His mother is constantly tortures him and will often go to extreme lengths to make him suffer. She has hired master assassins to hunt him down when he is absent and torture him. Because of this, he is extremely wary of others, and trusts absolutely no one. He has developed a strong independence and relies solely on himself. He is an adept fighter, and knows how to wield a katana in battle. He is also skilled martial arts and hand-to-hand combat. He is strong-willed to a point where it's almost impossible to make him give in to anyone or anything that he doesn't want to. He very rarely reveals his emotions, though they can be seen deep within his soulful eyes if you take the time to look hard enough. His emotions are powerful, but hidden. He is considered an outcast at school and tends to disappear between classes, only to reappear seemingly out of nowhere once class begins. He also disappears once school ends, and isn't seen again until school begins the next day. He is often covered in partially healed wounds that have been poorly wrapped by someone who obviously doesn't care whether or not he heals. He is half-brother's with Inuyasha, though he doesn't know it. Inuyasha and a bunch of other boys constantly torment him at school. He lives in a dark mansion hidden deep in a forest on the side of one of the mountains surrounding the city. He dresses in the same kimono and armor as in the TV show. He has a black crescent moon on his forehead. He does not have the stripes. His nails look like regular human nails, though they can turn into claws at any time. He doesn't carry around the fur thingy, and he doesn't have that yellow sash. He doesn't have any friends.

Inuyasha: A hot-headed, arrogant fifteen-year-old who's been going to Sengoku High for two years. He is a delinquent, and often ditches school. He is a sophomore. He spends his free time torturing others, mainly Sesshomaru. He has no idea they're related. He gets straight F's most of the time, but does on rare occasions get good grades. His closest friends are Koga and Naraku who are his accomplices when he bullies Sesshomaru. He is acquainted with Sango and Miroku, and fights with them constantly. He is always being stalked by Kikyo and the Populars, who all seem to be in love with him, though he wants nothing to do with them. He lives in an average house with his mother, who has no idea of his awful behavior outside the house. He acts like an angel at home to avoid getting in trouble. He goes to great lengths to avoid getting caught by her. His father has been absent in his life for years, and he often claims that he no longer cares. He is selfish and is prone to violence. He'll hurt anyone who gets in his way and wouldn't think twice about sending someone to the hospital. In the past he once hurt someone simply because he didn't like their hair. He has a soft spot for kids. He dresses the same as he does in the TV show. He is mostly friends with demons, though he has made human friends in the past. He has a very short temper. He is very rebellious.

Kagome: The newest student at Sengoku High. She is kind and sweet and loves to make new friends. Sango is her closest friend. She's an aspiring artist and is seeking someone who can help her become even better than she already is. She loves to sing, though she doesn't think she's any good at it. She is fifteen and in her sophomore year. She loves kids and will do anything she can to make them smile. She always does her best to help those in need, and hates to see people suffer. She spends most of her time with Sango. She lives in the same house as she does in the TV show, and dresses the same. She gets along easily with others. She is friends with humans and demons alike.

Sango: A kindhearted girl, and Kagome's best friend. Their personalities are very much the same, which is why they get along so well with each other. She is fifteen years old and is a sophomore. She is very protective of her friends, and will do anything to ensure their safety. She has a mild temperament and gets along easily with others. She is an orphan and lives with her younger brother Kohaku and their adoptive family. They've been taking care of them since she was twelve. She dresses in the same way she does when she's fighting in the TV show, minus the weapons. She has a pet demon cat named Kirara. She is friends with humans and demons alike.

Miroku: A perverted fifteen-year-old who is in his sophomore year. He is constantly going after Sango, and seems to be in love with her. He is kind and often means well, though he often claims that he simply can't help himself when he sees a pretty woman. He has a bit of a temper, and has little tolerance for Inuyasha's actions. Sango is his closest friend, in his mind.

Koga: One of Inuyasha's closest friends. He is fifteen, and is a sophomore. He has a fiery personality and a short temper. He is also a delinquent, and is often in hot water with the adults in his life. He likes Ayame, though he never admits to it. He dresses the same as he does in the TV show.

Naraku: He is often seen as sadistic and evil, and is one of Inuyasha's closest friends. He loves to cause trouble and make people suffer. The group's favorite target is Sesshomaru, who he has personally deemed "the biggest freak on campus." He loves to torment people and play with their emotions, and it frustrates him to no end when he gets no emotional reactions from his favorite target.

Kikyo: The most popular girl in school, and a total snob. She is bossy, mean, and arrogant, and she seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Inuyasha. She is fifteen and a sophomore.

Full Summary of Story:

This story is placed in modern Tokyo, in a world where humans and demons live in peace. Kagome, a young schoolgirl, is transferring to her friend Sango's school, Sengoku High. Sengoku High is a school for only the best of the best, and is the most advanced school in Japan. It is widely accepted as the greatest school in all of Japan. It is a very expensive school, and is next to impossible to get into. Along with annoying popular girls and violent bullies, she also has to deal with a perverted monk who seems to be following her around. She struggles in her new school, and begins to search for a tutor. She hopes to find the "mystery boy" who helped her once before. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru, a quiet, misunderstood dog demon, is doing his best to get through his time at school quietly and without being noticed, while also struggling to survive at home. He suffers in silence, and no one seems to care. He is beginning to lose faith in the good of the world, and slips farther into the darkness. He is tortured and beaten at home in his father's absence, and is certain that he will die soon. He develops strong feelings for Kagome. Inuyasha, the leader of the most violent group at school and the source of Sesshomaru's torment away from home, meets Kagome, and soon develops a crush on her. Kagome however, is oblivious to this. She is too busy trying to find out more about Sesshomaru, who seems to be sad and alone. One day she follows him home and discovers his horrible life. What will happen? Sesshomaru is the main character, not Kagome. SesshKag pairing.