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Chain Reaction


"Sadist~!" A scream errupted followed by a very wet and angry Kagura.

Meanwhile in the library, A certain Sadist smirked when he heard the scream. He knew this would work. He had filled the red-head's locker with water-balloons. Since Kagura was a bit short, Sougo piled her locker with useless stuff then put the balloons on top to make sure that all the balloons fell on her. And it had worked. Of course it would have worked. He was a genius after all. He was just too lazy to show it.

A few moments later, Kagura appeared in the room still very wet and still very angry. Once they saw her, all the other students fled, even the librarian fled. But only one remained sitting down with his legs on top of a desk.

"Oh, China." Sougo smirked. "I'm sorry but I don't have a blow dryer."

"I don't want a blow dryer you jerk!"

"Oh? Are you sure?" he said, eying her. "Seems to me like you need one."

"You are so going to pay for this!" With that she charged.

She tried to bash his head but Sougo dodged and landed a blow on Kagura's stomach. She winced but managed to punch him in the face. Sougo winced then smirked then pulled out something from his pocket. Kagura stopped trying to land blow on him and curiously looked at what the sadist just pulled out.

It was black ink.

Kagura's eyes widened. "W-what are you planning to do with that?"

Sougo took a step towards her but she backed away.

Sougo smirked again. "Oi, China... You scared of a little ink?"

"Shut up, you bastard!" she yelled. "That'll stain!"

"Like I care." then he took a step forward.

Kagura backed further away but bumped into one of the bookshelves. Both students looked at the shelf. It fell, falling back nto the one behind it then the one behind fell to the one behind it. It was sort of a domino effect except that instead of dominoes it was heavy bookshelves.

People who came to see what the noise was about had shocked faces, wondering what, why and who would do such a thing. But they didn't have to wonder that much since the two suspects were in the middle of the mess.

"Uh-oh..." they both mumbled.

They had done it this time.

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