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The walk back to my bike took the longest about of time ever. I don't think I could even call it walking. I was trudging, like there was ten feet of snow under my feet, while dragging hundreds of pounds behind me. By the time I came back down to Earth I was standing in front of my bike. My hands were gripping my helmet way to tight, no doubt leaving indentations on my palms. My eyes watered as I looked up at the sky, just trying to retrain them from falling down my face. Everything seemed to be against me as they seeped out of the corners of my eyes, into the outer shells of my ear. I just stood there not moving, as silent sobs racked through my body. It seemed as though hours had passed with me just standing there, when in reality it had probably only been about five to ten minutes.

I let all of what had happened today sink in as I threw my leg over the side of my bike. Matt calling and telling me to come down here, him telling me why he was in the hospital in the first place, talking to May and seeing what her whore of a mother does, and last but definitely not least, finding out the man I had been in love with for almost ten years loves me back. I don't know how to feel about this at all. I'd say it was the worst day ever , but I can't because I know Matt will get through this. I will be with him through every step of the way if he needs me, because in the end I need him. I don't think I would be here without him, whether it's because of the times at Whammy's when he had calmed me down when I threatened to do something rash or whether it be when he saved me from a burning building and was there every step for e when I was healing..

I stopped reminiscing and started up my bike before kicking up the stand and pulling back the throttle, pulling out of the hospital parking garage and onto the main street. Feeling the wind whip my skin as I went way to fast for these streets, narrowly avoiding a few whores whose insults shouted at me got lost in the wind. I cam to a halt a few blocks down from the apparent me we shared pulling into the lot of a small store often visited for my chocolate or Matt's fags. I pulled my helmet off stepping off my bike and walking into the store. I went straight to the candy is;e picking up a small fortune worth of bars before proceeding to the check out counter. The girl behind the counter gave me a weird look before giving me a double take and blushing down at the counter.

"Will that be all sir?" She bit her lip in what I presumed to have been flirtatiously before looking back up at me and batter her eyelashes. I looked away rolling my eyes before nodding my head. She was pretty, I will admit that, but I had something gorgeous now.

"Wait." I thought over what I was gonna say for a second before asking for a pack of the cigarettes Matt smoked. She gave me a confused look before ringing up all of my purchases and handing me my receipt with her number casually written across the bottom along with her name with a heart over the 'i' in it. I pushed the money on the counter towards her before grabbing the bad and shoving the receipt in it. When I looked up before turning around she had a dejected look to her so I shot her a wink before walking out. What? I've been all emotional today and I needed to show a few of my own colors messing with someone before the day was over. I pushed the door open listening to the annoying bell chime as I did s, and walking towards my bike before placing my bag in the compartment under the seat and taking off towards home again.

The ride home from the store was short and uneventful only taking only about two minutes. Grabbing the bad out of the bike, and dragging myself into the apartment complex, I walked into the elevator, too mentally and physically exhausted to take the stair to our 6th floor apartment. The elevator beeped 5 times, signalling the passing of each level before opening up to my floor. I walked down to our room, opening the door before throwing the bag onto a little table in front of the TV and continuing into the bedroom we shared. I stripped off my leather and walked into the bathroom turning on the shower and waiting till it became hot. I stepped under the hot spray, enjoying the feeling that came with it as it turned my skin visibly red. I finished scrubbing down my body and washing my hair before I stepped out.

I opened the door shivering as the cool air of the apartment hit my bare skin, and walking back into the living room grabbing the bag on my decent into the couch. I pulled out a bar of chocolate and the pack of cigarettes dropping the bag next to me on the couch. I stared down into my hands wondering what compelled me to buy the fags, opening the plastic on the container before lighting one up. The smell assaulted my senses and I instantly knew why I had bought them. The smelt of the smoke was all around me, and there was only one thing, only one person I could think about. Matt. The thought brought a painful clenching in my chest and I sat the cigarette down in the ashtray and I lied down, sleep quickly consuming me.


