I'm on cloud nine.

There are two single red roses on my pillow.

Two signs of devoted love.

Devoted love from the two strongest, smartest and hottest men I've ever known.

We've had a bit of a rough and complicated path to get here, and I am still totally amazed that we are.

But I showed them my loyalty, my trust.

I showed them that I believe in them, stayed true to them over many years.

First they were doubtful and sceptical. Then they started to appreciate it.

Much later Temp found his love for me again. I found my love for his new lover. The sexy silver fox. His former Colonel.

John invited me into their relationship. A fact that still stuns me.

I open the balcony door and there they are. Both tall, tanned, lean and fit.

They're kissing.

But as soon as they hear me, they hold out their hands towards me.

I hand them each a white rose, whispering, "I love you too." And get enveloped in a powerful two men embrace. John's tongue traces my mouth while Temp's lips gently brush my neck.

Then two sensual voices whisper into my ears, "Happy Valentine's day, Charissa."