I awoke to the sounds of the cars outside, slowly sitting up in the bed, all of the events of the previous day flooding back into my head. I fell back against my pillows, my hand dragging through my hair. I sat up again, swinging my legs over the side of the bed, pulling myself to my feet. I looked at the clock, reading 8:15. I had to get down to the hospital soon, or Matt would wake up without me and freak out. I want to be there when he wakes up. I walked out of my room pulling on a pair of simple black skinny jeans instead of my trademark leather, not wanting to deal with the hassle. A simple v-neck band shirt followed them as I passed the kitchen grabbing my keys on the way. I hoped down the stairs two at a time, anxiousness finally setting in.

I drove to the hospital quickly, dozens of different thoughts racing through my mind. All of them coming back to Matt. When I arrived at my destination I pulled into a motorcycle section, just sitting there for a second before walking into the main entrance, and up to the main desk. I asked the lady behind the counter if Matt had been released from the surgery and was available for visitors. She responded negatively saying that he was still under and wouldn't be allowed to see anyone till he was awake but she would have someone find him when he was awake again. I nodded at her, giving her a kind mile before walking aimlessly around.

I ended up walking into the cafeteria, my stomach getting the best of me even in a time like this. Walking through the food area I paid the amount, continuing to an empty table near the corner. I was sitting peacefully slowly eating my way through my meal when someone slid into the booth across from me. I looked up shocked to see it was May.

"Hey Mello-Yellow~" She sang, my eyebrow arching, but I shook my head and responded to the little girl.

"Hi May." I smiled lightly. She put her crossed arms up onto the table, her sleeves pulling up slightly as she did. Dark finger prints grazed on her skin. I blatantly stared at her arms, ignoring her words trying to get my attention.

"May, who did this to you?" I pointed at her arms already figuring who did it but not wanting to believe it. "Did your mother do this to you?"

"Sometimes my parents treat me a little rough, but they don't mean any harm by it.." The little smile faltered. but as soon as it was gone it was back. "Really Mello don't worry about me." For a six year old she was pretty convincing, but the words didn't reach her eyes, the smile sad.

"May,m when they leave bruises in the shape of hands on your arms, it isn't being a little rough. Why don't you call the police on them or something?" My voice was raising a little, still trying to keep it down in the morning atmosphere.

She looked down at her hands, flexing her fingers out before speaking. "I have. They come and watch for a few months and my parent's act like they're caring people." She shrugged.

I sighed loudly taking all of what she was saying into account. "May how old are you" She looked around six but I could be wrong the way she was talking and acting sounded a lot more mature then what she looked.

"I'll be nine in four months." Well, that was older then I though but still less mature then she should be for someone of her age. I looked up at her only to not see her there. She had disappeared within the few second I had, had my eyes closed. I brushed the encounter to the back of my mind pulling my phone out from my back pocket checking the time. 9:45. Matt should be awake soon. As if on command a nurse came up to me asking if I was here for Matt, confirming that, she told me that he was awake and if I wished to see him at the moment I should follow her to the before and after surgery room for patients. After many hallways and hundreds of doors passing she turned into a room walking me over to Matt. He looked drowsy but he was awake none the less.

"Hey." He whispered his voice raspy from the hours of non-use.

"Hi Matty." I stood there awkwardly, holding onto the metal side railing of his bed tightly. He placed his hand over mine, the amount of wires protruding from his hand and wrist making me want to cry. I chocked on a sob, my lips forming a thin line and my eyes squeezed shut. He realized what had made me do this, puling his hand away and hiding it under the covers, he muttered another raspy whisper, apologizing. I reached under the blanket cautiously pulling his hand back out and gently lacing my fingers with his. Another silent sob racked through my chest, less noticeable this time but still seen by Matt.

"I'm sorry.." He muttered his voice less raspy this time but dry. He brought a small styrofoam cup to his chest, a small plastic stick sticking out of it with a small blue sponge wedge at the tip. He brought it to his lips, sucking on it. "Apparently I'm not allowed to drink anything for the next few hours cause of the surgery." His shoulders shrugged lightly.

"Hm. Sounds like a lot of fun." I smirked as the doctor walked over telling us that he wants Matt to stay the night so they can keep a n eye on him, and that he can go back to his room. They wheeled him back to the room, myself waling behind them at a slightly slower pace. We arrived at the room, the nurses and doctor quickly leaving. I sat down at the foot of the bed.

"Looks like I'll have to hold you up to that promise tomorrow." I smirked at him, snorting lightly. I leaned down and kissed his forehead, showing my first genuine smile of the day,

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